Monday, September 26, 2011

Humbling Losses: You and I Can Overcome This - Part 2

Piggy backing on my friend and lesser foe's post . I, unlike him, managed to win in all leagues this week, though not in stunning fashion. The wins are cute, as they have secured the #1 spot for me in all leagues, but they really don't matter. This is Week 3, for chrissake.

If you're winning your leagues at this point-- good. Well done. Great. Whoopty doo. You're still probably one or two devestating injuries away from taking advantage of the waiver wire like it was Lorraine McFly. Or your hot pocket players could start stinking like, well, hot pockets.

If you're losing in your leagues right now, take heart. It's not that bad. This is Week 3, for chrissake. Week 3. Man up. Hunker down. Adjust your gameplan to this particularly crazy season. Who saw the Bills coming? The 'Skins? The Raiders? The Titans? The Lions? Nobody. NO BODY. So re-evaluate your disgraceful who's who from last year and ride the wave. The wave of insanity. Oh the humanity!

(yeah, I had no idea where "oh the humanity" was from either.)

For me, the injury bitch ravaged my ass in rips and chunks. On one team, I have the following players: Vick, Austin, Colston, Maclin, Britt, and Jamaal Charles. All injured. Two for the rest of the year. Three for multiple games. Am I hurt? F*ck yeah. Am I feeling a little blue and down in the mouth about my outlook for the next couple weeks? You better believe it. Am I out of contention already?

Hell no.

And neither are you. You can be in last place right now, and you can win it all. You can be in first place, and lose the first week of the playoffs. The games that are being played now matter, yes, but they don't amount to anything come playoff time. The fantasy sports gods don't give a shit if you go undefeated in the regular season, and they could care even less if you started 0-3. The playoffs are all that matters.

So make them there playoffs. Winning doesn't have to be pretty. Be smart. Gamble a little. And above all, chill out.



  1. That's So RavensSeptember 26, 2011 at 9:26 PM

    should i drop percy or david nelson for nate washington? .5 PPR league. thanks!

  2. What's your take on CJ's value in a standard league as far trading to get him? He still has potential obviously but he looks lackluster.

    My team is:

    QB - Stafford, Schaub
    RB - Rice, Best, Wells, Greene, McGahee, Hardesty
    WR - Andre, Nicks, Marshall, Stevie
    TE - Gronk

    I'm 3-0 and don't really need to make moves but I would like a solid RB2. I tried for McFadden but the manager won't get rid of him. Thanks

  3. Keep Nelson. Percy's an okay dude by all accounts, but he's playing for a REALLY bad team.

  4. I'm not really big on Nicks. And your order of RBs is correct: Top three *fine*, bottom three *meh*. And yeah, you don't really need to make any moves. I expect CJ to get his burst back soon, and with Britt gone, they're going to be leaning on him a bit more. Get him on the cheap, if you can. Any package of those guys that I mentioned as *meh* and a NY football Giant will do just fine. Don't trade more than two, and don't part with your TE or any of your QBs, unless there's a gem TE on the waivers.

  5. Ok, so standard league, Im faced with this trade offer. I lose Foster and Meachem, and get Tony Gonzalez and DeSean Jackson. For my team pre-trade

    RB:McFadden, Williams, Foster (only 1 RB slot, plus flex)
    WR: Johnson, Devery Henderson, Nicks, Meachem, Colston
    TE: Graham, Finley.

    If Foster and Colston light up second half, nobody will be able to touch me, but im not sure how much im willing to trust that foster will be back.

  6. Need a completely different kind of advice here. I'm commissioner in one of my leagues and was notified of a pending trade today. Charles Johnson for Cam Newton. No joke. The current Newton owner is a veteran player who also owns Brady and Fitzpatrick (he picked up Newton after week 1, but never played him), whereas the current Megatron owner is a rookie (she also owns Schaub and Orton). This seems like a clear-cut case of trade rape to me. Should I step in and stop it, or will that make me look like the dick?

  7. Hey Jordan as always you rocked your post, specially at the beginning cause I can relate. But now the hater comments come ridding in. I have run DMC and Mathews in my team and I absolutely raped my opponent with the help of Andre Johnson, D. Moore, Gronkowski, and the GB Defense. But they say that its impossible that DMC and Mathews can stay healthy, should I sell high on them now or hold them and see what happens, I would love my team to stay how it is now cause I feel like Im already a champ LOL (my only player who is not a monster right now is Kevin Kolb who's all right i guess) but what do you think???

