Thursday, September 15, 2011

2011 NFL Week 2 Start'em Sit'em

I’m a firm believer in starting your elite players every week. A lot of people questioned Miles Austin in Week 1, but as most elite players do, Austin found a way to put up good numbers for your fantasy football team. But injuries (Steven Jackson, Danny Amendola, Hakeem Nicks, etc), and obvious poor performances (Knowshon Moreno, Chad Ochocinco) call for some creative roster adjustments.
Here are a few sleepers that will help boost your team out of any Week 1 rut that you experienced. And a list of players that you might want to consider ‘resting’ in Week 2.
Cadillac Williams
It seems that every owner in every league made a mad dash to get Williams this week, and for good reason. Williams will be the majority running back for the St. Louis Rams as they face the New York Giants. In Week 1, the Giants let Tim Hightower rush for 72 yards and a score for the Redskins, so it will be interesting to see what Cadillac can do for them. It won’t be surprising to see Cadillac near 100 all-purpose yards in this game.

Rex Grossman
I have Rex very high this week at number 12 in my quarterback rankings, but as far as I’m concerned, that is a conservative number.
Grossman had a great game against the Giants in Week 1, putting up over 300 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions. Not bad for someone who didn’t secure the starting job until late in the preseason. Better yet, he is facing a team that gave up 422 yards and two touchdowns to rookie quarterback, Cam Newton, last week.
With the Arizona Cardinal defense giving up a massive amount of yardage, and leaving receivers wide open, Grossman gets a start from me if you are struggling. Santana Moss definitely gets a nod from me and maybe even Jabar Gaffney.

Mike Tolbert
Don’t be the guy that leaved Tolbert on your bench after his Week 1 performance. Don’t expect the same dazzling numbers out of him, but he will still have a good game against the Patriots. Last week against the Pats, Reggie Bush had 9 receptions. Tolbert matched that number in his game against the Vikings. So he is an even better play in PPR leagues.
Tolbert seems to be taking over the lead running back role in San Diego. While I think that Philip Rivers will find his groove soon with Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates, Tolbert will still play a big role for this offense to have success.

Aaron Hernandez/Rob Gronkowski
I have been low on the Patriot’s tight ends in the past. Something about the idea of a team running with two receiving tight ends means to me that one of them is going to get the short end of the stick, and that both of them will be very inconsistent from week to week.
But, Week 1 had me sold. Miami was one of the best defenses against tight ends last year, and Hernandez/Gronkowski slashed them for a combined 189 yards and 2 touchdowns.
If either of these tight ends are still on waivers, it will be worth your while to snatch them up. They face another tough defense in San Diego this week, but each of them perform the role of a wide receiver and both harness big game potential.

Robert Meachem
With Marques Colston out for 4-5 weeks, one of the receivers is going to have to step up in this pass-heavy offense. We know that Drew Brees will continue to throw the ball around to all of his targets, but I think that Meachem will be the guy to take over most of the workload.
He had five receptions for 70 yards last week (less than both Colston and Henderson) but is a favorite target of Brees when it comes to stretching the field. With Colston out, I expect Meachem to get the most touchdowns of all Saints’ receivers and end up as the second starter once this run of four games is finished.

Knowshon Moreno
Possible injury and poor overall performance are two major reasons that this player should be riding your bench. Moreno carried eight times for a mind-boggling 22 yards. Alex Smith, quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers ran for 22 yards on seven carries. And Smith even found the end zone.
Moreno simply hasn’t done what everyone was thinking he could out of college. And even with John Fox as the Broncos’ coach, Moreno hasn’t shown any signs of starting up.

Cam Newton
I’m not saying that his performance in Week 1 was a fluke. He looked good. He looked very good. But he was going up against the Cardinals and I don’t think I’ve ever seen receivers that wide open on an NFL field before in my life. One thing that Newton will see for the first time in Week 2 against the Green Bay Packers… a solid blitz. Expect Newton to get his first “Welcome to the NFL” performance this week with a lot of sacks and a handful of interceptions.

