Saturday, September 24, 2011

2011 Week 3 Advice Time

Hey everybody.

I am back from my trip. Thanks to everyone for being so patient with me.

Welcome to another week of advice time. If you have any trade, lineup, injury, pick'em, or sleeper questions now is your time to ask them.

It was a little hard keeping organized, so if you asked a question this week and have not received an answer, please repost it in the comments of this article.

Thanks everyone and good luck tomorrow!


  1. Do I bench Lloyd with the Titans playing well against the pass? If so, who to plug in? Probably gonna grab ARI Def for this weeks matchup. Also, was thinking of grabbing Olsen or Moore at TE - Clark may not even play. Would hate to just drop him but wouldn't really know who else to drop.

    qb - Ryan
    wr - Nicks
    wr - V. Jax
    wr - B. lloyd
    rb - McCoy
    rb - Forte
    te - D. Clark
    k - Cundiff
    d - DAL

    Julio Jones
    D. Henderson
    Steve Smith (PHI)
    David Nelson
    Aaron Hernandez

  2. Question #2

    Guy wants to trade with me who's hurting at WR & RB. The only people I would want on his team are Vick and/or M.Austin. He picked up Cam Newton and is rolling with him this week. What kind of deal should I propose? Or should I just forget it. 10-team std league

  3. I made a trade on one of my teams based on my gut that fixed my TE problem, (got Finley) and puts me in a pretty good position in a few weeks if certain players can heal up. Specifically, I'll own Ray Rice, SJax, and F. Jones on one team. Risky, yes, but I'm taking the chance anyway. The problem is, they all have the same buy, so I'm trying to work a couple of trades to pick up some guys. I'd rather trade my players than drop them for someone else to get for free.

    #1) Thinking of trading Tate to the Foster owner as a handcuff for Ingram. Ingram has been disappointing so far, but has Jac, Car, and TB the next 3 weeks. No way he'd give up Forte, so the only other option is LT, and I don't like the next couple matchups (Bal, NE). Would this be a smart move?

    #2) Another manager is hurting bad at WR. I was thinking of offering Meachem for Jacobs. Jacobs has Ari, Sea, Buf, and Mia coming up, so even though he is the #2 guy, I figure those should be run-heavy games. Is he worth getting?

    If worse comes to worse, and Foster is healthy in week 5, I can drop Tate and grab P. Thomas, McGahee, or Helu. Like I said, I'd rather get some trade value from these guys.

  4. I know I'm not the guy you are expecting to hear from, but as a devoted Broncos fan, I think you should definitely BENCH Lloyd for this game. He's still gimpy, and the Titans can play rough. I would totally roll with Nelson, personally. The NE defense is user-friendly for visiting offenses and you know the Bills will have to throw a ton just to keep up. If you need to drop someone for another TE, I'd drop "the other" Steve Smith. Again, just my thoughts. We'll see what the guru has to say.

  5. Oops. I meant to say, "they all have the same *bye*" in the top paragraph. Man, that makes me feel dumb.

  6. Need 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 Flex...

    WRs: R. White, R. Wayne, B. Lloyd, N. Burleson, D. Branch
    RBs: B. Tate, R. Mendenhall, BJGE, J Stewart
    TEs: T. Gonzalez, Fred Davis.

    I'm not sure how I feel about starting Reggie Wayne this week, and not sure if my flex would best served with one of the RBs, WRs, or Tony Gonzalez if I start Fred Davis at TE.

  7. That's So RavensSeptember 24, 2011 at 6:45 PM

    All of these questions are for a .5 PPR league.

    1. I own Gates. Do I A) wait for the gametime decision and possibly roll with Kendricks if he doesn't play (they both play in afternoon), or B) drop Kendricks and pick up Evan Moore and play Moore in the early game? Rotoworld just reported that it doesn't look like Gates will play...

    2. I usually play Beanie in the flex. Should I start Percy instead? (Percy plays in early game and Beanie in late so I can't wait to see if Beanie plays or not...)

