Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fantasy Football Week 1 Advice Time

I am very excited to announce the first ever Advice Time of the 2011 NFL Season.

If you've got questions about lineups or trades, or still even have a few draft questions to get to, now is the time to post them.

And remember, make sure that you add us on Twitter. One hour before kickoff, every Sunday, I will be answering questions LIVE on Twitter. Make sure you add @godhateslosers and direct any questions to us.


  1. I have two questions.

    Question 1: Starting QB, Romo versus the Jets D, or Eli versus the Redskins/
    Question 2: i have 2 flex spots open, of those two spots I have to choose between Dez bryant, Beanie Wells, and Shonn Greene. Who do i pick?

  2. Hey,

    Loved this site last year. Did my first auction draft this year. I think I did okay, but really crapped the bed on a 3rd RB or a better 2nd WR. Its a 10 team league.

    2 questions:

    First, which two would you start at WR out of Johnson (Buf), Boldin, Britt (assuming he is healthy enough to go)?

    Second, Would you drop Crabtree and/or anyone else here for any of the following: L Kendriks (Hoping he has a huge start and then trade him for Wr/RB upgrade), Thomas (Mia), Spiller, Starks, or anyone else not overly owned that I should target?

    The team: (I already dropped Thomas (Mia) for Tate just in case).

    QB (1): Ryan ($13), Cutler ($1)
    WR (3): Nicks ($35), S Johnson (Buf) ($10), Britt ($9), Boldin ($11), Crabtree ($2)
    RB (2): McCoy ($44), MJD ($43), Hightower ($2) R Bush ($2), D Thomas ($1)
    TE (1): Gates ($19)
    K: Henery (Phi) ($1)
    D: SF ($1)

  3. I'm having trouble deciding who should start between brandon Lloyd, Percy harvin and Felix Jones, I like starting 3 rbs but not sure what Felix will do against the jets, what combo would u go with?

  4. Not liking Felix against the Jets. Minnesota against SD could be rough too. Lloyd lit it up last year with Orton at QB, so it might be wise to go with him in week one. Oakland is without Asomugha and it could be a great game for Lloyd

  5. I love my Cowboys, but I can't expect them to get much done against the Jets in week 1. Redskins were second worst against the pass last season and will likely pick up right where they left off.

  6. Britt vs. Jax would be nice. But depends on his health. Boldin is going up against Pitt and could get receptions for you, but not much more. Johnson is going against KC. They were pretty middle of the road against the pass last year, so that could be alright as well. Britt if he can go. S Johnson if not.

    Crabtree is a number one. On a rough team, But Edwards will hopefully take some pressure off of him. I wouldnt drop him for anyone that you listed.

  7. Breaston LargementsSeptember 4, 2011 at 4:21 PM

    Rashad Jennings is out. Pick up Deji Karim? Or do you have any other sleepers? - I am in a 10 team league. Also I have MJD.

  8. PPR League, considering these two trades would you pull the trigger on either of these?
    I receive Fitzgerald/Witten/Jackson/M.Bush(Handcuff for Mcfadden) for Charles/Britt/Torain/Nelson
    I receive M.Wallace/Mendenhall for Mcfadden/Maclin.
    I have Charles/Rice/Mcfadden at RB, lack a stud WR/TE.

  9. I probably wouldnt go for Karim. There are more reliable backups to go after. Spiller, Jacobs, Bush, Thomas, Starks, Helu. Any of those guys.

  10. would u do this trade? its a dyansty league so its for the future too not just this year.

    i give

    ray rice and mike williams (tb)

    i get

    arian foster (im just worried about his hamstring) and jeremy maclin

    i wanted mjd and maclin but he wouldnt do it..

  11. GHL,

    Would you go with Miles Austin, Austin Collie or Johnny Knox at WR? Austin is going against the Jets so Im iffy on that and I dont really know how healthy Collie is so that kind of scares me as well. In my second league Im looking at Dez Bryant, Beanie Wells and Malcolm Floyd for the flex position...

  12. I say no. Rice and Williams both have a ton of years ahead of them.

    Both duos would be good. But I like yours better.

  13. also for that flex position I have ben tate if foster is out

  14. one thing i did forget to mention. if i dont trade rice i will lose him at end of season.

    my other rbs arent bad. s.jackson, s. greene. p.thomas

    my other wr are d.jackson, h.nicks, r.williams, m.manningham, lee evans, and steve breaston

  15. Which QB do you like better for week 1? Romo vs Jets or Big Ben vs Ravens? Thanks for any insight.

  16. That's So RavensSeptember 4, 2011 at 9:13 PM

    start witten v. jets or aaron hernandez v. miami? will prob start witten but afraid of jets D..... thanks.

  17. That's So RavensSeptember 4, 2011 at 9:30 PM

    also, a few more things: i like the new look of the site. vast improvement.

    my RBs are mccoy, best, beanie, and blount. thinking about benching blount v. the tough lions D in favor of beanie vs. the panthers (figure arizona will have a comfortable lead by the 2nd half and will run the ball a lot too).... thoughts?

  18. new to GHL, but one of the best sites.

    i have a draft on tuesday in a standard league with the 3rd pick. any changes to the RB rankings given the latest news or thoughts on c. johnson vs a. foster?


  19. OK, here we go:

    1) League #1 (PPR): My team has a tough week matchup-wise. Wallace vs. BAL and Dez Bryant vs. NYJ. Do you like Mike Thomas vs. TEN better than either of the above? I'm thinking (hoping) that Austin might get most of the Jets' attention, so maybe Dez will have a good game.

    2) Same league. I figure I have to go with Rice vs. PIT, regardless. But who do you like better for my RB2? Jones vs. NYJ, F. Jackson vs. KC, or McGahee vs. OAK? Also have Ben Tate (vs. IND) on my bench. Figured I'd keep him around until Foster plays a full game with no ill effects.

    3) League #2 (also PPR): Big Ben vs. BAL or Bradford vs. PHI? Also need 2 from this list to fill RB2 and Flex (W/R/T): Jones vs. NYJ, F. Jackson vs. KC, Best vs. TB, T. Jones vs. BUF, Amendola vs. PHI, or A. Brown vs. BAL.

    4) Twitter is abuzz with the rumor from an Indianapolis radio guy that Peyton Manning needs another procedure and could be out indefinitely. If it's true, who of these schmucks (if any) should I get to help Bradford? Fitzpatrick, Sanchez, or (shudder) McNabb?

    As for the site, I like the old fonts and colors better, but the background image is cool. This font, with the letters dipping occasionally, makes my eyes go buggy. And the white background is searing my brain. Just honest feedback. Much love for the advice, though!

  20. Can you please put the following in order from best to worst for week 1? santana moss, steve smith(car), julio jones, malcom floyd, roy williams, greg little, and lance kendricks(i know he's a TE, but pretend he's a WR)

    Scoring is as follows:
    Every 10 receiving yards (REY10) 1
    Each reception (REC) 1
    TD Reception (RETD) 6
    40+ yard TD rec bonus (RETD40) 2
    50+ yard TD rec bonus (RETD50) 5
    2pt Receiving Conversion (2PRE) 2
    100-199 yard receiving game (REY100) 2
    200+ yard receiving game(REY200) 5

    I have to start 3 of them.

    Thank you for everything!

  21. Also how are your feelings about Daniel Thomas? for week 1

  22. 2 questions, the first is which defense do you think is going to gave a better week, Detroit or Chicago? Also, since Manning will be out indefinitely, should I even start Collie? I've got Mike Thomas and Antonio Brown available on the bench.

  23. Ok so this is my first FF draft, i believe the rules are standard, so im just looking to see what your thoughts are on who should play, but more what problems i need to get fixed. So, here it goes.

    QB Philip Rivers
    RB Darren McFadden
    WR Calvin Johnson
    WR Hakeem Nicks
    WR Marques Colston
    TE Jermichael Finley
    K Nate Kaeding
    TM Detroit Lions
    QB Matt Ryan
    RB Arian Foster
    RB DeAngelo Williams
    WR Mike Williams
    TE Jimmy Graham
    TE Zach Miller
    TM Baltimore Ravens.

    Again, first time doing this, so any critique would be nice. I think I'm gonna leave Rivers in first week instead of Ryan playing at CHI, and I like detroit at TB over Baltimore at PIT. Also, got Foster, but no idea whats going to come of him.


  24. Hey GHL!, thanks for the awesome forum
    Here are my questions

    1) 1 RB and 1 Flex position to be filled - have Beanie Wells, Mark Ingram, Kenny Birtt, Mike Tolbert...where'd you put your money?

    and to follow on will Mark Ingram's season end up looking like?