Chris Cooley
While I don’t buy the success of fellow tight end Fred Davis just yet, it is clear to see that Cooley’s reign in Washington is coming to a close. Cooley is facing a weak secondary which will leave room for bigger downfield plays to the Redskins receivers and likely Davis over Cooley.

Dwayne Bowe
I said it at the beginning of the article. You really need to leave your elite players in the game. But the Bills held Bowe to two receptions. They were all over him. And that seems like a blueprint to me. Detroit’s secondary isn’t the same as Buffalo, but you have to expect a similar outcome this week, especially with all the pressure that the Lions will be putting on Matt Cassel.


  1. I'd appreciate your input on a couple of choices I have to make this week.

    - I know I have to sit Knowshon, who do you like better in my flax, DeAngelo or Jordy Nelson. I'm afraid of the GB Def, but this league is not PPR and RBs are generally safer.
    -same question as last week, Big Ben or Romo. obviously Ben killed me last week, but at home versus the Seahawk, hmmm?
    -do you like Aaron Hern. over Jimmy Graham? I could play them both and actually sit Jamaal Charles who is facing the tough Lions def. think I gotta play benson and hillis, but could put JC, Blount, or another TE at flex spot.

    Any thoughts or input is very appreciated.

  2. Need 2 WR 2 RB and a flex. Definitely starting Ray Rice, Arian Foster (if he starts) and Larry Fitzgerald. Not sure about the rest.
    WR: Nicks, Austin, Britt
    RB: Bradshaw, Blount

  3. Any advice would be appreciated!
    1. Start Matt Schaub or "Sexy Rexy"?
    2. DJax, VJax, Dez, SHolmes, Plax, CJ2K, Burner, Beanie, Cadillac. 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 WR/RB Flex - non-PPR. I really need help sorting this whole mess out...

  4. Hey GHL, would you start Brandon Jacobs, Jordy Nelson or Knowshon Moreno at the flex in a 0.5 ppr?

  5. Hey GHL,

    I can start 2 of these 3, one in the RB2 and one in the flex. Which 2 should I go with? Meachem, Reggie Bush, and Legarette Blount

  6. Hey man love your work on the site! Quick question for you.
    10 man standard league
    Pick 2 of 3 backs, Tolbert, Jacobs, F.Jackson. I think Jacobs will bounce back so as of now I've got him and Jackson in.

  7. Thanks again in advance for all your advice.

    My roster:
    QB - Stafford
    RB - Mendenhall
    RB2 - Cadillac Williams
    WR - Roddy White
    WR - R. Wayne
    WR - Brandon Lloyd
    FLEX - Deion Branch
    TE - Fred Davis
    K - Akers
    DEF - Lions

    Bench: Burleson, Big Ben, Tony Gonzalez, Ben Tate, BJGE, Marcedes Lewis.

    A guy in my league has Foster and Ward and is hurting bad for another RB this week. I suggested I trade him one of my RBs (presumably Cadillac, maybe tate) plus a receiver for Jennings. What seems fair here? Is it worth it on my end? I'd be most likely trading away Wayne or Lloyd.

  8. 1) DeAngelo disappointed last week and GB is scary. Nelson against CAR seems safer. I think I would like him a bit more. Just hope he will get targetted as much as last week.
    2) Romo again here. Itll be a big week against SF, he has something to prove.
    3) After seeing how NE is using their TEs, I do like Hernandez more. I'd keep Charles at your flex over Blount and Graham. The matchup is hard, but he is a great running back and the potential to breakout is enough of a reason to play him.

    Hope this helped. (I wouldnt be against starting 2 TEs in this instance though. JC is my gut pick. Go with your gut on number 3)

  9. I'm starting Cam again. He finds a way. Carolina still loses but they don't lose for more than 9.5

  10. Hard to do with the lineup that you have. I would have to say Nicks (if he plays) and Austin. You have great players here. But I have to assume that everyone has equally good teams.

