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Next Week Preview

The reviews are in for the first week of the all new GodHatesLosers site. Attendance is good and we are back in full swing..

Stay tuned next week, when we offer post-free agency player rankings at all positions. Basically anything you've read about fantasy football before this weekend is null and void with all the mayhem brought on by cuts, trades and signings. We'll give you all the insight you need for draft day as we break down the top players for every position along with arguments for our top 10.

We're also working very hard on a special surprise for the end of the week.

As always, if you have any questions about godhateslosers, the upcoming fantasy football season, player rankings, trades, draft strategies or whatever... post the and you'll get one-on-one answers straight from us.

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Silence of the Hams

The Patriot's recent free agent acquisitions and trades, in correlation to a movie that I am currently watching on Netflix Instant, have reminded me of one thing: Bill Bellichick is evil. Pure evil. And pure brilliance. He is the Hannibal Lecter of the NFL, without a doubt.

No one can take a raw, under-utilized person and turn them into gold quite like he can. He chatters, does this hissing *click-clickity-click* thing with his teeth (he also ate a census taker with fava beans, like Lecter), and torments his men with mind games. But he brings out their absolute best, if they can take his will being imposed upon them, having their individual wills broken, and their flamboyant personalities shed like so many scales. He whispers "JUMP!" and his men ask "How high?". He takes boys and makes them men, he takes men and makes them machines.

If you want the best out of a cheap fantasy player, look to the Pats. They have Lecter's genius driving the good, blue-chip Clarice types, and his evil brilliance motivating the NFL's Buffalo Bills.

The Top Ten Fantasy Football Draft Mistakes

We are all excited about fantasy football. We are paying disturbingly close attention to the post-lockout NFL and all of the Free Agent acquisitions that are sure to shake up the fantasy football year. I'm sure everyone is looking at draft boards, and starting mocks, and coming up with superior, clever team names.

So, while all of the rankings are being made, it's wise to take a little time out of your day to learn about draft strategy. After all, what is the point of doing all the research if you're just going to misuse it.

Read on to learn the Top Ten Fantasy Football Draft Mistakes:

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Q&A: Individual Defensive Players

There are a select few of us fantasy football nerds who are rediculous enough to choose to be in leagues with individual defensive player positions. It takes a special breed of crazy to complete a feat like this. Offensive statistics are highly popularized and you can throw on ESPN and learn how your offensive guys did.

Defensive players for fantasy football, however, that's a whole different story. Individual research and constant attention need to be paid to get the most out of this position. Below, we answer a couple fantasy football questions for the individual positions of Defensive Line, Linebacker and Defensive Back.

Defensive Line (DL)
1) Who will the top three fantasy performers at defensive line be in 2011?
Andrew: I have to give number one to Jared Allen. He had a good last half of the season and the season before that, he was an animal. He'll get the sacks, and the turnovers. He's consistent and you know exactly what you are getting. Ndamukong Suh is my second pick. With Nick Fairley beside him, and Vanden Bosch, you know they can't double them all. Number three goes to either Justin Tuck or Osi Umenyiora, take your pick basically.
Jordan: Like Andrew, I'm going with Allen #1. After that, it's a bit unclear, but I like Mathis for the Colts and Charles Johnson for the Panthers. I would take Suh in a heartbreak though, but I'm afraid of everything Lion. And Detroit. And rookies that are sensational but play for the Lions.

2) Who is the biggest fantasy bust at defensive line?
Andrew: Bust is a strong word for Peppers, but I don't see him thriving in Chicago, at least fantasy-wise. He could still end up in the top 15 stat-wise, but he won't be as elite as he used to be. Freeney and Kampman will likely be drafted just because their names are recognizable, but I don't even have them in the top 20 fantasy performers.
Jordan: Dwight Freeney is just plain old and clearly not at the height of his powers, while Mathis certainly is. I would stay away from the aforementioned Freeney, and I would also shy away from Mr. John Abraham. He's old too, and though he's had years of unbelievable productivity, he's just not top flight anymore. Big name defensive players are usually the ones that newbies will gravitate toward if faced with having to draft individual defensive spots.

