Saturday, September 10, 2011

Expert League Draft Results

Earlier this month I posted the first round results of the Expert league that I am in with some other fantasy football sites and writers. I was the final pick in this 12-team draft, which was not a very good spot when you are surrounded by people who really know what they are doing.

Overall, I think I did a decent job. Very week at RB, and since the draft, 2 of my guys have been injured. Let me know what you think.

We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 1 RB/WR, 2 WR, 1 WR/TE, 1 TE, 1 DEF, 1 ST
ST includes the kicker and return yardage of the team you choose.

Rd 1) Calvin Johnson
2) Rashard Mendenhall
3) DeSean Jackson
4) Drew Brees
5) Kenny Britt
6) Marques Colston* (Injured)
7) Mike Tolbert
8) Joseph Addai
9) Johnny Knox
10) Zach Miller
11) LaDainian Tomlinson
12) Joe Flacco
13) Detroit Lions Defense
14) Rashard Jennings (Currently a waiver to drop him and add Isaac Redman)
15) Steve Breaston
16) Kevin Boss (Currently a waiver to drop him and add Devery Henderson)
17) Houston Texans Special Teams
18) Jerome Simpson

So there we are. Not terrible, not great.


  1. Thanks for sharing your draft... I like it... The one thing that stands out to me is the lack of sleepers per se. Just seems solid across the board. Is this by design, and do you ever get tempted to pull the trigger on guys like Antonio Brown, Andre Roberts, Kendall Hunter, etc?

    Also, for week 1, would you play Arian Foster if he's deemed "ready" no matter what? And if you had to fill your flex (RB/WR/TE) position in a standard league with Felix Jones or Percy Harvin (or Ben Tate if Foster is out), what would you do? Thanks!

  2. Also, do you think dropping a backup TE (Watson) and picking up Andre Roberts, Greg Little, or Jerome Simpson would be a wise move (and if so, which one)?

  3. Because everyone in the league knew what they were doing, Brown, Roberts and Hunter were all drafted actually. I think I did alright with Breaston as a sleeper. And I made the Rashard Jennings pick literally 4 hours before he got hurt.

    Because this is my first 'expert' league, I wanted to make the team as solid as I could. My main goal was to have no glaring holes. As the year goes on, I'll maybe experiment more with sleepers, but for now, I just wanted to get a well rounded team on the table.

    I'd play Arian Foster if he is good to go. Indy's not very great against the run. He'll probably share time if he does play to prevent re-aggravating the injury. I like Jones at Flex there. Both guys have bad matchups though, pretty even probably.

    I would drop a second TE for one of those sleepers. I really like Andre Roberts I think. He is my long shot this year.

  4. Thanks for your help! I know this is a tangent, but why doesn’t Ben Watson doesn't get much love in TE rankings? Last year he set his personal best for receptions and seemed to be McCoy's favorite target. Is there any upside to him, or should he be considered "a dime a dozen" among other mid-tier TEs? I also have Greg Olsen, who I like better, but I am a little concerned about Cam’s ability to get him the ball, along w/ competition from Shockey. I just want to make sure I give up the right guy for someone like Andre Roberts. My roster also has Ben Tate (handcuff) and Antonio Brown, so I also don’t want to stock up too much on sleepers and need to figure out who provides the most value…

  5. Only in an Expert league can you get Drew Brees in the 4th round of a 12-teamer! LOL I admit that I'm surprised at your choice of Addai in the 8th and Miller in the 10th. TEs must have flown off the board faster in your league. Plus, I would have thought you'd shy away from Miller due to the QB situation. Looks pretty solid, nonetheless. I know you're not a return yardage fan, but I'm a bit curious as to why you like the Texans as opposed to someone like the Bears, Rams, Cowboys, Steelers, or Saints. I'm guessing they were all chosen.

    As your resident Broncos observer, allow me to suggest that another sleeper you might want to keep an eye on is Eric Decker. I'm not going to be cliche and suggest that he may be the next Wes Welker, but he is looking like the next Ed McCaffrey. Doesn't help your RB situation, though.

    As an update on my trade I mentioned a couple days ago, all offers are accepted and pending. Meaning, for week 2 my starting WRs will change from C. Johnson, D. Jackson, and Manningham to A. Johnson, D. Jackson, and H. Nicks. The loss of Peyton Manning in one league turned into a golden opportunity in this one, as Nicks came to me from a desperate Manning owner!

  6. McCoy is getting more targets now at WR, and even if Watson had personal best last year, they still were not very impressive or consistent numbers. I think that he has potential, but there are still a lot of guys higher than him. I would consider him a dime a dozen type guy. I'm liking Olsen this year. Rookie QBs tend to give their TE a bit more work, He is listed #1 on the depth chart over Shockey.

    I say, make those decisions tonight. Wait to see how everything plays out. Right now, anyone would just be straight up guessing about who will have the better year, at least with a week under our belts, we will have a better idea.

  7. RBs went crazy fast. So did a lot of the receivers in round 2 and 3. I did have the first pick in round 4, but was happy to find Brees there. TEs did go surprisingly fast, but I like Miller. He has been a great tight end in years past, and who did he have throwing the ball to him then? JaMarcus Russell, Jason Campbell, Bruce Gradikowski, etc. He can get a lot done for questionable QBs.

    Looking at the return yardage, my strategy was to get a team with a great kicker and a team that would get in a lot of high scoring games with an average defense. I like HOU's kicker, and I think that their defense can force punts (to give me return yardage) and they get into a lot of shootouts (which mean kick return yardage). Hopefully this idea works for me.

    I actually think that Decker was chosen in the later sleeper rounds. He has been getting a tiny bit of buzz about him, and I'd be excited to see if he makes a splash in week 1. Good call.

    Fantastic trades. What an insane group of WRs. That is crazy.

  8. If Foster is out, do you like Ben Tate over Felix? Or still stick with Felix?

  9. Foster is out. I like Felix more than Tate.

  10. Someone is offering me Larry Fitzgerald for Felix Jones, straight up. I'm in a standard league. My other WRs/RBs are Arian Foster, Javid Best, Tim Hightower, Ben Tate, Mike Williams (TB), Manningham, Percy Harvin, Antonio Brown. I also have Cadillac Williams as of last night just in case Stephen Jackson is out for any extended time. What do you think? (P.S. I am the same as benoit04 below, but was having login issues the one day)

  11. I should mention that we start 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, and 1 RB/WR/TE

  12. I say go for it. F Jones is going to have a good year, but you have talent to cover for his loss. Fitz would be a great boost to any team. I think your team comes out on top here.