Monday, August 1, 2011

2011 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

As promised, today marks the very first position rankings on the new God Hates Losers website. When making a draft board, I always run a couple of fantasy football mock drafts to get a feel for when people are going. I also bump up a few of my own sleepers. And more importantly, rather than having one large board of players, I break them up into positions and then schedule my draft with which position I’m going to take in which round. I don't think it’s nearly as complicated as I just made it sound.

Without further confusion, I present to you my 2011 Pre-Draft, Pre-Season Quarterback Position Rankings:

Follow these links to see rankings of other positions:
Quarterback - Running Back - Wide Receiver - Tight End - Kicker/Defense

1. Aaron Rodgers
2. Michael Vick
3. Drew Brees
4. Tom Brady
5. Philip Rivers
6. Peyton Manning
7. Tony Romo
8. Matt Schaub
9. Josh Freeman
10. Matt Ryan
11. Ben Roethlisberger
12. Sam Bradford
13. Matthew Stafford
14. Eli Manning
15. Jay Cutler
16. Joe Flacco
17. Matt Cassel
18. Kevin Kolb
19. Mark Sanchez
20. Ryan Fitzpatrick
21. Donovan McNabb
22. Tim Tebow
23. David Garrard
24. Jason Campbell
25. Kyle Orton
26. Chad Henne
27. Matt Hasselbeck
28. Alex Smith
29. Colt McCoy
30. Cam Newton

One and two spots. There will be debating about Rodgers/Vick at number 1 and 2. Rodgers is my number one. Vick is too injury prone and is still missing (at last check) both of his best receivers.

Tom Brady jumping from 7 to 4. This is largely speculative, but remember when it looked like Randy Moss was all but dead in Oakland and then acquired by the Patriots? I can’t help but get a strange feeling of déjà vu, which is why Brady jumps on this list.

Peyton Manning at number 6. Off-season neck surgery and he has yet to participate. Once he starts throwing passes and looks good doing it, he will go back up.

Moving on up. I’ve been disappointed by performances in the past, but apparently I haven’t learned my lesson. Despite injury problems, I have Bradford at 13 (I like the offense), Cutler at 15 (I like the off season acquisitions), and Kolb at 18 (will likely get higher as the preseason goes on).

Denver fiasco. Reading some of the comments about Broncos practices, Orton is far ahead of Tebow. If Tebow starts or Orton is traded, expect Tebow to perform in the bottom third of the league. However, if Orton stays in Denver, expect him to jump somewhere between 10 and 15.

No one is that deep. Unless you are in the deepest league I’ve ever come across. Some kind of terrifying 16-team, 2-QB monstrosity, you really shouldn’t have anyone ranked 20 or lower on your team.

As always, if you have any questions or comments on these rankings, go ahead and post below. All comments will be addressed, because if we didn't talk about them, we wouldn't be the best fantasy football site on the Internet, would we? No. Exactly.


  1. While I love Drew Brees, don't you think guys like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning should rank higher? I just think those guys have better receiving options.

  2. In my eyes the top six guys on this list are all pretty damn even. But putting them in this order wasn't arbitrary. Prior to the Pats attaining Ochocinco, I had Brady at number 6. The reason he didn't shoot up to number three was that we don't know how well they are going to mesh, if at all. We can't automatically assume that this is the second coming of Randy Moss in New England.

    Peyton Manning is also below Brees. Last year they saw remarkably similar numbers. Same TDs, Brees had 5 more INTs and 80 fewer yards. They are both extremely consistent and should be ranked very near one another.. but I'm a little worried about Manning's surgery. Whenever any star QB as surgery its all anyone talks about, and I've heard surprisingly little about Peyton's, which makes me wonder. I'm sure he'll bounce back, he has great weapons and is practically automatic, but because of the surgery, complete lack of offseason practice, and still no work outs with is receivers... he remains low.

    As far as receivers, I think that Peyton has the best crew. But Brees has a better corps than Brady. Fantasy-wise, the only Saints receiver I'd want is Colston, but if you've ever played fantasy before, you know that every single receiver on that roster can put up over 100 yards easy. I expect Brees to remain consistent in touchdowns (between 30-35), see similar yardage (4,600 and change) and fewer INTs (say... 18) than last year.

  3. The Dirtiest BirdAugust 3, 2011 at 9:59 AM

    I pick 12th in a 12 man league (6 pts for passing TDs, no ppr)...Thinking about going RB/RB and trying to wait for Philip Rivers or Matt Ryan with my 3rd or 4th pick depending on how the QBs come off the board.

    Should I do this or go QB/RB and try and go for one of the top 4 QBs provided they're not off the board at 12?

  4. I love being the last pick. In your case I'd go RB/RB and not sweat it at all. Unless youre playing with a bunch of amateurs, Rivers, Brees or Brady will be waiting for you at the end of the third round.

    RB, RB, QB, WR is your best bet. And then bask in the glory of knowing you had the best draft in the league.

  5. Thanks for the response!! You got a new visitor

  6. Im at the number 4 spot in a 12 team league any suggestions what to grab at 4 an 21 I was thinking Rb n Qb ?

  7. At the fourth spot, you'll likely be seeing Jamaal Charles fall to you. So thats a pretty obvious first pick. I don't think that you necessarily need to get a QB that early. In the mocks that I've taken part in, you would be able to land a good QB option in Romo, Schaub or Ryan in round 4 or 5. I would suggest getting a high end WR in your second spot if you dont like any of the RBs remaining, but the chances of Steven Jackson, Rashard Mendenhall or LeGarrette Blount still being available at pick 21 are high.

  8. Nice I was thinking Chris Johnson at 4 but I like the call for Jamaal WR then perhaps Qb hmmm im not sure it shall be a interesting draft I just wanna play better than my rookie season last year which I made a mistake going off name an best available.

  9. If they take Jamaal at three, then yeah, take CJ. It's definitely good to have a strategy going in. So take a little time, run a few mock drafts and you'll have a better idea how to go about things. And GodHatesLosers is always here to answer your questions pre-draft and throughout the season.

  10. in round 7 i drafted josh freeman, but then in round 11 matt ryan was on the board so i took him being the best player on the board. now i also have kolb because it was post arizona trade. i feel that i can use one of these as trade bait. ryan and freeman have the same bye week so which one of them should dish out and what can i get for them?

  11. Hey there. Perhaps I'm not fully understanding your question... but it seems to me that you drafted three quarterbacks.Thats egregious. And the fact that two have the same bye week and none of them are really that elite is worse.

    Apparently youre sold on Kolb, so I bet I can't talk you down from that. As a backup QB though, he'll probably suffice. Cut the crap out of him though if he stumbles out of the gate.

    Out of Ryan and Freeman, I'd honestly stay with Freeman. He managed to pull together a great 2010. I expect Freeman to grow in yardage and TDs this year. Matt Ryan, could see more TDs, but he's not an impressive yardage guy. I'm not very confident in his consistency, and he is, at best, a guy to play based on who he's matched up against.