Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Draft Time: Fantasy Site Battle

So I’m doing this awesome thing this year in the hopes of proving just how awesome I really am. I’m getting together with some fellow fantasy football gurus and playing in a 12 man league. These are all guys who work on radio shows, or write other blogs and somehow contribute to the fantasy football community. And I’m going to do everything in my power to prove the GHL is the greatest fantasy site on the internet.
The rules are a little funky, but for sanity’s sake, let’s just say that it is basically a PPR league.
We just finished the first round of the draft, so let’s take a look at the picks and break them down a bit. Feel free to analyze the picks yourself in the comments below and let me know what you think was a good move and what could be considered tragic.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to Win Fantasy Football: Shuffling Defense Strategy

I’d say we’re about half way through fantasy football draft season. A lot of the questions that I have been getting on this site and on Twitter (@godhateslosers)  are about drafting a defense.
The most popular strategy for this is much like the strategy for any other position: Get the best defense available. You will see teams going out and grabbing a defense as early as round 8. If that is what they feel they must do to own the Jets or Packers or Bears or whoever, more power to them.
I have a different strategy though. This was one of my most popular posts last season and it could hold the key to catapulting you into first place. I know that I’m not the first person to think of doing this, but I like to think that I have validated it. I have been using this for years and am quite proud of it. I’m a pioneer if you will, a visionary. Prepare yourself for the most groundbreaking idea to hit fantasy football since the auction draft.
The 2011 Fantasy Football season will be my fourth year employing the system I like to call Shuffling Defensive Strategy. I’m in five leagues, this is mostly due to my lack of a social life and inability to fall asleep before 3 a.m. I’ve never been much into video games, so I instead opt to spend my time gambling on how successfully large men will perform their jobs one week at a time. My first time using it was a little less than successful, but after a significant amount of time and research, it became a strategy that I use in every one of my leagues.
The basic idea is a simple one:
1)      You are an owner in a 10-team league. Therefore, not including yourself, there are 9 starting defenses.
2)     A handful of inexperienced owners will have more than one defense, because they are morons, so, let’s say that there are 12 NFL team defenses off the board. Leaving 20 in free agency on the waivers.
3)     Every single year, there are 10-15 NFL teams with offenses that are suspect at best.
4)     So, it is safe to conclude that an unowned, free agent defense will be playing against an aforementioned NFL team with a questionable offense.
The conventional method of owning a defense is to get one in the draft. And play them every week, subbing in a free agent DEF on bye week. Defense is the most ignored position on fantasy football rosters other than the lowly Kicker. With Shuffling Defense Strategy (SDS) you are taking advantage of the other owners’ lack of attention and profiting.
The fantasy projections for this season have the top 10 defenses averaging 134 points over the year, 8.4 points per game. By accurately using SDS, you can potentially double this number every week by playing a defense based on matchup.
For example, let’s look at the first few weeks of the 2010 NFL season. In week one, Seattle, Arizona, Detroit, Washington and Carolina (2%, 29%, 2%, 7%, 13% owned, respectively) were in the top seven point scoring fantasy defenses. Each of these teams scored more than 12 points. In week two, Miami, San Diego, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Atlanta and Kansas City (all teams under 50% owned at the time) scored more than 12 points. The common theme among these top scoring defenses: they faced an opponent with a poor offense.
So, which strategy would you rather employ? Draft the Pittsburgh Steelers in round 8, wasting a valuable bench spot and scoring an average of nine points per game? Or switch your defense weekly with a team in free agency and potentially get 12 points per game?
By simply doing a little research, or reading the research on a site (ahem, GodHatesLosers) that does the research for you, you can find the best matchup that is sitting idly on Waivers. With a little practice, and a healthy dose of GHL advice, you can increase your scores by four points per game, and have that trophy in hand in no time. It’s that easy. Also, you’re welcome.

Don't Drink and Draft

I'm not proud of it.

Not at all.

