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GHL Advice Time and Request

Hey GodHatesLosers fans!

I want to thank you all for making the site a success so far.

Today, I want to let all the new visitors know about a little column that we call "Advice Time." This is the post where you can leave any question you have in the comments and we will answer it. Whether it is about a specific player, comparing players, figuring out a draft strategy, or just general questions about the site and what you can expect from us. We want to hear from you!

Also, I didn't mention it in the previous post. But take the time to read the Fantasy Football Team Names article. And feel free to post your team name or your favorite team name in the comments. Its time for you all to get a little creative. I've want to hear what you've got.

Thanks again for coming to GHL. Now let's get some comments started!


  1. Hey, I'm pick #9 in a 12 team PPR league.. I'm having a very tough time trying to figure out what to do. Whether it's take the last elite RB in MJD with high injury risk or snag the top WR1, Then when it comes back to me in the 2nd, I could grab Turner, S-Jax, Gore, Forte, OR Rodgers and then pray I get good value out of later RBs like Shonn Greene and Deangelo Williams or Jahvid Best.. I could def use some advice!! What would you do at #9 this year?

  2. In a standard league do you recommend waiting on a TE and QB? There is just so much depth at both positions; in the late rounds i can always get graham and for qb i can get Freeman, Bradford, or Stafford.
    I just kinda feel like i should go rb rb rb wr wr qb te ? the last three are interchangeable. i was told to always take the greatest value when drafting no matter what position, but do you think this is a good strategy?

  3. Hey guys, im in a 16 man league, with 4 keepers. our league starts 1Qb, 1RB, 2WR, 1WR/RB flex, 1 TE, 1D/ST and 1 K. I have the 14th overall pick in a non snake draft. Originally I had brees, hillis, moreno and calvin. I ended up making some moves where i traded away brees, hillis and moreno along with a 2nd and 4th but i came back with Vjax, Dez and Forte, a top 5 pick and 2 extra 3rd rd picks. Most the good qbs are gone, whats left in pool are Freeman, Cutler, Ryan, Roth, Bradford. So my question is, #1 do u think i made some good deals counting players and picks?, and #2 what Qb should i go after?, im leaning towards freeman. Thanks

  4. Looking at ADPs, I've got to say that MJD will be gone by pick 9. Ray Rice, however, would be a great pickup in the 9 spot in my opinion if he is still around. He has good PPR stats and is undervalued in my opinion. He is usually going between picks 8 and 10. Hopefully he could fall to you. Another route you could go with your first pick is to snag one of the top receivers. If Andre Johnson is still on the board, you could nab him.

    For your second round pick, if you pick a RB first, you can either take another RB in McFadden (doubt he will get that low, though) or Gore or Forte who will be there for you. Forte is more of the PPR style guy, but Gore could get the job done with yardage and TDs. There is also the option of taking Calvin Johnson or Roddy White if you are lucky enough to still have them on the board.

    If you take A Johnson in the first round, you could do the rare back-to-back WR drafting. But I would advise against it, as there are more great receivers in the mid rounds than there are running backs. Again, McFadden, Gore or Forte could be there for you.

    While Rodgers is the best QB on the board in my opinion, you can wait and snag Brady, Schaub, Romo or Rivers in round 3 or 4.

    These are all, of course, mocks. So who knows who will be taken before you. I would recommend going either RB/RB, RB/WR, or WR/RB. Let me know if this helped you out.

  5. I disagree with the always take the best value strategy. (See number 10 in my Top Ten Mistakes post here:

    I would first question taking three RBs first. I have no problems taking them with your top two picks, but you would essentially be drafting a backup with your third pick, which is really only something that the Raiders do. Perhaps you can think about amending it to be RB, RB, WR, WR, RB, QB, TE.

    I have no problems waiting later for a QB or TE. Especially TE. Personally, I usually go for the QB with round 4 or 5. Just because I would rather have a little more security drafting a Romo or Schaub than drafting a Freeman or Stafford. That said, however, Freeman and Stafford could both have great years.

