Friday, August 19, 2011

Advice Time 8/19

Hey there kids, Let's start another Advice Time.

Before we do anything, I just want to again thank everyone for joining me. Along with your advice, I want to invite everyone to include a post idea, something you like about GHL, or something you'd like to see included. I'm not running this site for my health, and I'm sure as hell not famous yet, so let me know what you guys want to see.

Also, I plan on adding an awesome new feature once the regular season starts. For a couple hours before kickoff every Sunday I will be standing by on Twitter to answer any gameday questions. So get on your Twitter accounts and follow @godhateslosers for live pregame advice straight from GHL.

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That's all the housekeeping I've got. Going to have an updated player rankings post this weekend for you, so warm up your printers and expect over 250 players ranked by positions for your upcoming draft.

And as always I ask you guys to spread the word about GodHatesLosers to any and all of your fantasy football loving friends (that aren't in your league, of course). Alright! Ask away!


  1. Ok, I've got my 2 drafts this weekend, so it's do or die time. I've got second pick in one and last in another. My questions are about Chris Johnson. I'm obviously at this point not going to use my #2 pick on him, but if no one grab him by pick 10 in my other league, do you think it's worth the risk to grab him? Also, I wanted to know what do you think about grabbing Javon Ringer in the later rounds, just in case. If the hold out continues, is he a good enough work horse, or should I just forget about Tennessee altogether at that point and use that pick for someone else?

  2. Got a live draft tomorrow. Reigning champ of the league. Not sure what pick I'll have yet, 12 man league. Starting QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 1 R/W/TE, and K and Def of course. Not ppr. Anyways, I'm thinking of taking 3 RBs out the gate, then see what WRs or possible bargains at QB are left. My question is regarding a few mid/late round picks I'm hoping to get. I like Mike Thomas, Roy Williams, Pierre Garcon, Sam Bradford, and Daniel Thomas. What do you think is the earliest round to pick up these guys without reaching and losing value? Thanks for your help!

  3. In your case, I can justify a handcuff. I think that grabbing Chris Johnson will work. When he does come back, he'll be in his old form. But if he doesnt come back right away, you do have Ringer.

    Problem is.. we have no idea if Javon Ringer will be the guy if Johnson misses games. Tennessee has a slew of RBs. You have to figure that Ringer will get a lot of the work, but if he will be a real number one, its still up in the air.

    If you end up taking Johnson at 10, then yeah, I would get Ringer as well.

    Good luck tomorrow. Let me know how they turn out.

  4. First of all... I think that you should probably go RB/RB then get a receiver or two, then pick up another RB. There are a few sleeper RBs that you can get in rounds 4 or 5 that could do the trick for you (Knowshon Moreno, DeAngelo Williams, Ryan Mathews, Felix Jones) That way you have at least one top WR on your roster as well. That would make me more comfortable anyways.

    The guys you listed are pretty serviceable, but they are all pretty big ifs. Mike Thomas could be good and you can get him pretty cheap, around round 8. But there is a QB challenge there, and he has no receiver help. Roy Williams has gone in round 10 in every mock that I have ran. Garcon is going a little sooner in round 7, but I'm not huge on him, he has Collie and Wayne in front of him. Bradford is also very late talent, probably round 8 or so. Daniel Thomas could likely be picked up in 6 or 7.

    So there are the guys that you are looking at. So you really need to look at your strategy again, because you are missing all of the talent between rounds 4-7. If you do go RB/RB/RB, you can get good WRs in 4 with Mike Williams, Dez Bryant, Wes Welker, Brandon Marshall. The list goes on.

    I say you need to run at least one 12 team mock between now and then and try your RB/RB/RB thing out. You'll be surprised the WR/QB value you can get without having to slum it with the players you listed. Probably run a second mock going RB/RB/WR and see what you think about the teams after that

  5. I hate to keep asking about this.. but instead of keeping Best in round 5, I think I'm def going to keep Mike Williams (TB) now.. Best already hurt his head in the second week of preseason.. There's no way he'll last all season. Good move? Also, Reggie Bush and Roy Helu both had a strong week 2 in preseason.. do they move up in your rankings? Will Helu beat out Hightower and produce more fantasy points? Where do you rank Greg Olsen?

  6. Also, what are your thoughts on passing on selecting a RB in the first round to grab a top WR, then grab a RB1 in round 2 and maybe Ryan Grant or DeAngelo Williams, Benson, Green, Felix.. later on? Maybe even Beanie Wells now that Ryan Williams is out for the season.

