Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fantasy Football Week 4 Position Rankings

Alright, so, I'm a bit early on this, but we'll be OK. I'm nervous to say that this week seems pretty straight up. We have gotten a feel for most of the players and defenses, so there is a bit more confidence.

You can see in the Running Back rankings that there is a very sharp drop in talent toward the middle, anyone beyond that point really isn't ideal to have as a starter. But on the Wide Reciever side, there is talent all over the place. Lots of gambles in the later part of the list, but each of them could break.

It will prove to be another damn crazy year, but we are seeing a blatant shift to the passing game, even for teams that were once very run-heavy like the Steelers and Ravens.

Feel free to ask any questions here, or point out if I left someone off the list that you think should have made it.

So yeah, here we go...
Week 4 Quarterback Rankings
1.       Tom Brady
2.       Drew Brees
3.       Aaron Rodgers
4.       Philip Rivers
5.       Matthew Stafford
6.       Michael Vick
7.       Ryan Fitzpatrick
8.       Eli Manning
9.       Tony Romo
10.   Cam Newton
11.   Matt Schaub
12.   Joe Flacco
13.   Matt Ryan
14.   Kevin Kolb
15.   Jay Cutler
16.   Ben Roethlisberger
17.   Rex Grossman
18.   Kyle Orton
19.   Matt Hasselbeck
20.   Mark Sanchez
21.   Josh Freeman
22.   Jason Campbell
23.   Chad Henne
24.   Sam Bradford
25.   Andy Dalton

Week 4 Running Back Rankings
1.       Adrian Peterson
2.       Ray Rice
3.       Darren McFadden
4.       LeSean McCoy
5.       Maurice Jones-Drew
6.       Fred Jackson
7.       Michael Turner
8.       Chris Johnson
9.       Matt Forte
10.   Rashard Mendenhall
11.   Ahmad Bradshaw
12.   Ryan Mathews
13.   Peyton Hillis
14.   Frank Gore
15.   LeGarrette Blount
16.   Arian Foster
17.   Jahvid Best
18.   Steven Jackson
19.   Daniel Thomas
20.   Tim Hightower
21.   James Starks  *****edit: Insert Beanie Wells here*****
22.   Felix Jones
23.   Cedric Benson
24.   Darren Sproles
25.   Joseph Addai
26.   Shonn Greene
27.   Brandon Jacobs
28.   Jonathan Stewart
29.   Mark Ingram
30.   Ryan Grant
31.   Marshawn Lynch
32.   Dexter McCluster
33.   Ben Tate
34.   BenJarvus Green-Ellis
35.   Willis McGahee
36.   Mike Tolbert
37.   Thomas Jones
38.   Roy Helu
39.   DeAngelo Williams
40.   LaDainian Tomlinson
41.   Knowshon Moreno
42.   Pierre Thomas
43.   Kendall Hunter
44.   Alfonso Smith
45.   Montario Hardesty
46.   Stevan Ridley
47.   Michael Bush
48.   Danny Woodhead
49.   Reggie Bush
50.   Cadillac Williams

Week 4 Wide Receiver Rankings
1.       Calvin Johnson
2.       Andre Johnson
3.       Vincent Jackson
4.       Mike Wallace
5.       Larry Fitzgerald
6.       Wes Welker
7.       Roddy White
8.       Greg Jennings
9.       DeSean Jackson
10.   Steve Johnson
11.   Hakeem Nicks
12.   Dez Bryant
13.   Brandon Marshal
14.   Santana Moss
15.   Mike Williams
16.   Dwayne Bowe
17.   Steve Smith
18.   Nate Washington
19.   Reggie Wayne
20.   Santonio Holmes
21.   Percy Harvin
22.   Mario Manningham
23.   Lance Moore
24.   Brandon Lloyd
25.   Robert Meachem
26.   Anquan Boldin
27.   Johnny Knox
28.   A.J. Green
29.   Jordy Nelson
30.   Nate Burleson
31.   Sidney Rice
32.   Eric Decker
33.   David Nelson
34.   Denarius Moore
35.   Mike Thomas
36.   Deion Branch
37.   Jacoby Ford
38.   Mike Sims-Walker
39.   Jabar Gaffney
40.   Steve Smith (PHI)
41.   Julio Jones
42.   Devery Henderson
43.   Laurent Robinson
44.   Michael Jenkins
45.   Plaxico Burress
46.   Joshua Cribbs
47.   Brandon Gibson
48.   Jerome Simpson
49.   Davone Bess
50.   Pierre Garcon

Week 4 Tight End Rankings
1.       Jermichael Finley
2.       Rob Gronkowski
3.       Jason Witten
4.       Jimmy Graham
5.       Antonio Gates (likely will not play)
6.       Owen Daniels
7.       Vernon Davis
8.       Greg Olsen
9.       Tony Gonzalez
10.   Scott Chandler
11.   Dustin Keller
12.   Fred Davis
13.   Brandon Pettigrew
14.   Dallas Clark
15.   Marcedes Lewis
16.   Benjamin Watson
17.   Jermaine Gresham
18.   Jared Cook
19.   Kellen Winslow
20.   Visanthe Shiancoe