    TE I have no problem waiting on, and I think it would be a smart play to do so. In round 7, you can expect to see Owen Daniels, Graham, Cooley and Zach Miller. And I think that you could even wait until round 8 or 9 for the Graham or Miller.

  6. 1) I commend you on your movies. Hard letting brees go, but you got two great receivers who could easily be your WR1 and 2 starters. And Forte, who I have ranked higher than both Hillis and Moreno. Definitely a great trade on your part.

    2) Freeman could be a good choice. Young offense that looked great last year. Bucs added another TE to open up Winslow for more catches, and Benn is looking healthy and could make an impact. He has a huge amount of upside.

    I really dont know what to think of Ryan. On one hand, he could have a great year, since he is throwing to Roddy White and Julio Jones. I'm sure that he will have more TDs than last year, but I also wonder if he will surpass last years yardage total. I also have to think that his INTs will go up since he'll be throwing deeper more often.

    Cutler is also an interesting option with the addition of Roy Williams. As a Cowboy fan, I hate Williams with every part of me, but I think that he could go great with the Bears. He has a ton of question marks though. And has the pressure on him to rebound from the playoff fiasco.

    I agree with you and think that Freeman is the most solid choice

  7. Also. I like the name. The use of an 'a' instead of the 'i' makes all the difference. Clever.

  8. Thanks for your response, I think i will keep calvin, dez, vjax and forte...i also have freeman on my team from last year and i think he will fall to me in the 1st rd, one follow up question though, would you recommend taking freeman in the 1st rd(which is actually the 5th since we have 4 keepers) or should i try to go after a daniel thomas/mark ingram type rb with more upside?

  9. Hmm.. Probably RB. You might not get Freeman like you hope for, but you do need another solid starter. I'm partial to rookies though. Especially since Thomas will be playing with Bush and Ingram will be playing with 17 other RBs. If there is anyone more elite, go for the RB. If not, you'll have to settle in the next round for a sleeper. Torain, Ryan Williams out of AZ maybe. Lots of variables as I dont know who you have to choose from in your draft

  10. well with my third pick i would be getting my flex player; i prefer to start 3 rbs over 3wrs. i just feel that wrs(if not elite) are a dime a dozen.

  11. Gotcha. I figured that standard would be 2 RBs and 3 WRs without a flex. Standard scoring, then yeah. It makes sense to get a top RB for that spot. Sorry for the confusion.

    Depending on how many teams are in your league, I would think that you can manage the RB/RB/RB/WR/WR/QB/TE set up. I can't imagine that all of the QBs you listed will be taken up by round six. And TE shouldnt be a problem either.

  12. I have the 4th pick in a standard scoring 10 man league. The owner of the first pick has already declared that he is taking mike vick (whether that actually happens remains to be seen). Anyway, my question is, if I'm predicting the the first three picks to be vick, peterson, and foster, do i go with chris johnson or ray rice with the 4th pick?

  13. I hate to make matters worse.. But I'd throw Jamaal Charles into that mix as well.

    I would say no to Ray Rice. I don't think he will have the rushing season that either Charles or Johnson will have. Rice gets a lot of points in PPR though, but you are standard.

    Charles had over 1400 yards last year, but only ended the year with 5 rushing TDs which is too frustrating for me if you are considering a 4th overall pick.

    If I was in your position, I think that I would go Chris Johnson. Two years ago the man rushed for over 2000 yards. And he is very capable of being the leader in fantasy points again this year. Its easy to imagine over 100 yards per game for him and about 15 total TDs.

  14. is tom brady for josh freeman brandon marshall and mark ingram a fair trade?

  15. I keep hearing things about Arian Foster getting an injury this week. I have the #2 pick so I was gonna try and grab him if I could but now my confidence is shaken. What do you think, is this injury just being over-hyped?