  7. Keeping Williams is probably a good move. I understand what you are saying about Best. As for Bush and Helu, I would still keep them pretty far down on the list though. They could both be marked as good sleepers, but I want to see more out of them before I call them sleepers publicly. Helu vs Hightower is tough, I want to say yes, but both guys also have Torain to deal with. Hightower will be the redzone guy and likely steal the TDs from both Helu and Torain. Finally, yeah, I like Olsen this year. A lot actually. A rookie QB's best friend is the tight end. I expect him to get a good amount of work. Newton didn't throw to the TE much in college, but he'll be forced to in the NFL.

    As for part two. If you are talking about the same league and you are keeping Williams instead, then I really think you should go RB first. Unless you are one of the last picks in the first rounds and Johnson hasnt been taken yet, I would recommend going RB/WR instead of the opposite. But if you have a pick in the beginning or middle of the round, I vote no, because you'll have to wait til the end of Rd. two to find you starting running back, and that's no good.

    Getting your RB2 in round 4 or 5 like you mentioned isnt a terrible idea though. All the guys you listed would make serviceable backs, maybe not Grant, i'm not huge on him.

  8. Hey I just had my draft last night, I had 6th pick in a 10 team PPR league, where QBs get +.5 for completions and -.5 for incompletions. I don’t really know draft strategy, but how does my team look :

    QB-Phil Rivers
    RB1- Ray Rice
    RB2- Admad Bradshaw
    WR1- Reggie Wayne
    WR2- Mario Manningham
    WR3- OchoCinco
    TE- Dallas Clark
    Flex (QB,RB,TE,WR) - Sam Bradford
    K- Nick Folk
    D- Eagles D

    Bench :
    Cedric benson
    Ryan torrain
    Johnny knox
    Michael bush
    Donovan mcnabb
    Zach miller

  9. I'd say it looks very good. Never played in a league with points for completions and negative points for misses, but I would assume that those two stats affect all quarterbacks the same since completion percentage is very similar with most starters.

    Overall your team looks good. That flex spot will likely always go to a QB, so its good that you got a nice late pick sleeper in there. You really nailed at least one elite player in every position which is commendable and your backups and bench look great too. Overall I'm impressed. Well done.

    Remember we are not just a predraft site and will do everything in our power to help you succeed throughout the year with weekly position rankings, who to start/who to sit, pick'em and more. Stick around, and now that the draft is over, maybe tell a friend or two. Congrats on the great team again!

  10. Hey GHL,
    First I have to say thanks and great blog!

    Now, I have a couple questions about my draft. I joined a league that starts QB, RB, RB, WR/TE, WR/TE, WR/TE, DEF, K. No points for return yardage and it becomes .5 ppr after the 8th reception in a game, so that isn't a huge factor. I'm expecting QBs (especially Vick) to go in the first round from what I've heard of the league. So, I was wondering what your thoughts were on Bradford and Stafford. How are they going to compare to Brady/Brees, will interceptions be a huge problem, and which round do you feel comfortable reaching for them?

    Also, I was wondering what your opinions on CJ Spiller and the rookie running backs (Ingram and Thomas) were in regards to value later in the season.


  11. I have a couple questions for you. One is about a recent trade that was proposed to me. I would send Brandon Jacobs and in return I would get Marshawn Lynch. What do you think. I like it but I am also worried about how much more involved Jacobs will be this season. Coughlin has said he wants him to touch the ball more. I also have bradshaw so he is also my handcuff. Accept or Decline? Also out of these QBs, who would you rather have at their ADP? Ryan, Freeman, Roethlisberger, or Romo. Rank them in order.

  12. What you think of my lineup also.

    QB Matt Ryan, Atl QB

    RB Darren McFadden, Oak RB Q

    RB Ahmad Bradshaw, NYG RB P

    RB Jamaal Charles, KC RB

    WR Larry Fitzgerald, Ari WR

    WR Mike Williams, TB WR

    TE Jimmy Graham, NO TE

    D/ST Chiefs D/ST D/ST

    K David Akers, SF K

    Bench Brandon Marshall, Mia WR
    Bench Josh Freeman, TB QB
    Bench Mark Ingram, NO RB
    Bench Brandon Jacobs, NYG RB
    Bench Jacoby Ford, Oak WR Q
    Bench Steve Smith, Car WR P

  13. Hey! Thank you! Sorry I'm taking so long getting to you. Out of town yesterday. Lets see if I can help...

    I like both Bradford and Stafford a lot this year actually. They have both taken very big strides in the offseason, both teams have fallen into more favorable coaching situations, and their once-young teams are maturing nicely. Right now, I would take Stafford over Bradford, just because of the weapons around him. And by hunting one of these guys down, you can use a lot of your early rounds to beef up on RB/WR talent. In a 10 team league you are usually seeing Stafford go in the 9th round. I've seen him go as early as 7 though, but that is rare. I think taking him in round 8 to make sure no one else snags him is a good idea. Bradford, you can wait even longer, probably taking him with your 10th round pick. Both are great value. Their numbers will be shy of Brady and Brees, but not by enough to really worry about, since you'll have gotten great RB or WR talent because you waited late.

