Wednesday, September 7, 2011

“Iupati like it’s Your Birthday” League Fantasy Football Draft Results

UPDATED! I accidentally got Jordan's team entirely wrong. Phew. I fixed it though. Its much more embarrasing for him now.

Finished this draft about a week ago and wanted to let everyone know how it turned out. If you’ve been reading through the posts, this is the draft where Jordan drunkenly drafted three… THREE… tight ends. You would think that he take the advice of his own fantasy website, but no.
Below are the results for my team, Jordan’s team, and Gurgs’s team. I personally think that Gurgs had the best draft in the league. Let me know what you think in the comments.
My Team- Tootsie Sproles (Second overall pick)
QB- Philip Rivers
RB- DeAngelo Williams
RB- Beanie Wells
RB/WR- Kenny Britt
WR- Hakeem Nicks
WR- Mike Williams
WR/TE- Malcolm Floyd
TE- Jared Cook
DEF- Atlanta
K- Mason Crosby

Bench spots- Arian Foster, AJ Green, Zach Miller, Steve Smith (CAR), Antonio Brown, DeMarco Murray, Steve Breaston

Jordan’s Team-Sweet, Sweet Cundifflingus (10th overall pick)

QB- Tony Romo
RB- LaGarrette Blount
RB- Tim Hightower
RB/WR- Wes Welker
WR- Andre Johnson
WR- Roddy White
WR/TE- Jimmy Graham
TE- Jason Witten
DEF- New England
K- David Akers
Bench spots- Jonathan Stewart, Rob Gronkowski, Brandon Jacobs, Lance Moore, Hines Ward, I. Redman, Marion Barber

Gurgs’s Team- Orton Hears a Who (4th overall pick)

QB- Matthew Stafford
RB- Ray Rice
RB- Frank Gore
WR/RB- Jahvid Best
WR- Vincent Jackson
WR- Miles Austin
WR/TE- Austin Collie
TE- Jermichael Finley
DEF- San Diego
K- Sebastian Janikowski

Bench spots- Mark Ingram, Mike Tolbert, Mike Thomas, Michael Bush, Jerome Harrison, Jerome Simpson, Chris Cooley

So, those are the teams. The draft was before Foster’s injury and before CJ ended his holdout, so I’m left without my first pick for week 1. As I said, I believe that Gurgs had the best draft in the league, but her team is one of the most fragile fantasy teams I’ve ever seen put together in my life. Stafford, Gore, Best, Jackson, Collie, Finley all missed time last year and Austin is nursing a hamstring right now.


  1. I agree, Gurg pulled off the best draft but 3/4 could be on IR by the end of the season (who cares, you can't always assume that when drafting)...

    Anywho, I have a proposal in my 12 team 1 pt PPR league...the guy is a HUGE Rams homer and is offering me Witten and Steve Smith (PHI) for just Amendola...

    Here's my squad:

    QB - Stafford
    RB - Rice, Forte, Moreno, Ingram, Tolbert, Jacobs
    WR - Calvin, Marshall, Harvin, Amendola
    TE - Finley

    His squad:

    QB - Bradford
    RB - SJax, Benson, Addai, LT, Starks
    WR - Welker, Boldin, Branch, Steve Smith (PHI), Gibson
    TE - Witten

    I'm thinking I don't need 2 stud TEs at the expense of dropping depth from my bench but it could be great trade bait...or I could counter this and maybe do Amendola for Welker straight up...

    Any suggestions? League starts QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, K, DEF, D


  2. I'd make that counter offer. Welker should be good to go in PPR leagues this year.

    It could be interesting to have Witten as trade bait though, but you can't guarantee that anyone else in your league will try to deal.

  3. Well we're both rockin' out Phillip Rivers and DeAngelo Hall. Good Luck!

  4. I know Rivers will get it done. Crossing my fingers on DeAngelo though.

  5. i think kevin's draft was better than alison's

  6. Gurgs had the best. Case Closed.