  25. Hey GHL,
    just got done with draft one of two this season. Had pick 4 in an 8 team yahoo league with QB, 2WR, 2RB, TE, W/R, K, DEF.
    Just wanted to know what you thought of my draft and then had some questions about my upcoming one.

    1. Ray Rice
    2. Darren McFadden
    3. Calvin Johnson
    4. Drew Brees (it was in person and people completely forgot about him on the board)
    5. Jermichael Finley
    6. Mike Williams
    7. Wes Welker
    8. Mario Manningham
    9. Matthew Stafford
    10. DeAngelo Williams
    11. Mike Tolbert
    12. Marshawn Lynch
    13. Julio Jones
    14. Antonio Brown
    15. Neil Rackers
    16. San Francisco 49ers DEF

    I am going to use the SDS for both leagues, and the 49ers play the Seahawks week one.

    In my next draft, I have pick 10 of 10. Not excited about it. What I wanted to ask is whether I should go RB/RB then WR/WR and try and get some combination of McCoy, Mendenhall, McFadden, MJD and then like a Miles Austin/DeSean Jackson combo with picks 30 and 31.
    Or, do you think the RB talent at pick 30 is not much worse than the talent left at pick 11 and I should go RB/WR then RB/WR?
    For Quarterback I am going to try and pick up Stafford at pick 70/71 and then Bradford at pick 90/91.

  26. Hey GHL,

    I'm getting pumped for week 1 kickoff!

    Who do you like better as a flex RB, DeAnglelo Williams or Knowshown Moreno?

    And who is the best TE to start- Greg Olsen, Marcedes Lewis, or Lance Kendricks?

  27. Cant really comment on the first because I dont know who Jackson is. Vincent? DeSean? Steven? Fred? If it is on of the WRs then I would say yes.
    The second trade you mention is also very good. Mendenhall is on the same level as McFadden and Wallace is ahead of Maclin. Thats a very nice trade.

  28. I normally always say to start the WR1. But against Revis or Asomugha, its really hard to say that. Collie worries me because of injury and (maybe) no Peyton Manning. Chicago/Atlanta is probably your best bet. ATLs pass defense wasn't very impressive last year or in the preseason. Also, the Bears will be throwing quite a bit.

    League 2, Really any of them would be great. I'd lean toward Bryant or Tate. Tate will likely share time a little with Ward, but Indy's rushing D is not great at all. Bryant will be going up against CB2 in NYJ, and the Cowboys will have to throw it to someone. Cromartie can be beat. Dez can do it.

  29. Ravens can get thrown on. Jets really can't. Cowboys will have to throw a lot though. Mostly check downs to Witten and RBs. Big Ben is the safe play here. He looked good all preseason

  30. Be afraid of the Jets Def, but only for WRs. Jets were a middle of the road team against TEs last season.

  31. Thanks! I had to go white with it. I am my no means a designer and don't know the first thing about coding and what not. But I sat down for a few hours yesterday and got things straight.

    I can definitely agree with your decision. That is a much more favorable matchup. Beanie has solid sleeper potential this year. He's practically alone in the backfield.

  32. Thanks a lot man! Tell a friend.

    I would definitely bump CJ up from where I have him. Probably in a dead heat with Foster right now. Foster has the injury and, frankly, I'm scared of a lot of that situation. If they take foster at 2, go ahead and enjoy CJ at number three. He has a ton to prove this year.

  33. GHL,

    Figured I'd post my draft I finished yesterday to get your feedback and se if you would have done anything different! I play in a PPR League (0.5pts/rec). I had the 5th overall pick and decided to go WR-WR-WR with my first 3 picks!!!! I know it sounds crazy, but let me know what you think!

    QB - Mather Stafford
    WR- Andre Johnson
    WR- Hakeem Nicks
    WR- Miles Austin
    RB- Frank Gore
    RB- Knowhon Moreno
    TE- Antonio Gates
    K - Sebastian Janikowski
    DEF- Lions

    BN- Ryan Mathews
    BN- Reggie Bush
    BN- Brandon Jacobs
    BN- Lee Evans
    BN- Fred Jackson
    BN- Johnathan Stewart
    BN- Kyle Orton

    After taking Johnson as my #5 overall, by the time it snaked back to me, all of the Tier 1 RBs were taken and many of the top QBs were already off the board (QBs get 6 pts for passing TDs in our league). That allowed me to grab Nicks with my second and Austin with my third. By the time the fourth came back Gore fell in my lap (thank God)

    Let me know tour thoughts and thanks again for the kick ass site!!!!!

  34. Should I start Colt Mccoy who's playing the Bengals in week one or Flacco playing the Steelers?

  35. i would never tell anyone in my league! would lose a big advantage!

  36. 1) Baltimore is more of a run D than a pass D. I wouldn't worry about that too much. Dez should have a much easier time than Austin. I have both of them over M Thomas.

    2) If Foster doesn't go. Then I would think long and hard about going with Tate. Jets have a tough rushing defense, but the Cowboys will use Jones a lot in the passing game which could be very beneficial in your league. F Jackson could be good too as KC is middle-of-the-road against the run.

    3) Big Ben over Bradford. I'd personally go F Jones and Best. Fred Jackson is a posibility though. Best is a must against a crappy Tampa Rush Def.

    4) Still just rumors. Make sure they play out before you make any moves. Of them.. honestly like McNabb the most. Best weapons around him and he has been solid throughout his career.

    Thanks for the comments on the site. I'll make a few tweaks.

  37. Definitely a rough group to choose from. Kendricks is surprisingly high on this list for me. I'd probably go Moss, Jones, Floyd, Kendricks, Little, Smith, Williams.

    Stay tuned in the following days. I'll have more time to think about it and I post weekly position rankings.

    As for your question below. Reggie Bush has been named the starter, so use Thomas with caution. Especially against NE

  38. 1) Detroit. TB has looked flat all preseason. ATL looks pretty damn good.

    2) Is Manning out indefinitely? I head a report from a source that he will not be having another surgery. Indy playing Houston without Peyton could be trouble though. Their back up is 75 years old. Houston had an awful pass defense last year though. Make sure you check on Collie's health too. Mike Thomas could be a better play here against an equally bad TEN defense.

  39. Team looks damn nice. Rivers is the most underrated QB in NFL fantasy. McFadden is facing the second worst run D from last year in week 1. Your WRs are all great. Finley is a top 5 TE. And solid kicker and DEF. Even your bench is deep.

    I would get rid of one of the tight ends. Maybe you could get a decent trade for Jimmy Graham who has a lot of buzz about him. Also no reason to hold two defenses. I'm actually pretty stunned that you were able to put this team together.

    I'd keep Foster on the bench in Week 1. He likely won't play, and wont be 100% if he does. McFadden has a great matchup too.

  40. RB I give to Wells. Flex I'd go either Ingram or Britt... leaning toward Britt. Make sure he is healthy though. Ingram could have a good game, GB isn't solid against the run. But he is still a rookie, in week 1, in a deep backfield.

    Ingram will have the best rookie year of any running back. And challenge for offensive rookie of the year. But he will likely be sharing time with Pierre Thomas and Darren Sproles. Expect inconsistent fantasy value.

  41. Its really hard to mess up an 8-team draft. I like you team a lot actually. Brees in round 4 is crazy. It'll be hard to contest your running backs. And youve got some great WRs with huge upside in Manningham and Welker. Glad to hear you are going SDS. In an 8 team league pretty much everyone is dead even and talented, so you need whatever edge you can find.

    Don't hate yourself as pick 10 of 10. I prefer it actually being 8 or 9 are my favorite, but 10 is doable. I'd much rather have the 10th and 11th best player than the 1st and 20th. When you have a late pick, it is hard to tell you what position to draft where because there are too many variables.

    Do not expect that you will get those RBs though after going WR/WR. You need to run a 10-team mock draft to get a sense of where these guys are going to go. If you go WR/WR your RBs are going to be far below expectation.

    I'd shoot for RB/WR or RB/RB. You will no doubt have a top WR in your lap in spot 10, so it would be hard not to take them. And you will likely see a top 7 running back. So that would be the smart move in my opinion.

    Again, run a mock draft. I dont want you to get to round 7 or 8 and see that the QBs you want have been taken.

  42. I know man. I'm counting down the hours.

    Either one of those guys would be a good play. Both are facing awful run defenses. I'd go with Williams. He's a more proven guy and Moreno will lose goal line carries.

    Best TE to start would be Kendricks for me. STL really likes him. And Philly couldn't cover the TE to save their lives last year. Olsen could see love, but starting two Panthers is fantasy suicide. I dont want you getting laughed at. Lewis has a good matchup too. Any one of them could very well be a top scorer in week 1. I'd play Kendricks.