I had a drink before dinner, three margaritas at dinner, and two more drinks during the draft.

If there were sobriety tests for fantasy football, I would have been arrested. My picks, therefore, were -- shall we say -- suspect. I regretted it.

You will too.

(I feel compelled to tell you that this is from Jordan. Who drafted three tight ends. Seriously, drinking and drafting do not mix. -Andrew)

(I also feel compelled that my lineup includes Tony Romo, Roddy White, Andre Johnson, Wes Welker, LeGarrette Blount, Tim Hightower, Jason Witten, and Jimmy Graham. Not too bad, especially for the Inebriated Drafter. - Jordan)

Monday, August 29, 2011

2011 Fantasy Football Position Rankings - Updated

Ladies and gentlemen,
I have an updated list of position rankings following the third week of the 2011 preseason. It is unlikely that many starters will be playing in Week 4, so in all likelihood, this will be the final position rankings posted before the season begins!
Below you will find a very deep listing of all standard positions. If you have any questions or comments about the list go ahead and post them in the comments below. Also, if you’ve got your completed 2011 fantasy football draft, feel free to post it so I can see how you did!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chris Johnson Question

Hey GHL readers!

If you have had a draft already, please riddle me this...

Where did Chris Johnson fall in your league. I've seen him taken as high as pick 6 and in my league draft last night he fall all the way to pick 10 in the third round.

Post in the comments where you are seeing CJ go in your drafts. Also, please include whether you are standard or PPR, et.

Thanks a lot! Good luck to anyone drafting tonight! I've got another one Monday night.

My Draft is In!

Hey guys. Had my first draft today. Wanted to share it with you. The league is a little funky so I'll explain it first and then list my picks!

League info:
1) 10-team league, 24 man roster, snake draft, PPR and IDP
2) QBs get 6 points for TDs instead of the usual 4. Extra points for games with over 300 yards and TDs of more than 50 yards
3) RBs get extra points for longer TD runs
4) WRs get extra points for longer TD receptions
5) Individual Defensive Players get 1 point for assisted tackle, 2 points for solo tackle, 2 points for sacks or interceptions, 6 points for defensive TD

We also had a certain number of positions with maximum players. You had to have the following roster:
2 quarterbacks (1 starting)
4 running backs (2 starting)
4 wide receivers (2 starting)
2 tight ends (1 starting)
2 kickers (1 starting)
2 defensive linemen (1 starting)
4 linebackers (2 starting)
4 defensive backs (2 starting)

Definitely a crazy league. Tons of extra research for it. This is the team that I got.
I was the first overall pick. Team name: So Fly Like Hakeem Nicks

QB Tony Romo (Taken in round 2. Four QBs went in round 1, four more taken ahead of me in round 2, so I had to pull the trigger)
RB Adrian Peterson (First overall pick)
RB Matt Forte (Round 4)
WR Calvin Johnson (Round 3, happy he fell to me)
WR Brandon Lloyd (Round 6, best on the board)
TE Jimmy Graham (Round 10, I think)
LB Paul Posluszny (I'm very happy about all of my IDP picks, starting and bench)
LB Desmond Bishop
DL Charles Johnson
DB Donte Whitner
DB T.J. Ward
K Matt Bryant
BE Peyton Manning (Fell to me in Round 5. I DO NOT recommend taking 2 QBs in the first 5 picks of the draft unless Peyton falls this far to you)
BE Mario Manningham
BE Bernard Pollard (DB)
BE Tim Hightower
BE Bradie James (LB)
BE Greg Olsen
BE Santana Moss
BE Joseph Addai
BE Robert Mathis (DL)
BE David Hawthorne (LB, huge sleeper. He had a great 2009 and now that Tatupu is gone, he will be the man)
BE Dawan Landry (DB)
BE Alex Henery

Thats it! Tell me what you think! I think I've got this league on lock

Saturday, August 27, 2011

2 More Things About Your FF Draft

1. If you're drafting right now, that means it's the preseason. Why would you waste a perfectly good upside pick on a kicker? If you get antsy and have to draft a defense, fine, but don't draft a kicker. Your season isn't starting until the middle of September, so just sit tight and pick up a longshot sleeper or two.

