Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Draft is In!

Hey guys. Had my first draft today. Wanted to share it with you. The league is a little funky so I'll explain it first and then list my picks!

League info:
1) 10-team league, 24 man roster, snake draft, PPR and IDP
2) QBs get 6 points for TDs instead of the usual 4. Extra points for games with over 300 yards and TDs of more than 50 yards
3) RBs get extra points for longer TD runs
4) WRs get extra points for longer TD receptions
5) Individual Defensive Players get 1 point for assisted tackle, 2 points for solo tackle, 2 points for sacks or interceptions, 6 points for defensive TD

We also had a certain number of positions with maximum players. You had to have the following roster:
2 quarterbacks (1 starting)
4 running backs (2 starting)
4 wide receivers (2 starting)
2 tight ends (1 starting)
2 kickers (1 starting)
2 defensive linemen (1 starting)
4 linebackers (2 starting)
4 defensive backs (2 starting)

Definitely a crazy league. Tons of extra research for it. This is the team that I got.
I was the first overall pick. Team name: So Fly Like Hakeem Nicks

QB Tony Romo (Taken in round 2. Four QBs went in round 1, four more taken ahead of me in round 2, so I had to pull the trigger)
RB Adrian Peterson (First overall pick)
RB Matt Forte (Round 4)
WR Calvin Johnson (Round 3, happy he fell to me)
WR Brandon Lloyd (Round 6, best on the board)
TE Jimmy Graham (Round 10, I think)
LB Paul Posluszny (I'm very happy about all of my IDP picks, starting and bench)
LB Desmond Bishop
DL Charles Johnson
DB Donte Whitner
DB T.J. Ward
K Matt Bryant
BE Peyton Manning (Fell to me in Round 5. I DO NOT recommend taking 2 QBs in the first 5 picks of the draft unless Peyton falls this far to you)
BE Mario Manningham
BE Bernard Pollard (DB)
BE Tim Hightower
BE Bradie James (LB)
BE Greg Olsen
BE Santana Moss
BE Joseph Addai
BE Robert Mathis (DL)
BE David Hawthorne (LB, huge sleeper. He had a great 2009 and now that Tatupu is gone, he will be the man)
BE Dawan Landry (DB)
BE Alex Henery

Thats it! Tell me what you think! I think I've got this league on lock


  1. Personally, while I really love this game, I think that people who play in IDP leagues must be crazy! Just thinking about it makes my brain hurt! I can't speak to that part of your draft except to say that it's too bad you didn't get Von Miller. The game he played tonight was a thing of beauty! Truly a work of savage, brutal, beautiful art!

    Love your QBs. Apparently Peyton Manning is falling even further than most people thought. Even in my mocks I never saw him last past round 4, then today you get him in the 5th and I got him in the 6th! Had another friend who said he went in the 5th in his draft as well. Romo/Manning... Methinks I smell some trade bait? :) Everything else looks pretty good too. I think as the season wears on that you may have some trouble deciding who to sit for your WRs and TEs, but that's a good problem to have, right?

    Hope your other drafts go as well! My next (and final) draft is Friday evening. My best friend is in both my leagues, and he is drafting 6th and I'm 5th in this next one. That means he can steal half my picks from under me if he were to really study the roster I built today. I might have to strangle him if he does!

  2. Wow! Your league is crazy man but you have a really deep roster. I don't know much about IDP leagues so I can't really comment on the IDPs. I like Manningham over Lloyd though so I'm sure he won't be on your bench for long. I also think Addai has a bounce back year but you already knew that based on your bold predictions post. I also had my draft yesterday and it went nothing like I had planned. It was most of the guys in my league first auction draft and players weren't cheap! I went in saying if I didn't land one of my top 3 backs (AP, Ray Rice or Jamaal) I would go for more depth than stars. Well, I didn't get any of those 3 and then I really wanted Rivers as well for my QB but QBs came flying off the board early and with only Peyton and River left, I took Peyton for $22. The reason being is Romo went for $28 so I know Rivers would be crazy, he ended up going for $36 I believe. My team is full of questin marks and I could either go 2-10 or 10-2 based on how my RBs work out. I love my receivers though, here is my roster...

