Sunday, October 2, 2011

NFL Week 4 Injury Updates

Here are some last minute updates.

If you have any last questions, go ahead and address them. I will be watching the Cowboys game and likely will be busy pacing and screaming to answer any late questions.

Antonio Gates
Aaron Hernandez
Miles Austin
Ryan Grant
Danny Amendola
Daniel Thomas
Earl Bennett

Marques Colston
Dez Bryant
Frank Gore (Kendall Hunter is getting the start. I like Kendall better than Gore)
Laurent Robinson (starting for the Cowboys this week, if you are desperate, get him)
Felix Jones
Arian Foster
Peyton Hillis (though I have lost all respect for the man)
Steven Jackson (should be good to go from here on out, or at least til his next injury)
Jeremy Maclin (won't be 100 percent)


  1. Cam Newton or Ryan Fitzpatrick? Reggie Bush or Felix Jones? I have Dez Byrant and Jason Witten starting already for cowboys

  2. Toss up at QB. Newton could be challenged against CHI, but they will throw a lot. Fitz has a decent matchup. I'd roll with Fitz.

    Jones over Bush. Even with Bush starting, the SD defense is too good. Looks like you are rolling with the Dallas fantasy team this week.

  3. should I play Campbell over Matt Ryan today. Do I sound desperate yet?

  4. I pulled the Fitz card before I had a chance to see you respond. How I regret that move. People need to get on the Cam Train.

  5. why have u lost all respect for hillis?

  6. What is your opinion on handcuffing? I have both Arian Foster and Ben Tate on my roster. However, I'd love to make room for Ryan Torrain, and Tate is the most likely candidate to get dropped. Would this be a wise move, or too much of a risk? My other RBs are Best, Felix J, and Ridley (standard league). I'd really love one more consistent back and am hoping to beat others to the punch, whoever it ends up being... (Torrain, Ridley, etc.) Thanks!

  7. I’m in a standard league, and currently have the following WRs: Fitzgerald, Mike Williams (TB), Percy Harvin, and Mario Manningham. We also start three IDPs as well, and someone is offering me potentially either Sidney Rice or Santana Moss for LaRon Landry. I’m considering the trade since I already have another good DB as well, but in picking up a new WR, I’d likely drop one of my current ones and grab a new DB to maintain the balance of my team. So 1) would you do this trade? 2) If so, would you prefer Rice or Moss? And 3) Who would you drop? Thanks!!

  8. Hi. Love the site!.. I thought I had a great team 14 team ppr, but this week was a bust:
    QB Kevin Kolb
    WR Andre Johnson
    WR Brandon marshal
    WR DEnarious Moore
    RB D. McFadden
    RB Ryan Mathews
    TE Gronkowski
    DEF GB

    Sam Bradford
    J. Gaffney
    Daniel Thomas
    Greg Olsen
    D. Avery (hoping he will start for Britt)
    M. Bush

    So now with the bye and Andre Johnson sidelined, should I make a move and maybe trade Brandon Marshal and Daniel Thomas for vincent Jackson. Or Ryan Mathews and B. Marshall for Megatron and M. Lynch or Greene, or Ryan Mathews and B. Marshal for Greg Jennings and Ryan Grant.. sorry but kinda desperate here... and thanks a lot!!!

  9. Strep throat. That is all.


    I do not like handcuffing, and after watching Foster, I doubt Tate will have much of a year. Maybe hold him for one more week.

  11. This all depends on the scoring in your league. If Landry’s weekly stats are close to or below the weekly stats of Rice or Moss, then go for it. If Landry is scoring more than them, then you might want to think twice.
    I would probably prefer Rice on my team. He has been great since returning to full health. He’s a big part of that offense, even if it’s not a very good one.
    Does your league have set positions at IDP, or can you play anyone? If you can play anyone, then I would probably go for a LB over a DB. They generally get more tackles and therefore more points. Of the players you have, I’d probably drop Manningham, not off to a great year. He’ll be hard to let go of, an easier drop since you’ll have a better WR.

  12. Glad you like us. Good to see you sticking around. The best trade of the ones you listed would be Marshall and Mathews for Megatron and Lynch, I think. Don’t let one bad week get you down though. You’ve got some good players.