Friday, September 30, 2011

NFL Week 4 Fantasy Football Pick'em and Survival Picks

Hey GHL fans. Back with another week of pick'em.

I did a number on last week's messy results and came out on top at 11-5, tying with Jordan for the lead through three weeks. My Girlfriend's Little Sister kept her record split even.

In Nanny Nanny Boo-Boo news, Jordan is out of the Survival game after just three weeks. What did we learn... Betting against the Seahawks is usually a good move, but better on the Cardinals is a little iffy. For me Week 4 is with another team that should easily seal their victory. At about Week 5, when the majority of the competition is out, then we will start making our picks a little bolder. And it will be easier, because we will have a better sense for how the teams play. Ta-da!

A couple upsets on my list, for the most part, it seems pretty straight-forward though.

I see the Cowboys pulling through again at home against a solid Lions team. But the Lions haven't really faced anyone that good. They soundly beat the Kansas City High School Chiefs, struggled against Tampa, and had to go to overtime with the 0-3 Vikings.

I will also be taking Bucs losing to the Colts. I'm not sure why. Maybe I'm just feeling bold. I'm just not impressed by Tampa Bay this year. And it's about time for the Colts to do some work.

MGLS picks will be up shortly. If you've got an upset special that you like. Post it!
Record (LW) (Total):(9-7)(29-19)(11-5)(29-19)(8-8)(24-24)
Bills @ BengalsBillsBillsBengals
Panthers @ BearsPanthersBearsPanthers
Titans @ BrownsBrownsBrownsBrowns
Lions @ CowboysLionsCowboysCowboys
Vikings @ ChiefsVikingsVikingsChiefs
Redskins @ RamsRedskinsRamsRedskins
Saints @ JaguarsSaintsSaintsJaguars
49ers @ EaglesEaglesEagles49ers
Steelers @ TexansSteelersTexansSteelers
Falcons @ SeahawksFalconsFalconsFalcons
Giants @ CardinalsGiantsGiantsGiants
Broncos @ PackersPackersPackersBroncos
Patriots @ RaidersPatriotsPatriotsPatriots
Dolphins @ ChargersChargersChargersChargers
Jets @ RavensJetsRavensJets
Colts @ BuccaneersBucsColtsBucs

Survival Pick EliminatedSaintsEliminated


  1. Beware of the Niners against the Eagles.
    I'm feeling they might win it in a low scoring ugliest-of-the-year kinda game.

    Oh, wait, they already played that last weekend.

    Anyway, I'm feeling this game might have a suprising outcome.

  2. I've put a 2 next to Oakland in my confidence picks this week.

  3. That's So RavensOctober 2, 2011 at 1:30 AM

    who u like in the flex: Beanie (not 100% against good giants run D), Reggie Bush (with no Thomas), Michael Bush (might see plenty of goal line opportunities in a shootout), or David Nelson?

  4. Need to start 2 RBs, 2 WRs, and one RB/WR out of the following in a standard league: Arian Foster, Ben Tate, Felix Jones, Javid Best, Larry Fitz, Manningham, Tampa Mike, Percy Harvin. So far, I've settled on Foster, Jones, Best, Fitz, and Manningham. What do you think? Believe it or not, I have a hunch that Harvin will play well today, but I'm not sure if I should trust that hunch... Thanks!

  5. Not in love with your lineup, but you have good matchups. Nelson and Washington could be issues, Manningham should be good to go. So i'd put him in there, probably for Nelson.

    You also need to get yourself a new TE. I dont know how often he will be playing this year.

  6. Beanie is still questionable. And Giants are good. Bush cant find any open space and is playing an even better defense. Michael Bush isnt the best play. Nelson has a rough matchup too, but could get some passes since he is the WR2.

    This is rough. Leaning toward Reggie Bush, since he is really their only running option.

  7. Foster, Best, Fitz, Manningham, Mike Williams

    That would probably be how I run with it. I personally like having WRs in my flex. But if you arent PPR, things change a bit.

    I agree that Harvin could have a big day against KC, but I still think that your other WRs are higher than him.

    I can understand your lineup. Its really a question about Felix Jones vs. Mike Williams. Jones is hurting and against a good defense, but could play a big role in the passing game. Williams and Freeman need to turn a corner, so he isnt the most consistent in the world, I just like the matchup.

  8. You prophet you. Damn it.

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