    3. In my other league, should I play Brandon Marshall or Blount in the flex?


  8. Do me a favor? Go look at espn fantasy football....cape cod fantasy football league . I am mattie's inception. I thought I had a good team to start had to make some adjustments and adds but now I'm 0-2. Look at the league and my team and offer me some Opinions? Thanks

  9. Please pick 3 of these guys for me at WR:

    D Nelson
    D Bowe
    E Decker
    D Henderson
    D Moore
    D McCluster
    J Jones (ATL)

    What a weak batch of crapppp, but thanks for taking the time!


  10. GHL I have a question for you,

    Anquan Boldin or Jordy Nelson at my WR3 spot?
    I know you have Q ranked higher, but lately Nelson has been doing really well. What are your thoughts?

  11. Hey GHL glad yall are back... LOVIN the new website bros.

    Who to start for week 3?

    heres my lineup as i have it right now...

    D/ST- JETS


    My man questions are Vick/Stafford? Gates/Davis? Mathews (love the KC matchup)/Thomas?
    I'm guessing i won't be looking at Rice until at least week 4...

    But would you start Vernon Davis over Gates with the nagging foot even though he's got Kansas City? I don't see them playing from behind much, but also know they won't be able to shut him down like New England did.

  12. Hey GHL!

    I have Romo as my QB! Should I drop Deion Branch and pick up Kitna for insurance? I still have Nicks, Britt and Santonio as WR's...


  13. My friend here would also apreciate your opinion:

    qb- freeman
    rb- mccoy
    rb- mjd
    flex- hightower
    wr- V. Jackson
    wr- Steve Smith
    te - Finley
    d/st- eagles
    k- janikowski

    R. Wayne
    K. Moreno
    M. Manningham
    J. Flacco
    Julio Jones
    G. Olsen
    N. Burleson

    Main question... Freeman/Flacco? Wayne? Flex spot?

  14. Ingram or Starks this week? I would normally roll out Starks but with the defensive match up difference for these guys I'm on the fence.

  15. Hey guys need to pick one of these for my flex spot in a PPR league: Shonn Greene, Percy Harvin, Wills Mcgahee, Jordy Nelson and Eric Decker. And by the way, thanks in part to your advice I managed to go 15-1 last season and bring home the championship! Keep up the good work!

  16. GHL-

    League 1- Which one to start at WR: Holmes or Branch?

    League 2- Which 4 to start (Including Flex spot): Sproles, Blount, Boldin, S. Moss, Burleson, M. Williams (TB)?


  17. GHL-

    oh yeah and what about this...
    Ingram or Wells at RB? (McGahee and Bernard Scott on the back burners)

  18. I’m in a 12-team standard league, 20 roster spots. Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE, K, DEF/ST, 1 DL, 1 LB, 1 DB. I’d love to get your assessment of my roster strategy so far and some advice on managing it moving forward:
    QB – Romo, Cutler
    RB – Foster, Tate, Best, Felix Jones, Delone Carter, Bernard Scott
    WR – Fitzgerald, M Williams (TB), Manningham, Harvin
    TE – Vernon Davis, Fred Davis
    K – Hanson
    DEF/ST – NY Jets
    DL – Trent Cole
    LB – Desmond Bishop, Sean Lee
    DB – Yeremiah Bell
    A couple points; I did not draft a DEF (planned to use your weekly strategy), but someone dropped the Jets. Also, I just picked up Bernard Scott to take advantage of the Cedric Benson situation as a short-term move. Carter is my long-term sleeper spot...trying to get ahead of the curve on someone and he was my best guess.
    I feel like I’m living on the edge a bit by not having a backup for each IDP, but am trying to see if I can make the most of my offensive roster spots in the meantime. However, come week 5, I will need to sacrifice at least one spot to cover multiple IDP bye weeks. Would you say Scott is the best one to part ways with? Do you see any chance of him being a long-term benefit on my roster? Also, what are your thoughts on Carter? In addition, the bad news of having the Jets falling into my lap is the need to sacrifice a roster spot to cover them on their bye week. Lastly, I feel my WR corps is good (and I’ve hence focused on building my RBs), but I’m also the only one who has not had an opportunity to pursue new heralded players (I’ve missed out on Decker, David Nelson, Moore, Gibson, etc). Should I be considering adding a WR like Denario Alexander?
    I’m sorry for being all over the board, but I’m hoping to get your assessment of where I stand and how I could improve moving forward. Thanks for your advice!!