  43. WR/WR/WR is crazy risky. But you somehow still ended up with serviceable running backs. Hopefully Moreno will be able to make it an entire year and perform better than seasons past. Gore is a great pick up in round 4.

    Stafford could have a great year. And could put up a lot of points. Its not crazy to imagine them as a playoff team in 2011.

    Again, I'm super impressed that you pulled this strategy off. No doubt in my mind that you have the best receiver lineup in your league. Hell, any league I've heard of this year. And managed to stay solid in all other positions.. even pulling the top ranked TE. Nicely done.

  44. Id go Flacco. McCoy is too much of a gamble right now for my liking. Last year, the Steeler pass defense was only 2 ypg better than the Bengals. And Flacco has more weapons. Better RBs, better WRs, better O-line. Both the Steelers and Ravens are transitioning to becoming passing teams. Meaning we could actually see some sort of shootout here rather than the 13-9 point games we've come to expect from these two.

  45. I know! That is the biggest problem running this site. No one wants to tell their friends about it.

    So please. Tell a friend as long as they aren't in your league.

  46. 12 team 1PPR league, I had pick #9

    QB- Matthew Stafford
    RB- Frank Gore
    RB- Shonn Green
    WR- Andre Johnson
    WR- Brandon Marshall
    WR- Mike Williams (TB)
    TE- Jimmy Graham
    DEF- Detroit
    K- Stephen Gostkowski
    QB- Joe Flacco
    RB- Tim Hightower
    RB- Kendal Hunter
    RB- Delone Carter
    WR- Percy Harvin
    WR- Greg Little
    TE- Jared Cook

    I've always been a fan of partnering up QB with his top receiver.. So I've been looking into trying to obtain Calvin Johnson.. Would that be a dumb move in my case? Idk what other kind of package I could offer for Megatron that doesn't involve Andre Johnson.. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem trading Andre Johnson, I just feel he has a slight edge over Calvin so I'd to ask for a little extra.

  47. I dont really have an opinion about holding a QB and his WR. More power to you if you want. You could pair Andre Johnson with Shonn Greene or Tim Hightower and ask for Calvin Johnson and their RB2 or 3. Would be easier to match value if you both trade two guys.

  48. problem is, his starting RBs are Blount and Matthews.. so either would be a downgrade.. unless I do Andre and Hightower for Calvin and Blount? is that remotely fair? lol

  49. Who is the better long term player this year.. Cedric Benson or Tim Hightower?

  50. Thanks!!! I thought the same after my draft finished as well. When I look back at my team compared to the others, it almost looks like I drafted I'm a 8 man league while everyone else drafted in a 10! I did take a huge risk and I figured I'd get praise from you for pulling this off.....still not sure how I was able to!!!!

    I have another draft this afternoon and when I'm back in front of my computer, I'll ask your pre-draft opinion.

  51. Darrren Mcfadden
    Jamal Charles
    Felix Jones

    Which two do I start this week?
    I'm scared that Darren is going to play limited if at all.

  52. I went first pick standard league:

    1. Josh Freeman
    2.Adrian Peterson
    3.Ahmad Bradshaw
    4.Darren McFadden
    5.Marques Colston
    6.Mario Mannignham
    7.Brandon Pettigrew
    Def: NE
    K: Matt Bryant ATL

    Mike Tolbert, SD RB
    Bench Julio Jones, Atl WR
    Johnny Knox, Chi WR
    Bench Matthew Stafford, Det QB
    Bench Willis McGahee, Den RB
    Bench Jimmy Graham, NO TE
    Bench Cam Newton, Car QB

    Few questions: Running with my line up as is or throwing Graham to start at TE? Likewise, Julio/Knox worth running to start or is leaving Bradshaw the best move? Any thoughts on Freeman vs. Stafford?

  53. Frank Gore,DeAngelo Williams, Ryan Mathews,and Willis McGahee are my RBs. I'm thinking about starting Gore,Williams and Mathews at the same time with Mathews getting the nod over WR Brandon Lloyd. Good idea?

    Plus Greg Little or Donald Driver just noticed Driver is on the waiver wire.

  54. I am definitely going to take a RB as my first pick. What to do with pick 11 is where I am struggling. In previous mock drafts Ive run I have always gone RB/RB and have been satisfied with the results. I just did three mock drafts taking RB/WR with my first picks and was not as happy with the results, so I think RB/RB it will be (as long as nothing too crazy happens in front of me in tonights draft).

    As for QB, besides one time when a d-bag took Stafford in round 3 Ive been able to get him at spot 70. Same goes for Bradford with pick 90.

    Another dilemma I have been facing (and it probably wont even matter in the draft) is that I take Miles Austin at pick 30 and then Dez Bryant is available with pick 50. Would it be worth it to get him for trade purposes or should I let him go?

  55. Ryan Mathews or DeAngelo Williams?

  56. I'm in a 10 team standard league. I have a trade offer presented to me.
    He want to trade me F. Jones and J. Knox for L. Blount and M. Manningham. Is this a good trade? I like jones alot.
    My team so far looks like:
    Qb: Freeman & Bradford

    Rb: McFadden, S. Jackson, R. Matthews, J. Starks

    Wr: A. Johnson, P. Harvin, L. Evens,
    M. Sim-walker, J. Ford, E. Bennett

    Te: B. Watson

    K: A. Henery

    Def: Pitt

    I'm also trying to trade for Kindricks with another team.
    Your thoughts and advice Please and Thank You!

    GHL rocks!

  57. Week 1: Should I start Brandon Marshal or Julio Jones? ... Should I start my Ravens D or should I just bring in a FA like (Cardinals or Browns)

  58. Worth a shot. I really dont think this trade is necessary though. I wouldnt do it. Why get rid of Andre Johnson? I know that you want a QB/WR combo, but Andre Johnson is a hugely elite receiver. I dont understand your reasoning for having the combo I guess. You can try that trade, I guess, but then you are also losing the sleeper potential of Hightower.

    If you really want Megatron, go ahead and try that one. But I would suggest that you keep A Johnson, maybe go after Burleson? Is that a happy middle ground?

  59. Hightower is getting all the love. I'm going to agree. I'm not a big fan of any Bengal this year.

  60. If Darren is hurt, go with the other two. Its hard to give up since he has such a great matchup for week one.

    If Darren can go, Felix Jones has a tough matchup. Could see some receiving yards, but not much else.

  61. Graham's got a better matchup. He was used a lot in the preseason and looks to be a favorite target of Brees already. I'm buying his hype this year.

    Bradshaw looks like a good play against the Redskins. Knox also has a good matchup against the Falcons. I'd wait a little while on the rookie though. I dont like starting them week 1. Gotta let them prove themselves a bit. I'd hang with Bradford I think.

    I'd go Stafford all year long

  62. I'd go Lloyd over Mathews. Minnesota is a tough matchup for Mathews and its looking like they like Tolbert more this year. Lloyd's matchup isnt that great either. But he worked well with Orton last season. Just hope they dont go completely away from the passing game.

    Driver seems to be slowing down. Losing ground to J. Nelson and even J Jones still. You aren't going to start either of them, so I'd stay with Little just because he has more upside. You'd have for him to do well and know that you let him go.

  63. I think I like that trade. I like Manningham more than Knox, but Jones more than Blount. It would be tough losing Manningham since your receivers outside of A Johnson arent too impressive, but Knox could surprise this year. You'll have to hope for a little luck though.

    I don't know if you would even start F Jones a lot though, with McFadden and Jackson as your top two backs.

    If you have a flex or third RB slot where you can consistently start F. Jones, then go for it. If he will just be a fancy addition to your bench, then I'd decline.

  64. Marshalls got a good first matchup and is a solid number one guy. Jones has a harder task ahead of him and is a WR2. Go with Marshall.

    If you want to go SDS, then go with the Cards this week against last year's worst offense, the Panthers. Its tough to let the Ravens go though. Not the best week 1 matchup though.

  65. I got offered.. Andre Johnson and Frank Gore for Calvin Johnson and Matt Forte.. hell no right? haha

  66. Friend wants to know if this is a good trade: Gore Jennings and Romo for Hillis Brady and Ochocinco

  67. Second pick in a 14 team standard coming up in a few hours..with AP going first, who's the right pick? Chris Johnson (who doesn't strike me as the type to stay in game shape during a hold out), Arian Foster (with hamstring issues) or Ray Rice (who will allegedly see more work, including goal line)?

  68. I have a trade question for you. In my ten team league I drafted Freeman as my only QB. A Roethlisberger owner wants to trade him for one of my RBs: CJY2K, LeGarrete Blount, DeAngelo Williams, Ryan Grant, or Knowhown Moreno. Should I stay put with my RB roster or cut one of these guys loose for a more veteran QB?

