Thursday, August 25, 2011

Don't get in Twitter Fights with GHL

I’d assume that some of you are reading this because you found out about GHL on Twitter. (If you don’t follow us, you should @godhateslosers). But sometimes I find myself accidentally putting some advice and a link on another fantasy advisors tweet. They don’t particularly care for this. And Twitter wars ensue.

I particularly enjoyed this one between myself and @DanielWolfNFL. I decided to share this with you. Let his comments be an example of how to not run a fantasy football team.

My 5 faves at TE for #FantasyFootball: Finley (#Packers) Daniels (#Texans) Graham (#Saints) Lewis (#Jaguars) Watson (#Browns)

@DanielWolfNFL No Gates? No Witten? No Clark? I'm confused.

@godhateslosers Gates has foot issue. No one knows whats up with PManning. Will Romo return to form? I'm passing on all of them.

@DanielWolfNFL You make terrible decisions.

@godhateslosers: Finishing 2nd in both my leagues lst yr says otherwise.

@DanielWolfNFL 2nd place! Damn. Twice! You're right. I shouldnt have doubted you. Stats be damned, this guy got the silver! #fantasyfootball

@godhateslosers I can sense your sarcasm in your tweet.

@DanielWolfNFL Good. I laid it on pretty thick there.

@godhateslosers What did you finish? Last? If you say 1st youre already lying.

@DanielWolfNFL 5 leagues. 1st in 3. Playoffs in all.Check out GHL. Learn something. Your followers would appreciate it.

@godhateslosers I dont need to listen to someone who is blatantly sarcastic. Thanks but no thanks. My methods work too. Thanks for playing.

@DanielWolfNFL Your method works if you have an overwhelming trophy phobia. Your loss. At least tell your followers, they deserve GHL

Then he didn’t respond and blocked me. But not before I could copy all of them! I hope you enjoyed. Let me know in the comments what you think and tell me who your top 5 tight ends are.

I’m doing some heavy IDP research tonight so I hope to have that post up.

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  1. It's funny you posted this as I was going to ask you how many leagues you play in and what your success rate was this past season. Despite the volumes of "advice" out there regarding fantasy football, you back up your opinions with some solid stats and trends. That's the difference maker for me, and why I'll be visiting your site daily. The only silver that I like is trading for $40 oz today. I'm long on silver.

    Back to your question, I'm gonna rank them like this for my PPR League:

    1. Gates - Even with injury concerns, Rivers loves him. His PPG average last season speaks volumes.
    2. Finley - He could just as easily be 4th for me but that Packers offense is a well-oiled machine. Can't bet against.
    3. Witten - Romo loves him but for some reason he gets less TDs when Romo is back there. Solid pick though.
    4. Clark - Dropped because of P. Manning's status. Otherwise I'd have him 3rd.
    5. Davis - Most athletic TE in the game. Unstoppable but QB issues always plague his consistency.

  2. That's So RavensAugust 25, 2011 at 4:46 PM

    i agree with my so called life.

  3. Good catch!

  4. Thanks a lot. I know full well that I am an arguer through and through. But I like to know that I can back up everything I say with a solid reason. I'm glad you're sticking around.

    I have been pretty successful in the past years. I likely wouldnt blog about it if I was no good. In the years that I have been playing I don't know my win total for sure, but I do know that the only time I missed the playoffs was when I tried to have an all-Cowboys team.

    I like your list and completely agree with you. In my opinion these are the only 5 guys that belong in the top 5 of anyone's tight end board.

  5. My Top 5:
    Davis - Niners new offense is TE friendly and the guy is a beast. Plus, he is the least risk of injury from the best TEs.
    Gates - Would be number 1 if not for injury concern.
    Witten - For me he is a tie with Finley, and could go either way. Tie breaker was Dallas secondary. I'm expecting they will surrender more points, so more likely the offense will be throwing to catch up.
    Finley - See above
    Clark - He has injury issues and P. Manning has injury issues. Otherwise would be number 2.

  6. This site is the reason I joined twitter today, but you already saw your honorary mention in my first tweet. :) I was enjoying several of your tweet wars instead of doing anything productive today, and I'm okay with that!

  7. Thanks Tyson.

    I was never into twitter before this year when I started doing it for GHL. Its freaking addicting. At least the fantasy football arguing part of it. Definitely a time waster at work.

  8. Indeed. Kudos to you sir.

    Now back to My So Called Job...

  9. That Twatter is damn addictive. Especially for debating/arguing. I don't do FaceSquare+_space but I do like the simplicity and ease of use that the lil blue bird provides.