  16. hell yeah man, freeman will be solid, marshall should bounce back and ingram is an up and coming rb

  17. Which combo do you like best?




  18. MJD will have more yards and TDs than Greene. Fitz will have more yards and TDs than Welker.

    I might be minority here.. but I'm going with the first group. With PPR, MJD could easily rush for about 100+ ypg and 4 catches per game this year, throw in a modest amount of TDs. Welker has great performanced when he has a strong WR1 in front of him. With Moss during the 2007 season, Welker managed 86 catches for 850 yards and 7 TDs. If 85 can live up to the hype at all, then Welker could go wild.

    I have no doubt that Fitz will be an elite WR this year, but I still have doubts on Greene. He'll see more work that last year, but LT is still there and steals a lot of touchdowns.

  19. I would do it. Brady is better than freeman. Thats no doubt. But Freeman is a fantasy starter this year, and Brandon Marshall would serve as a great WR2 or Flex. Ingram probably won't have too great of a year this year. He will get better with age, but since he is in a crowded backfield, don't expect the world from him.

  20. Last I heard it was very minor and he'll sit for a week. According to the Houston Chronicle, Foster spoke about his injuries saying that they weren't a big deal. Its a soft-tissue hamstring injury that just needs some rest. He's had the injury before and doesn't expect to be out for more than a week.

    If your draft is within the week, then keep checking (Houston newspaper's website) or whatever injury source you choose for the latest news on him. If your draft isn't til later, then don't worry too much about it. You'll see him in preseason week 2.

  21. So you think that I'd be better off going RB/RB the first 2 rounds? That might not be a bad idea considering RB is very slim this year meanwhile QB and WR is very deep..

  22. Yeah. I've mentioned that before somewhere on this site. All this week I plan on doing posts related to draft strategy and that will be something that I harp upon a lot. I usually always go RB/RB unless I can somehow get a steal in the second round of an elite elite receiver. Besides that RB/RB is the way to go in my opinion. As you said, with all of the running back by committees and all of the tandem running backs in the league, a truly great RB is hard to come across, while you have good QBs that you can pick up in later rounds and WRs that could very well get 1000 yards going that deep as well.

  23. Do you stay away from Maurice Jones-Drew and Marques Colston this year?

  24. I'm a little more hesitant of Colston than MJD. Of course, every year I say that I won't get Colston, but I always end up with him. He is a good WR, just frustrating at times when you see Moore or Meachum get a 150 yard game where Colston sees 25. If he falls enough to you that he is by far the best WR on the board, then I dont have a problem drafting him.

    As for MJD, all signs I've seen so far say that he is healthy and good to go. I wouldn't have an issue taking him in the last first round. He is still an elite runner and will be nasty if he stays healthy. However, he is the only, ONLY, player that I would recommend adding a handcuff to, by picking up Jennings in one of the late rounds.

  25. And what are your thoughts on Jahvid Best now that Leshoure is out for the season?

  26. One of the few reason I had him in the high 20s was because of Leshoure. With Leshoure out for the year, I definitely bump Best up. Still not a top ten guy, of course, but I can see him up near Forte. I think the Lions could really turn the corner this year, and Best will have to be a big part of that.

  27. I don't know if you normally do this, but you should have a "Don't make this mistake" entry in the upcoming weeks. I had Leshoure as one of my late round RB pick up options until I just saw on the board here that he was out. I think it would a cool feature (and possibly a life saver to some) if you had a running list of players that won't be playing for one reason or another.

  28. Great idea. I'll work on making a special tab up top with injury updates and so on. Thanks!

  29. Bounce back year for Boldin? Also, would you advice drafting a team that fully utilizes the PPR format? Like here's an example:

    QB- Whomever
    RB- Ray Rice
    RB- Jahvid Best
    WR- Wes Welker
    WR- Danny Amendola
    WR- Devone Bess/Brandon Marshall
    TE- Jason Witten

    Would a team like that potentially win a league due to their high reception counts?