2. Don't bail on your draft after the first handful of picks. Those are essentially no-brainer picks. The draft, and therefore your season, is won on sleepers picked in later rounds. Auto drafting after round 5 is just plain lazy.


PS - In other words, don't be a pussy.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

2011 Fantasy Football IDP Strategy and Cheat Sheet

I will admit that I am relatively new to the IDP game. I have played in two Individual Defensive Player (IDP) leagues in the past and have a very deep one scheduled for this season. You can expect this article to be crazy thorough because I'll be using it on draft day myself.

FYI, this post is very long. I have broken it down into some main headlines: Standard Scoring Breakdown, IDP Commentary, IDP Overall Draft Strategy, IDP Position Draft Strategy, and IDP rankings. If you just want the rankings, skip to the end. Looking for how to draft, find it in the middle. Got it? Wonderful!

Don't get in Twitter Fights with GHL

I’d assume that some of you are reading this because you found out about GHL on Twitter. (If you don’t follow us, you should @godhateslosers). But sometimes I find myself accidentally putting some advice and a link on another fantasy advisors tweet. They don’t particularly care for this. And Twitter wars ensue.

I particularly enjoyed this one between myself and @DanielWolfNFL. I decided to share this with you. Let his comments be an example of how to not run a fantasy football team.

My 5 faves at TE for #FantasyFootball: Finley (#Packers) Daniels (#Texans) Graham (#Saints) Lewis (#Jaguars) Watson (#Browns)

@DanielWolfNFL No Gates? No Witten? No Clark? I'm confused.

@godhateslosers Gates has foot issue. No one knows whats up with PManning. Will Romo return to form? I'm passing on all of them.

@DanielWolfNFL You make terrible decisions.

@godhateslosers: Finishing 2nd in both my leagues lst yr says otherwise.

@DanielWolfNFL 2nd place! Damn. Twice! You're right. I shouldnt have doubted you. Stats be damned, this guy got the silver! #fantasyfootball

@godhateslosers I can sense your sarcasm in your tweet.

@DanielWolfNFL Good. I laid it on pretty thick there.

@godhateslosers What did you finish? Last? If you say 1st youre already lying.

@DanielWolfNFL 5 leagues. 1st in 3. Playoffs in all.Check out GHL. Learn something. Your followers would appreciate it.

@godhateslosers I dont need to listen to someone who is blatantly sarcastic. Thanks but no thanks. My methods work too. Thanks for playing.

@DanielWolfNFL Your method works if you have an overwhelming trophy phobia. Your loss. At least tell your followers, they deserve GHL

Then he didn’t respond and blocked me. But not before I could copy all of them! I hope you enjoyed. Let me know in the comments what you think and tell me who your top 5 tight ends are.

I’m doing some heavy IDP research tonight so I hope to have that post up.

Remember to add @godhateslosers on Twitter. Every Sunday before kickoff you can tweet me your lineup questions and get quick responses.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Adrian Peterson vs. Arian Foster: Who is Really Number One?

You've got the first pick in your fantasy football draft. So who will it be? Minnesota Vikings' Adrian Peterson or Houston Texans' Arian Foster?
There are two backs at the top of everyone’s draft chart. It’s borderline unanimous. Adrian Peterson, a top fantasy football running back since his rookie season, versus Arian Foster, a monster who broke onto the scene in 2010. There is a clear argument to be made for draft either one of these stars. But which one will be better? We’ll look at five different categories to find out exactly which of these running backs you should be taking with the first overall pick.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ten Bold Predictions for the 2011 Fantasy Football Season

Sorry for the lack of post. Turns out I actually had to do some nonfantasy football related work today. I feel terrible about it. Judging from mock drafts and a lot of the drafts that readers have shown me, this year is anything but predictable. We have first rounds where more than 7 quarterbacks are taken, we have about 10 running backs that we can expect to be great and a very muddled middle, and about 100 wide receivers that could become fantasy starters.