3) Which defensive lineman will have the best rookie season?
Andrew: Lots of rookies to choose from at the defensive line position. Any of them could break out. Its very important to pay close attention to the preseason if you are thinking about going for a rookie. See who looks good against first stringers and who is playing with the starters the most. I'm going to go with Cameron Jordan of the New Orleans Saints as the top rookie this year. Size and strength will give him a good blend of tackles and sacks.
Jordan: I like Robert Quinn for STL here. Playing on the same line as Chris Long and James Hall will help this young man blossom and get looks that young guys don't normally get their first year on the line.

4) Got any fantasy sleepers at defensive line?
Andrew: Probably a couple linemen could have a big season. Haloti Ngata proved last year that he is one of the best interior guys in the NFL. I'm giving my sleeper nod to Tommy Kelly of the Raiders though. He is lined up next to the far more popular Seymour, but he had a better 2010 season, with 7 sacks and 38 solo tackles.
Jordan: Vanden Bosch, if he makes it back from neck injury, could return to his previous elite status. You can probably get him on the cheap, or even the waiver wire.

Linebackers (LB)
1) Who are your top three fantasy linebackers?
Andrew: Gotta give number one to Patrick Willis. Good in coverage. Great blitzer, and the 49er defense is designed around him. Number two is Jerrod Mayo of New England. He shook of his 2009 injury for the best linebacker season in 2010, and should continue this season. Jon Beason is my guy at number three. Massively consistent and could very well lead the league in tackles.
Jordan: Jerrod Mayo, Patrick Willis, and James Harrison, in that order. You can't go wrong with any of these guys. Period. Clay Matthews is a beautiful man too.

2) Which linebacker will be the biggest fantasy bust in 2011?
Andrew: I've got a couple players that aren't exactly busts, but they are people you should avoid. They have big names, and will mistakenly be taken higher than they need to be. Expect DeMarcus Ware, Brian Urlacher and Von Miller will all be taken higher than they should be. As far as a real bust, I'm not sure how D.J. Williams, since Miller will likely take a lot of his work.
Jordan: Watch out for old guys with big names. That's all I have to say on that matter.

3) Which linebacker has the best chance to be a breakout sleeper?
Andrew: Do you know who Paris Lenon is? I didn't think so. He is easily the biggest sleeper. Lenon came out of nowhere last season with 94 tackles, 2 sacks and 3 turnovers for the Arizona Cardinals. Expect the same. And expect a good value, since he probably isn't on anyone's radar.
Jordan: There's this dude that sounds like an illness-- James Laurinaitis. He plays for the Rams. He's not going to be a huge surprise, but most people outside of Missouri have never heard of this guy. He's average 117 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 ff, and 1 int for the past two years, and his line just got better. And he's only 24.

Defensive Backs (DB)
1) Lots to choose from, who are your top five fantasy defensive backs for the 2011 campaign?
Andrew: Buh. There are so damn many of them. Top 5... I'm going with Tyvon Branch, LaRon Landry, Terrell Thomas, T.J Ward, Charles Tillman. I'm keeping Roman Harper out mostly due to that miserable playoff game. He's usually a good bet though.
Jordan: ...

2) Which defensive backs will have a disappointing fantasy football year?
Andrew: Fantasy is awkward at D-Back because the best NFL corners are usually the worst fantasy defensive backs. So don't be the fool to go after a big name. Likely joining the list of big names to avoid is last year's rookie standout Devin McCourty. He had good fantasy stats last year, but I would think that QBs start shying away from him, dropping his fantasy stats. Patrick Peterson is all but guaranteed Defensive Rookie of the Year honors, but fantasy wise, he won't get many stats if no one is throwing the ball at him.
Jordan: ...

3) Which defensive backs will you avoid because they're getting hurt/old?
Andrew: A lot of players make this list too. And most of them will likely be drafted pretty early. Troy Polamalu has missed over 20 games in the last 5 years. So I can't trust him to stay on the field. Ed Reed has been missing games recently as well. Both are outstanding talents, but that doesn't translate to fantasy stardom.
Jordan: ...

4) Any defensive back fantasy sleepers for 2011?
Andrew: Michael Huff is my pick. As of now he hasn't been picked up. But he is sure to land a starting gig somewhere. He had good stats last year, but before that never lived to potential. He has the skills to put up impressive tackles, he can manage some great sack numbers and created six turnovers in 2010.
Jordan: ...

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Q&A: Tight Ends, Kickers, Defense

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In the next few days, we will be finishing our preliminary Q&A sections and once the free agency mess dies down, we will move onto the all important Player Rankings and even give you a rundown of how all the cuts, moves and signings have affected your fantasy football team.