  19. Hey guys,
    A few questions.
    League 1: Kolb or Flacco? Flacco laid an egg last week, and I am leaning toward Kolb. Thoughts? Also, for WR, I need 3: Dez Bryant, Dev Henderson, Nate Washington, Brandon LaFell, and Plax- i HOPE Dez plays. Assuming he does, who would you take otherwise? If he doesn't? Plax laid an egg as well last week, and I would have lost had I played a stronger opponent.

    League 2: Usually have little problems in this league, but here we go. Gronk or JImmy Graham at TE? This one has been tough, but I have gone with Jimmy both weeks and Gronk has out performed him. My Flex is a headache- Plax, Santonio Holmes, Beanie Wells, Frank Gore, or Jimmy Graham? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

    I have given you guys some street cred on campus. Luckily, none of them are in my league!

  20. So my line up is:
    (Nelson,greene,sproles,woodhead,Moreno, d Moore, or Julio jones)
    Calvin j
    Andre j
    Vernon d

    My question is, who should I start at flex? Standard 10 team league.

  21. Who do I start, PPR league..

    at RB.. Tim Hightower @ Dallas or Shonn Greene @ Oakland

    at WR.. Mike Williams (TB) @ Atlanta or Percy Harvin @ Detroit

    at TE.. Jimmy Graham @ Houston or Fred Davis @ Dallas

  22. I have lost the last 2 weeks by 3 points or less and I could use your input. I am in a PPR league. Here is my planned roster for week 3.

    QB- Stafford
    RB- Forte
    RB- Chris Johnson (hasn't done much. is this his breakout week?)
    WR- Kenny Britt
    WR- Steve Smith (CAR)
    WR- Jeremy Maclin
    TE- Fred Davis
    K- John Kasay
    DEF- Detroit Lions

    BN- Santana Moss
    BN- Mike Williams
    BN- Joseph Addai
    BN- Ben Tate (Play him over Johnson or Forte?)
    BN- Rex Grossman
    BN- Chicago Bears DEF

    What is your advice?

    Thanks in advance.

  23. Im Kinda liking Nelson

  24. Keep Hightower in your flex spot but, if you can, try to aquire Roy Helu soon. It's only a matter of time before Hightower is replaced. I like Freeman as a passer better than Flacco; his rushing #s are just gravy.

  25. Chicago's run defense actually isn't that imposing. Its their passing D that you should be worried about. In this case that works to your advantage. Go with starks.

  26. I'm starting hillis, and i suppose Ben Tate ( even though I have foster ) my question is do I start Starks, Daniel Thomas or a questionable Steven Jackson against Balt at the flex? Also having trouble deciding between Santana moss, Stevie Johnson and Reggie Wayne? Had penciled in Johnson at wr1 but not sure about the other spot. Or do I go 2 hb's and play all 3 wr's? Thanks for the advice!!!

  27. Two quick questions for today - will antonio gates play or do I find another TE and who will have a better game - Ryan Fitzpatrick or Ben Roethlisberger?

  28. Chicken Milk StinkbombSeptember 25, 2011 at 10:18 AM

    GHL (great site and loved the advice last week, want to keep rolling)

    12 man 0.5 PPR League

    Starting QB: Fitzpatrick (Romo on the Bench due to ?)
    Starting RB: Forte and Best
    Starting WR: Fitzgerald and Dez

    My Flex is a mess with Dez being Questionable
    My healthy WRs are Meachem, Harvin and 8.5lb Simpson and the Less than healthy RB Beanie and the do nothing TE Winslow

    Do I gamble with Dez or replace with Meachem?
    Flex spot gamble on Beanie or Harvin - or Meachem if I start Dez

    Again thanks for the advice and who to steal - acquired Miles

  29. Dez Bryant or Mike Williams?

  30. Gates is out, find another TE

  31. Additionallly I've got Beanie Wells in my RB2 spot. Do you think it is is safe to roll with him? I hear he is a gametime decision but being a late game I wont have anyone to fill in for him.