    Spiller has sleeper potential this year, but has Fred Jackson to worry about. I wouldn't be surprised to see Spiller get extra carries this year compared to last and even more toward the end of the season if he is any good, he is their young guy and will be the one taking over. I've never been a fan of drafting rookie RBs, they are always sharing carries with a veteran player. Ingram is entering a crowded backfield, and D Thomas will have to contend with Reggie Bush. Because of the situation (and the offensive line) I do think that Thomas will end up with the better season of the two.

  14. I would take that trade. Marshawn Lynch could easily see over 275 carries this year. Jacobs will always be in the backseat to Bradshaw and will just be a TD stealer. Also, I have a firm hatred for handcuffing. It makes no sense to me, as seen here:

    In order of your QBs, I would want Romo, Ryan, Freeman, Roethlisberger

  15. Not a bad draft at all. I'm surprised to see that you managed to get L Fitz in the (I'm assuming) 3rd round. Your running back starters are very strong and I have to imagine among the top in your league. My only criticism is the handcuffing.

    How many people in this league? 8?

  16. This is a 10 team league. And the trade has gone through so now I have Lynch instead of Jacobs. Yes Fitz was the 3rd round

  17. So I drew the ace (first pick). Here's my draft if you're interested:
    1. A.P. (then it went Arian, Charles, Rice, CJ, Rodgers, Brees!, Vick, Hillis!, MCCoy, T.Brady, Rivers)
    2. Steven Jackson (please stay healthy)
    3. Larry Fitz (there was a run on WRs, both Johnsons and Roddy, so I decided to follow your advice, amost took Shonn Greene instead)
    4. J. Best (no more turf toe!)
    5. Schaub (5 QBs taken in the 1st round, dumb strategy imo. wanted Romo but he was taken the pick before mine. hope Schaub has another 4000 yards)
    6. Ochocinco (maybe a reach but Tom Brady is amazing)
    7. Daniel Thomas (7th round, good value for a #1 RB I think)
    8. M.S.W. (didn't get Bradford but his #1 WR with Josh McDaniels calling lots of pass plays)
    9. Julio Jones (reach but freak athlete)
    10. Aaron Herndez (my worst pick, I'll never know if it will be him or Ron G)
    11. Rashad Jennings (experts say he's a sleeper and I'm hoping MJD goes down)
    12. K. Winslow (had to get better at TE, pissed I wasted my 10th pick)
    13. M. Hardesty (Come on Madden curse!)
    14. Thomas Jones (? I was just drafting premier RB's backups, trade bait maybe)
    15. Arizona D (Eagles D was taken in the 8th round! some dumb managers in my league)
    16. Bernard Scott (rookie QB, Benson will get hurt I hope)
    17. Alex Henery (another rookie but super accurate in college and ties to high power O)

    I drafted 8 runningbacks. I think being able to start 3 RBs will give me some leverage and maybe some star RBs will go down. I also had my eye on Javon Ringer but a guy reached and took him in the 8th round. Any thoughts on my draft?

  18. Cool. Very impressive haul for a 10-team league. Congrats. I think letting go of Jacobs was a good choice, if Lynch can perform this year like he did toward the end of last year, you're going to have a very hard time deciding which three RBs to play. And that is a very good problem to have.

  19. This is a great draft. A lot of that probably had to do with other being terrible. I was in a mock last week and Peyton Hillis was the SECOND overall pick. I almost cried. So many QBs in the first round too. Very very strange.

    But being able to get Steven Jackson in 2 and Fitz in three is huge. Youre a little weak at WR, but as you said MSW could come up big and Ochocinco could pull a Randy Moss, but I doubt it.

    You definitely had sleepers in mind once you got your starters in place which I respect. I would have probably gotten one or two more receivers, I agree with most of your comments as well. Most of your RBs will be good, the only problem is that they have a starter standing in their way (Jennings, Hardesty, Scott) You have a couple reaches, Hernandez being the biggest. I like Winslow a lot more than Hernandez this year. And I honestly think you could have waited longer for Hardesty and Jones, and Scott would probably not have been drafted if not for you.