  30. It has a lot to do with how many points you are given per reception. .5 points is what I generally go by when I am making my player rankings boards. If you get a half point per reception, then its not the best idea. If you draft someone who will end up with 100 catches over someone who will end up with 70, then you are really only getting 15 extra points spread out over an entire year. And in the case of someone like Amendola or Bess, or even Welker, you are likely passing up on a lot of receivers who will have more yardage and more TDs. When it comes down to it, you are actually losing valuable points because you are putting too much emphasis on PPR.

    I think this even holds true if you have 1 point per reception. If you are drafting someone who will have 90 catches (90 points) but only 800 yards and 5 TDs (roughly 110 points) then you are getting 200 points for that player. But in getting that player you pass up on Mike Williams. If Williams ends up with just 65 catches (65 points) but also 1150 yards and 9 TDs (roughly 170 points) then you are acutally missing out 35 points throughout the year, because you put too much stock into the PPR stat.

    PPR should not be the only stat you consider. Take some time, do some math, or find a PPR ranking list (much like the one seen on this website).

  31. As for your Boldin question: I have to question how effective he will be if the Ravens don't bring in a decent number two for him. If they can't then he will be facing double coverage every single play. Cotchery might be the guy, but other teams are interested in him as well. If Baltimore can bring someone else in, then yeah, I think Boldin could have a big year.

  32. I am in a PPR league where you get 1 point per reception and considering trading jennings, harvin, hassleback, and fred jackson and in return I would get megatron, dez bryant, and jason campbell. I already have peterson, mathews, greene, m.bush, and helu ar rb. Should I go through with this trade?

  33. That is a giant hit at QB. Do you have another one that would start. Being forced to have Campbell as your starting QB is not a good decision. As much as I like C Johnson and Bryant this year, I would say that Campbell at QB makes this a bad trade. Jennings and Harvin will pull in enough yardage and receptions to make up for what you'd be losing at quarterback.

  34. I need 2 keepers out of the following 5 players: Foster, Charles, Vick, Gore, A. Johnson. I'm in a 12-team PPR league and will be picking 12th. I could go several ways and would like your opinion...Thanks!

  35. What are your thoughts on pairing a QB with his #1 WR? Like Rivers/V-Jax, Big Ben/Wallace, Shaub/Johnson, ect. Obviously, if they have a good week then you're kinda doubling up on points, but if not then you're probably not going to win. I haven't seen any fantasy articles about this sort of strategy. Thanks.

  36. I'll make sure to have a post about it. Nice idea. I've done it in the past and don't see a problem with it. As long as they are both good. I've never liked Big Ben for fantasy, but the other two you mentioned are good. Only real problem you'd come across there is bye week, but thats to be expected.

  37. This is hard. Most of me wants to say to keep Foster and Charles. The easy explination is they are the two highest ranked. Both have good ppr value. and both are elite RBs, so you are pretty much locked there. I could also see you taking either of them with johnson. Which hurts because you are losing on of the elite RBs, but could possibly get a high mid guy like Best or Forte or even Gore again with the 12th pick.

    Those are the two that I would be debating the most. It would be extremely hard for me to cut ties with A. Johnson, but I think I'd have to.

  38. I'm kina leaning towards keeping AF and Vick, and pick up WR1 and RB2/WR2 during my first two picks at the turn...Am I crazy?? (grin) Either option I pick is going to hurt for players lost...

  39. Lots of owners really value Vick, so I'm not surprised that you'd consider it. I would get rid of him in a keeper league though. I think you can still get a high performing QB, since it seems to be a relatively deep position this year.

  40. Thanks, GHL...Guess I can't screw it up too much whichever way I go, but it's still a tough choice! Cheers...

  41. I have Bradford as my starting qb.

  42. Alright. That might change things. I see Jennings getting a lot of catches. Harvin could do alright, but he has a lot of competition at the position. In the end, I do think that Calvin Johnson and Bryant is a better combo than Jennings and Harvin, so I would say yeah. You might want to try to counter it getting someone of more value than Campbell, but as far as WRs go, I think its a good deal for you.

