Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2011 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings

Look at you lucky bastards, getting two posts in one day. One quick note before I get into my top 60 wide receivers. This is a PPR style list. It is the kind of league I prefer to play in. If you are in a standard league, you can still feel free to use this, but kind of subtract the weight of catches from those who are playing on a team without much receiver competitions. For the most part though, this list will work well in any style league.

So go ahead, click the link and read on for the top 60 fantasy football wide receivers. A couple of small notes at the bottom as well. If you have any specific questions, as always, leave us a comment and we'll get to you.

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1. Andre Johnson
2. Roddy White
3. Hakeem Nicks
4. Larry Fitzgerald
5. Greg Jennings
6. Reggie Wayne
7. Calvin Johnson
8. Mike Wallace
9. Miles Austin
10. Dwayne Bowe
11. Dez Bryant
12. V. Jackson
13. DeSean Jackson
14. Jeremy Maclin
15. Mike Williams, TB
16. Marques Colston
17. Brandon Lloyd
18. Brandon Marshall
19. Wes Welker
20. Santonio Holmes
21. Steve Johnson
22. Percy Harvin
23. Kenny Britt
24. Steve Smith, CAR
25. Mario Manningham
26. Austin Collie
27. Anquan Boldin
28. Sydney Rice
29. Santana Moss
30. Malcolm Floyd
31. Pierre Garcon
32. Roy Williams
33. A.J. Green
34. Michael Crabtree
35. Plaxico Burress
36. Lance Moore
37. Chad Ochocinco
38. Braylon Edwards
39. Devone Bess
40. Johnny Knox
41. Jordy Nelson
42. Danny Amendola
43. Julio Jones
44. Mike Thomas
45. James Jones
46. Robert Meachum
47. Hines Ward
48. Deion Branch
49. Lee Evans
50. Mike Sims-Walker
51. Jerome Simpson
52. Emmanuel Sanders
53. Jacoby Ford
54. Kevin Walter
55. Arrelious Benn
56. Nate Burleson
57. Danario Alexander
58. Jerricho Cotchery
59. Louis Murphy
60. Nate Washington

- Wide Receiver seems stacked this year, so don't be afraid to wait. You know that the top seven guys will be gone in a hurry, but if you draft RB/RB in your first two rounds you still have loads of talent to choose from at the WR position in rounds three and/or four.

- I don't want any complaining about Larry Fitzgerald being this high. The reason he is at number four is because this is a PPR rankings and he has virtually no competition for the ball. And now that he has a QB who can kind of get it to him, his stats go up. I'm not calling Kolb a savior. I'm just saying that even I could have more completions with Fitz than Anderson or Skelton.

- I don't think it is official that Malcolm Floyd is a Raven yet. But I based this post on him playing in purple this year. His position could vary on where he lands. Same goes with Braylon Edwards if he ever gets picked up.

- I was incredibly hesitant to put Pierre Garcon this high. But Indy loves to throw. This is my least confident play on the list.

- As a Cowboys fan, I have a terrible gut feeling that Roy Williams is going to be a monster in Chicago with Jay Cutler. Watch how he performs in the preseason and maybe jump on him as a sleeper if he shows signs of life.


  1. That's So RavensAugust 3, 2011 at 3:10 PM

    jennings at number 5 even tho finley's back? his numbers were pretty bad last year when finley was playing... wouldn't megaton (or even wallace/wayne) be a safer bet?

    is collie so low because of concussion concerns? he was the #1 WR in the league over the first 6 weeks last year, right?


  2. There is no denying that Collie was very very good at the begining of last season. Even when he wasn't piling on the yards, he was still getting a score every game.

    But he is coming off multiple concussions which weighs into things. Peyton is coming off surgery as well, which puts a tiny red flag on all the Colts for me, for now at least. And Clark is back in full swing, so he should take over a lot of the role that Collie was filling. And I think that defenses are going to show him more respect this year. Whereas in 2010, they were heavily guarding Wayne and Austin just got to do whatever he pleased.

    Collie could very well break out again, but he isn't elite to me. I'd like to see what he's capable of this year before I put him much higher.

  3. Completely forgot to address the first part of the question. Jennings had competition last year at receiver with James Jones and Donald Driver, both will be falling off. Finley will steal a little bit, but I expect Jennings to pass his stats from last year (which weren't as shabby as you're making them seem.)

    Megatron should be about the same. I like the Lions new offense this season. And Johnson can do pretty much whatever the hell he wants. His catches and yards are lower than most of the elite receivers though, his TDs are high. Jenkins had better stats than Wallace last year, and I don't see that changing at all. And while Wayne had the most yardage of the four, and crazy receptions, he only found the end zone 6 times. If anyone of these guys was to eclipse Jennings, it would be Wayne. You really can't miss with any of them though.