    Overall though, this isn't too bad. You might find yourself cheering for a lot of RB injuries though to see action from a handful of your players.

  20. Just curious what you think of my draft being only a rookie.

    Josh freeman
    Chris Johnson
    LeSean McCoy
    Antonio Gates
    Mike Wallace
    Brandon Marshall
    Ravens D
    Matt Bryant

    Kyle Orion
    Ryan Grant
    Roy Williams
    Plaxico Burress

    This is a 12 team league

  21. If Chris Johnson comes back then this is a very good draft. Even if he can't Ryan Grant could be alright this year. Very impressive for a 12-team draft and even more impressive that its your first one. Make sure you stay tuned throughout the year for weekly position rankings and answers to any lineup questions you have!

  22. Which group do you like more in a 12 team 1PPR league..

    Group A:

    RB: Steven Jackson
    RB: Jahvid Best
    WR: Larry Fitzgerald
    WR: Brandon Marshall
    WR: Anquan Boldin


    Group B:

    RB: Maurice Jones-Drew
    RB: Steven Jackson
    WR: Brandon Marshall
    WR: Anquan Boldin
    WR: Mike Williams (TB)

  23. I'm going to go with Group B by an incredibly small margin. I like MJD this year and I don't think he is getting the respect he deserves from anyone. I'm really hoping that he silences the fantasy football masses this year and absolutely goes nuts. L Fitz is the better receiver compared to Mike Williams, but not by enough.

    The fact that it is PPR makes it nearly dead even for me though

  24. In my 10 person league where I had 10th pick I grabbed:

    QB- Brady
    RB - McFadden
    RB - Best
    WR - Vincent Jackson
    WR - Mike Williams TB
    TE - Jason Witten
    K - Alex Henery
    D - Chicago
    BU - Matt Cassel
    BU - Lynch
    BU - Ryan Matthews
    BU - Deion Branch
    BU - Lee Evans
    BU - Johnny Knox

    In my other league, I was supposed to have 2nd pick, but Yahoo screwed it up and I wound up with 9th...oh well

    QB - Brady
    RB - Mendenhall
    RB - Best
    WR - Bowe
    WR - Collie
    WR - Mike Thomas
    TE - Jimmy Graham
    K - Billy Cundiff
    D - Chicago
    BU - Sanchez
    BU - Reggie Bush
    BU - Ronnie BRown
    BU - Jacoby Jones
    BU - Javon Ringer
    BU - Lee Evans

    I really hope Jahvid best turns out to be something special since I have him on both teams now. I'm a little unsure with Mcfadden and Mike Thomas, since neither were on my radar before. In fact after week 1 I am already thinking of letting Evans play in Thomas' spot.

  25. Your first team is great. I see no problems there. Best should have a fine year, and McFadden should be on your radar because he had a great 2010 and could do even better this year.

    The second team is a little more suspect, but still pretty great. WR is a bit weaker here, and you do not have the most exciting bench. Mike Thomas should remain a starter in my opinion. He is the WR1 on a team that has no other real talent to catch the ball. MJD cant do all the work by himself. Youd better hope for great years from your starters though, because I don't see a ton of good thigns coming from your bench on team 2. Sanchez is not a good fantasy option. Bush is splitting carries, Brown will be lucky to have 10 carries a game. Jacoby Jones is a sleeper, but has a lot to prove. Ringer will only work if CJ is out for a while. Evans is a good call though, and could help you out

  26. Whoops, had a mistype, in the first team I've got Rodgers, so hopefully that just to the success. Thanks for the confidence boost for those other picks, after, the top 5 RB's are gone, it's all about who's the guy that deserves to be in the top 5. Also on the 2nd team, that's the first time I've drafted in a semi deep league before. With 14 people, those picks get watered down pretty quick. I figured after last week's preseason game Reggie Bush might at least be a trade commodity, since he's got some buzz. And trust me when I say, if I had another option for QB2 other than Sanchez, I would have taken it. Jimmy Clausen is still available in that league, if that gives you an idea of what I'm talking about. Hopefully San Diego's Defense phones it in on week 7 while Brady is on bye.

  27. Haha. Understandable. Good luck this year. And don't for get GHL throughout the year. We will be updating daily from now til the end of the season with player rankings, sleepers, strategies, pick'em and of course answers to all your questions.