  32. If you dont love Lloyd's matchup, I'd roll with Henderson or Nelson. Both TEs are pretty risky, but Clark is not cutting it. Moore would be the man to go with if you make the move.

  33. You didnt give me a ton to go with. But as Jordan said in his last post, you can probably get Austin at a discount right now. Best you could probably do is try something straight up. Austin for Lloyd, or Austin for Julio Jones and Hightower. But then you will be insanely shallow at RB. If that doesnt work, try coupling two WRs for Austin.

  34. 1) I'd hold onto Tate. Tate is far ahead of Ingram right now. And even with good upcoming matchups, he still has to deal with Sproles and P Thomas for carries. Tate will be strong this year since Foster is a huge injury risk. Hamstrings linger. If you do want to get rid of Tate, do it for someone bigger than Ingram.

    2) This could be a good trade, but again, I think you are selling yourself short. NO throws all the time and they have a lot of injuries, so Meachem has huge upside. Jacobs is a second fiddle in NYG. With those matchups though, he will have a good run for a while. This could work.

    I like the idea of getting trade value, but dont be afraid to aim higher on these guys, if they don't like your original trade offer, then maybe go for a bit less. I think you have to shoot for bigger guys though.

  35. Thanks Tyson. Good points here.

  36. Haha. It'll be ok.

  37. White/Wayne/Branch

    I think that you have to start Wayne. He is risky, but who would you go with ahead of him? He's an elite guy that can make things happen. So go with it.
    I did have a hard time with your Flex. I think you could go Lloyd, BJGE or Gonzo with this.

  38. 1) Keep an eye on Gates, hopefully they will confirm it before kickoff. I have lost most of my faith in Kendricks, so it could be time to drop him. If Gates is out, roll with Moore.

    2) Beanie is hurt, but you have to like the matchup again. If he plays, he has to get over 100 yards easy. Reports I've read are saying that he should play. Harvin could be the safer play here... but wait as late as possible to find out about Wells.

    3) Marshall this week. I like him this week. Blount was good last week, and could actually put up numbers again. Any way to play both?

  39. That is a very unattractive WR lineup. Time to make some trades and drops. Right away, I think that you should sell Cam Newton high. Get as good as a WR as you could possibly get for him.

    Manningham is hurt which is bad, Collie is just an unfortunate situation. You could easily just drop Williams, Spiller and the Cowboys to find some WR/RB sleepers. You are going to have to role with sleepers this year. So pay close attention to the injuries this week and play smart.

  40. Nelson, Henderson, Bowe

    I have lost nearly all faith in Bowe, that team is awful. But hopefully he can pull something together.

    McCluster might have been a good pickup. He'll be playing RB, but will hopefully pick up where Charles left off. Against SD though, not a good play. If you have no love at all for Bowe, then Decker seems like a nice little sleeper play.

  41. Just got you in the other post. Thanks!

  42. Fred davis or Owen daniles? Danario Alexander or Kevin Walter for the 3rd WR??

  43. I'd go Stafford, just from Vick's injury. I honestly didnt even think he would play. Check Gates' status before the game. Could be out. And since it is a later game, you might have to play it safe. Davis will have a good week though, so not a huge gamble there. Mathews is a nice matchup, so go for it.

    I'd probably go Davis over Gates. If Gates does play, it wont be much as this game should be a lock for SD. They'd rather keep him healthy than keep him in when they are up.

  44. Flex, standard

    Greene, Stevie, Wells, Montario?