  69. GHL... I am a HUGE fan of the site and this is my first post. Been visiting multiple times a day since i found it. However (sigh), I did not discover this plethora of FFB intel until a few days after my draft. I know you are asked this alot but I would really appreciate any input/advice you have to offer regarding my team. I picked 6th in a 10 team (ESPN basic settings) league. It was looking like I was going to get Rice like i wanted but Rodgers went 4th and Rice after him so I admit a freaked and nabbed a QB in the first. I am somewhat confident in all areas except WR (I went with veteran sleepers over greener options as a result of the lockout). I do worry that my team is too high on risk/reward & upside/potential/injury. One more sidenote before i post my team: I am planning on using Stafford or Kolb as trade fodder after week 1 or 2. (I also have faith that either Rice or Sims-Walker will pop and become a starter for me and i'd apreciate your thoughts on that as well... I got all of my bench receivers extremely late in the draft.)

    QB- Michael Vick
    RB- Darren Mcfadden
    RB- Lagarrette Blount
    RB/WR- Ryan Matthews
    WR- Mike Wallace
    WR- Santana Moss
    TE- Antonio Gates
    D/ST- Jets
    K- Stephen Gostkowski

    QB- Kevin Kolb
    QB- Matthew Stafford
    WR- Sidney Rice
    WR- Braylon Edwards
    WR- Mike Sims-Walker
    RB- Mike Tolbert
    RB- Ronnie Brown

    I really worry about my bench. Do you think i'll pay dearly for my lack of RB depth?

    How do you feel about having Matthews and Tolbert? This confuses me and I don't really want to move either of them before week 1 and end up regretting it.

    I've spent hours on Excel making spreadsheetsccomparing the teams in my league and I have my eye on a potential trade (my buddy has Reggie Wayne, Vincent Jackson, Mario Manninghan, Steve Smith (car), Julio Jones, and Emannuel sanders) I am mulling over offering something for Manningham and wanted to know what you thought he would ad to my team. What do you think a reasonable trade would entail on my end? Another team has solid receivers(Roddy White, Marques Colston, Brandon Lloyd, Austin Collie, Mike Thomas, and Jordy Nelson) Would you recommend pursuing a trade with him before start of season?

    I guess besides you input on my whole team my main question is: Am i down on Santana Moss or do I have reason to be concerned at WR?

    I have ALOT on the line to win this league and it's my first time playing FFB.

    P.S. aside from the wonderful writing I've found this site has the most informed fanbase and I spend most of my time reading the blog/comments. Please keep up the good work everyone

  70. Thanks. Do you think I should drop someone for Karim to handcuff to MJD? I'm having trouble deciding who. Hightower and R Bush are starting, and Tate has major upside in case of a Foster injury.

  71. ok im a "long time reader , first time post-er". ive read lots and lots of peoples teams and have seen some nice one but like mine as well as any ! thats no b.s. read and let me know if im wrong. hell im wrong all day at home so i may as well be wrong on here too. I drafted 5th in a 10 team snake with tds getting 6 points.

    qb - Romo (was last team to select a qb)

    rb - Rice, Blount,Wells , Benson, Addai, Tate

    wr - A. Johnson, Austin, Marshall, Manningham, S.Smith (carolina)

    te - Gates

    dst - Vikings ( dropped them and picked up giants for trade bait ) Cardinals,
    Used giants and ben tate to trade for Green Bay dst. !!! Yes i know.. awesome!

    k - Bironas

    Have a trade accepted to get Ryan Mathews for Addai now. Ans I still have one roster spot to fill through FA. Not sure who to get yet. Torain, Helu, Cassell, Vikings.Sproles, Piere Thomas.... many options

  72. Ryan Mathews or DeAngelo Williams?
    Stevie Johnson or Anquan Boldin?

  73. Hi, I have a 20-man roster, 6 of which are for IDPs (3 starters and 3 backups). However, I only have one TE. Would you recommend dropping one of my IDP bench players in order to secure a backup TE instead?

    Also, what is your assessment of Ben Watson vs. Greg Olson? I wasn't able to draft a top tier TE. I originally had Olson, but picked up Watson instead as a free agent. However, I'm having second thoughts and am wondering if I should just keep both (per my question above). Thanks!

  74. Just finished my second and final draft. Thanks for your advice, this is how it turned out:

    Matthew Stafford
    Kevin Kolb
    Maurice Jones-Drew
    Darren McFadden
    Michael Turner
    Willis McGahee
    DeSean Jackson
    Wes Welker
    Anquan Boldin
    Julio Jones
    Malcolm Floyd
    Antonio Brown
    Josh Brown
    San Francisco 49ers

    This league was QB happy in the first few rounds, and thats how Michael Turner fell to me at pick 30. I was excited for it, but I am not sure which 2 running backs to start this week?
    For my 3 WR/TEs I was just going to go down the list with Jackson, Welker, Boldin.


    And are you going to do an SDS article at the start of every week, or should we just consult you in the "Advice Time" articles?

  75. Hey guys,
    I love your website and have recommended it to all my friends! (Those not in my leagues, of course.) Anyway, I am in an 8 team PPR keeper league and kept Vincent Jackson, Tom Brady, and Brandon Marshall (I lost a 3rd, 4th, and 6th round pick). I drafted Mike Vick in the first round originally as trade bait, but I think I might keep him in order to avoid playing against him. McCoy fell to me in the second round. I assembled the following team:

    QBs: Mike Vick, Tom Brady, Sam Bradford
    WRs: Vincent Jackson, Brandon Marshall, Santonio Holmes, Kenny Britt, Lance Moore
    RBs: Lesean Mccoy, Frank Gore, Beanie Wells, Mark Ingram, Beanie Wells
    TEs: Jimmy Graham, Rob Gronkowski
    K: Adam Vinateri
    DEF: NY Jets
    D: Jerod Mayo, Stephen Tulloch, Ray Lewis

    With QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, and FLEX on offense, any thoughts on who to start week one? Thanks!

  76. I got a couple tough choices on my roster this week.

    TE: Kendricks or Winslow? Leaning kendricks atm against philly's TE coverage.

    WR (Pick 2) Austin (Revis island), Marshall, Welker, M.Thomas

  77. I have Nicks, Manningham and Collie as my starters (My league starts 3 WRs rather then the std 2). I have Plaxico, Braylon Edwards and Pierre Garcon on my bench. Because of the Manning not starting issue I'm going to switch Collie for Plax (I'm a huge Jet fan with hope and confidence). You think its a good move or could I do better? Also I'm thinking of dropping Garcon to pick up Nate Burleson with the hope i can grab Garcon off free agency before Manning comes back. What do you think??

  78. What are your thoughts on Ray Rice this week against Pitt? I have Bradshaw on my bench or Miles Austin, Kenny Britt

  79. Oh, forgot to mention, but it's .5PPR with a small bonus at 125yrds receiving.

  80. What's up with Sid Rice? I already have Marshawn Lynch on my squad, and am looking to open up a bench spot for rookie Lance Kendricks (I start Finley, and am scared of that knee!).

    You think it's advisable to put Rice on waivers? I also have Ben Tate, who I'm holding to f*ck over the guy who drafted Foster... bad manners, I know.

  81. De Angelo Williams against ARI def is a no-brainer in my opinion.

  82. I'd definitely rather have CJ and Forte than A Johnson and Gore.

  83. I'd rather have Gore Jennings and Romo. Romo and Brady are pretty much even, and I think that Gore and Jennings will put up better numbers than Hillis and Ochocinco.

  84. Sorry I couldnt get to this before your draft. Who'd you end up going with? I probably would have went Rice or CJ.

  85. People expected a lot out of Freeman before the preseason, but he was pretty unconvincing in the preseason games. I think it would be nice to have a more proven guy starting for you a lot. I think it would be worth it to try to give up Blount, D Williams, Grant or Moreno for him. You have a lot of depth at RB, so you wouldnt feel too much of an impact. Start with the lower RBs first, if he says no, then offer someone better.

  86. Thank you for the epic comment. Glad to have a fan. Thanks for the comment about the fan base too. My readers are actually insanely good at fantasy football. Its shocking really.

    Anyways, I'd say that you do have a few areas of concern here. I have a team very similar to this one taht I'm nervous about. None of your picks are really 'incredible' per se, but they are all servicable guys. You have a lot of experience and consistency, which is a good thing.

    I'd like to see a stronger flex guy and WR2. Like you said, chances are at least one of the WRs not named Mike Wallace on your team will step up. Until one does though, its a gamble picking who to start. Moss is a good option for week one I think.