  28. Just wanted to see what you thought of my 2 lineups (different leagues) that I have. Any criticism is encouraged :)

    QB: 1) Ben Roethlisberger//2)Tony Romo
    RB: 1)Ray Rice//2)Adrian Peterson
    RB: 1)Rashard Mendenhall//2)Darren McFadden
    RB/WR: 1)Darren McFadden//2)LeGarrette Blount
    WR: 1)Dwayne Bowe//2)Calvin Johnson
    WR: 1)Brandon Lloyd//2)DeSean Jackson
    TE: 1)Jason Witten//2)Owen Daniels
    D/ST: 1)Raiders D/ST//2)Eagles D/ST
    K: 1 and 2)Sebastian Janikowski (I'm a fan of SeaBass, his leg, and the Raiders.)

    I'd post the benches, but they are long. Does my starting line look pretty good? It's my first year doing Fantasy, just wanted to know if I'm doing it right. Big fan of your blog so far, I plan on reading it every week.

  29. You are definitely on the right track. The only problems that I see in your first team are the inconsistency of Roethlisberger (he can have 350 yards and 2 scores one week and 170 yards and 3 picks the next) and that WR seems a little shallow. The RBs on this team are insane though and Witten is always a great play. Very well drafted there.

    Second team is slightly weaker at RB, but not by much, and you did a better job with QB and WR. Of the two teams, right now I'd say that Team 2 will be more successful. But again, both are very good drafts, especially considering it was your first one. Good work.

  30. Someone just dropped James Starks, I'm assuming because of the ankle thing. Do you think it's worth dropping Ronnie Brown to pick him up?

  31. I found your site recently and read through all your posts, beginning with when you launched. I like your writing style and knowledge, which is why I'm here asking you this now. I'd like your opinion on my draft from this weekend and specifically my WR depth. I'm a little nervous about it.

    I play in a 12 Team .5 PPR league and (I know you'll just LOVE this) a return yards league where we get 1pt = 20yds. We play 1 QB, 2 RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1 WR/RB/TE, K and DEF.

    I had the 9th pick and CJ was still there so I felt compelled to pick him. Rodgers and Brees went in the 1st. Vick, Brady, Manning and Rivers in the 2nd and 3rd. Romo in the 4th and Stafford, Roethlisberger, Ryan and Schaub in the 5th and 6th prior to me picking E. Manning. I was on the fence with Manning and Freeman so I hedged my bets and got both. Bradford was picked between them so I missed out on him. Basically I felt like the RB value was just too good to pass up with Best in the 7th and F. Jones in the 8th. Especially since CJ is still a holdout and like you, I hate playing handcuffs. I figured even if CJ holds out for a few weeks of the regular season, I'm covered with Best and F. Jones. I also like playing a RB in that flex spot, especially if he's a starting RB that can run and catch like Best and F. Jones. After the top 2 tiers of WR, I wasn't comfortable taking a reach in the middle rounds and feel lucky to have gotten R. Williams, J. Ford and Sanders as late as I did. I hope with the return yards potential, Ford's value will be worth the risk. I'm still looking for a better 3WR and am shopping for a trade. My question basically is, which of these back should I trade and what kind of WR should I target? I too think F. Jones is primed for a big season after seeing how he looks in practice and games (I live in Dallas but am not a Cowboys fan. Sorry:) but don't know if I should throw him or Best out there as trade bait for a WR. Or should I just stand pat and wait? Or is there another angle? What would you do?

    And yes, I didn't draft a kicker. I never do if my draft happens the first 2 weeks of preseason. Too much potential for injuries and sleepers and I like to stock up. It's how I got Arian Foster and Vick last year in the draft! I usually play match-ups on DEF and K for the season so those spots are always in flux for me. I also hate having to carry 2 TE so if I can, I go for one of the top 5 and plug him in and forget about it until bye week.

    Thanks for your time and great site. I've bookmarked it and will be visiting all year.

    Round Pick Player Position
    1. (9) Chris Johnson RB
    2. (16) Roddy White WR
    3. (33) Mike Wallace WR
    4. (40) Steven Jackson RB
    5. (57) Vernon Davis TE
    6. (64) Eli Manning QB
    7. (81) Jahvid Best RB
    8. (88) Felix Jones RB
    9. (105) Mike Thomas WR
    10. (112) Josh Freeman QB
    11. (129) Roy Williams WR
    12. (136) Jacoby Ford WR
    13. (153) Emmanuel Sanders WR
    14. (160) C.J. Spiller RB
    15. (177) San Francisco DEF
    16. (184) Delone Carter RB

  32. Who will have a better season, DeAngelo Williams, Jahvid Best, or Ryan Grant?

  33. Its up in the air. Both are backups and their roles are relatively unknown. I think it would really just be replacing a bench player with a bench player. Let him sit on waivers for a while and see what develops

  34. Great to have a new visitor. Thanks for the compliments. Busy day yesterday which is why I am late getting to your comment.