    Going WR heavy this week is your best bet.

  11. 1) Schaub vs the Dolphins. After seeing what Brady did to them, you have to think that Schaub will get up there as well. I expect good weeks from both though.

    2) This is a mess.
    WR1- D Jax
    WR2- V Jax
    RB1- CJ
    RB2- Turner
    Flex- Dez ( if he looks 100%), if not Holmes

    I think that you have to have Dez or Holmes just because of their scoring chance. If your league heavily favors RBs to WRs though, then Beanie is also serviceable as a Flex player.

  12. Def not Knowshon.
    Jacobs wasnt too hot last week, matchup is ok though. Bradshaw gets most of the work though.
    Nelson had a good week. He's still a bit of a risk, but he should be on the field a lot. Better hope that Carolina keeps it respectable so that GB throws the ball in the second half. I'd go with him though. PPR should help.

  13. Bush at your RB i think. I just dont trust Blount after his Week 1 performance. Bush has a tough matchup though, but is featured heavily.
    Meachem at Flex. Should get some good looks without Colston and maybe Moore to compete with.

  14. Thanks! I do what I can.

    Tolbert is a definite start for me. The others are a gut call. If your gut is saying Jacobs, then go for it. His matchup isnt too too bad. Jackson's is much tougher.

  15. Gutsy. I like it. Good luck. Brees did have a good game against them last week. Crazier things have happened.

  16. That sounds pretty good to me. I dont want you to leave yourself short at RB though my making this trade. SJax will be back soon so Caddy will fall. And Foster will come back and steal from Tate. BJGE is a gamble a lot, and you would be left very thin there.

    If you are willing to go for it. Then I'd try to give Lloyd and a RB for him. Youd be great at WR that way. Untouchable really. But your RB2 would hurt.

  17. i love my team. only weak spot is flex. here's my roster:
    nelson/greene/sproles (who should i start)
    calvin j (MEGATRON)
    andre j
    vernon davis

    who should i start in my flex? thanks for the help

  18. Hey man im in a 14 team ppr points per return, i was offered a trade, McFadden and Doucet for Brandon Floyd/D. Bees (one of the two, I could even try to get R. Wayne) and tim hightower/blount (one of the two). My WRs Andre Johnson, B. Marshal and early doucet, and RB's are McFadden, R. Mathews, D. Thomas and Delone Carter. Should I do it?

  19. Hey GHL,
    Here's my lineup
    QB Freeman
    RB CJ2k
    RB Steven Jackson
    Flex Blount
    WR Larry Fitz
    WR S Johnson
    TE Aaron Hernandez
    D/ST Redskins
    K Gould
    BE AJ Green, Deion Branch, Roy Helu, Mike Thomas, CJ Spiller, Montario Hardesty, Ryan Fitzpatrick
    So my question is who do I replace Steven Jackson with? Cadillac already got picked up off waivers so I was planning on moving Blount to the 2nd RB slot and start either Thomas or Branch, thoughts?
    Also is Roy Helu worth keeping on the BE? when I drafted back in early august he was still considered a sleeper but it doesnt look like he will be playing much. So should I drop him and if so who would you recommend I pick up?
    Thanks Kyle

  20. standard espn 10 team league by the way

  21. Olsen or Kendricks at TE?

  22. My team is so stacked i dont know who to start!!
    My league format is 2 RB, 2 WR, RB/WR. ------ PPR
    My RB's are Arian Foster, Lesean McCoy, Darren McFadden, Mike Tolbert, Tim Hightower.
    My WR's are Mike Williams, Manningham, Kenny Britt, Mike Thomas, Devery Henderson.
    Lesean McCoy and Darren McFadden are my top 2 RB. I really want to start Foster at flex but I'm not sure how much of workload hes going to get. The Dolphins D aint that bad either, aside from the spanking the pats gave them. Id love to start Tolbert but have no room for him.
    My top 2 WR are Williams and Manningham or Kenny Britt.

