Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 2 Wrapup

Hey everyone.

Been at a conference since Sunday a.m. so I haven't been able to get to the sites.

I did want to provide a bit of a wrap up today, and ensure everyone that Week 3's Position Rankings and Advice time will be up this week for you to ask any questions you may have.

I may be slow getting the response to you, but rest assured that I guarantee a reply to your question by kickoff next Sunday.

I won the matchup in two of my leagues. Jordan and I are currently tied for first place in our league 2-0-0. DeSean Jackson let me down and caused me to lose my game in the expert league. It hurt a little bit after being so dominant last week, but I'm sure I can come back. I'm still the highest scoring team in the league.

Will be more analysis later this week, I just wanted to get this update in. In the comments please let me know how your week went. Who was great for you and who disappointed? How did you SDS and Kicker strategy ideas work out? Did you win or lose?

Let me know this. I've also got a bit of a poll question for you guys. I want your opinion... In 2011, will Cam Newton and Steve Smith keep this up? Will each of them finish in the top 10 fantasy football producers at their position? Top 5? Let me know what you think!

Thanks everybody. Hope you all had a great week.


  1. used the sds strategy and picked Detroit D against KC. 21 points!

  2. I agonize over kickers and defenses more than any other position. For the last 2 seasons I've been shuffling them first by matchup, then by overall rank... This week I picked up Nick Folk and the Detroit Defense on waivers. In my league, which is standard scoring with regard to K and DEF, these two picks net me a ridiculous 34 points. I won my fantasy matchup despite down weeks at key positions.

    Shuffling your defense and kicker is the way to go in 10-12 team leagues, especially when you're really the only one doing it. However, if there are 2-3 other managers with the same strategy, you're better off switching them out opportunistically and sticking with a solid pickup for multiple weeks... at least that's what I think.

    I have a question about a trade that I'm considering proposing. My receivers blow. Here is the starting lineup:
    Mojo Drew
    B Wells

    Thinking of trading away Mojo for a top receiver... I lost Colston early and put him on waivers for Henderson. If I can't recover him this week, I am in a rough spot. Would you accept Mojo for Fitz or Megatron? Do you think that dropping Mojo all together is a bad idea, and that I should just wait to strike waiver gold a la 2010 Brandon Lloyd?

  3. Went 2-0 thanks to Vincent Jackson and Miles Austin in one league and a well balanced attack in my other league. In my 14 team money league there was little on the wire for defense, so I gambled with Buffalo hosting Oakland in an early game on a short week. They got me 2 points. As far as kickers, I had Akers in one league and Kasay in the other. Kasay outperformed him.

    However I'm now facing injury concerns in my 14 team with Miles Austin, Manningham and Aaron Hernandez. And hopefully CJ can get right this week against Denver. My question is this though: obviously the Jamaal Charles owner is looking for a replacement behind Forte. The only player he has I would want is Roethlisberger..and I can send any combination of FJax, Hightower or McGahee with Freeman or Bradford. But do you think there would be enough of an upgrade at QB to sacrifice some RB depth? And between FJax and Hightower, which do you think will be better over the long-term?

  4. Won 3 leagues,but suffered my first loss of the season in my other one due to Michael Vick and Arian Foster getting injured. It was only by 6 points so I'm pretty mad at Brent Celek's butter fingers on that last touchdown pass to him which would have been 8 points to Vick. *dammit* Anyway, I thought this week was going to be a walk since I'm playing the guy who drafted Jamaal Charles and Peyton Manning, but now I've got Foster, Austin, and Vick injured. The rules in this league are tricky so I need some advice. I'm not too worried about Vick because I have Stafford as a back up in case he stays out. With Austin the problem is I have Amendola and Branch as back ups. I could start Branch, but my other receiver is Welker so that feels redundant to me. My other option is picking up Nate Burleson or Jordy Nelson. A lot of people are raving about Jordy Nelson, but I've got this feeling about Burleson this week so I was hoping you could weigh in on that. Secondly, I've got the issue of what to do with Arian Foster. In this league I'm only allowed 2 back up running backs. I can have unlimited IR moves, but they have to be on IR or Doubtful status by Friday @ 10pm. Week 1 we didn't know about Foster until Sunday, so that opportunity passed me by. The question here is, my 2 backups are Mark Ingram and James Starks, both of whom I like. While I hate handcuffing, do you think in this case, if Foster's status once again remains a mystery, that I should bite the bullet and drop one of those guys for Tate? Thanks for everything, and as for the poll question, while I think Steve Smith is certainly a talented enough receiver to keep this going, defenses are going to start picking away at Cam Newton in the next few weeks. I think in about 2 years he might be thought of as a top QB, but I think eventually these Defenses are going to slow him down. Who knows, maybe that will mean better years for Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart.

  5. Cam newton hasn't disappointed anyone at any level yet. I love when Merril Hodge finds away to keep picking on him.

    Did you see Aaron Rodgers face?

    I've started him both games. My first year in a keeper league so it was him or Cutler. Now I have Fitzpatrick who I'm looking to trade since my WR are horrible. Jamal Charles I just lost for the season. I'm so screwed.