    I think it was a pretty impressive draft for you. My main concern is that with the kickoff rule change, some of the returners you go and are counting on will not put up the numbers you are hoping for. But drafting White and Wallace in 2 and 3 and having solid sleepers with Thomas and Williams should work in your favor there. Even with CJ's hold out, your RBs are looking great to me. Reading all of my posts you know that I'm high on Felix this year and I can't imagine S. Jackson taking too much of a decline.

    If you want that upgrade at WR3, I would probably sack Best over Jones. 1) I think Jones will have the better year, but I think that right now it is perceived that they are even, or with Best being the better player. So you can probably get more value for Best. Make sure that in setting up a trade, you are going to a WR drafted in rounds 5 or 6 though.

    Overall, for a 12 team draft you came out very good. No glaring weaknesses. Eli is an underrated QB in fantasy. Not a big name in the NFL, but puts up some nice numbers for fantasy owners. Let me know how it goes for you.

  35. Ummm.... Williams is in a system with a rookie QB, and could definitely return to former stats. Best is on a rapidly improving offense and doesn't have must competition at the position. Grant is coming off injury and has Starks biting at his heels after an impressive playoff performance. This is tough for me.

    I think i'm going to go with Williams right now. Most proven, should get a lot of work.

  36. So I have been offered Hakeem Nicks and one of these: (Bradshaw, Best, or Kolb) for Antonio Gates and one of these: (Burress, Marshal). Is this a good trade? Remember I newby :)

  37. That seems like a definite yes from me.

    I'd recommend taking Nicks and Best. So you have a solid RB in case CJ doesn't make it back by Week 1. Antonio Gates is hard to part with, but TE is very deep this year. I'd try to give them Burress, but if they turn that down, give them Marshall. This would be a great team and no doubt leave you with the best WR tandem in your league.

    Make sure you pick up a TE off the waivers very quickly. You can find my list of the top TEs here:

  38. hey whats up.. read all ur things.. great advice but im back again. working on same trade offer as before. but worked out what i think as better offer what do u think?

    background i have ray rice losing him after this season in my dynasty league. trade offer is now

    ray rice and my first rd pick (pick 7, 8 team league)


    mjd and his 2nd rd pick (2nd pick in second rd, he got via a trade)

    or i was thinking of offering rice for mjd and we swap 2nd rd picks (2nd with 7th) and i give him my 2nd rd pick for next year.

  39. I'd rather do the first deal than the one where you swap second rounders and lose a pick next year. You'll only be moving 4 spots down this way. Its not a bad move. I suppose having MJD for years to come is better than having Rice for only one more year. I hate to see him go though, he's going to be a monster in 2011.

  40. yeah i feel the same way.. and he said no to the trade anyway. i hate to lose rice cuz with the moves ravens made is just asking for rice to blow up this year. so i had an idea.. didnt offer it yet but thinking about it.. let me know what u think of this.. he needs or thinks he needs a wr and he likes mike williams. so i was thinking.

    rice and mike williams (tb)


    mjd and mccoy

    im sure he will want to trade some draft picks in there but i will worry about that later.. but i am losing my 3rd starting wr but i figure if i can pick up manningham in the early rounds (already have d jackson and h nicks as other starters) i could be fine.

    im always worried about starting 2 wrs from same team but starting maclin and jackson got me to playoffs and 2nd place before i traded maclin for steven jackson. but that then will give me p.thomas, s. greene, s. jackson, mjd and mccoy and d.m ccluster.. that is if he goes for it.. and we can start 2 rbs in my league but i guess its better to have too many then not enough..

  41. That seems like a good plan. It definitely will set you up for another trade down the line since you'll have an impressive group of RBs. Makes sure that you get a good receiver in your draft. Manningham/Nicks is a great combo as you can see in my Ten Bold Predictions post.

  42. Im thinking of trading Ahmad Bradshaw. First of what do you think of that? He is my RB3 right now and I'm think of adding matt ryan into the trade and look for a different RB and a QB. Out these players who would be the best to go for. Moreno, Forte, Blount, Best, or Jones.