    I would take Mathews out of flex because God only knows what is going on at RB in San Diego. MSW is a definite sit for me against the Eagles, but Rice could be a decent option against SF.

    I would definitely get active in trading after week 1 if any of your bench guys have a good first week. My strategy would be to accept that you are going to have one rocky position. Probably WR. I would try to trade two or your WRs (Moss and MSW or Rice and MSW) and get two high-mid tier running backs. That way you have a great rushing attack and a decent WR corps.

    Because tight end is so deep as well, you might be able to get a good WR for Gates and pick up a high tight end in free agency depending on who is left.

    Hope this helped. Glad to have you at GHL and playing fantasy this year. Look forward to helping you through the season.

  87. Being the last to select a QB and still getting Romo is huge. I do not understand why fantasy owners are hating on him. He consistently puts up 300 yard games. He has great receivers and elite TE and two running backs who are great catching out of the backfield.

    I definitely agree that you have put together a solid team. You could get a handful of great starting combos. Deciding which of your stars to start is going to be a problem throughout the year. But that is a good problem to have. I'd probably grab Sproles in free agency. RB has the weakest depth for you. Double check to make sure his bye week matches well with the guys you have.

  88. This week.. Williams and take your pick at WR. I'd probably go S Johnson.

  89. Both guys could potentially have great seasons. Both are helping young quarterbacks, and both are great receiving TEs. Olsen has Shockey to contend with, but I don't think that will be a great problem. I like Olsen a bit more for the experience, but Watson has great upside as the Browns don't exactly have an impressive receiving corps.

    You could get away with carrying just one of them and picking a backup when it is closer to bye week.

  90. I like it. The good part about QBs going early is that you can stock up at other positions. And you still landed Stafford who could have a great year, and a good backup in Kolb, who should be throwing a lot. McFadden is a great play, just check his health. I'd probably roll with MJD over Turner.

    I like your three starting WRs as well.

    I will be posting weekly rankings for defense, so don't you worry. Look for that tomorrow

  91. Impressive RBs considering you didn't keep any of them. I'd try to trade off one of your QBs, whoever you want really, in a few weeks. No points having three. And you can get an upgrade a WR for them.

    I like Brady or Vick week 1, toss up.
    Jackson, Marshall, Britt (if healthy) at WR
    McCoy and Gore at RB
    Graham at TE and Holmes at Flex.

    Wells could even work his way in there with a weak matchup.

  92. I panicked a little bit and went CJ in the last second. I have Hightower as my RB2 with FJax and McGahee as backups. WRs include VJax, Miles Austin and Manningham. I took upside plays everywhere else I could with Freeman/Bradford (I would have had to make an insane reach for any QB I wanted the way they were going) and Hernandez/Kendricks. My bench includes some of your sleepers like Andre Roberts and Kendall Hunter since my WRs and RBs are fairly strong as is.

  93. WR / RB flex:
    Dez Bryant vs NYJ or Stevie Johnson vs KC?
    2nd running back slot:
    Start Montario Hardesty vs CIN or Daniel Thomas vs NE?
    Jerome Harrison @ TB and
    Roy Helu @ NYG are my other RB options

  94. Hi Guys!

    LOVE your site. As a girl who's never played fantasy football before, it's been a saving grace. Can I get your thoughts on my draft last night? It's a .5 PPR league, and I was the 4th pick (12 teams).

    Rd 1. Arian Foster
    Rd 2. Matt Forte
    Rd 3. Tony Romo
    Rd 4. Dez Bryant
    Rd 5. Percy Harvin
    Rd 6. Jason Witten
    Rd 7. Eli Manning
    Rd. 8 Knowshon Moreno
    Rd. 9 Danny Amendola
    Rd. 10 Jonathan Stewart
    Rd. 11Darren Sproles
    Rd 12 Deion Branch
    Rd. 13 Greg Olsen
    Rd 14. San Fransisco Defense
    Rd 15. Nick Folk

    Any tips or advice would be great!

  95. Thanks for the advice! Also for week 1, I was planning to fill two RBs and two WRs with Tim Hightower, Javid Best, Mike Williams (TB), and Mario Manningham. For the flex spot, who do you recommend out of Arian Foster, Ben Tate, Felix Jones, Percy Harvin, or Antonio Brown? Foster's injury status and the specific matchups (e.g. Jones vs. the Jets) have made this a tougher call that I had hoped...

  96. No way. I'd rather have any of them than a handcuff. If MJD goes down, then try to grab him up.

  97. Youve got some great WRs.

    I expect Rice to have a better season than MJD this year, but if you are losing him next year, then the trade might have a little more upside.

    Only question is, would you rather be great this season, or lose a step this season to be stronger next season?

  98. Dont know that Dez will fall that far. Everything I've seen recently has him going just a few picks behind Austin. Its a possibility. I've never been a fan of having two from the same team, but its doable. Just be ready for a pretty round week 5 when they are on byes. If you can get them for good value, then yeah, pull the trigger.

  99. Definitely Williams

  100. Cool man. Sounds like you knew what you were doing. With Arian's injury, I likely would have done the same thing. Practice or no practice, CJ is pretty nasty. Definitely a fan of your receivers. Congrats on getting a good enough starting lineup to justify some big sleepers. Thats my favorite kind of draft.

  101. Probably Tate against a pretty porous Indy rush defense. Felix Jones could still put up numbers, more on the receiving end than rushing though. So he is still viable if you are PPR.

  102. I wish I had found your site before my draft! Here is my current team.

    QB- Peyton Manning, Kyle Orton, Alex Smith (I think he has a great matchup this week and next. What do you think?)

    WR- Mike Williams (TB), Kenny Britt, Jeremy Maclin

    RB- Chris Johnson, Matt Forte, Willis Mcgahee

    TE- Rob Gronkowski, Owen Daniels

    K- Rob Bironas

    Def- Bears, and Browns (Using Browns week 1)

    Any advice for week one? Should I drop A smith? Also what are your thoughts on Cam Newton. The Peyton Manning recovery time is really worrying me.

    Thanks for your time. You are now my go to web site.

  103. I forgot to mention I also have Santana Moss as well.

  104. And I play in a PPR, 3 WR, 2 RB, no flex league.

  105. Love the site. My draft went as such...

    QB - T.Romo, J.Cutler
    RB - J.Charles, A.Peterson, R.Mathews, C.J.Spiller, R.Helu, M.Hardesty, S.Ridley
    WR - M.Wallace, M.Thomas, N.Burleson, E.Bennett, P.Garcon, B.Gibson, J.Nelson
    TE - Jimmie Graham, J.Gresham

    In a standard non-ppr league how solid am I and who to start?
    1-QB, 3-WR, 2-RB, 1-TE, 1-Flex

  106. Cedric Benson is my 4th RB, I was just offered to trade him for Brandon Jacobs and Marcedes Lewis. Right now Gronkowski is my TE. Would you do the trade?

  107. I'd go Kendricks as well. Not many passing options for Bradford against a great Eagles secondary, so Kendricks could see a lot of looks.

    The Patriots were not so hot against the pass last year, and haven't done much to improve their secondary, so I'd probably gamble with Marshall. I agree to avoid Austin vs Revis. Welker could have a ton of work against the Dolphins and Thomas is working against a pretty simple Tennessee secondary, but the Jax offense is questionable at best.

    Thomas would be too big a gamble to justify on week 1, so I'd go Welker. It'll be easier to live with playing Welker and having Thomas perform well than play Thomas and have Welker do well on your bench.

  108. I read the first two sentences and thought to myself that Plax might be a better play. Then I read on and saw you'd already done it. So I agree there.

    Garcon is ranked quite a bit higher than Burleson, so that is a risky move. I wouldn't make it myself, but I understand where you are coming from. If you are confident that you will be able to get him once Peyton is back, then more power to you.

  109. Austin is a no go for me. Revis is on him all night and that doesn't usually end well. Britt could be a great play, but his injury is a concern. If he is clear and looks 100% then he'd be my pick.

    The Redskins were pretty awful against the run last year, so it might be a good play to go with Bradshaw. Hard to sit Rice. Especially on week 1, but Pittsburgh is no joke, allowing less than 65 rushing yards per game last season. if Rice contributes a lot, it'll have to be in the receiving game.

  110. You have to remember that Rice is the number one receiver on his team. It might not be a good team exactly, but he is still the best target that they have. Plus, he has worked with T Jackson before.

    It would be hard for me to let him go. If you already have a very solid starting receiver corps that you are extremely confident in and Rice is just taking up space, then you can go ahead. I have to imagine that you have a weaker player you could give up though.