1) Top three tight ends?
Andrew: Antonio Gates, number one, again. In a season without injury you can count on him to lead all tight ends in yards and TDs.
I'm keeping Witten and number two. He is talked about a lot, but I feel that he is constantly undervalued in fantasy, especially in PPR leagues. Over 90 receptions in three of the past 4 years, he is as consistent as they come and seemingly impervious to injury.
Three is close. The safe pick is Dallas Clark, he's coming of injury though and Tamme won't slide to second string without a fight. Finley is another argument, but didn't start out very strong last year before his injury, with losses at WR though, he could see more action. For now though, I'm sticking with Clark as the third best.
Jordan: Is this a real question? I guess. I'm going to switch up Andrew's order just a tad: Gates should be everyone's first, last, and only TE. If you can't grab him, go with Vernon Davis. He has the most upside of any of the elite TEs this year, but also the most doubt. I'd still bet on hm though. Last, but not least, go with Jason Witten. He's productive and dependable year-in and year-out. You can't go wrong on him.

2) Biggest sleeper? Willing to wait to take a tight end in round 8 or later?
Andrew: If you are a gambler and want to wait til very late to take a tight end, I think the Jared Cook from the Titans could be the way to go. He got the majority of his work after Thanksgiving in 2010, and was going at a decent clip. If Kellen Winslow or Cooley fall to you though, they are less of a gamble.
Jordan: I'm going to say Greg Olsen for the Carolina Panthers. Who's a rookie QB's best friend? His TE. Olsen could put up very, very good numbers for what will be, undoubtedly, a very mediocre team.

3) Most productive kicker?
Andrew: Picking a kicker, you have to take into account a couple things, field goal percentage over quantity (if you league deducts for missed kicks), extra points (they add up), and weather. All things accounted for, I like Neil Rackers. He kicked .900 last season, Houston finds the end zone a lot, and home games in Texas.
Jordan: I really could care less about kickers-- even more than Andrew. I will usually pick up and drop my kickers no less than 5 times in a season. Pick your kicker with your absolute last pick. Seriously. Go with the team that scores the most points and the guy that was most accurate from the past season. But drop him. Seriously. Because, at the end of the day, there is always going to be a newer, hotter offense and a newer, hotter kicker. These guys are streaky as hell, so don't be the farm on anyone. Go with Rackers.

4) Which K will you be staying away from?
Andrew: If your league deducts for misses, I have to sell Dan Carpenter, shooting just .732 last season. Beyond that, big names to pass on are Scobee, Gould and Folk.
Jordan: Adam Matthew Vinatieri. Yeah, he's the must clutch kicker in the history of the NFL playoffs, but unless you have a crazy ass league, you won't be playing during the playoffs. Savvy? His regular season numbers are consistent, but he's not a lights-out guy. Just good. And usually way, way over-drafted-- sometimes as early as the 15th or 16th rounds. Dumb.

5) What is the best time to take a K?
Andrew: The very damn end. Last 2 picks. All in all, pretty much any of the top kickers are going to end up close to each other. Number 1 kicker last year (not counting missed kicks) had 150 points. Number 15 kicker had 115. Save your kicker for last, establish a bench first.
Jordan: Dead last. Period. They're worse than defenses, damn it.

6) Which fantasy defense will be the best?
Andrew: The usual suspects lead the defensive numbers. My pick is the Packers. They are pretty deep, managed to win a Super Bowl despite tons of injuries, and have an insane ability to score defensive TDs and create turnovers. They are the most balanced and consistent pick for me.
Jordan: I'm a big fan of drafting New England this year, especially if your league gives points for the offense line that weighs the most. They're consistently good and just added Haynesworth, which *could* make them even better. Or, if you like ultimately safe picks, go with Pittsburgh. Seriously.

7) Which improved the most from last year?
Andrew: The Buccaneers did some big things for me in the NFL draft. They spent their first 3 picks all updating the defense. Though their corner, Talib, is likely out of the picture, they could have some trouble against the pass, but I expect their sack totals from last year (26) to go up drastically and to see more turnovers than they managed in 2010 (28).
Jordan: I agree with Andrew on this one. They're getting younger without sacrificing too much too soon. They have rebuilt their defense progressively-- not all-at-once, like some teams do. They have a great ability to gauge when a defensive player starts to slip.