  8. by the way its a 14 team PPR and GHL's is my fucking bible

  9. LOL I was offered that same trade Cam Newton for Andre Johnson, the other guy was judging Fantasy Players by how many points they have made, but it does not work that way! of course I said no and explained him that. Anyways im just a GHL's fan and I would stop that trade.

  10. If there was collusion or some grandiose conspiracy to swindle this weakling of Megatron, that's one thing-- stop it then. But she made the trade whilst being in complete control of her faculties. As much as I loathe this trade and hate it as much as you do, I wouldn't stop it. That said, I would strongly 'investigate' whether or not there is something fishy going on here.

    It's disgraceful. It's shameful. But it's also lawful.

    You should shame the hell out of that sneak-thief vet though. It's a crafty move on their part, but something deserving of scorn.

  11. I agree with saying 'no', if it's your team. Throw that shit back in their face. But I really struggle with the over-policing that the NFL has instituted at the hands of Herr Goodell, and have vowed to let the villagers run amok, if you will.

    That vet is a bastard though-- I agree with you on that 110%.

  12. Sell high on Matthews, if you can; I have my fears with that one. I love DMC, even if he is a giant question mark. How many weeks can he keep this up? He scares me a little, but I am still over-working him like he's an undocumented immigrant (illegal alien). Keep DMC, Johnson, Gronk, & maybe GB def. I slide on defenses from week to week myself, but I like them a lot. As the adage goes though, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

  13. God, I really do hate that trade. It's a personal belief thing that comissioners shouldn't interfere unless rules have been broken. And who knows? Maybe Newton is a younger, infinitely healthier version of last year's Vick.

  14. Foster will be back, but the Texans will not go to a single-back system at any time during this year, unless either he or Tate gets injured. He's going to play, but he'll split carries. Most likely, they'll just ride whatever hand is hot in any given game. You don't need a TE, but Jackson is a man among manchildren. He's good, and better than all your other receivers, save Johnson. I would get a little better depth at RB, but that's not something you're fixing with this trade. I don't hate it, but I'm not infatuated with thsi trade either.

  15. Hey,

    Former Britt owner looking to move some things around. Standard league.

    QB (1): Ryan
    WR (3): Nicks, S Johnson, N Washington, Boldin, J Nelson
    RB (2): McCoy, MJD, Hightower, D Thomas, Starks
    TE (2): Gates, Hernandez
    K, D (week to week)

    Not really sure what to do. I know Hernandez is injured, but he is supposed to be back, and Gates will probably be gimpy all year. I was looking at possibly trying to swindle C Johnson away from his owner (maybe Hightower and Boldin for him?) since MJD is a health risk. Maybe offer Hightower and Nelson for F Jones (same owner has Jones).

    Interesting FA out there: Grant, Cutler, Sanchez, Heap, J King... lots of meh out there.

  16. Another team is hurting at WR and I want his backup QB - Flacco. Originally, I wanted Flacco & T.Gonzolez from him and I offered some kind of combo of Lloyd, Henderson, Olsen, Clark. But now I think I just want Flacco and roll with Olsen until Hernandez gets healthy. Is Henderson for Flacco straight up a fair offer?

    qb - Ryan
    wr - Nicks
    wr - V. Jax
    wr - David Nelson
    rb - McCoy
    rb - Forte
    te - G. Olsen
    k - Cundiff
    d - ARI (this will change)

    B. Lloyd
    Julio Jones
    D. Henderson
    D. Clark
    Aaron Hernandez

  17. In terms of fantasy value: reasonably close. In terms of perceived value: no. For that, offer straight up 1 for 1, but be prepared for a rejection; you can always counter with a package of some sort.

  18. I like CJ more than Felix this year. Felix is nicked up. A lot. More than I am comfortable with. I love him when he is on the field, but you need to ask yourself how much that will be. Hightower is still raking in points, so to speak, though I don't really think that will last forever. You'll need name value in your trade, so I like dealing Boldin. Or Nicks, but that is because I 1) hate the Giants & 2) think Eli is a disaster. He is the black sheep of the Manning Dynasty, and rightfully so. If they made fancy pottery for NFL dynasties like they used to for Chinese dynasties (think Shang, Yuan, or Ming, OR think Bruce Lee), then the Manning Dynasty pottery would be worth shit after Eli took the league. Super bowl winner my ass. Lucky mother f*cker more like it.