  111. Brandon Jacobs or Reggie Bush in the flex?

  112. Wow. That is not a very solid running back group you have there. What happened?

    Dez could do well against the Jets, believe it or not. Austin will be getting most of the pressure and Dez could get a lot of looks. KC is pretty middle-of-the-road against the pass, but I like Romo a lot more than I like Fitzpatrick.

    Not a clue which one of those running backs to go with. All of them are backups. I think you need to go shopping or trading or something immediately if you really want to compete in your league.
    Hardesty might see a little work against CIN, but not much. Daniel Thomas is going up against a harder defense than the others, but he will see the most playing time I think. Harrison is pretty much a drop in my mind, as he might end up the third RB on the Lions depth chart. Helu is alright if Hightower gets hurt... but won't be a legit fantasy starter until then.

  113. I like your move to take Foster. Hopefully he won't be out too long. And I have to love your Cowboys picks. I would have probably jumped on a third wide receiver a bit sooner, but Bryant and Harvin could both have higher than expected years.

    Overall, I think your starting lineup is great. A few nice value picks in there. I would have waited on a backup QB.

    Glad you found us and thanks for letting me take a look at the lineup! Happy to have you. And if you've got any friends looking to beat up on the boys in fantasy, send them our way!

  114. Alex Smith may have great matchups.. But that doesnt make him any less Alex Smith. I'd cut him out. And don't even look at Newton. Peyton may take a while to get in and play. But Orton could get the job done for you. I just hope that the Broncos don't rely too much on the run and take passes away from him.

    I'd run with Williams Britt and Moss. Maclin is Britt is still hurt.
    CJ and Forte at RB
    Daniels at TE

    Thanks for making us your go-to site! Glad to have you. Spread the word

  115. Looks good to me. How the hell you managed Charles and Peterson is beyond me. I would imagine the only way you could do that is in maybe a 3 team league.

    Starters for me are pretty obvious at QB and RB. WR gets a little dicey. Thomas has a good matchup. Wallace is a given. Third spot, I'd probably go with Burleson and hope he gets some looks against the Bucs. I'd go Thomas at TE.

    Your RBs should get most of the work done for you. Maybe you can deal Mathews for a better WR2 or 3.

  116. Gronk isnt looking so hot right now. Hernandez is getting a lot of work. I'd make the trade. The more I think about it, the more I like Jacobs than Benson. And if he's your 4th RB, then it hardly matters. I'd do it.

  117. Jacobs is playing the worse defense, but I'd probably go Bush. He has sleeper potential and could get most of the carries. Both come with risk, so take the one with the highest upside.

  118. I have a bit of a conundrum at receiver: I have Dez Bryant, Marques Colston, Mike Thomas, and Sidney Rice as my receivers and I need 3. I figure Dez and Colston are locks, but I'm worried because Garrard was cut today and Rice is still hurt. Who would you start in the number 3 position, assuming .5 points per reception? Also, I have Jahvid Best and Beanie Wells to chose from in my FLEX position. As of now, I have Wells starting because of the match-up. Any thoughts?

  119. Wallace and Peterson were keepers. lol 10-team standard format.


  120. One more question. These are the top QBs on waivers in my league. Do you think any of them are better fantasy wise than Kyle Orton?

    Matt Cassel, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Hasselbeck, Rex Grossman, Jason Campbell

  121. And Moss or Burleson in WR? Burlwson is on Waivers.

  122. That makes more sense.

  123. That is pretty rough. I'd have to go Rice.

    Both flex spots have good matchups. TB improved their rush defense over the offseason though. I'd roll with Wells because of the matchup.

  124. Cassel could surprise. Grossman too. I'd stay with Orton though. Drop him after this week if it looks like he isn't getting passing chances.

    Gotta like Santana Moss over Burleson.

  125. Who would you go with in a RB2 slot in week 1 - Ryan Matthews or Beanie Wells?

    As always, thanks!!

  126. Question:
    Hi, with the recent news that Delone Carter will be the 2nd RB in Indianapolis, Do I can drop Danny Woodhead for him?
    12 teams league, 3 keepers league
    My RB are: Matt Forte, Ryan Mathews, Ryan Grant and Woodhead

    Thank you for your advise


  127. Wells, no doubt

  128. MAtt Ryan or Josh Freeman week 1? Im leaning towards Ryan because of how explosive that team could be. Also Suh doesn't play for the bears last I checked. Or will TB Det become a shoot out?

  129. I would. You likely wont play either of them. But in the relatively likely chance that fragile Addai gets injured, you'll have his backup waiting.

  130. IDP - 8 Team League, Heres my team

    Michael Vick QB - PHI
    Maurice Jones-Drew RB - JAC
    Ray Rice RB - BAL
    Roddy White WR - ATL
    Jeremy Maclin WR - PHI
    Vernon Davis TE - SF

    (3 FLEX SPOTS)
    Joseph Addai RB - IND
    Wes Welker WR - NE
    * ( OPEN - see bench )

    Matt Bryant K - ATL

    Julius Peppers DL - CHI
    Brian Urlacher LB - CHI
    Eric Berry DB - KC
    Paul Posluszny LB - JAC
    ** (T.J. Ward DB - CLE
    ( i know its a bold move to run 2 DBs should i just pick up another LB instead of two of the best DBS? I Dropped C.Greenway a week ago...)

    Josh Freeman QB - TB
    Marshawn Lynch RB - SEA
    Robert Meachem WR - NO
    Lance Moore WR - NO
    Jimmy Graham TE - NO
    *** ( one open Bench slot )


    Curtis Lofton - ATL
    Chad Greenway - MIN
    Stephen Tulloch - DET
    Ray Mualuga - CIN
    James Laurinaitis LB - STL

    Donald Driver
    Deion Branch
    Jordy Nelson
    Harry Douglas
    Devin Hester (He returns alot of punts/kickoffs...)


    First off, What would you do?
    And any suggestions on who i should pick up off that FA list?

    Thank you so much for your time, and the wonderful website it is very informative and appreciated!!!!

  131. GHL helped me last year, so i'm back for more.
    12 man non-PPR:
    Reggie Bush or Jahvid Best?
    SuperMario or Percy Harvin?

    That's all I have..thanks!

  132. Does your opinion of MJD's value change because of the Garrard news today?

  133. Hey GHL,
    Just wondering what defenses you like for this week (standard league), I drafted the dolphins d/st but don't like the match-up
    Thanks for any advice

  134. Ok, so now that Garrard is out of a job and Collie is going to play with almost certainly Collins chucking the ball, now who would you start (btw this week is rivalry week in this league, so it's of huge importance)

  135. Awesome site...hoping you can get me past first round of playoffs this year...second year at league mates noticed a significant change in my strategy this weekend draft

    10 team keeper draft...drafted 6th in snake:

    QB: ROMO; Bradford

    WR: ANDRE JOHNSON (keeper), HAKEEN NICKS, Mike Thomas, Steve Breaston, Danny Amendola, Antonio Brown, Andre Roberts



    Feel weak at running back. The flew off board...Able to get ROMO in 6th round...curious about SDS...SDS seems to be dependant upon matchups...I am interested in your thoughts.

    Touble with flex position: RB / WR...what is your strategy in filling this position...can't seem to find info on opposing defenses this early...keep up the great work...I hope to contribute to the TIP JAR.

  136. I trust Collie with Collins more than I trust Mike Thomas with a rookie QB.

  137. I like the ATL offense. Only problem would be if they get way ahead early and choose to run. I dont trust Freeman yet, and Detroit is looking pretty good. I'd go Ryan.

  138. Laurinaitis is my favorite LB on your FA list. I'd take him over Greenway.

    I'd actually think pretty heavily about putting Graham in at your flex spot. Its really hard to predict with NO receiver other than Colston will have a big game. So I am not a huge fan of having both Moore and Meachem. Lynch has potential as SEA could run a lot.

    Your starters look really good, so you can afford a bit of a gamble at your flex. Also, I can't imagine that anyone has as good an IDP lineup as you.

  139. I can't exactly put my finger on why.. but I like your name a lot. Perhaps its just the tone in which I'm reading it.

    Best over Bush. Manningham over Harvin.

  140. MJD's not so much. Last year he faced a lot of defenders in the box, and this year will be no different. He can make it work. I have him about the same.

  141. Posting later today all of my rankings. Just finishing up the research.

  142. Thanks a lot. I'm hoping so too.

    I have no issues with your running backs really. You have a weak bench, but starters are solid. I'm assuming that one of them is flex, so on bye weeks you can just sub a WR. I like the lineup that you have picked for this week.

    My strategy for flex is always who has the best matchup of your remaining players. If you are PPR, then it will generally go to a WR. If not, it can go either way.