    I only play in two leagues. Last year I placed first and fifth. Previous year I was third and fourth. Some progress but I want to be more consistent this year. I drafted A. Foster as a sleeper and picked Vick up on waivers before Week 1. That's basically why I placed first last season; a little bit of skill and luck go a long way. My other team placed fifth though and I was struggling with RBBC BS all last season on that team. Even though it's PPR, I wasn't going to make that mistake again, which is why I hedged on so many pass catching, starting RBs. They're always valuable.

    I tried an all 49ers team two seasons ago over a three week span, and I actually went 2-1 for those three weeks. A minor miracle if you ask me.

  10. Just finished my first draft of the season! This is the league I was in last year and finished 10 of 12 because I was a rookie and had no idea what the hell I was doing at draft time. The league is only 10 teams this year, so I have better selections from the start, but I feel WAY better about my picks. Just wanted to share them with you and get your thoughts. I'm pretty stoked myself!

    I picked 4th of 10. Standard snake draft. 0.5 PPR

    QB Peyton Manning (SIXTH round, 57th overall! Couldn't pass him up there.)
    WR Calvin Johnson (Rd 2)
    WR Mike Wallace (Rd 3... Couldn't resist. Plus, was not that excited about remaining RBs)
    WR Dez Bryant (Rd 4... Originally intended to target as my WR2. Targeting Jones as my RB2, but felt early.)
    RB Ray Rice (Rd 1... Was trying to decide between Mendenhall and McCoy, but Vick went 3rd so I was lucky!)
    RB Felix Jones (Rd 5... Got him!)
    TE Greg Olsen (Rd 13)
    D/ST Jets (Rd 11... Didn't feel right so early, but wasn't excited about any of the offensive guys left and they were all available later anyway.)
    K Alex Henery (Rd 15... Too embarrassed to say where I drafted my kicker last year. Lesson learned.)

    BN Fred Jackson (Rd 7)
    BN Sam Bradford (Rd 8... Needed a good backup for Peyton and the pool was dwindling fast.)
    BN Mike Thomas (Rd 9... Didn't like this one. Wanted Amendola but he went the pick before mine and my brain locked up for a couple minutes.)
    BN Willis McGahee (Rd 10)
    BN Johnny Knox (Rd 12)
    BN Lance Kendricks (Rd 14... Just a good feeling. Want to see if it pans out.)

    So there it is! Still a couple of sleeper RBs on the undrafted FA market (D. Carter, Tate, D. Thomas, Helu, Redman), but I'll leave them there for now. FA WRs include B. Edwards, R. Meachem, D. Moore, G. Little, and E. Royal. Any worth a look compared to my bench? Do you think either Fitzpatrick (vs. KC & Oak) or Sanchez (vs. Dal & Jac) would be a better early stand-in for Manning than Bradford (vs. Phi & NYG)? Or should I pick up Collins?

    Thanks as always! Hope my other draft on Friday goes as well as this one! (Picking 5 of 10... also 0.5PPR)

  11. LOL... Already have a potential trade. A girl in my league LOVES Manning and is wondering if I'd be interested in a trade. (She hasn't proposed anything specific yet). I want to be fair, but she has basically no one that I want except Brees, who she took with the 1st pick in Rd. 2. Straight up Manning for Brees is not fair to her. Do you think it would be fair to offer her Manning and Mike Thomas in exchange for Brees and Jordy Nelson? Nelson is the only player on her bench that I like and she will need a decent WR because she picked Britt in the 5th rd and he will likely be suspended. Oh, and she has Cutler as her backup QB until Manning is healthy. Her other receivers (not previously mentioned) are Wayne, Garcon, and Roy Williams. Thoughts?

  12. This really is a great draft. Tons of talent at all positions. Great work. You could likely leave your team alone and finish better than last season! Right now, I'd leave your bench how it is. If you see any big splashes in the next two preseason weeks, then go ahead, but I think you've got solid backups for now. Bradford does have a tough first two weeks, but he could pull it off. They will likely be passing a lot in those games playing from behind.

  13. If she is the one wanting Manning, then you are in the drivers seat. If you are going to couple Manning and Mike Thomas, you better get more out of it than Brees and a backup. You dont want to help her out too much. If she wants Manning so bad, she'll have to pay for it. She passed him up 4 times.

  14. Actually, I wanted to delete this shortly after I posted it because I started thinking the same thing. I doubt that I will do a trade, unless she makes it interesting. Still can't believe Manning fell that far! Then again, I was the only manager who didn't have a QB after round 3.