  43. Hey GHL,
    I'm in a 12 man standard league with the 2nd pick, I'm concerned about the 23rd and 26th pick as the elite running backs are all gone at this point and I'm left with receivers. I like taking Dez Bryant with the 26th over other options such as Mike Wallace, Reggie Wayne, V.Jackson, etc. However with the 23rd Peyton Manning and good receivers are usually only options. When I pick again almost all great RBs are gone so I feel I need to take one with the 2nd but I'm not sure if its worth taking someone ranked much lower like a Matt Forte or Ryan Matthews.
    So my questions are: Should I take a top receiver with the 23rd or a solid RB2?
    Is taking Dez with the 26th a bad move?
    Thanks for your help love reading the site.

  44. Thanks for the compliment. Happy to help. And make sure you mention us to a couple friends (who aren't in your league, of course)

    This is why I hate being at the top of the draft. I'd much rather hold a later pick. I've harped on how small the RB talent is this year, but It does seem to make the most sense to pass them up and go for the receivers. I would recommend going WR/WR or QB/WR with your second and third picks. With a little luck you could see Jahvid Best fall to you in the fourth round which would be a good pick up then go WR in rd 5, or you could snag Felix Jones or Cedric Benson in the fifth, taking a WR in the 4th.

    Forte could be nice this year, so if you wanted the RB in 2, I'd go for him and dont forget about Blount and Ahmad Bradshaw who would both be reachable in round three for you.

  45. I have 6th pick in a 12 team .5 ppr league, Im assuming the first 5 picks go ap, cj, foster, charles, rice im thinking about mccoy but i almost see it as too early bc last year vick had more rushing tds than mccoy. What do you think?

  46. Thanks for the quick reply and I have just one quick question.
    Would you recommend starting 3 WRs instead of 3RBs in my situation?
    Thanks again.

  47. I'm guessing you are 2 RB, 2 WR, Flex. I don't ever have a set plan for my Flex guy. I either base it on which bench player has the best matchup or who is more talented. WR is deeper this year than RB, so chances are a WR will take your flex spot

  48. If you get lucky, someone will draft Vick ahead of you and you can snag Rice. If not, then I'd go with McCoy. Always great in PPR leagues. TDs could be low, but he is a solid first rounder.

  49. haha ya if I get lucky, I've been trying to convince the person in front of me that I want vick or mjd so hopefully he'll pick one of them but I think if not McCoy it will be

  50. Every mock I've played has someone taking Vick in the top 4. ADP has him at 6 though. Hopefully it'll work out for you.

  51. have you read the draft day manifesto on espn? if so do you agree with his strategy of getting an elite QB and TE (not necessarily as your first two picks but ELITE) and all the rest of your picks should be wr/rb except the last two picks which are defense then kicker.

  52. I have a simple argument against this... I won 3 different fantasy leagues last year. I didn't own Vick or Gates in a single one of those leagues. The stats are very impressive when you look at a points per game perspective, but thats not the real world. Vick didn't play for 5 games. That is five games that Vick owners were withouth their star QB. I will take a consistent quarterback that will always get me 25 points per game every single week over one who will get me 30 points per game but only play 2/3 of the games. Of course, no one can predict the injuries. Vick could very well play every single game.

    A second prong to the argument is that if you take Vick with your first round pick, and Gates with your third round pick. You are going to be getting one good RB, and one mid-tier RB. And three mid tier receivers. The statistics that Berry uses in this article are flawed from a draft perspective. He shows the difference between the best at each position compared to the 2-11 placed players of that position. But by taking a QB and TE with round 1 and 3 means that you will get one running back that falls in 2-11, but your other RB and all three of your receivers will be out of that category. Vastly skewing the difference in points.

    I still stand by the strategy that two elite RBs is the way to go. Berry brings up great points, but what it boils down to is that his stats are not at all true to actual drafts. If you pick Vick and Gates, there is no way that you are going to get any WRs in the top 11, and your RB2 won't be either.

  53. hummm... never really thought of it like that interesting....