  19. is it time to drop Dallas Clark to free up some room on my bench for waiver pick ups? I picked up Fred Davis last week (stunk it up last night) 1 Point PPR

    Would you drop any of these players over Clark?
    Cedric Benson
    Johnny Knox
    WIllis Mcgahee
    Ben Tate
    Mario Manningham
    Sam Bradford

    Also would you bench Reggie Wayne until further notice and stick in Mario Manningham or Johnny Knox in wayne's place?

  20. Wondering if it would be wise to trade Shonn Green for DeSean Jackson and Brandon Marshall? It seems like Greene will be consistent this year at at least 10 pts a game. Maybe even more now because he is catching passes outta the backfield. My WRs as of right now are Roddy, Manningham, Julio Jones and hopefully Jacoby Ford (just put a claim in). My RBs are AP, Felix, Greene, Knowshon, Helu and Marshawn. What do yall think?

  21. When Knowshon and Felix play, they are guaranteed 10 pts per game, so don't worry about that. If this is a real trade, pull the trigger. Not only will you be getting two of the best receivers in the game, but you'll be depriving your opponents of their abilities as well. Marshall is a PPR machine, and Jackson will get your points in bunches. Make it happen.

  22. I wouldn't drop Clark, simply because you know what you're getting from him, regardless of who their QB is. If it were me, I would drop Knox. Not a fan of the Bears this year or Cutler. Yeah, Knox is going to have crazy games here and there, but fantasy football is won with consistency. You need consistent scorers that will perform week in and week out, not a guy who will "show up" every other or every third week.

  23. Should I trade San Fran defense for Tampa Bay for week 4?

  24. It was in talks and is still ongoing but he wants more than just Greene. Should I throw in Helu or Lynch? Or would I be better off with Roddy and Manningham at WRs and AP/Felix/Greene manning my RBs and FLEX.

  25. The situation is taken care of. I talked with the Megatron manager and asked her what was up. She admitted that she didn't really know about the players, but that she was "trying to be nice." Screw that sh*t! Anyway, I intentionally set up the league at the beginning of the year so that all managers get a veto vote on trades they think are unfair. If 1/3 of the managers vote against it, a trade is vetoed. So I emailed a couple of other veteran managers and asked them to look at the trade and make their own decision. Just checked the site a few minutes ago and the trade is officially vetoed.

    I totally agree with you that commissioners shouldn't interfere, which is why I selected the league voting veto option. My dilemma arises because I have 3-4 rookies in this league. My goal in starting the league was to invite friends I personally knew and give them a fun experience so that they'd get hooked. I'm worried that if predatory trading happens a lot, then they will get frustrated and quit. So you can see that I'm walking a line. Dumb trades are one thing, but this was over the top. Thanks for the input! I love this site!

  26. Is there no defense on the waivers that you like? To be honest, I've never heard of a DEF for DEF trade. The 49ers are okay, and so are the Bucs, but I be there is a better matchup waiting out there.

  27. Throw in Lynch. I hate him. I have a crush on Helu, simply because he's (probably) better than Hightower, and I don't trust that offense not to turn into a running back by committee.

  28. Just don't go fucking any bibles, but I like that we're your bible.

  29. Yeah, you were in a tough, lose-lose position. As that is the goal of your league for this year, I don't think you could have handled it any other way. Good job and thanks for the lovin'!

    (we like it when it keeps comin')

  30. Man, I do hope we are right.
    I'm 0-3 in one league and I feel cursed because my team is not that bad but seems that the players can't have a good week all at the same time.
    The team, as it stands now:
    Vince Jax
    Steve Smith
    Nate Washington
    Adrian Peterson
    Steven Jackson
    Antonio Gates
    Mike Sims-Walker
    Dexter Mccluster
    Joseph Addai
    Jonathan Stewart
    Benjamin Watson

    I'll try to upgrade Sims-Walker in the waiver wire, but I honestly do not feel that this is a bad team.