For this post, I want you guys to put your bold predictions in the comments. If you have a question or need advice, you can continue posting your questions on the Advice Time or Player Rankings post. Let's leave this one for predictions. Fantasy player related, NFL related. Whatever you think is going to happen, let me know.

Enough waiting... let's irresponsibly jump to some conclusions.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

2011 Fantasy Football Position Rankings - Preseason Week 2

As promised here are the 2011 fantasy football rankings for quarterback, running back, wide receiver, tight end, kicker and defense. I know that a lot of guys have drafts today or tomorrow, so print it out, study up and dominate. Good luck, everyone.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Advice Time 8/19

Hey there kids, Let's start another Advice Time.

Before we do anything, I just want to again thank everyone for joining me. Along with your advice, I want to invite everyone to include a post idea, something you like about GHL, or something you'd like to see included. I'm not running this site for my health, and I'm sure as hell not famous yet, so let me know what you guys want to see.

Also, I plan on adding an awesome new feature once the regular season starts. For a couple hours before kickoff every Sunday I will be standing by on Twitter to answer any gameday questions. So get on your Twitter accounts and follow @godhateslosers for live pregame advice straight from GHL.

Add Us!

That's all the housekeeping I've got. Going to have an updated player rankings post this weekend for you, so warm up your printers and expect over 250 players ranked by positions for your upcoming draft.

And as always I ask you guys to spread the word about GodHatesLosers to any and all of your fantasy football loving friends (that aren't in your league, of course). Alright! Ask away!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fantasy Football Player Profile: Baltimore Ravens' Ray Rice

Fantasy Football Profile: Why I’m Drafting Ray Rice with Fantasy Pick Number Three
I’m well aware that I am not proving myself as some kind of soothsayer, but hear me out. Mock drafts have Baltimore Ravens’ running back Ray Rice having an ADP between 4.8 and 5.3. So you aren’t going to hear an argument from anyone about whether or not he is a first round selection. No one is going to question that he is one of the few elite backs in the fantasy football draft this year.
But this article is for those sitting with pick number three or four in their draft. This article is for the few people who are passing up on this man and letting him fall to pick five or six. I’m out to prove why Ray Rice should be… nay… must be the third running back on your fantasy football draft list.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fantasy Football Player Profile: Chicago Bears Receiver Roy Williams

Why I'm Absolutely Drafting Roy Williams in the 2011 Fantasy Football Draft
There is one thing that you have probably read over and over again if you frequent fantasy football advice columns. The word "Value." We can all understand what this means when you are locking up a starting lineup. You're going to find the guys that are going to perform the best.
It's not a hard thing to do. There are thousands of places to find average draft positions. And tons of player lists and experts telling you who the most consistent 15 players are going to be. The real sense of the value doesn't come until the later picks. When you are looking for guys who might break out, guys who have a chance to do something great. You are looking for worth, for some kind of merit, a shimmer of redeeming value.
And when you are shopping for backups in the later rounds, you'll find one of these players just sitting and waiting for a chance to redeem himself.  Roy Williams is going to be that player this year. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2011 Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: Kick Return Leagues

So, the bad thing about asking people for article ideas for your blog is that you are pretty inclined to actually write about their suggestion. This one comes from @ChevyJas from Twitter. Chevy wants an article about the top punt and kick returners for a fantasy football league that give points for return yardage.

Anyone who is a frequent reader of my site will know that I am pretty anti-return yardage in fantasy football. It is an unjust scoring system when Detroit Lion Stefan Logan is the highest fantasy scoring wide receiver on his team instead of Calvin Johnson. And don’t feed me the argument that “They are an important part of the team and should get points for what they do.” No. In that case, let’s make a league where you can draft offensive linemen and punters. Their effort affects games. But no one wants to join the league where I’m taking Steve Weatherford in the fourth round because he’s a beast at pinning them in the 20.