8) Who will go from good to awful?
Andrew: Unless they make big moves to keep their defensive stars, the Titans could be in a lot of trouble. The Falcons defense put up decent numbers last year, and didn't have a great defensive draft, so they could fall as well.
Jordan: The New York Jets won't be exactly awful, but with the amount of expectations that fantasy managers have been putting on them over the last few seasons, a lot of people are going to be disappointed. They can't keep the magical run magical for much longer. I project them to fall about 8 spots in the overall fantasy rankings by year's end.

Come back tomorrow, when we give a Q&A for individual defensive positions. Breaking down Defensive Line, Linebacker and Defensive Backs.

As always, if you have any questions for us, post them in the comments. Every question gets an answer.

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Q&A: Wide Receivers

Wide Receiver is going to be a little bit crazy this year. Tons of moving and shaking going on in the next few weeks. Receivers re-signing and getting cut. Lots of new quarterbacks and coaches in the league. That being said, I think this is one of the deepest WR years in recent memory.

As usual, if you've got any questions for us, go ahead and post them in the comments. If you missed our running back and quarterback Q&A, check those out on our homepage And stay tuned for tomorrow's post, answering the popular questions on tight ends, kickers and defenses.

1) Which wide receiver should be selected first in your 2011 NFL fantasy draft?
Andrew: Well, Roddy White's reign lasted only one year, the drafting of Julio Jones has likely dropped Roddy's total catches a bit. He's still a top 10, but not number one. There are about 10 WRs that are worthy of being top 2 round selections, but for my money, I take Andre Johnson. He's still the lone wideout talent in Houston, he was a beast last year playing through injury, and frankly, I think he is unstoppable.
Jordan: Andre Johnson. He’s a man. Period. The most dominant and consistent fantasy WR for the last few years. His abilities cannot be matched and I’m not sure he has seen his plateau. He might not see a sharp incline, but he certainly won’t decline.

2) Which rookie wide receiver will put up the best fantasy performance? Jones, Green, or other?
Andrew: Definitely not other. Jones is definitely going into a more talented system than A.J. Green, but he will be competing with other receivers for the ball. Green on the other hand is likely going to be without Ochocinco (is it Johnson again?) and T.O. in Cincinnati, making his only competition Jordan Shipley. But he will likely be with a rookie QB, or a unwanted veteran. Doesn't matter though. He's a freak. A.J. Green gets it.
Jordan: Julio Jones is going to be one of the top WRs this year—rookie or vet. Matt Ryan is STILL getting better, and with Roddy White being a threat to society at large with his murderous talents, Jones is a homerun. Period.

3) Which wide receiver will have the best second year in the league?
Andrew: There are only two that I think are even close to being mentioned here: Mike Williams of Tampa Bay and Dez Bryant of Dallas. The TB coaching staff has stated that they want to get Benn more involved in the passing game, and I think that TE Winslow could show up a bit this season, so I'm giving the nod to Bryant. Had it not been for a late injury, I think Bryant had a good chance to take Rookie of the Year, and he could very well see the most yardage and receptions from Tony Romo this year as a Cowboy.
Jordan: Mike Williams. He is the future, but the future is now. Freeman and Williams are going to be lights-out this year. He was dominating defenses last year as a rookie. As a rookie. He can’t stop himself from being awful….ly amazing. And while Dez looks sexy to a lot of Dallas fans, let’s be serious: He’s not focused and he’s injury prone. He’s like one of those adolescent wonderkids from the NBA’s nearly destructive 90s: He’s been given way too much way too soon. Even though Williams is gone, I don’t see him being able to take over any of the catches or looks that Austin is getting.

4) Who is the biggest fantasy sleeper out of the receivers (round 10 or later)?
Andrew: Depending on where he lands, I think that Randy Moss still has some good years left in him. Depending on his QB, and his expected place on the depth chart, I think that if Moss lands in a system that makes him happy, he will thrive. A sleeper without the ifs would be Jordy Nelson of the Packers. He had a fantastic playoff run, and with Donald Driver getting his AARP card and James Jones on the way out because he can hardly even hold onto a pen, Nelson could be the number two in a pass happy system.
Jordan: Pierre Garcon is my pick here. He is something of a contradiction: all the physical abilities and skills and PEYTON, but still not hitting on all cylinders. Once he realizes that he really is the best receiver they have, I think he’ll stop resting on his laurels, because……

5) Who is the most overvalued receiver for the 2011 fantasy season?
Andrew: Don't expect Brandon Lloyd to have another megaseason. With Tebow at the helm and an abundance of other WRs to compete with, he will drop off a lot. I also can't see Percy Harvin and Sydney Rice being as high as they are on most boards. They are definite reaches.
Jordan: Reggie Wayne is by far the most overrated top 10 receiver. He’s aging, his numbers are going down, and Garcon is about to do to him what he did to Harrison—replace him. Manning is a loyal character, but Manning spreads the ball around to his men and knows when to play the hot hand.