    Id like to know what youd do in my position!

  23. GHL-
    I am having troubling deciding who to start at RB between Ryan Grant at Carolina, Sproles at Chicago, Tate at Miami, and Ryan Mathews at NE. What do you think?

  24. Just a few comments. Came up short last week (played lions over ravens, that would have given me the win), so im hoping to bounce back. Ive got a few questions.

    1. RB spot - McFadden, Williams, or Foster?
    2. WR spot - 1 spot as CJ is obviously in, between Henderson, Meachem, and Nicks.
    3. TE spot - Finley, Graham,
    4. Of the left overs, i need one flex. Got Rivers at QB over Ryan. Thanks again for what you guys do.

  25. Quick question, which STL WR will step up? Alexander,Salas,Sims-walker, Gibson?
    Can you rate them to see which ones are available and would you pick up any of the wire?

  26. GHL!!

    Who to start @Flex : Britt, Ryan Matthews, or DeAngelo Williams?

    Different League: Who to start at WR: Bowe or Santana Moss?


  27. It's a 12 team league so I feel pretty strong about the roster.

  28. Chicken Milk StinkbombSeptember 16, 2011 at 12:44 PM

    12 man - .5 PPR

    Flex position choice between Beanie Wells and Meachem.
    It may get decided if Dez Bryant doesn't play, I would start Meachem in Dez's place and Beanie in the flex.

    However, if Dez plays - who would be better between Meachem and Wells

  29. Nelson has solidified a spot as a GB starter and Rodgers like him a lot. Should have a good game against CAR if they keep using him like they have been. I have Greene ranked highly, higher than he probably should be, since LT is definitely not out of the picture for the Jets.

    Greene is probably a safer play against JAX, they will get up early and run the ball a lot. Nelson is a bit gutsier of a play here, but could surprise. Your lineup is rediculous, so I think it would be worth the gamble to try Jordy in your flex.

  30. Answered you in the other post. I'll get to your question, no need to put it in two sections.

  31. I think it is safe to cut Helu. He'll only get playing time if Hightower goes down. With Steven Jackson hurt, you need someone who can get in your lineup now rather than waiting for an injury to happen. Based on your bench, I'd say that you dont have a lot to choose from in free agency as far as RBs go. Woodhead maybe? Snelling, if you are desperate.

    I'd move Blount to RB2 and go with Branch as your flex. Its not the strongest lineup in the world, but Branch could see a lot of work if NE/SD turns into a shootout.

  32. I've got Kendricks at 10 and Olsen at 12. Take your pick really. I'd go Kendricks since Bradford's favorite target, Amendola is gone. Olsen could be a good check down offense for Cam though when they are facing GB. Graham performed well vs GB last week.

    Take your pick really. I have Kendricks as a starter in one of my leagues.

  33. Yeah.. your team isnt even fair.
    McCoy and McFadden at RB
    Williams and Manningham at WR
    Everything I've heard so far says that Foster is looking good and is ready to go. Doubt he'll get as much work as he did all of last season. But he is pretty much a must start. If you're nervous about him, Britt could be your man.

    Since you have such great guys on your bench, you might want to look into some trades. Get an even more elite receiver, or maybe a fix at QB or TE if you arent so hot there. Just an observation.

  34. After the Tolbert Show last Sunday, I have a hard time saying that Mathews is a good option, so he is out.
    Sproles is a good play if you are PPR. If not, he is really just number three in a three-headed backfield that should be avoided most weeks
    Grant seems to be in a battle with Starks, and Starks seems to be getting close to winning. But GB should handle the Panthers this week and Grant could get a good amount of carries to run the clock out.
    Tate will still see work vs MIA even if Foster is back.
    For me, it is between Grant and Tate. I'd go with Tate though.