    QB Peyton Manning
    RB Jahvid Best
    RB Shonn Greene
    WR Vincent Jackson
    WR Dez Bryant
    TE Jermichael Finley
    FLEX Beanie Wells
    D/ST Pittsburgh Steelers (got them for $2 and later in the draft the Pats D went for $3!)
    K Neil Rackers
    BN Matthew Stafford (nice backup option or trade bait based on Manning's neck)
    BN Marshawn Lynch
    BN Joseph Addai
    BN Darren Sproles (probably will be cut before week 1)
    BN Mario Manningham
    BN Austin Collie
    BN Lee Evans

    Like I said, I don't feel completely satisfied with my picks (besides at WRs) but it is the preseason and my RBs are full with guys that are THE GUYS and don't really have a legit back up that will take carries away (besides Greene). So, do you think I'm closer to 2-10 or 10-2? Appreciate your input.

  3. Pretty cool team-manning in the fifth is amazing! I don't think i could handle IDP. just curious, any idea where did Chris Johnson fell in your league? Anyone out there with feedback on CJ from their drafts would be appreciated!

  4. I agree that you have a crazy receiver corps. I think that some of your bench guys could be converted into trade bait to make up for the shortcomings at RB. Stafford is a great backup for Manning in case he can't go. Stafford has looked incredible in the preseason.

    Don't sell yourself short. You might not have gotten any of the big guns, but that just saved salary and let you spread your talent out. At the end of the day taking a guy who gets 25 points a game and being forced to take a guy who gets 5 points a game to fill your roster is the exact same as taking two guys who get 15 points a game. If that makes any sense. I hope it does. I'm sleepy though.

  5. Chris Johnson fell a lot. I thought about him in the top of the 3rd, but I went with Calvin Johnson instead which I think was the right pick. Chris Johnson fell to pick 10 in round 3.

  6. I like Greg Olsen as your backup TE, Newtons gonna check down a lot. Your WRs are solid. I think CJ is going to explode with Stafford and both B. Lloyd and Santana Moss are seriously underrated. Mario Mannigham's price is skyrocketing, but you got a good WR3.

    My opinion on AP is changing a little (positively), but I still maintain that either Bananas Foster or Chris Johnson would be a better investment. You got good value for Matt Forte, and I think that Tim Hightower is going to be very good this year. I hate Joseph Addai, always have, always will. For some reason I just get the feeling that the greatness of Peyton Manning is covering up for the fact that Colts are by no means an elite club.

    Obviously your QBs are fantastic, but I am completely against the notion of getting one position player just because there are a run on them. I think that it would be a better investment to grab depth at another position, there will be a QB you want in the latter rounds (Peyton Manning, Stafford [Love him], or Matty Ice.) All in all a good team. Not quite transcendent but solid. I can't comment on your IDPs because I haven't invested much time into them.

  7. Thanks man. Solid is all that I'm looking for.

  8. Ha! I see you grabbed Hightower. No Roy Williams? That's a crazy league - if I was in one that did IDP, I don't think I would have a life. Here is mine - I was gunning for Big Ben in 7th or 8th (every mock I did he came to me in the 8th), but someone nabbed him in the 5th, wtf? 10-team standard.

    QB Matt Ryan
    RB LeSean McCoy
    RB Matt Forte
    WR Hakeem Nicks
    WR Vincent Jackson
    WR Brandon Lloyd
    TE Dallas Clark
    K Stephen Gostkowski
    B NYG
    B Julio Jones
    B Tim Hightower
    B Mike Thomas
    B LaDainian Tomlinson
    B Roy Williams
    B Steve Smith PHI

  9. Yeah, the way it was set up is that you can only have a fix amount of people from each position. Hightower was the best value. And Roy Williams wasn't going to cut it for me. IDPs not that bad. You just have to keep your sanity through the draft. And there are always tons of great players left on waivers to pick up down the road. Its worth a shot next year. Fun game.

    I like your team. Ridiculous WR line up, and you didnt have to sacrifice much at the RB slot either. Ryan will do just fine and you got a top TE. This is actually one of the better ones that I have seen. I honestly have no idea how you managed this team. Part of me wants to call bullshit. But I trust my readers too much.

  10. It was kind of crazy - I had the 5th pick & my strategy was to go rb/wr/wr/rb, then TE or QB depending. 5 QB's and 5 WR's went in the first 2 rounds. Then everyone went on a WR panic which is how I got Forte in the 4th. I was expecting Bradshaw or D.Williams. I passed on CJ in the 1st for McCoy (wanted Rice).