6) Which wide receiver will be the best comeback player returning to former fantasy glory?
Andrew: Has to go to Vincent Jackson right. Holdout and injury held him to just under 250 yards. He'll come back in a big way this year. I don't really have anything clever to say.
Jordan: Chad Johnson (formerly OchoCinco) just went to the Patriots. The New England Patriots. The New England Patriots that have Tom Brady as their QB. The same Tom Brady that is banging Gisele Bundchen. And throwing touchdown passes all day long, the same one that had his second most statistical year ever last year. The same Tom Brady owns the single season touchdown record.

7) Who will be this year's Brandon Lloyd and come out of nowhere?
Andrew: I already have Jordy Nelson as a sleeper, but don't count on him to rocket to the top 5. I honestly don't see any receiver outside of the top 15 that could possibly make a run for the top. But, I suppose I can gamble. Whoever the Bills decide their number 2 is could make a good run. The Bills have moved to the air pretty successfully and with defenses honing in on Stevie Johnson, Lee Evans or Parrish could move up the boards pretty quick. Pay close attention to the Bills' preseason and find who their number two is and you could have a steal late in the draft.
Jordan: Steve Breaston. I think with Kolb throwing to him, he will definitely surprise a lot of people. This doesn’t make them out-of-the-blue pick that Lloyd was, because he was certainly a fantastic player with Warner throwing to him, but I don’t think anyone has him high on their boards. This isn’t really an easy question to answer, but I’d bet on this dude before I bet on any other dudes. Dude.

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Q&A: Running Backs

Jordan and I have written down a handful of questions to help you in your draft day decision process. We're going to address the running back position. If you've got any additional questions about Running Backs in the 2011 NFL season, post it in the comments. And if you missed out Quarterback Q&A, stop being so damn lazy and scroll down a post.

Next up... Wide Receiver Q&A

1) Who is the best running back for the 2011 NFL fantasy football season? Who will you be taking number 1?

Andrew: I have a funny feeling that Arian Foster isn't going to be defending his title in this one. Houston has a weird way of turning once-strong RBs into huge fantasy busts (see Domanick Williams 2004-2005 and Steve Slaton 2008-2009). My number one pick is Adrian Peterson. It's a consistency thing. 110 yards per game and 13 TDs last year, despite the QB mess. Won't be his best season, but he's solid enough to count on.

My number one is AP. All day. He is consistent. He might not be as exciting as Johnson or Foster, but that could be because we're used to him. Those two are brilliant, no doubt, but they don't have the body of work that AP has. He plays in favorable conditions every week (read: dome), and is THE offense for the Vikings this year.

2) Who is the top running back who will be taken outside of the first 2 rounds?

Blount, without a doubt. He is playing for what will be a LOADED offense. Plus, the culture in TB has always been run-first. Since the days of Alstott and Dunn, this has been their identity, though they only had Cadillac to carry them. This is their man, and with defenses having to respect their receivers and the best new QB since Ryan and Rogers, the box won't be as loaded as once used to be.

Andrew: I think we could see big things out of Felix Jones this year, if he can stay healthy. He has graduated to the number one spot. I expect this to be his breakout year. Hopefully he can bump to about 20 carries per game and land 8+ TDs this season. He is around number 20 in most pre-draft profiles I have seen, and is a good pickup in round three or four.

3) Which running back is 2011's big sleeper?

Andrew: Rashad Jennings. When he was counted on late last season he showed up, getting almost 500 yards, 4 TDs and about 6 valuable receptions per game in the last six of the season. Should Jones-Drew hesitate after his surgery, Jennings could take over the number one role, and he could see more carries this year, even if MJD seems alright.