  43. I'd need a little more information than that. You could probably trade Ahmad Bradshaw straight up for Blount, Best or Jones as they are all drafted pretty much in the same round. Its usually very difficult to trade an RB for an RB or a QB for a QB. If I drafted Felix Jones, I obviously did so for a reason and probably wouldn't consider trading for Bradshaw because I want Jones more. See?

    Just find the summary of the draft order for your league and base trades off of that. Feel free to run them by me once you are further along in the process and I can help you out.

  44. Well rather, rank those RB in an order you would want at RB3. I have Lynch 4 and Ingram 5 on my bench

  45. Forte, Blount, Jones, Best, Moreno. You can find all of my position rankings here:

  46. Bradshaw would be between Blount and Jones in this order.

  47. 1st week prediction? Also Burress or Marshal for my number 3 receiver?

    Team: Me vs. Team: The Other Guy

    QB: Josh Freeman Tom Brady
    RB: Chris Johnson Peyton Hillis
    RB: LeSean McCoy Matt Forte
    WR: Mike Wallace Dex Bryant
    WR: Antonio Gates Marques Colston
    WR:(Marshal or Burress) Chad Ochocinco
    Defence: Ravens Falcons
    Kicker: Matt Bryant Dan Carpenter

  48. Marshall over Burress

    If CJ is back and playing, I give you the nod. If not, its going to be a close one. You seem stronger everywhere but QB than the other guy.

  49. I was offered Andre Johnson for Mike Wallace and Ryan Grant. ... Addai, Brandon Jacobs, and Mcgahee are available in the free agency. Would that be a good deal?

  50. I say go for it. Addai is a solid sleeper. Both would be upgrades for you.

  51. Hey man, I'm new to Fantasy Football but I'm really loving this site. I've been big into Fantasy Hockey for a while now (and have been pretty successful), and one of my strategies going into those drafts is to separate players by each position into different Tiers (usually 1-4).

    I'm hoping to employ that same strategy before my Football draft this Tuesday, but I'm not sure which statistical evidence I should be looking at in order to separate the players into Tiers.

    I'm a firm believer in getting the most value possible with every pick. So, for example, if I can get a Tier 1 WR over a Tier 2 QB, despite not yet having a QB, I still take the WR.

    In hockey I look at Points (Goals/Assists) to classify the players into Tiers, but those leagues have a different scoring system than fantasy football so I'm not sure what the major stats are to look at for each position here. Is it Total Yards? Yards per game? TD's? I'll be playing in a Yahoo league with Standard settings (not PPR).

    If you have any advice on how I can go about forming my Tiers at each position, I'd really appreciate it!

    Thanks a lot, and please keep this site up!

  52. Hey Dude.

    I've always wanted to try Fantasy Hockey. I know very little about the sport, but am thinking of giving it a shot this season. I'll make sure to put your strategy into effect, so thank you.

    The stats that I like to look at while ranking are yards per game and touchdown total. for pretty much all positions.
    QB standard scoring is 1 point for 25 yards, so you definitely want to count that in there as elite QBs can get upwards off 300 in a game. TDs are also valuable and count for 4 points.
    RBs you want to look at yards per game and TDs, same for receivers and tight ends.
    For a kicker, there are different points for distance of field goal, but dont discount the value of the extra point.
    For defense I generally shuffle them based on matchup and play whichever D is available facing the worst offense.

    Hope this helped you out a little bit. Its fairly simple once you understand the scoring systems. My player rankings are here if that will help get you started.

  53. ok so the plot thickens.. so i decided to offer the person with the #1 pick rice for the #1 pick.. and if they go for it i will have choice between gates and charles. im going with charles since i have finley at tight end.

    but if they say no.. the guy with mjd said r.rice and m.williams for mjd or arian foster and someone else (cant be mccoy, rivers, r.white. l.fitzgerald)

    his team:
    p.rivers (cant touch)
    j.maclin (i just traded him to this guy for s.jackson last season)
    l.fitzgerald (cant touch)
    l.mccoy (he is willing to trade him but not with foster or mjd)
    r.white (cant touch)
    t.ginn jr

    who would u pick? mjd or foster + who else?

    thanks in advance

  54. I would be Foster and a WR. Floyd could have a good year. Same with Burleson and Moore. I'd probably make it Floyd

  55. Peyton Hillis or Steven Jackson in PPR?

  56. Probably Peyton by a nose.

  57. Antonio Brown, Steve Smith (car), Greg Little, Jordy Nelson, or Bernard Berrian? Rank?

  58. is it worth going upside and avoid smith?