  54. Is Greg Olsen still worthy of being a fantasy starter with Jeremy shockey in Carolina too?

  55. Funny you should ask, I just posted him as a sleeper! I think that with a rookie QB he is worth looking into. I also think that he will get more reps than Shockey, who is definitely on his way out. He is one of those guys that you should pay attention to in the preseason to see which player will get the ball more. Right now though, he is about the 14th best TE being taken, so you can probably draft someone better to be safe.

  56. I got hosed last year with Vincent Jackson. Now I've got a number 2 pick in that league which was going to go to either Peterson or Johnson, but now I keep hearing how the current contact negotiations for Johnson may keep him out for 10 games. Is this hold out as bad as it sounds or do you think it's just bring played up by the media? If you were in my shoes and the first pick nabbed Peterson, what would you do?

  57. Who finishes higher in a PPR league with 1 ppr.. Rashard Mendenhall or a risky Maurice Jones-Drew?

  58. If I'm in your shoes, I think that even if CJ wasn't holding out, I would have Arian Foster and Jamaal Charles higher than him. I know there's a lot of hype surrounding his holdout, but things like this have definitely happened before. I'd go with one of the other top runners.

  59. Lots of people hating on MJD this year. He played all of last season with an f'ed-up knee and on a worse team and still had more yardage and receptions than Mendenhall. Jones-Drew and the Jags are saying that he is healthy, and I have no reason to doubt them. MJD scores more this year.

  60. Hey guys,
    I am in a standard 12-team league and acquired the 1st overall pick via a trade. I was in the 6th position and traded my 1st/3rd round pick for the 1st overall with the intention of trading down to get my 3rd round pick back. Needless to say, no one wants to trade up and I may be stuck in this position. Nevertheless, how should I adjust my strategy and who should I take with the number one overall pick? I was thinking either AP or Charles, but am leaning heavily toward AP. I like McFadden/Blount/Gore in the second round if they fall, but then I do not have a 3rd round pick. What positions should I concentrate on during/after the 3rd round? Please help!

  61. So you dont have a third rounder at all? This is a snake draft?
    That blows. a lot.

    Anyways, I've said it since day one. AP is my first pick this year. He might see some form of passing game to take some of the load off of him. He has always been consistent. He is my number one guy no doubt.

    Second round... There are a ton of variables, here are two. Hopefully one will happen for you:

    1) I agree that you need to pick up a second running back. But late in the second round, I'm almost thinking that you should wait on it. Hopefully in the second round Vincent Jackson, DeSean Jackson, Reggie Wayne or Mike Wallace will fall to you. I'd probably snag them.
    Then, once the 4th comes around, you might be lucky enough to see Jahvid Best or DeAngelo Williams, but I kind of doubt it.

    2) You take a running back. Blount will likely still be on the board. then rounds 4, 5, 6 you grab your WRs. 4- Welker or Lloyd maybe. 5- Holmes, Steve Johnson, 6- Kenny Britt or someone better if they fall. Then, you start looking at QB, Freeman will still be there, maybe Big Ben. Or hold off even longer and gamble on Stafford or Flacco if that's your cup of tea.

    So your draft is possible. Not ideal though. Hope this helped. Let me know.

  62. First off, thank you for all your help. You're very helpful!

    So I'm in a PPR league with 1 ppr.. I'm trying to decide between 2 keepers. There are no penalties tied to your keeper, you can only keep 1 and he can be selected in the same round as the previous year. My choices are Mike Williams (TB) keeping in round 10 or Jahvid Best keeing in round 5.. What would you do? I was set on Mike Williams all summer, but that now that Best is the lone back in Detroit and is healthy, i've been him going in round 2 in PPR leagues with Mike Williams dropping to rounds 4 or 5..

  63. By keeping Best you'd probably be able to pick up Williams again. Doing it the other way around, probably not. In keeper leagues, it's usually my rule of thumb to hold on to the RB.