I'm picking a Bengal here in Bernard Scott. Benson is getting older, may have been a one year fluke (if "fluke" is the word you use for someone that was projected to be great but never quite was), and is a general bonehead. He's also a free agent and just got arrested. I think he was drinking and he may have smoked pot in front of the officer. He also might have killed a baby by stepping on it. At any rate, I don't really see him as reliable. Scott got 5 yards per touch last year, so even if he doesn't take the full load from week 1, he will get opportunities on the special teams and out of the backfield. He's going to be a stud, as long as Benson's track history proves reliable.

4) Which running back will have the best rookie?

The dude from Miami. Ricky Williams is older than dirt and Ronnie Brown has injuries and miles. Oh, and they're free agents. The Dolphins wanted this guy and paid for him: They traded picks just to move up and snatch him. They'll spend money on free agents, but they're not going to bring back both of their old-timers. He'll see a lot of touches, regardless.

Andrew: As much as I'd like to see DeMarco Murray team up with F. Jones for an insane 1-2 punch this year, I understand that I have a better chance of finding Atlantis under my apartment. Really only two guys to even consider here, Mark Ingram and Daniel Thomas. Ingram will have the better career, Daniel Thomas (as Jordan so eloquently put "the dude from Miami"), the better season.

5) Who is the most overrated running back?

Andrew: There are certain players that you couldn't pay me to draft. So I have a couple to avoid. I don't see the continued hype for Michael Turner. Had the lowest average of his career last season, and has done nothing to show me that he can be as elite as his 2008 campaign. Also making the list are Steven Jackson (there is only so much one man can do), Ryan Mathews (fool me once...) and Jahvid Best (drafting LeShoure is not the best sign for an injured second year player).

MJD or Gore, but both for the same reason: injuries. Their bones are made of glass and though they're competitive as hell, that doesn't help anyone when they're not actually doing anything. Sure, they'll be good in the first handful of games, but as the hits add up, so do their chances of breaking, pulling, or tearing something.

6) Which NFL team's running back committee will you completely avoid in 2011 fantasy football?

I'm avoiding the Patriots like the plague. Yes, they are a great running team, but that's the problem. They play as a team of runners. That doesn't help very much in fantasy. BJGE is great, no doubt, but the Evil Genius is just as likely to give it to his fourth RB as he is to this stud.

Andrew: As per usual, besides Brees, I'm hesitant to touch anything from New Orleans. I'm saying no thanks to their RBs and WRs this year. Pierre Thomas, Reggie Bush, Chris Ivory, Mark Ingram and God only knows who else. I'll pass.

7) Which sophomore running back will have the best fantasy football season?

Andrew: LeGarrette Blount. I did some off-season writing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this year, so I might be a little biased. But he came out of nowhere for over 1000 yards in 13 weeks. The Bucs did nothing in the offseason to show that he will have any competition for the starting role. His only weakness seems to be as a receiver.

Best will have the best season. Yes, that was on purpose. The Lions drafted a goal-line guy, which, as a man, should only piss him off. He WILL run his ass off and WILL redeem everyone that thought he was the next Barry. Okay, if you thought he was the next Barry, you're a f#cking moron. There will never be another MJ. There will never be another Barry. Detroit may have Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and the car business might be back, but Barry is gone. Period. Draft Best and shut the hell up.

8) Who is 2011 Fantasy Football's Arian Foster/ Peyton Hillis that will break out of nowhere?

Ryan Torain, though I'm not sure if "break out" is the term I would use. Shanahan does this thing where everyone hates him, and McNabb does this thing where he shows everyone what a pussy he is. And then Washington does this thing where they lose. A lot. But those things are not relevant in fantasy land. If he stays healthy, which I think he will, he'll get some very, very good yardage and some decent TD numbers to boot.

Andrew: Bernard Scott could have a big year for the Bengals since we don't really know what is going to happen to Cedric Benson. So I think i'm going to put my money on the player who had nearly 250 yards per game in his final college season two years ago.

Q&A: Quarterbacks

Jordan and I have teamed up to answer some questions about the quarterback position for the 2011 NFL Fantasy Football Season. Read on to see what we think. Stay tuned for Q&A about all other fantasy positions in the weeks to come. If you have any questions for either of us, ask us in the comments.

1) Who should be the first quarterback taken in the 2011 NFL Fantasy Draft?


Aaron Rodgers. I'd assume that the many will opt for Vick, but you have to take injuries into account. Vick's style can get him hurt. Rodgers was incredible at the end of the 2011 season and had a great run through the playoffs. With an actual #1 running back and his big tight end back, he should be even better.