But I’ll write the kick returner article, even though I disagree. I will cater to the requests of the ill-informed minority. I hate discrimination more than my grandfather in Boca hates his new black neighbors. (Because the husband is always away on business as a lawyer and doesn’t have the time to properly care for his lawn, you racist.)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Strategy for Drafting Early Receivers

Every day we are getting closer and closer to the 2011 NFL season, which means that we are definitely getting closer and closer to your fantasy football draft. For the next few weeks we will be updating the player rankings as preseason statistics come in. We’ll also be providing you with more draft analysis and strategies so you get the most out of your 2011 fantasy football selections. If you have an idea for a draft strategy article or something you would like to know more about in the preseason, give us a comment and we’ll provide our expertise.

Something that I have been talking about a lot is the need to draft your running backs early. There is a dwindling number of elite talent at the running back position, so taking them with your first couple picks is a pretty simple way to a successful season. However, in larger leagues, this sometimes poses a problem for those with early picks.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Response to Matthew Berry's Draft Day Manifesto

Good Morning God Hates Losers!

Today I want to put my two cents in about the infamous Draft Day Manifesto. The Manifesto is an epic post done every year and presented by Fantasy Guru Matthew Berry of ESPN. He is a writer that I truly respect and try to emulate with every post.

However, in the recent Draft Day Manifesto post, the first thing he talks about is Michael Vick. I would have no problem getting Vick on my team, but anyone who has read any of my posts will know that I don't find him a first round quarterback. Berry disagrees. You can read the entire Draft Day Manifesto here (don't worry kids, it will open in a new window). But I'll lay down the groundwork of the disputed statistics in his column.

Here we go.

Friday, August 12, 2011

2011 Fantasy Football Busts - Who to Avoid

I’m not a huge fan of naming fantasy football busts. Mostly because I don’t like the word. It’s misleading. Bust implies that they are going to fail miserably. And that only really happens because of injury or legal issues or playing for the Redskins. I haven’t once claimed to be a psychic, so I can’t accurately tell you which top 150 players are going to perform so dismally.

What I can provide for you are those players who will perform under expectations. I’m not saying that these guys will completely fail, I’m just saying that at the average draft positions (ADP) they are at right now, I would not take them. So here is my little list of the most overvalued players that you should avoid in your 2011 fantasy football draft.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

2011 Fantasy Football Draft: Get a gameplan

What’s up GHL readers?

I’m currently in the works of a 2011 fantasy football busts list which should be good to go by tomorrow. I don’t have a big post today for you, got a lot of other stuff going on. But I’ll be back to the usual pace again tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’ll throw together this little post reiterating something I have spoken a little about already.

I want to re-address the importance of planning out your entire draft. I touched upon this in the “Top Ten Fantasy Draft Mistakes” post last month, but I feel that just touching on it is not doing it justice. This is hands down one of the most important parts of your entire fantasy football season.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pre-preseason Fantasy Football Sleeper Picks

I’ve all but given up on posting a mock draft on this site. Perhaps once my actual leagues start drafting, I will post one of those. Some ass decided that he was only going to draft Chargers, taking Antonio Gates with the 4th overall pick. Well done sir. Enjoy your 4-13 finish.

So, I decided it would be a nice time to highlight some sleepers. It’s too early to go all out and make insane assumptions, but these sleepers I feel pretty solid about. Some of them to even start for my potential fantasy football team.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Draft Strategy: So Crazy, It Might Just Work

Alright. I’m going to admit that this draft strategy might be a little bit out there. I have no idea if I picked this up from an article or something in the last few seasons, or it was some kind of fantasy football induced dream, but this strategy is crazy enough that it might actually work. Caution: I have never used this strategy and the workings behind it are entirely theoretical. OK. Let’s do this.