  35. 1) Only one? McFadden. Foster would be next.
    2) Nicks if he plays. Meachem if he doesn’t.
    3) Both are good. Might want to consider trading one for a WR. I like Finley this week.

  36. Thank you for the borderline impossible question.

    It’s really hard to gauge, and will be a lot easier to see after this week.

    Right now my favorite receiver for the Rams would probably be Lance Kendricks. Following him, I think Gibson will have a big game. Alexander, Salas, MSW. Just a guess. I’d pick up Gibson, but that is about it. Rest are too big of gambles for my liking

  37. BigHurt!!

    1) Britt. Looks fantastic last week. Tougher defense this week, but he should still get it done.
    2) I like Moss against the Cardinals this week. Bowe is getting covered like crazy. 2 catches last week worries me a lot.

  38. Dez got more questionable today than he was yesterday, so keep a close eye on it.

    I like Beanie this year. At least up until his inevitable injury. Meachem could get work against CAR, but there are so many weapons on that offense that its never a guarantee. I think you're solid either way you go. Beanie might be more of a lock though.

  39. I'm pulling my hair out over thinking My RB2 and WR starts for this week. I have AP the obvious choice at RB1 but im torn between Hightower and Blount for my RB2 spot. I know Hightower played well last week and Blount didn't come close to seeing his expected number of carries. This week im leaning towards Hightower but i have this nagging feeling that Blount will be hungry to prove he deserves more then 5 carries a game. Your thoughts? Part 2, my starting wideouts (3 start in my league) are currently Nicks, Manningham, and Burress. I have Nate Burleson, Devin Hester and Austin Collie on my bench. I'm closely following the Nicks injury, Manningham is a definite starter. I'm leaning towards Burleson over Burress this week but if Nicks doesn't play I'm torn between which two of Burress, Burleson, Hester and Collie (i get a pt per 25 return yrds on punts and kicks). I need an expert opinion! Thanks

  40. I'd go Hightower over Blount. At least you know for sure that Hightower is going to get the work for Washington, and he could do well vs ARI. Until Blounts numbers get up, he is a big warning sign from me.

    If Nicks can play, then go with Burleson. If Nicks is out go Burleson and Burress. Burress showed that he can get the job done, and JAX shouldnt exactly be a handful.

  41. If Santonio doesnt play, I have to go with Bowe or Maclin.. I dont like either. Who would you pick?

  42. Got hillis starting and I suppose foster( I also have Tate) if healthy. My question is should I go with Cadillac or Starks at the flex. I'm also wondering if steve Johnson if healthy or Santana moss at wr2. Or should I play one of these guys at flex instead of the rbs?

  43. One more question...

    Need an RB2 and Flex:Fred Jackson, Santana Moss, Carnell Williams or DeAngelo Williams?

  44. yo, I am debating going Bradshaw or Tolbert in my WR/RB slot. I don't want to be kicking myself again this week. Main backs are Peterson and McFadden.

  45. Hey GHL,
    I have a difficult decision to make for RB this week.
    I have Darren McFadden, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Michael Turner. McFadden is listed as questionable right now, and MJD and Turner is a toss up. Which 2 do I play?

    Also, thanks to your help I was the top scorer in both my leagues, so thanks!

  46. I'm back from last year and I really like what you've done with the site.
    Thanks for all of the help and advice. I'm having a hard time deciding which flex player to start.

    Here's who I plan to start:
    RB1 Adrian Peterson
    RB2 Mike Tolbert
    WR1 Mike Wallace
    WR2 Robert Meachem

    and what I can't decide on:
    W/R/T Ben Tate? Mario Manningham?

    Or should I use Manningham as WR2, Tate as flex, and 'rest' Meachem?

    Thank you!

  47. Hello GHL,

    Just one questions, Jeremy Maclin or Mike Williams (TB)?? In a PPR league.

    Thanks in Advance!