  45. I wouldnt. Branch is actually pretty good this year. And Kitna is not insurance, I'd rather have the starter for another team than the backup for the Cowboys.
    Take a look at who is left in the QB market and pick up the best matchup from there. I think Romo should be good though. Hopefully.

  46. I like Freeman just barely over Flacco this week. Its damn hard to sit Wayne. I dont think you can. I would put him at Flex over Hightower.

  47. Answered in the other post! Thanks!

  48. Awesome! Glad we could help last year! Let's repeat. I would make it Harvin. Nelson is good, but I'm not huge on the matchup. Decker is the sleeper here with a lot of upside, but TEN is not bad vs the pass.

  49. 1) Honestly, I just have a feeling about Branch. With Hernandez out, NE will shift their offense a bit and Branch could have a big week. Holmes is more of a guarantee for points though. Branch should only start for you if you are confident in the rest of your team and/or feeling frisky.

    2) Dont know what spots you need, so I'll just put them in order here and you can fill the rest in. Moss, M Williams, Blount, Boldin, Sproles, Burleson.

  50. Sit or Play Romo with injury considering i cant sub him monday night...

  51. Wells will be great... but that is if he plays. He is an injury concern right now. Unfortunately, Ingram plays the morning game, Wells is late.

    If Wells is cleared before the first set of kickoffs, go with him. But it might be safer to just go Ingram.

  52. Fitz, forte, fitz, best at flex

  53. I like what you have done. If its working for you, just dont overthink things.

    I think that when Cole's bye week comes up, it would be smartest to drop Carter or Scott. Very high chance that neither of them will be picked up. Once that week is over, just go back to how you were. With Bell, there might be a player that you like more on free agency than him. So you might be able to drop him for someone straight up.

    Jets defense isnt much of a problem. Just do the same thing you would do for Cole there.

    I like Carter as a sleeper, I have him myself. I would like to have seen more from him by now, but I havent. It'll come though, I'm sure.

    Overall, I think you're doing alright. I'd like another WR, but dont jump on Alexander. chances are the entire outlook will change this week with another big injury. Just dont get too far ahead of yourself.

  54. Got you in the previous post! Thanks for the comments and for spreading the word!

  55. Hillis is out. Replace him with ummm... Sproles I suppose.
    Flex would go to Nelson for me. I like him this week as the Bills will be passing a lot.

  56. RB- Hightower
    WR- Williams
    TE- Graham.

  57. That is a rough set of losses. Youve got a good team though.

    I like Tate, Moss and Williams this week. I would start Forte and Johnson over Tate though.
    I have Santana Moss ahead over Maclin. He always seems to have a big day against the Boys.

  58. Hillis is out! Make the switch as necessary. Foster is also out. I would go 2 RBs and all three WRs. My lineup would be Steven Jackson (if he plays) and Starks at RB. Moss, Johnson, Wayne at WR

  59. Gates is out. Find a replacement. Fitz should be passing a whole lot more than Roeth this week.

  60. Thanks a lot. Glad you like us.

    I'm fine with starting Fitz this week with Romo concerns

    Sucks that you have so many questionable guys. Especially since none of them are playing the early game. I do like Meachem and Harvin this week. Not terrible matchups there. So you dont have to hate yourself too much for sitting Wells.

  61. Dez is questionable. If he is cleared before Williams' game, then go with him. If not, its probably safer to play Williams than a gimpy Bryant.

  62. Vick or Newton in a PPR?

  63. I think he is good to go. But if he does go, he's probably going to split a lot with his backups. But he could still easily get over 100 yards.

    Hopefully we will hear something about him before the first kickoff.

  64. I like Daniels this week. WR3 is definitely weak for you. Its iffy as both of them are low with very hard to predict upsides. I'd go Alexander. STL needs to get it together, so his upside is higher.

  65. I know. I'm in the same thing. I think he will go. Question is... how effective will he be. Hobbling Dez, no Austin, probably no F. Jones. Weak O-Line. Tough rushing defense. I think it might be smart to sit him.