  64. hello, glad to be back again, used u guys last year and my 5-8 ended up coming in 2nd last season. but here is my question: in a dynasty league. its my last year owning ray rice, i can either use him til end of season and lose him at end of year or i can trade him now. trade offer on the table:

    ray rice & M. Williams (tb) and my first rd pick


    MJD & jay cutler and his first rd pick (which will move me up about 3 spots in first rd)

    wanted to do rice for mjd straight up but the guy wont.. so that is what we came up with and he is willing to do

    note: my other QBs is schaub. j.claussen, c.palmer
    RBs (i have a few)d. mccluster, shonn greene, p. thomas, steven jackson. c.taylor, m.hart
    WRs: d.jackson, h.nicks,, s.breaston.

    and with my first rd pick should i go rb or wr (since i just traded one of my starters)

    i was thinking wr and trying for maybe r.williams or j.jones?

    in the league


  65. I wouldnt make the trade. Rice and MJD are very closely matched, I might actually give the edge to Rice. You don't need cutler, so that doesnt matter too much. You have a pretty solid lineup as it stands right now.
    QB- schaub
    WRs- Jackson, Nicks
    RB- Rice
    TE- whoever.
    And then you can fill your flex spots with Steven Jackson and another M Williams.

    So really, your lineup seems set. With your first round pick I would actually make it a value pick. If the best player on the board is a WR, take him. If its RB, take him.

    Hope this helped. The key for you right now is to not overthink things. You have a good team, so if it aint broke, dont fix it.

  66. so ur saying dont worry about losing rice at the end of season and just use him now to win championship? i was just trying to think for future.. cuz after rice is gone my rbs arent the best unless greene steps it up in the next year or so.

    and i guess i could try and pick up freeman in the draft to have a decent back up. and maybe a rookie rb or wr. i will have about 5 or 6 picks in the draft

    oh and my TE is jermichael finley.. and back up is shockey

  67. Its a tough call. I still say no to that trade. You aren't getting much out of it. Make him give you MJD and a receiver or MJD and another RB. Cutler is useless to you.

    I understand what youre saying about looking into the future, so maybe trading would be a good call. I do think that Greene will step things up and the older LT gets, the better Greene looks. Also, picking up a younger guy who will get some playing time this year might not be a bad call. I dont know who is going to be available for you to choose from, but if you can grab Felix Jones, CJ Spiller, Jahvid Best or another sleeper you could be alright.

  68. yeah i see what u mean.. i will have to rethink the trade. maybe i can get him to give me l. mccoy and mjd. i was looking into ryan williams i like him and i think he might fall to me. or maybe blount. im hoping aj green or julio jones drop to me. cuz i want one of them.

    Someone has best and spiller and he wants too much to trade for them.
    but hey whats the fun in fantasy football if u dont take risks.

    but thanks again for ur help. u always help me see a side i cant see myself sometimes.

  69. Glad to help Justin. I'd recommend restructuring it. And if you can't work it out, don't get too down on yourself. Owning Ray Rice for one more season and then losing him isn't that bad when you compare it to not owning Ray Rice for any season.

  70. making this short and sweet. if i could get vick for a 3rd rd pick should i go for it? and would manningham be a good pick up for me seeing as i already have nicks?

    oh and i made the trade offer of mccoy and mjd for rice and m. williams (tb) and swapping of first rd pick.

  71. Instead of keeping Best in round 5, I have been thinking of keeping Mike Williams in round 10 instead, I'm pick #9 in a 12 team 1 PPR league with QB TDs @ 6pts.. So I was thinking.. I could try out something like this...

    1) Maurice Jones-Drew / Frank Gore / Rashard Mendenhall
    2) Steven Jackson
    3) Antonio Gates
    4) Tony Romo
    5) Anquan Boldin
    6) Percy Harvin
    7) Tim Hightower
    8) Marshawn Lynch
    9) Roy Williams
    10) Mike Williams

    Something alone those lines.. Or even instead of Gates/Romo, I could do Welker and Marshall at 3 and 4 and take Schaubb and Owen Daniels at 5 and 6..

    Are any of these stradegies good? What do you reccomend? I'm scared of keeping Best at 5, granted he'll get more touches, that also means more hits on that little body of his.. plus the Lions love to throw the ball..

