Friday, September 23, 2011

NFL Week 3 Pick'em Predictions and Survival Football

Picked up in Week 2. We're rocking it now.

Jordan and I are still rocking in Survival using out play the good ones first strategy. Still standing in week three. Unlike nearly 40% of the people who started playing.

Below are the picks for Jordan and Andrew. My Girlfriend's Little Sister's will be up shortly. She's still in school right now though. 

Let's get it to it.

Record (LW) (Total):(12-4)(20-12)(10-6)(18-14)(9-7)(16-16)
Patriots @ BillsPatriotsPatriotsPatriots
49ers @ BengalsBengals49ersBengals
Dolphins @ BrownsBrownsBrownsBrowns
Broncos @ TitansTitansTitansBroncos
Lions @ VikingsLionsLionsLions
Texans @ SaintsTexansSaintsTexans
Giants @ EaglesEaglesEaglesGiants
Jaguars @ PanthersPanthersPanthersPanthers
Chiefs @ ChargersChargersChargersChiefs
Jets @ RaidersJetsJetsJets
Ravens @ RamsRavensRavensRams
Falcons @ BucsFalconsFalconsFalcons
Packers @ BearsPackersPackersPackers
Cardinals @ SeahawksCardinalsCardinalsSeahawks
Steelers @ ColtsSteelersSteelersSteelers
Redskins @ CowboysCowboysCowboysCowboys

Survival Pick CardinalsSteelersPatriots


  1. Do me a favor? Go look at espn fantasy football....cape cox fantasy football league . I am mattie's inception. I thought I had a good team to start had to make some adjustments and adds but now I'm 0-2. Look at the league and my team and offer me some Opinions? Thanks

  2. Hey, can't seem to find your team. Post the lineup on here.