  59. I like Smith over upside in this. I'd go Smith, Brown, Nelson, Little, Berrian

  60. if brown becomes #2 in pitt, when do you think it will be

  61. Hey man, so I just completed my first fantasy football draft. I'm wondering what you think of the results and also if you have any advice for players I should ditch.

    It's a 12-team Yahoo Standard league (non-PPR), Starts QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, 1Flex, D, K with 6 Bench spots

    I drafted 10th:

    1. LeSean McCoy RB
    2. Calvin Johnson WR
    3. Felix Jones RB (Might've reached, but got nervous that 16 RBs were gone by now)
    4. Peyton Manning QB (a lot of QBs gone too, was between him and Romo. Right choice?)
    5. Wes Welker WR (iffy pick, but had him higher than anyone else at WR)
    6. Vernon Davis TE (Witten went right before me)
    7. Mike Thomas WR
    8. Fred Jackson RB
    9. Matt Stafford QB (my Manning insurance policy)
    10. Johnny Knox WR
    11. Willis McGahee RB
    12. Danny Amendola WR
    13. Delone Carter RB (rushed pick and I wanted another RB. Maybe when Addai gets hurt?)
    14. DET Defense
    15. Rob Bironas K

    Some surprises during the draft:

    --Eight Defenses were chosen off the board by the end of Round 9 (one of them in Round 5!). I figured I had more work to do in terms of the rest of my team.
    --First Kicker was chosen in Round 9 (Crosby).

    So, overall, how does my team look? Where should I look to improve? Some notable FA's are Antonio Brown, Meachem, Burleson, Jacoby Ford, James Jones, Gaffney, Hardesty, Jacquizz Rodgers, Ringer, Choice, McCluster.

    Also, do I need a TE on the bench? Shiancoe, Kendricks, Gresham, Heath Miller, Ben Watson, Kevin Boss are all in FA. Should I go get one now or wait until Week 7 when Davis has a Bye?

    Thanks again for providing this site, I'll be checking in probably every day until the end of the season!

  62. He has Ward and Sanders to compete with. Two big name guys that will not go quietly. Brown can see a lot of playing time, but likely as a third receiver.

  63. Very nice draft for a new guy. Strong first two picks. Felix in round three seems high, but if RBs were flying off the board, I think it is justified. Peyton is a nice pickup. And in case he doesnt play a few weeks, Stafford is the perfect backup to have.

    Your only starting position that might be weak is Flex. But Mike Thomas and Fred Jackson could both do big things as they are WR1 and RB1 on their teams, respectively. Knox could also surprise. I definitely respect that you went sleeper toward the end of the draft as well to round out your bench.

    I wouldt get the back up TE when it is closer to the bye week. Right now it is more important to pick up any sleepers, dont want to waste a spot on a guy that you wont play for 2 months. Definitely be proud of this draft.

    Glad you enjoy the site. Excited to have you here and answer your questions all season long.

  64. Offered a trade... Cant decide if its woth it but need to be tipped one way or another. Should I give up Freeman for Santanio Holmes? I already have Shaub and Matt Ryan in a 2QB league.. my other WR's are Dwayne Bowe, Jeremy Maclin, Pierre Garcon and Sidney Rice in a 3 WR league.. What do you think Good trade? Thanks for the advice.


  65. I think you need the receiver help. I'd go for it. The waivers are pretty thin though, I'd assume, so you might want to get yourself a backup QB again or cross your fingers taht a good one is available when your starters have a bye.

  66. Forgot to mention Brandon Marshall.. got him on the Roster too.. thanks for the tip.

  67. I have Amendola and Julio Jones on my bench and rashad jennings is (was) my only back up running back. Between Amendola and Jones which should i shop? Or maybe give it a few weeks?
    -- I'm also starting Welker, Steve Johnson, and Roddy White in a 2 wr 1w/r PPR league...Thank you.

  68. I'd probably wait a bit and shop around whichever one is having the best year. You dont need another backup RB right now, so you can afford to hold out a week or two.

  69. Thanks for the comment. I've been making style changes to the site recently and I guess that this comment slipped past me for a week. Lottery Tickets is a nice idea, and I'll do some research into it.

    Look forward to working with you throughout the season.

  70. Got proposed the trade, Rice for Charles. Thoughts?

  71. Eh. This ones kind of up to you. Both are top 5 overall picks. Just gotta ask yourself which one you like more. PPR league, I think Rice is better. Charles has a crazy simple schedule though. Coin toss really.

  72. yea i know. thats exactly how i feel. i decided to accept and take rice just because i like the touchdown upside. if charles falls of at all he cant make up for it