    SDS is based a lot on matchup, but you have to keep the defense you are picking in mind. If they get no turnovers and are incredibly porous it doesnt really matter who they play. I will be posting all my rankings later today.

  143. Ingram or Addai as flex, I've been high on ingram all preseason and it looks like hes going to get the goal line carries as well and he'd be my only player playing thursday and who doesn't want someone to watch in the first game of the season. Although addai without manning might get a lot of work and houston was not great against the run last year but this year wade phillips looks like hes done some good things with their D. What do you think?

  144. I love your blog! It is awesome! I am a newbie to FF, but born and bred in football my whole daddy was a football coach. Here is my roster...what do you think for week 1?

    QB - Roethlisburger
    RB - Blount
    RB - McCoy
    WR - A. Johnson
    WR - Julio Jones
    W/R - Amendola
    TE - Graham
    K - Janikowski
    DEF - Atlanta

    QB - Stafford
    RB - Ingram
    WR - Sims-Walker
    TE - Lewis
    K - Bryant
    DEF - Lions


  145. Thanks for the reply, this is my first FF league and I had the 10th slot in a 12 person snake draft. Went WR / WR with Andre Johnson and Greg Jennings, then WR / TE with Dez Bryant and Antonio Gates. Thought everyone would be stocked up on RBs by that point anyway so I went WR / QB for Stevie Johnson and Josh Freeman the next time through. So my first RB was Daniel Thomas in the 7th round with the 82nd pick. Now I'm trying to trade B. Pettigrew for Graham because Pettigrew has a goode matchup in their starting TEs bye and then use Graham as RB trade bait. Other than that I have to hope for Hillis, Best or Bush to go down. It is a pretty casual league so I am hoping other owners weekly mistakes will give me a little more slack to make up for my draft mistakes.

    FA RBs available are

    Deji Karim
    Kendall Hunter
    Maurice Morris
    Donald Brown
    Bernard Scott
    Delone Carter and other similar

  146. Just had a 12 team draft. My buddies pulled 7 TEs in rounds 4 and 5 litterally back-to-back. I watched and grabbed some solid RB/RB bench spots. Grabbed Cook in the 14th round. Think he is good enough to stand on his own for the season? - I used your rankings so thank you. They helped a lot. Zach Miller is still on waiver, no Kendricks tho. And I'd give up Tate, Helu, or Greg Little

  147. I'm a little nervous about Ingram splitting so much time. Houston and Green Bay were both good against the run last year. I think its worth the upside to go Ingram though. Its a gut call.

  148. Thanks a lot. Glad you like it.

    Definitely not a flashy roster, but it could get the job done. Roeth is up and down fantasy-wise, but they are looking like they might center more around a passing game this year, so he could surprise. Blount and McCoy are both solid. Neither are exactly elite though.

    You also take a pretty sharp drop off after Andre Johnson. Jones could be alright, but a rookie in the season after a holdout is not an ideal situation. Amendola seems like a bit of a stretch too, but could get a lot of work if the Rams go pass-happy. Graham is good to go though.

    Could be a rough first year if we're going by average numbers, but you have sleeper candidates. Also, you need to go free agent hunting and get rid of the backup kicker, defense and maybe use Lewis as trade bait. Backup kickers and defenses are a drafting sin as far as I'm concerned. Get rid of them for some WR depth.

  149. I like Cook, so be happy that TEs went fast. You got a solid guy who should stand his ground. If he doesnt work, then I'm sure there are some on the wire that you can get later in the season. Once Foster is back, you might be able to drop Tate if you want security at the TE spot. Miller was great in OAK and that should continue with in an inexperienced Seattle team.

  150. Stacked at all other positions. But RB is brutal. You are going to need to restructure there. You won't win many games starting all backups. You have 4 great WRs and can likely only start 3 of them. So trade one. Itll be worth it. Find a team stacked at RB and offer them one of your guys and get some value out of it.

    All FAs you listed are backups too. Hard to pick a favorite. Maybe Carter since Addai is fragile. All of them will get you roughly the same results though until a starter gets hurt.

  151. I had my standard scoring 12 team draft Monday. Started with the 5th pick. Here is how my team looks going into week 1.

    QB - J. Freeman
    WR - H. Nicks
    WR - Calvin Johnson
    RB - Ray Rice
    RB - Beanie Wells
    RB/WR - ?
    TE - Jimmy Graham
    K - Matt Bryant
    DEF - Browns

    BN - Mike Tolbert
    BN - Dez Bryant
    BN - Brandon Jacobs
    BN - Mike Thomas
    BN - Roy Williams
    BN - Kyle Orton
    BN - Darron Sproles

    My rough choice is the flex position. I am considering Tolbert right now since Dez is playing Jets. Jacobs may be able to steal a TD as well. What are your thoughts?

  152. I like Dez at the Jets. Austin worries me against Revis, but I dont see Bryant having much trouble, he could get a lot of little slants and screens his way. Tolbert has a good matchup, but I dont trust that backfield yet. Jacobs will eitehr get you 4 points or 14. So if youre up to the gamble then go ahead. I'd go Dez, personally.

  153. hi, im in a PPR 14 team league, this is my team

    QB Peyton Manning, Kevin Kolb
    WR Andre Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Roy Williams, Emanuel Sanders Steve Smith (PHIL)
    RB Darren McFadden, Ryan Mathews, Daniel Thomas, Delone Carter, Rashad Jennings
    TE Gronkowski, Greg Olsen
    K Alex Henery
    DEF Green Bay
    D James Anderson, D.J. Williams

    Well I have a hospital an the league hasnt even started, I hope Maning can comeback in week 3, I dont know who to start on RB2 and was going to drop Rashad Jennings for Collins and possibly play him this week over kolb, but after reading a little maybe it would be better to pick up CLE defense and play it over the GB defense, and DJ Williams for another tackle solo machine. What do you think? if anybody needs help is me right? LOL

  154. also... there is a guy in my league with dwayne bowe, mario maningham, mike tolbert, and deangelo williams, maybe I can entice him to give up either williams or tolbert and manningham for marshal and daniel thomas.. would that be better?

  155. I have Percy Harvin, Shonn Greene, and Beanie Well. I need to choose two in a PPR league. Thanks!

  156. Speaking of Miles Austin, I've got him in one of my leagues and everyone is saying how bad he might do this week. I've got Amendola on my bench, should I make the switch?

  157. WR - R. White
    WR - M. Wallace
    WR - ?
    Flex - ?

    Available players: M. Thomas, J. Ford, Felix Jones, J. Best.

    I play in a .5 PPR with .5 Return Yards. Two spots open. Your thoughts?

  158. I have Austin higher than Amendola.

    Like many other sites you go to, you will find that lots of people are afraid of Revis and for good reason. Austin fell down my rankings, but I still trust the Romo/Austin connection more than the Bradford/Amendola

  159. Don't sell yourself too short. Hopefully Manning will be back soon. But this week Kolb has himself a nice matchup.
    I would definitely look for a new WR3 and RB2 as you are very short. You can chop Jennings now. And in a few weeks, if they are not performing well, you can likely cut Roy Williams and Emmanuel Sanders too. You look good at TE, though I'm not a fan of carrying two of them
    GB is solid, so you can probably hang on to them for a while. No complaints on your IDP guys.

    I wouldnt recommend the trade you had below, because that would leave you too weak at WR. Try to get someone to bite on one of your tight ends for a sleeper WR who is also a starter. Mike Sims Walker, Mike Thomas, Julio Jones, Sidney Rice. Robert Meachum could be good since Lance Moore is out. Maybe something will work out for you.

    There are also a few WR sleepers probably on waivers. Antonio Brown, Steve Breaston, Andre Roberts. Make sure they are a starter though.

    As for RB, cross your fingers that Mathews/Thomas will look good this week and take some carries away from Tolbert/Bush. Outside of that, I dont know that you are really in position to make any trades for a RB high enough for what you need.

    Maybe someone would be willing to take Darren McFadden and Ryan Mathews for two midtier RBs (one starting on the fantasy team, one on the bench) if any other team is stacked at RB. It might be a long shot, but giving them the offer of having their top RB combined with Darren McFadden will prompt them to make the trade.

    Hope this helped. A lot of hypotheticals. Its possible to clean this team up a bit, but it'll take some work.

  160. Greene and Wells. Both could be good in PPR, both are facing questionable defenses. Harvin could see trouble against SD.

  161. I like Jones this week. Not a whole lot, but he has PPR potential. You know that Dallas is going to have to throw a lot of screens and check downs. And hopefully Jones can find a few holes.

    I am not going to claim that I know a whole lot about return men right now. A little later in the season and I would be better at it. If J Ford is returning punts and kickoffs, then I'd start him. If not, Thomas.