  48. I have a WR question I don't know who to start. I have the pick two of the three. Randall Cobb, Mike Sims-Walker or Robert Meachem. I have been leaning toward Sims-walker and Meachem. What do you think?

    Thanks for your help.

  49. hey.. i love your site man.. i visit every day... one more tip for this week, greg salas is on the free agent list, PPR league that gives points for returns, my 3 WR is early doucet and in the bench I have Emanuel Sanders and Roy williams, also Peyton Maning, Kerry Collins and Greg Olsen, should I drop any of these and pick up Salas? Amendola was pretty good in my PPR league last year, maybe this guy could do the same?

  50. ryan matthews or jordy nelson at flex?

  51. Its hard to go with Bowe since he didnt do that much last week. But he is the number one receiver there and could break any time. I'd probably go with him.

  52. I like both Moss and Johnson this week. I would probably put one at WR2 and one at Flex.

    Cadillac could have a big week against the injured NYG front, so he is an option that I would place higher than Starks. I think the consistency of starting two great WRs is better than starting a good WR and a backup RB.

  53. Ive got DeAngelo as the highest RB here. Hopefully he can bounce back this week from a bad Week 1 performance. Caddy could have a big game, but he is a huge unknown. I'd go with D. Williams for that reason.

    Moss at flex, no doubt.

  54. Awesome main RBs. Flex is a bit of a toss up. Bradshaw could have a good game vs. STL. Tolbert was a big part of the SD offense last week and this could be a repeat against NE, especially since Tolbert played a surprisingly large role in the passing game last week.

    I have Bradshaw higher.

  55. Awesome! Congrats on the great scores.

    You have a hard decision... but its a good place to be in when you are debating which great RB to play.

    If McFadden is healthy, you have to go with him. I also like Turner this week, just a touch above MJD. Its really a toss up, but I would make it McFadden and Turner.

  56. Thanks! Definitely a big improvement over last year. Glad to have you back!

    I like Meachem this week. Tons of upside with Colston and Moore (maybe) out. Tate will be getting a good amount of carries with Foster coming back from injury, but there are question marks there.
    It is looking like Nicks will play. Manningham would be higher if Nicks were out, but I like the matchup and he tends to see a consistent amount of work. I would feel more comfortable playing Manningham. Its the safer play, especially since there is already a small risk factor starting Meachem.

  57. Gotta like Mike Williams. Matchup is tough, but I can't see the Bucs being as dull as they were in Week 1.

  58. I wouldnt be too high on Cobb. He had a great great game, but you have to look at the loads of receivers in front of him. He'll be a difference maker for the Packers, but an inconsistent addition to your fantasy team. I would go MSW and Meachem at your WR spots. I'm not big on MSW, but he could have a decent game. I think that Gibson will emerge as the best STL receiver this year with Amendola out.

  59. Thanks a lot! Glad to have you. Do us a favor and tell a friend or two!

    Salas could, I'd like to wait a week, but you have guys you can afford to drop. Really no point in having Manning. He is being heavily dropped all over the board. I think its worth the transaction to see if Salas has the upside you're hoping for.

  60. Jordy. All day.

  61. greene, sproles, woodhead, jones, or jordy

  62. no peyton hillis??? really???

  63. need to sit one.... bush, hightower,gore, austin, steve PPR league

  64. need some trade advice.... i'm being offered a trade.... He's offering D. Thomas for S.Johnson(buf)... i have R.bush on my bench and D.Nelson is available on the waiver wire. What so ya think???

  65. You'll be getting Thomas (an unproven rookie RB) for S Johnson (12 catches, 162 yards, 2 TDs, performing in the top 15 at his position)? I'm going to vote that one down.

  66. Cutler or Matt Ryan this week?

  67. Please post you questions on our most recent articles. If you do it in an old one, then there is a good chance we will miss it.

    They are close this week. Both matchups are alright. So either is a good play. I like what Cutler has done this season, so I'd roll with him. Expect similar performances.