Saturday, August 27, 2011

2 More Things About Your FF Draft

1. If you're drafting right now, that means it's the preseason. Why would you waste a perfectly good upside pick on a kicker? If you get antsy and have to draft a defense, fine, but don't draft a kicker. Your season isn't starting until the middle of September, so just sit tight and pick up a longshot sleeper or two.

2. Don't bail on your draft after the first handful of picks. Those are essentially no-brainer picks. The draft, and therefore your season, is won on sleepers picked in later rounds. Auto drafting after round 5 is just plain lazy.


PS - In other words, don't be a pussy.


  1. I (@CevyJas) just read this today, but drafted last night. I feel really good about my draft, but did pick up a D & a kicker with my last two picks. My problem is getting man crushes on players. I took Detroit, after they handed it to Brady & co I couldn't resist. And if Janikowski wasn't available, I wouldn't have taken a kicker. He was sitting there at the bottom of the last round, and has killed it for me the past couple of seasons.
    What worked for me was patience. Six QB's in rd 1. Vick was taken #1 and that set off a panic. I sat back and loved every second of it. Jamaal Charles fell to me at #10 in rd 1. Then I picked up A. Johnson in rd 2. Didn't pick up E. Manning till rd 6. My regret was taking S. Rice over Hightower. Thanks for the advice prior to the draft. More than anything it gave me confidence that there's still going to be potential on the board and no not panic. I've been in the finals the past 3 seasons, getting runner up twice and winning one. I feel this has been my best draft, and with the help of the waiver wire I'll win it again this year.

  2. Great reply man. I'm going to convert this into an article I think. "Don't Panic"

    I read your lineup on Twitter and think its a good one. Jamaal Charles at 10 is ridiculous. And following him up with A Johnson is even better. You are not to be messed with in 2011.