  162. how about darren mcfadden for LeGarrete Blount and Tim Hightower?

  163. Who to start at flex?

    R Bush, S Rice, A Green, J Knox, E Sanders

  164. ok.. how about McFadden and either Mathews or Daniel Thomas for LeGarrete Blount and Tim Hightower?

  165. Thank you. I'm not sure what to make of return yards with the new kickoff rules but I do know that J. Ford is the primary kick returner for the Raiders. They still haven't announced their starting WRs but I'm gonna assume it's a rotation and J. Ford will be in that mix. They've also said that he will occasionally return punts.

    If I go with J. Ford as my WR3, would you go M. Thomas or F. Jones as the flex? I'm leaning towards Felix cuz I think he's ready to bust out and Garrett loves the screen game like you mentioned. I'd normally lean towards the WR in PPR format, but I'm just not sure what to expect with McCown hardly getting any reps in the preseason and being named the starter this week. That has to affect M. Thomas, no?

  166. Need help in setting my roster this week. Right now I have Dez Bryant starting but I have Mike Thomas, Sims Walker, and Burress on the bench. AlsoAt RB I have Arian Foster but need to sub him out. the options are derrick ward and Ryan Matthews. I am not really sold on either but am out of options. What should I do?

  167. Josh Freeman and Steve Smith (car) for Anquan Boldin. I picked smith up off waivers so not losing a draft pick.

  168. In a 12 man league, my roster is:
    QB Stafford
    RB Foster
    RB Gore
    WR M. Wallace
    WR S. Moss
    W/R/T Moreno
    TE Finley
    K Henery
    DEF Philly

    (bench: Felix Jones, Jacoby Ford, Green Bay, Robert Meacham, Steve Smith(Carolina))

    I have a buddy that has McFadden that wants to trade him and Brandon Pettigrew for Finley and Felix Jones. I like Felix this year but love Mcfadden. I like Finleys potential in that offense but also like to stack as many RB's as I can as our point stucture favors RBs or WR's. Also, Jared Cook hasn't been picked up by anyone so I figured I could grab him if Pettigrew doesnt pan out.

    Any thoughts on the trade proposal? Thanks!


  169. 1 ppr need a flex and 1 wr out of maclin, marshall, ingram, pettigrew, ryan grant, addai, and mike thomas. was thinkin of goin marshall as wr 2 and maclin in the flex but will maclin get less opportunities bc he missed so much of the preseason?

  170. Eli Manning, Tony Romo, and Matthew Stafford. Which two should I start?

  171. Stafford all the way! Manning would be #2 IMO. Stafford has had a great per-season (yes it featured 2nd and 3rd teams) but he has the best potential this week of those 3

  172. I agree, with Stafford. I just have difficulty putting stck into Manning after he lost smith and Boss, though Nicks and Manningham will do well against the 'Skins injured secondary. Eli is just erratic and Romo should be rearing to go with Dez Bryant and Miles Austin. But yes, the Jets secondary can likely shut them down.

  173. That sounds pretty good. Would be great for you if it worked and beef your team up quite a bit. Having two 10ppg RBs is better than having a 13ppg RB and a 5ppg RB

  174. This is tough. Bush is playing a tough team and splitting time, so he is hard to say yes to in week 1. Rice might be trouble too. Knox has a rough matchup, but could get a lot of look.

    My gut is telling me Knox this week, but I do have Rice ranked higher.

  175. This is a little iffier. I'd hold on to Mathews just in case he does something incredibly unpredicted. McFadden and DT for the two would be where I draw the line.

  176. I have to think that Ford is going to be a part of their receiving game too. I think the kickoff game, you can expect to see about 1/2-2/3 of the return yardage from last year. I know that the Cowboys have two kickers, one to specialize in kickoffs so that the team is practically guaranteed a touchback every time. It could affect the return game a lot.

    I'd take Felix at flex for the reasons you mentioned. Its going to be a damn hard game for them, but someone has to catch the ball, and Romo will likely keep it short. Thomas is definitely more of a question mark as you said.

  177. Dez will have a better game than any of the other WRs you listed. Thomas is going with an awful QB, SimsWalker has a touch matchup in his first game with a new team, and Burress is the second WR, with Sanchez as a quarterback on his first game back from prison.

    Keep an eye on Foster's status, I honestly think that he will play. If not... is tough, probably Mathews. He's less of a huge risk than Ward.

  178. I'd say go ahead. Boldin is a better play that Smith. And I assume that Freeman was just your backup QB.

    If you trust your other QB enough to let Freeman go, then definitely go ahead.

  179. Who should I start in my flex spot? Starting Calvin Johnson and Welker as WR, McCoy and Felix Jones as RB.

    Bench WR are Mike Thomas, Johnny Knox, Amendola; Bench RB are Fred Jackson, McGahee, and Delone Carter.

    Basically torn between Thomas (#1 on the Jags), Fred Jackson (#1 on Buf), and McGahee (#2 on Denver but TD thief).

    Any help much appreciated!

  180. If the point system favors RBs, then I'd say go for it. Both are injury risks, but McFadden has a higher rankings than Jones does. Pettigrew could be alright this year. Definitely not as good as Finley, but like I've been saying all year, there are 20+ tight ends that could pull of fantastic seasons.

    Depends on the scoring systems, but I can tell that you like the trade and are looking for confirmation.

  181. I like Marshall as your WR. Maclin could do alright. I dont see him being limited at all. All your RBs listed have rough matchups.

  182. Stafford and Romo, if it were me. Giants havent looked good in the preseason, but Washington was miserable against the pass last year. Eli and Romo could be a toss up.

  183. I'd count Thomas out. Luke McCown is his starting QB.
    Fred Jackson would probably be my pick here.

  184. Shonn Green or Tim Hightower at Flex and why?

  185. Greene. Facing a porous run defense. And will not split time with LT like he did last season.

    Hightower will be competitive this year, but not as much against the Giants. And if WAS is playing from behind, then they will resort to the pass.

  186. pick 3 rbs.

    r. mendenhall
    l. blount
    m. lynch
    b. wells

  187. Greene, Mendenhall, Wells.

    Don't like Blounts matchup. Can't shake the fact that the Bucs only won one game against a team with a winning record last year. Not an impressive preseason either.

  188. Thanks, love the site by the way!

  189. Hi, I hace Darren McFadden and Ryan Mathews as my starting RB's in a 14 team PPR league, Derrick Ward is on the wire and I could probable drop, Gronkowsky (strter) or any one in my bench Olsen, Emanuel Sanders, Steve Smith (PHIL), Daniel Thomas.. also on the wire, Randall Cobb, Jerious Norwood, Brent Celek and Donald Brown.

  190. Tony Romo or Josh Freeman @ QB?

    Kenny Britt or DeAngelo Williams @ Flex?


  191. Pick 1 qb, 2 rbs, 3 wrs, 1 flex
    QB- Matt Ryan or Kyle Orton
    RB- L. McCoy, M. Turner, K. Moreno, Jonathan Stewart
    WR- Julio Jones, Desean Jackson, Brandon Lloyd, Hines Ward, Ochocinco
    TE- Olsen or Keller


  192. Beanie, worth the hype on week 1? Over Steven Jackson? You have Beanie ranked at 10 and Jackson ranked 18.. Is Beanie really a top 10 play this week when he didnt produce at all last season even agains bad run defenses.. Like to hear the expert logic!


  193. Jordy Nelson looked pretty good last night. Should I pick him up? If so, who should I drop? My bench:

    Boldin, Hightower, Crabtree, Cutler, R Bush, Tate (Hou)

  194. Its a gamble, no doubt. Ward will be splitting time with Tate, and maybe even Slaton. But agaisnt the Indy defense, he could have a great day. I'm not sold on Mathews, Tolbert will likely get most of the work, and will face a harder defense.

    Picking who to drop is difficult. Steve Smith is third on the depth chart, so he could go. Im not very confident about Sanders either, he has a lot of competition at the position, but could emerge as the WR2 for the Steelers.

    If you want to get Ward and start him, then I'd get rid of Smith. Once Foster comes back, you can probably get Smith back.

  195. Romo at QB.
    Flex is tough. Both could have great games. Neither one should be a dud this week. You'll be set either way. I'm going to say Britt though.

  196. I'm not here to make your team for you. You gotta remember that this is just a suggestion. If your gut says otherwise, then by all means, go for it.

    With that said I'd go:
    McCoy, Turner
    D Jax, Lloyd, Ocho

  197. Wells struggled last year because there was no passing game in ARI. I think he turns the corner this year. Cant argue with the matchup either.

    SJax has a tough matchup. And if the corners can shut the Rams down, they will also be able to pack the box and stop Jackson.