  6. I give Brandon Pettigrew and Dexter McCluster to receive Jimmy Graham. Is this a smart trade? I already have Antonio Gates as my starter, just wanted to upgrade my insurance.

    My RB position is weak with:
    Pierre Thomas (starting)
    Daniel Thomas (starting)
    Roy Helu (bench)
    Jerome Harrison (bench)
    Deji Karim (bench)
    Dexter McCluster (bench)

    Am I giving up too much at RB with the trade?

    For QB I had Josh Freeman (starting) and Sam Bradford (bench) for the past 2 weeks. I have a favorable waivers position and am considering picking up and stashing Fitzpatrick, it this worth the extra roster spot? I'm not ready to drop either Freeman or Bradford yet.

    Another alternative would be to pick up the Skins or Dallas D, start them this week and bench my Saints D. My opponent has Bills D with no backup, I'm assuming they are going to want the 'Skins or Cowboys D this week, so I could be blocking them as well.


  7. To answer your question on Starks/Ingram:


  8. I lost by 7 points because my opponent had Maclin..42 points in my league. That and Cadillac and Reggie Wayne performed like crap this week. 0-2, bah.

    I see Newton and Smith keeping numbers up, although the INT's could be an issue once defenses adjust even more.

  9. I dominated in one league, and got dominated in the other. The thing is, the league that I thought I had a really good team is the one I'm at 0-2-0, and the 16 team joker league that I'm not really that worried about, I'm now 1-1-0.

    And it's been hard not to put Cam Newton in for both leagues...the guy has put up monster numbers that dwarf my other QBs (Romo & Kolb). I picked him up in both leagues, but he's been riding the pine. With Romo out, I think he's going to get a start this week.

  10. lost by 23. I had Roddy white and Desean Jackson against Michael Turner. Turner performed my guys didn't. So i am off to an 0-2. I need a win this week. So desperate that ill let you pick my starters. Im tired of double guessing myself.
    I thought I made some good moves like starting the Lions D and playing starks over foster. However, Matthews had a better game. My opponets are scoring triple digits each week so I need all the points I can get.
    QB Schaub or Roethlisberger
    RB Foster, Tate, Starks, Matthews or Mendy. Pick 2
    WR D Jackson, Roddy white, Dez Bryant, Or Plax. Pick 3
    TE chandler or t gonzalez
    I appreciate any help you can give me.

  11. Some Help Please God.....

    10 team, 1 Point PPR - 0-2 right now so i need some help this week

    I need to play 2 out of these 5 players , 1 in my RB2 spot, and 1 in my FLEX spot.

    Ahmad Bradshaw vs Phi
    Cedric Benson vs SF
    Ben Tate vs NO
    Willis McGahee vs Ten
    Sam Bradford vs Bal

    also, my TE is Dallas Clark, Dustin Keller and Fred Davis are still available, should i be picking one of them up, or am i rolling with clark for now?

  12. won all 3 of my games this week. thanks for the advice about romo over ben and using jordy at my flex! i'm going to have a buch more questions for ya this week.

  13. Won one league and got creamed in another this week. The guy had Freeman, Hillis, Peterson, Blount, Jordy Nelson, Vinatieri (ridiculous), and the lions D. beat me by 48 101-149. Really hurt me that I had to go with M.Floyd with Dez out and Mario Manningham got hurt. Also the Ravens D really let me down after what they did to the steelers i expected a little bit more than that.

  14. thoughts on this trade proposal?
    i get: nate burleson, addai, hightower
    i give up: ben tate, a. hernandez

    i do have jimmy graham and feel relatively deep at rb with benson, blount, d. thomas, and hillis (lost j. charles).

    same league, i was offered harvin straight up for hernandez.

    any input would be very helpful!

  15. Tough week. In league one, I had to face 3 studs that I own in league 2. Both my opponents were the top scorers in week 1. Was sure I was going to win one and lose one, depending on the play of those 3 studs (DJax, A. Johnson, & L. McCoy). My ace in the hole was F. Jones on both teams. We all know how that worked out. Lost one league by 8.6 and the other by 4.3. The thing that hurt most is that I had Fred Jackson earn 27 pts on both benches. Ugh! Also had Eric Decker put up over 20 pts on another bench. Lance Kendricks screwed me for the second week in a row. Dropped him and picked up Keller. Now to figure out what to do at QB again this week.

  16. Went undefeated in both leagues for the second week in a row. Plax and Joe Flacco laid an egg for me, thus, only won by 5 points in one league. Thanks for all the help so far, and look forward to Advice Time!

  17. Same here! Detroit is good nearly any week though.
    Good use of the strategy. The only team that didnt really work for SDS this week that I have seen was the Broncos.

  18. As of right now Jones Drew likely will not get you anyone that high. Jax is hurting, and MJD is hurting with them. In a standard league he's just got 17 points over 2 weeks. Compare that to the 38 of Calvin Johnson and the 25 of Fitz.

