Friday, September 16, 2011

NFL Week 2 Pick'em Predictions and Surival Football

Alright. I will admit. It was a less than stellar Week 1. But we have all the kinks worked out. Guaranteed.

I also want to points out the Survival Picks. Hopefully you read the article and went with a guarantee like Jordan and I did and made it into Week 2. According to the Survival League on ESPN, 19.5% of voters went for the Browns and 15.6% went for the Chiefs. With those two picks, over one third of the Survival players are already out. I will allow you to clap.

Onto a bit of analysis for this week's picks. Jordan and I are pretty similar. We took different stands on a couple of the toss up games, so I'm excited to check those out. My Girlfriend's Little Sister seems to have gone with the which mascot do I think is coolest strategy, and wound up bandwagoning with mostly underdogs this week. So, technically, you heard it here first.

Let's get it to it.

Seahawks @ SteelersSteelersSteelersSteelers
Raiders @ BillsBillsBillsBills
Cardinals @ RedskinsRedskinsRedskinsCardinals
Bucs @ VikingsBucsBucsVikings
Jaguars @ JetsJetsJetsJaguars
Bears @ SaintsSaintsSaintsBears
Packers @ PanthersPackersPackersPanthers
Ravens @ TitansRavensRavensTitans
Chiefs @ LionsLionsLionsChiefs
Browns @ ColtsBrownsColtsBrowns
Cowboys @ 49ersCowboysCowboysCowboys
Bengals @ BroncosBengalsBroncosBroncos
Chargers @ PatriotsPatriotsChargersPatriots
Texans @ DolphinsTexansTexansDolphins
Eagles @ FalconsEaglesEaglesFalcons
Rams @ GiantsRamsRamsGiants

Survival Pick SteelersPackersPanthers


  1. I love this column. I was wondering, have you both looked through the upcoming schedule to formulate your picks? Since you've used the Pats and Steelers/Packers in the first two weeks, I was wondering if that means you've already identified potential winners down the line? Or do you just go week by week and not worry about whom is playing who coming up?

  2. For the first few weeks, I got strictly week by week without looking ahead and over-thinking anything. In those first weeks you can expect to see nearly half of all Survival players drop. We just saw over 35% of them drop in Week 1. Once it gets deeper and more competitive, then I will look ahead a little bit.

    With injuries and slumps and all of that nonsense, it would only drive you crazy to look ahead too far.

  3. Thanks for the response. This is my first year trying a survival pool and I wanted to know how you attack it, since you've done this a few times it sounds like. I don't have any designs about actually winning my pool, but it would be nice to not go out in the first few weeks. I think your theory is sound and I'm subscribing to it. I hope you do well cuz I'm riding those coat tails!