Fantasy season starts out nice. For the first four weeks there is at least a small sense of parity in your league. But then bye weeks happen. And we all know that there is nothing as frustrating as having one of your key players out on a bye week. Even worse, two of them. So from Week 5 of the NFL through Week 10 or 11, your team is not performing at the highest level. It doesn’t matter how good your draft was, for those 6 weeks, your team is playing below 100% because one of your starters is off.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Value over Risk: 5 Arguments Against Fantasy Football Handcuffing

Hey GHL fans. This week we’re going to be focusing a little bit on some draft tactics and strategies that you can enforce in your league. Over the weekend, I tried my damnedest to run a few mock drafts, but unfortunately there was at least one idiot in each one of them skewing the data. I kid you not, some ass took Peyton Hillis with the second overall pick. Jerk. Anyways, let’s kick things off with my five arguments AGAINST Fantasy Football Handcuffing.

Fantasy football owner are constantly trying to maintain the greatest team they can manage. Whether it is by way of the snake draft or through auctions, the primary goal is a simple one: Value. Value is most noticeable in the first five or six rounds of the draft, after all those are the rounds that you are drafting your starters. But the real subtlety of value comes in the later rounds in selecting backups.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

GHL Advice Time and Request

Hey GodHatesLosers fans!

I want to thank you all for making the site a success so far.

Today, I want to let all the new visitors know about a little column that we call "Advice Time." This is the post where you can leave any question you have in the comments and we will answer it. Whether it is about a specific player, comparing players, figuring out a draft strategy, or just general questions about the site and what you can expect from us. We want to hear from you!

Also, I didn't mention it in the previous post. But take the time to read the Fantasy Football Team Names article. And feel free to post your team name or your favorite team name in the comments. Its time for you all to get a little creative. I've want to hear what you've got.

Thanks again for coming to GHL. Now let's get some comments started!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Top 3 Fantasy Football Team Names for Every NFL Team

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the post you’ve been waiting for. As promised at the beginning of the week, I am proud to introduce the most useful fantasy football post you will read this pre-season: The 96 Best Fantasy Football Team Names of 2011

We have gone over the importance of knowing your draft rankings and strategies. You know who is the best at each position, which players will make for great sleepers and who to steer clear of. But when it comes to fantasy football, there is one move that tops them all. The most important factor of any fantasy football league is the almighty team name.

At the beginning of each fantasy football year, you know the main problem you face. What name will get you respect in your league. You can’t merely opt to have your name defining your team. You can't settle for some over-used, low-brow, terrible excuse for creativity. And you aren’t a rookie at this, you can’t have some sloppy combination of a city, color and animal. No. You need to pull out the big guns. You need a name that is going to grab the attention of your opponents and prove that you are no sucker. You are not an owner to be taken lightly. You are not to be messed with.

So here it is. The best, funniest, greatest, most creative, unique and respected compilation of fantasy football team names ever assembled for the 2011 fantasy season. Whoever said that the pun is the world’s lowest form of humor has never witnessed anything like this.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

2011 Fantasy Football Kicker and Defense Rankings

Before we go on to announce the top kickers and defenses available for the 2011 Fantasy Football draft, I want to take the time to welcome all of our new guests. We appreciate everyone who comes to this site whether it is just to read up on some news, review your draft strategy or ask for advice throughout the draft and fantasy football season.

Whether you have been with us for a year, or this is your first time visiting, I invite you to join our RSS feed to get updates whenever we post them and follow us on Twitter where we will be posting more and more information once we get into the actual Fantasy Football season. Thank you all again for spreading the word about God Hates Losers and making us your go to website for all things fantasy.

Enough of the mushy stuff, time for kickers and defense. I can’t stress this enough—save these positions til the very end. Drafting a solid backup or sleeper at wide receiver, running back or quarterback will be much more beneficial to you in the long run than taking the Steelers defense in round nine. Let another owner take that jump and then mock them relentlessly when it doesn’t pay off.