    You might be able to try it with Fitz, but I doubt it will take. Wells is hot. You might actaully get more value iwth him and then hope that MJD picks things up. Or just aim for a lower receiver.

    Keep an eye on the wire though. With all of these injuries, things are going to get interesting. Dexter McCluster counts as a WR/RB in a lot of leagues, so maybe look him up since he will take over for Charles. I wouldnt drop Mojo though.

  19. Roeth is a step up. But i think that losing a RB might hurt a bit too much. He is the one hurting for a new RB, make him pay a little more for it.

    As for your other question. I think that FJax will have a better season than Hightower. Of the three, I'd give up McGahee, no doubt.

  20. Alright. First off. Please in your next question, use paragraphs. So much easier to read.

    Second. Get rid of Amendola.

    Austin will likely be out this week. And maybe next. I have no problems starting Branch and Welker, but I'd be happier starting Welker and J Nelson. Nelson is a beast and getting tons of work from Rodgers. Get him while you still can.

    I think that Tate will be a better play than either Ingram or Starks as long as Foster is out. I would make a move. Starks is probably the lieast likely of the two to be picked up in free agency if you let him go. I would make that move.

    Thanks for your input on the Carolina question. I have the same feelings as you. Defenses will get a hold on him soon. And as soon as they face a team with a good CB, they are in trouble statistically.

  21. Yeah. That is definitely a tough loss. Great call on Newton by the way. I'll admit that I was hard on him first too. But he is going to be incredible.

    I thin you could get some decent value for Fitzpatrick. You might have to sell him a bit though. He doesnt have the name recognition of other guys, but his stats are higher. Make sure the people in your league know that.

    Charls is definitely an issue. Have you tried to get mcCluster or even Thomas yet? Or have they been taken. Good news too, McCluster can likely be played as a WR or RB. If he is on the board, I'd try to get my hands on him.

  22. You already have a solid TE. Why not trade Pettigrew and McCluster for a better RB instead of a TE that you'll never use? Worth a try i think.

    If you get Fitzpatick, which could be a good call, I would make sure to drop a QB. There is no point having three. Its a waste of a spot.

  23. That sucks. DeSean Jackson lost my game for me. 5 points. Awful.

    I agree that defenses and the INTs will hamper Newton a bit. But Smith could still be in for a great year, even if Newton's performance dwindles.

  24. He should be a good start. QBs have been having great games vs the Pats.

    Sorry about your league. We'll try to turn it around for you!

  25. Jordy Nelson or Robert Meachem? Neither matchup is great. Nelson has done well so far but I am kind of expecting him to slow down. Meachem seems to be second to henderson right now but his matchup is slightly better and brees likes to mix it up. Your thoughts?

  26. Alright. A bit of pressure on me. But I'll try it out.

    QB--Schaub. Roth is vs Indy, and they shouldnt have to throw much. HOU/NO could be a shootout.
    RB- Tate (good play, Foster is likely out again), Mendenhall (will run a lot vs indy.)
    WR- Jackson, White, bryant
    TE- Gonzo

  27. Tate at RB2
    Bradford is your league has QBs scoring relatively high. If not, go Bradshaw.

  28. Also, I still like Clark. I would take Davis over Keller though. I'm working on my position rankings, but I can tell you now that Clark and Davis are right next to each other. Toss up really.

  29. Glad to help! Way to go. Look forward to your questions.

  30. I thought the Ravens would be insane this week. Sorry that wasnt so. Injuries are going to be a major part of fantasy this year. Lots of hoops we'll all have to jump through. I cant remember ever having this many injuries every week.

  31. I'm not crazy about either of them. I'm cool with you giving away tate and/or hernandez, but You dont need addai or hightower and burleson isnt high enough.
    Harvin is good, but you could do better.

    What do you think you could get at WR if you gave up the Ben Tate/Hernandez combo? Try to trade them as a pair for a WR and you should get a good deal.

  32. Kendricks has been a big disappointment. I have him in one league. I am going to give him one more chance and then I'll probably cut the cord.

    Tough losses. Sorry about that man. Injuries were not kind to either of us this week.

  33. Will be coming soon man. I'm still away from home, so I dont want to post it just yet. But it will be coming!

  34. Not your fault. I didn't even ask you about whether I should use F. Jones or F. Jackson last week, I just automatically plugged in Jones. Plus, I got myself hyped about Kendricks before you even put out your first set of pre-season ratings (actually, I blame Andy Behrens... LOL). Besides, if you could accurately predict injuries on a week-to-week basis, you could charge people any amount you wanted to access this site and they'd happily pay it! (You'd probably also be investigated by a number of high-level government agencies, but that's another matter.)

  35. also concerned because I have Dez but he doesn't play till monday and romo is an injury concern as well as Dez. Should I just play both Nelson and Meachem and sit Dez?

  36. Pay attention today and hope that they say something about Dez today. I think he will play. He needs to, really. But I can't imagine he will be at full strength.
    It is a toss up about what to do. It might be the safe play to skip him. (Or take this as your opportunity to gamble freely and pick up Ogletree, WR3 of the Cowboys.)