Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fantasy Football Player Profile: Chicago Bears Receiver Roy Williams

Why I'm Absolutely Drafting Roy Williams in the 2011 Fantasy Football Draft
There is one thing that you have probably read over and over again if you frequent fantasy football advice columns. The word "Value." We can all understand what this means when you are locking up a starting lineup. You're going to find the guys that are going to perform the best.
It's not a hard thing to do. There are thousands of places to find average draft positions. And tons of player lists and experts telling you who the most consistent 15 players are going to be. The real sense of the value doesn't come until the later picks. When you are looking for guys who might break out, guys who have a chance to do something great. You are looking for worth, for some kind of merit, a shimmer of redeeming value.
And when you are shopping for backups in the later rounds, you'll find one of these players just sitting and waiting for a chance to redeem himself.  Roy Williams is going to be that player this year. 
 So don't be hesitant to scroll to his name, pull of his stats and click the "Draft Now" button, because you can be sure that you have found one of the most valuable players late in the draft. I only need three little arguments to convince you why I will be taking Roy Williams in my fantasy football draft.
1) Desperation
Do you know what is more dangerous than a dumped wide receiver who's desperate to prove that he isn't one of the biggest busts of the century? A desperate, dumped wide receiver paired up with an equally desperate quarterback.
We all remember the 2010 NFL Playoff game when Jay Cutler went out... questionably. He is going to have to prove that he is worth keeping. He has to win back the few fans that he accumulated in Chicago, and this year, he will. The reason he will - wide receiver Roy Williams. Williams will be the number one receiver that Jay Cutler never had last year. And having a target like that might just be the only thing Chicago needs to push themselves past the 2010 barrier.
2) He's Got the Talent
Roy Williams is just 29 years old, and you know that Jerry Jones had to see something special in him to give the Detroit Lions so much. The downfall with Williams as a Cowboy seems simple. He was brought into a system in the middle of the year, he was drastically overvalued from the very start of his career in Dallas, and he was never given the opportunity to be a number one receiver in Dallas.
Let's look back at what we know that Roy Williams is capable of, what we forgot about him when he played as a Cowboy. He was a top fantasy football option in 2006, pulling in 82 catches for over 1,300 yards with 7 scores. In 2007, in just 12 games, Williams managed 64 catches for over 825 yards and 5 scores.
We can see that when Williams is a true number one receiver and has a manageable quarterback behind him (he had Kitna in 2006 & 2007) Williams can have huge fantasy numbers.
3) Tenth Round Talent
Roy Williams is being taken in the 10th round. The 10th pick in the 10th round. In 12-team leagues. Are you understanding what I am saying? You can get a number one receiver, on a team that made the playoffs last year as the 121st pick in your fantasy football draft. Do I need any further argument.
Even if Williams turns out to have another bust season, what does it matter? You will already have at least three receivers ahead of him. The worst that can happen is that he doesn't pan out and provides no points on your bench.
But it's not that hard to imagine yourself as the hero of the draft.  Taking a reach in the tenth round and picking up this forgotten receiver. He has the redeeming quality that is what you should be looking for in the late rounds. He has the worth, the merit. Roy Williams is value.


  1. Totally agree.
    Actually, drafted him in all of my mocks and already in one of my leagues.

  2. im really relying on him. im really weak at wr in one of my leagues. i only have him, Santana Moss, Malcolm Floyd, and Julio Jones!

  3. I actually think Devin Hester has more upside than Williams - especially after this nugget.

    ""Roy Williams admitted Wednesday that he's not yet in game shape after two weeks of Bears camp.
    We see no excuse for this. Williams has been observed practicing "at less than peak speed," and Roy E. conceded "my conditioning" has held him back.""

    Also, Tim Hightower will be on my team.

  4. Hester has had his chances. So has Knox. Williams has 3 more weeks to get into game shape. And even with his sluggishness ESPN came out with this yesterday...

    I stand by Williams this year. What's your argument for Hightower? He has had years to show he is worthwhile, but hasnt, and he has competition from two young guys.

  5. I just think he had stiffer competition last year, and I believe he'll be the workhorse in a run-heavy offense this year (even if it is the Skins). He won't be my #2 or 3 or anything. But I'll take him in round 10. Oh, and Hester in Rnd #15.

  6. He had no competition last year! Beanie Wells? Torain had nearly twice as many yards last year as Wells. and Torain only played 10 games.

    He's a risky pick. Even in the 10th round. Unless you know something I don't I think he gets less yardage than Torain and Helu. He'll probably end up stealing the few TDs that the Redskins have in 2011 though

  7. That's So RavensAugust 25, 2011 at 4:26 PM

    you might want to delete this post!

  8. I regret it more and more everyday. In my defense, I posted it before he came to camp as a fatass. It'll stay up... you can't win them all.