    Would you try some crazy trade or I should remain calm, try some upgrades through the waiver wire here and there and try to manage the upcoming weeks the best I can?

  31. A guys just offered me Mike Wallace for Miles Austin and Legarrette Blount but I dont think thats a great trade since Miles will be a beast when he gets back but Im super thin at WR with him out. I've got Stafford, Blount, Peterson, Hardesty, Vjax, Meachem, K. Winslow, McGahee, R. Bush, DeAngleo Williams and Miles.

    He has Brees, MJD, Lynch, Lloyd, Wallace, Deion Branch, Witten, Moreno, Lee Evan, Mike Thomas and Aaron Hernandez a coupe QBs, D and K but i wont list them...

    Any good counter trade options that you see?

  32. He really needs a RB.
    You could try to get Lloyd or Branch.

  33. He came back with Wallace and Marshawn Lynch, for Austin and Blount. Im considering it just because I could use the WR production and Wallace looks to have very favorable late season matchups...any thoughts?

  34. Hi GHL- Another question here. I have been offered the trade of Eli Manning for Ryan Mathews. I have Sam Bradford now. Not many other QB's to pick up off waivers or FA. I have AP, Ben Tate, and Sproles still on the roster. Just lost Britt for the season but still have Hakeem Nicks, Greg Jennings and AJ Green. Do you think it is a good trade? Thanks

  35. Who would you start in the flex.

    Aj Green or Denarius Moore.

  36. On paper, you have a really solid team. I'm not a big fan of Ryan, in terms of fantasy explosiveness, but that's because he's sucking it up on one of my teams. But, you know what you are getting from him on a weekly basis, and, honestly, it can only get better from here. That said, if there's a crafty upside QB just lying around on the waivers, grab him.

    You should definitely hawk the waiver wire. You're in the "I need to start taking calculated risks" category. You don't want to get into the "I have to gamble huge in order to save my season" category. Even if you lose this weekend, you're not hopeless, but there is almost no way for you to make it into the playoffs with a team that started 0-5.

    If you know the managers that you are playing against well, play on their personal preferences. Favorite teams, players, positions, etc. You need to do something, but I wouldn't get all drastic just yet.

    If you are 0-4 after this weekend, get drastic. Seriously.

  37. Alright im in a 12 person league
    My starters are:
    QB - Philip Rivers
    RB - Ryan Matthews
    RB - Beanie Wells
    WR - Steve Smith (CAR)
    WR - Reggie Wayne
    RB/WR - David Nelson
    TE - Greg Olsen
    D/ST - Detroit Lions
    K - Jason Hanson

    My Bench is Arian Foster, Ladainian Tomlinson, Mike Sims Walker, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Dexter McCluster, Mohamed Massaquoi, and Evan Moore.

    I just got a trade offer Brandon Marshal for LDT, should i take it? Also, should i adjust my starters at all?

  38. my main problem is week 6 i have matthews, rivers, wells, and mccluster out, leaving me with only foster and ldt to start at rb, assuming foster is healthy by then. i could always pick someone up but i dont know if this is all worth the trouble for brandon marshall.

  39. Forgot to tell that this a 12-team league.
    Not really much available on the waiver wire. And guys don't seem interested in making trades.
    Last night someone dropped Mario Manningham and I put a claim on him. Let's see if it works out.

    My biggest problem is that I played 3 of the 4 highest scoring teams so far.
    If I can go 2-1 the next 3 games, I feel I can beat the lesser teams (like my self...ahaha) in the following 4 weeks and hopefuly I can get to 6-4 and have a shot for the playoffs.

    But right now it is tough, man.

  40. I'm currently 1-2 in both of my leagues, a friendly 16-team family league and a less friendly 12-team work league. I haven't been hit by injuries (knock on wood) and did really well in Weeks 1 & 2, but my opponent just did a little bit better.

    This week, no one performed. Cam Newton brought in 14 pts, Rashard Mendenhall hasn't done squat, and my rookie sleepers that I picked up in the draft haven't really blown my doors off.

    I'm weak in the WR position in both leagues, but everyone that's getting points has already been picked up right now.

    Any advice?

  41. Probably just review the weekly rankings and see if any names there are available. You’ll have to get used to the idea of gambling a bit. And if an injury occurs, make sure you jump on the replacement