So, let’s do this. After the jump, you’ll find the top 15 kickers and defenses for the 2011 fantasy football season.

Follow these links to see rankings of other positions:
Quarterback - Running Back - Wide Receiver - Tight End - Kicker/Defense

2011 Fantasy Football Tight End Rankings

Tight end is probably my favorite position when it comes to making a fantasy football preranking draft board. You always have your elite guys, but then there is a sudden drop off where anyone can emerge as a sleeper. Cooley came out of nowhere a few years ago. Tight ends like Joel Dreessen and Jacob Tamme came in as must start fantasy players last season despite being backups. New names like Marcedes Lewis and Rob Gronkowski appear every fantasy season, making this the most intriguing fantasy football position—for me at least.

In deep leagues it makes sense to draft a backup tight end, but in your standard set up, it is generally frowned upon. And since it is a single player, make sure that if you draft a backup, they don’t have the same bye week as your starter. Rookie mistakes don’t win fantasy championships.

Click the link to see my top 20 tight ends and don’t forget we are always open to answer any comments or questions you have about drafting TEs or our rankings. Enjoy.

Follow these links to see rankings of other positions:
Quarterback - Running Back - Wide Receiver - Tight End - Kicker/Defense

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2011 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings

Look at you lucky bastards, getting two posts in one day. One quick note before I get into my top 60 wide receivers. This is a PPR style list. It is the kind of league I prefer to play in. If you are in a standard league, you can still feel free to use this, but kind of subtract the weight of catches from those who are playing on a team without much receiver competitions. For the most part though, this list will work well in any style league.

So go ahead, click the link and read on for the top 60 fantasy football wide receivers. A couple of small notes at the bottom as well. If you have any specific questions, as always, leave us a comment and we'll get to you.

Follow these links to see rankings of other positions:
Quarterback - Running Back - Wide Receiver - Tight End - Kicker/Defense

2011 Fantasy Football Draft Profile: Dallas Cowboys Receiver, Dez Bryant

Why I’ll Stop at Nothing to Land Dez Bryant in my 2011 Fantasy Football Draft.

I have been looking forward to my next fantasy football draft since about the middle of September last year. Sure the leagues are fun—grabbing sleepers off the waivers, inserting a nobody into your lineup on a hunch, gallivanting through the playoffs like you own the damn place—but there is just something about the draft that makes it the highlight of my fantasy football season.

It’s no surprise really that the draft is the make or break of your entire season. The draft board you create and the decisions you make in that little hour and a half long window will dictate whether you are the one doling out the trash talk on Monday morning or the one trying to spend the entire day going unnoticed. So, doing your research is a must. And I think there is a blatant wide receiver talent on the boards ripe for the picking.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2011 Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings

Alright. We’re slowing down to a shuffle with the Free Agency moves. Welcome to day two of the preseason position breakdowns. Let’s take a look at the 2011 Fantasy Football class of running backs. I included a little bit of explanation for a handful of them. And either you guys really enjoyed the quarterback rankings or are a little bit shy. I want some comments people! Tell me what you think about the running back class of the 2011 Fantasy Football Draft. And let me know if you want an explanation on any of the guys. Click the link to read the list...

Follow these links to see rankings of other positions:
Quarterback - Running Back - Wide Receiver - Tight End - Kicker/Defense

Monday, August 1, 2011

2011 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

As promised, today marks the very first position rankings on the new God Hates Losers website. When making a draft board, I always run a couple of fantasy football mock drafts to get a feel for when people are going. I also bump up a few of my own sleepers. And more importantly, rather than having one large board of players, I break them up into positions and then schedule my draft with which position I’m going to take in which round. I don't think it’s nearly as complicated as I just made it sound.

Without further confusion, I present to you my 2011 Pre-Draft, Pre-Season Quarterback Position Rankings:

Follow these links to see rankings of other positions:
Quarterback - Running Back - Wide Receiver - Tight End - Kicker/Defense