  66. Vick should play. I have him higher than Newton.

  67. Probably. Romo is hurt. His receivers are hurt. His RB is hurt. The defense is hurt. The O Line is weak. The defense is going to hit him a lot.

    Cutler might be the safer play here. He will still get hit a lot and throw a pick or two.. but he has a better situation than Romo.

  68. Yeah Thanks... I went ahead and got Rex Grossman!!
    They saying on ESPN that he is a safer play w/upside than Romo... What do you think?

  69. its jordy nelson, packers wr. so jordy, jones, or d moore

  70. julio jones, d moore, or jordy nelson at flex? standard league

  71. So what caliber of RB do you think I could get for Meachem? I know you can't see individual situations in my league, I just need a couple of names to get an idea for comparison. I'm deep at WR, so Meachem was always meant to be trade bait.

    Although, maybe I should consider trading Decker. For some reason, he's not returning kicks today, which is killing me!

  72. Playing in an IDP league, wondering if u plan to update rankings - if not, could u refer me to a site......thanks!

  73. D. Moore (oak) or M. Sims-Walker?

  74. I can see that. I just dont trust Romo to even play the whole game. It would be dumb of the Cowboys not to rest him so he doesnt get murdered.

  75. You'd get more for Meachem. You arent going to get an elite guy, but I dont think it would be out of the question to ask for Hightower, Brandon Jacobs, or maybe Sproles. No one really high, but there are some good guys that you could get.

  76. I have never really done them week to week. I think its pretty simple that if they are doing well one week, you can safely assume that they will do well for the next weeks. If you want a ranking then just look at who has been scoring the most consistently. No big need for weekly rankings as they dont really improve or decline based on matchup. The good ones stay good, bad ones stay bad. Pretty simple.

  77. A couple weeks ago, someone dropped the NY Jets defense in my league, so I took them assuming I would want to play them the rest of the year (vs. picking up a new defense each week based on match-up). They were great last week and probably amped up my expectations a little too much, but in looking at their schedule throughout the year, it looks pretty daunting. They will be up against some potentially high-powered offenses (e.g. NE and BUF twice each, SD, Baltimore, Philly, etc.) Based on this, am I better off going back to the weekly strategy? It would also give me more flexibility roster-wise (not having to cover their bye week), but I don’t want to overthink things and/or make a mistake I’ll regret later. I also got destroyed picking the Chiefs Def in week one, so I’m a little gun shy…

  78. There are a few defenses that I would recommend keeping throughout the year. They are consistently good defenses, but will always have their down weeks. Pittsburgh crumbled in Week 1 and have struggled to create turnovers. The Ravens are usually great, but in the same boat. Phillly and NYJ seem to be having the same issue.

    The way I see it. This sport is becoming more and more offensive. Just look at the stats of 2011 passing vs. rushing and compare that to the stats of years past. So many teams are giving up on runs and just throwing the ball. This hurts defenses because points totals are so much higher.

    The high powered offenses and inconsistency of even the great defenses is the reason that I use SDS. While it would be hard to part with such a good defense, I would still advice mixing it up if another team has a better matchup. I just feel that it is a smarter play.

  79. Thanks for your earlier advice! Also, have Delone Carter as my RB sleeper (and I know you said you do as well). Do you think he is a better candidate to hold onto vs. Stevan Ridley? Ridley has caught my attention as well, and while I feel he may be limited in a pass-oriented offense w/ more competition for playing time, he seems like he might have even more upside than Carter just based on what I’ve seen so far (albeit based on limited sample size)...What do you think?

  80. I think you can afford holding out as Ridley is not going to be jumping off the free agency list in many leagues. Like you said, he has a ton of competition at that position, and the Pats are a passing team all the way.

    He's a good guy to keep an eye on, but no need to pull the trigger yet. Delone Carter hasnt emerged, but Indy flexed their running game last night a bit, and Addai is always an injury concern. I'm holding tight on Carter.

  81. Thanks for advise guys - I did bench Lloyd and went with Nelson...worked out. Also, went with my gut and picked up Olsen instead of Moore and got me 13 pts.