Unquestionably, the first QB taken this year should be Michael Vick. His skills are undeniable. Period. He manages games better than ever, and creates when he has to. Where he was once the football version of an in-shape Barron Davis, his game is now more akin that of Chauncey Billups. Yeah, Davis was sexier, but he had a proclivity for LOSING games, being a bit of a ball hog, and generally thinking too highly of himself. Not Billups. Billups made everyone better and sacrificed personal stats for team success. Vick now is the version of Vick that everyone can like. He runs, he can still gun, and he's just generally smarter. While defenses are out of shape and remembering that the line they're going up against is an opponent's, not the buffet line, Vick will feast. When they figure out football again, so will he. His receiving core hasn't peaked and his running stable is filled with studs. This is Vick's year. Pure. Simple.

Andrew: You're wrong. And thanks for adhering to the word limit.

2) Who is the best rookie quarterback of 2011?

Jordan: Cam Newton. I hated saying that, but it's true. I think he's a douche. I think his family is douchy. But, like it or not, he is going to have the biggest fantasy impact this year of any rookie QB. He's a smarter (if you can believe it) version of Vince Young, and I doubt he's going through any major depression right now. Everyone whose anyone is raving about his leadership abilities and competitiveness, which are qualities that are unquantifiable. He wants to win. He knows how to win. He's going to win... at least on your fantasy team.


I don't want to say Cam Newton, and I think that it's justified to count him out due to his setting in Carolina. Short of the Bengals bringing in a veteran to start for them, Andy Dalton could have an impressive rookie outing with a talented, young receivers, they could be a team to look out for in 3-5 years.

3) Who do you have pegged for a sleeper that can be taken outside the first 3 rounds?


Matt Stafford seems to be consistently ranked anywhere from 10-15 this year for QBs, so I don't know if he is a stretch enough to call a sleeper. He'll perform well. Assuming all the hype about his move to the Cardinals, I'm giving my sleeper nod to Kevin Kolb. Fitz pulled in 90 catches for over 1,100 yards last year with laughable QBs. If Kolb goes to the Cards, he could have a decent year.

If you call him a sleeper, Josh Freeman. He can probably be drafted on the cheap this year, which will enable anyone that gets him to draft other skilled players and sit on this guy. Let everyone else draft the sure-thing guys: Brees, Brady, Manning(s), Rodgers, Vick, etc. If you can't grab any of the upper-echelon guys, let everyone else panic and draft hastily. Pick your spots and pick this guy up.

4) Who is the most overrated quarterback in the NFL? Which QB will you pass on in the first three rounds?

Jordan: Philip Rivers, Tony Romo, and Joe Flacco. I've ridden Rivers for season, and lost. I've watched Romo lose his mind and THEN get injured. I've bet on Flacco "getting it" twice already. Enough is enough. We've seen the best from these guys. Period.


I'm sure that one of these days we'll agree on something. I'm a Rivers fan this year and am hoping to get him in the second or third round. He has all his weapons back and is consistently a top 5 fantasy QB. Now, for my answer... With injury concerns, Vick falls on my board, but stays in the top 5, so I don't think he counts. To me, Big Ben takes this one. If I had no QB in round 5 and he was still on the board, I'd probably of for a tight end or RB insurance and wait for Stafford or Ryan. In his career he has had maybe two productive seasons out of seven.

5) Which top-5 quarterback from last season will fall the farthest in the 2011 campaign?


I doubt Vick can repeat his magic from last year. But I think that Brady doesn't have his 2010 season. He managed 30 TDs last season, seven of them coming in the last half of the season to a no-name tight end. I think the way they drafted getting tackle Nate Solder, and two RBs, Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley, is a sign that they will be converting more to a run game in the red zone.

Rivers, without a doubt. I have hated him for awhile. He's big and obnoxious and thinks the sun rises and falls on him. He is Charles Barkley, except he isn't likable. Or historically great. He'd do better to realize his place. For now, though, he's going to be as competitive as he is arrogant, which is saying something. Yes, he's good, but he's not THAT good. Call me an idiot, but comparable or better QBs can be taken at least 2 to 3 rounds after this tool bag.

So, that's that. If you've got questions, make sure you post them in the comments. If you've got friends, make sure you tell them about God Hates Losers. If you like what we have to say, make sure you subscribe to our blog or RSS feed.

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