    If I opt to keep Best in round 5 instead, my team will look sorta like this instead..

    1) Larry Fitzgerald
    2) Steven Jackson
    3) Wes Welker
    4) Anquan Boldin
    5) Jahvid Best
    6) Matt Schaubb
    7) Owen Daniels
    etc etc etc

    IDK which route to take, please help!

  72. I got you covered in the other post you commented in.

  73. Vick for a third rounder sounds great to me. You're getting a bargain.

  74. How do you feel about DeAngelo Williams this year? Bounce back?

  75. Yeah. I kinda do. He was one of the first 5 picks last year, he did fall this far for a reason though. I think that if he can stay healthy though he will do some good things. And definitely be Cam Newtons best friend on the team.

  76. The Buccaneers just got completely shut down by the Patriots.. Freeman only had 30 yards and Mike Williams only had 14 yards and Blount only had 1 yard.. Is this a sign of things to come or just a bad game? Also, with the way Brady spread the ball around tonight, should Patriots receivers be treated like Saints receivers?

  77. Wasn't able to watch the game last night, but from what I've read I think that it is more of a testament to how good the Patriots are this year than how bad the Bucs are. They were not ready for anything that the Patriots threw at them.

    That said. I do think the Bucs are overrated going into 2011. Sure they won 10 games last year with a very young team, but nine of those wins last year were against teams with losing records. The only exception being the week 17 win over the Saints who were already a lock for the playoffs.

    They still have a lot of growing to do, but you can expect similar number to last year for their players, and bigger numbers when they are playing lesser teams.

  78. Hey guys,
    Thanks for the previous advice regarding my drafting strategy. Attached is my roster and what respective round I received each player. What do you think, especially at quarterback and receiver? Also, I plan on using SDS, and PPR rules (0.5 pts. Per completion) apply. 12 Teams.
    QB- Kevin Kolb (8)
    WR1- Dez Bryant (4)
    WR2- Marques Colston (6)
    WR3- Sidney Rice (9)
    RB1- Adrian Peterson (1)
    RB2- Darren McFadden (2)
    TE- Jimmy Graham (10)
    FLEX- Jahvid Best (5)
    K- Matt Bryant (13)
    DEF- Houston (20)
    D- Patrick Willis (15)
    DB- T.J. Ward (19)
    DL- Justin Smith (18)
    LB- Stephen Tulloch (16)
    B- Joe Flacco (7)
    B- Beanie Wells (11)
    B- Mike Thomas (JAC) (12)
    B- Rob Gronkowski (14)
    B- Dexter McCluster (17)
    B- Donovan McNabb (21)
    B- Ryan Longwell (22)

  79. Considering your circumstances, this looks pretty good. Very strong group of RBs, fortunate that McFadden fell. Best is a good Flex guy too. Great job with IDP as well. I like all those guys. Incredible that they all fell so low.

    QB is a bit of a stretch. I'm not sure how your draft went, but I have to think that someone a little more reliable than Kolb was there in round 8. You could have waited a bit on him. I probably prefer Flacco as a regular starter, but it's probably best to treat it as a matchup thing. Flaccos got a rough first week.

    Receiver is questionable. I like Dez and Colston is usually a good performer. Rice could surprise, but its a long shot. I also notice that there is a kicker taken in round 13... so you have some explaining to do.

    Overall, I'd say your draft went pretty well. Some weak spots, but bright ones too.

  80. I think 4 QBs went in the first round. That's why McFadden was able to fall to me, but also why QBs weren't available in the later rounds. I traded up for AP, however, lost a 3rd round pick for it, thus, would have been able to draft someone in that position. I have Flacco as the starter but penciled in Kolb because of the match-up. I took the kicker so early because they were flying off and my Comissioner's rules are geared toward having them matter (i.e. a huge penalty for missed FG's). I thought receiver was my weakest position, but I think Thomas' number one spot in Jacksonville may be able to help.