Week 4 Kicker Rankings
1.       Neil Rackers
2.       Jason Hanson
3.       Mason Crosby
4.       Sebastian Jankowski
5.       John Kasay
6.       Steven Gostkowski
7.       Nick Folk
8.       Billy Cundiff
9.       Dan Bailey
10.   Alex Henery
11.   Rian Lindell
12.   David Akers
13.   Matt Bryant
14.   Rob Bironas
15.   Josh Brown
16.   Ryan Longwell
17.   Graham Gano
18.   Mike Nugent
19.   Robbie Gould
20.   Shawn Suisham

Week 4 Defense Rankings (SDS)
1.       Green Bay Packers
2.       Baltimore Ravens
3.       Atlanta Falcons
4.       New York Giants
5.       Houston Texans
6.       Philadelphia Eagles
7.       Detroit Lions
8.       Chicago Bears
9.       New York Jets
10.   San Diego Chargers
11.   Pittsburgh Steelers
12.   New Orleans Saints
13.   Minnesota Vikings
14.   Tennessee Titans
15.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
16.   Buffalo Bills
17.   Arizona Cardinals
18.   Dallas Cowboys
19.   New England Patriots
20.   Carolina Panthers


  1. is beanie wells a waste of time?

  2. Gotta ask why you have the Texans D ranked so much higher than the Bucs? TB is playing IND this week and it looks like Painter is gonna get the go at QB.

  3. Odd, he isn't even on the list after missing one game. Seems like he'll play this week though.

  4. That's So RavensSeptember 28, 2011 at 1:59 PM

    david nelson or beanie in the flex? kinda scared of giants D shutting down beanie, esp. since he's not 100%.

  5. too early to answer start advice? i'll give it a shot anyway.

    Pick just 1 for my flex. non ppr. Denarius, Lance Moore , B. Jacobs, Tolbert, Olsen, Deangelo.

  6. I got a couple of questions regarding two crazy leagues I'm in.

    First, 16-team, 22 starting spots, IDP league.
    Since we have this huge rosters, we have to play the deepest guys in the ranking in some positions.

    With that said, wich 2 QBs would you choose from Colt McCoy, Alex Smith and Donovan McNabb?
    Colt and alex got the job done so far for me (that means not beying outplayed by much), but I could have used Donovan last week and I'm considering him in place of Smith this week because of the matchup.

    Also, wich flex player from Andre Caldwell, Crabtree, CJ Spiller, Kevin Walter and Tony Scheffler?

  7. Now, crazy league numer two.

    This has a different scoring: 20 yards rushing or receiving for a point.
    So TDs are a premium since 1TD is 2 pts better than 80 yards.
    This changes the ranking for WRs and RBs quite a bit.

    On top of that, my roster feels like crap because of injuries (Charles, Britt, Austin, Gates) and under-achieving guys (Gore, Ryan).

    So, I have to choose 2 RBs from: Tolbert, Addai, Daniel Thomas and BVGE.
    If it was a standard scoring league, I'd probably go with Addai and Thomas.
    But considering the importance of TDs, Tolbert and BJGE might have the biggest upside here.

    As for WRs, I have to choose 3 from: Holmes, Moss, Manningham, Burleson and Devery Henderson.
    Also here TD might make Henderson more apealing than usual.

    Your thoughts?
    I really could use help here because i'm 1-2 and up against the high scoring team.
    This week feels lost already,so if i can pull an upset here, it would be HUGE.

  8. Someone drop Addai last saturday and am asking if i should drop R.Bush and grab him.
    12 teams league, 4 RB each

  9. Hey GHL, you guys have been great so far, so hopefully you can help me pull out a great week four. Here's what id like to know,

    Rivers or Fitzpatrick at QB? Rivers may have been hurt slash looked awful on sunday, and Fitzpatrick has been looking good.

    I think im going Ravens over lions in terms of defense again. Thoughts?

    Finley or Graham at TE? Finley is better rated, but Graham so far has put up better fantasy numbers (except for last week where Finley opened up).

    Finally, I need one WR and one FLEX from Henderson, Nicks, Meachem, and whomever isnt at TE from the above question. Im thinking Nicks playing Arizona and Meachem playing Jac, but your opinion would be very helpful.

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  10. GHL!

    Need 1WR & Flex... Denarius Moore, Nate Washington, Santonio Holmes & Steven Jackson.


  11. Didn't mean to leave him off. I like Beanie this year. I have him in a few leagues. He will likely see a timeshare this week coming off injury, but he could continue where he left off. I dont have him too too high this week. I'd probably throw him in the high-mid 20s.

  12. Just forgot to add him. Thanks for bringing it up. I have him at 22.

  13. I agree. Coming off injury I would imagine that he doesnt get most of the work. ARI could actually pass a lot this game as well. David Nelson vs. CIN is a pretty good call. Hopefully he will continue to produce.

  14. Never to early. Unless we specifically ask for no advice comments in a particular post. But that is rare.

    Its between Denarius and Moore for me. I think Denarius is a more consistent pick since Moore has a lot of competition at the position. Both could do very well.

    Denarius is more of a gamble for sure, but everyone has been throwing a ton against the Pats and I dont think this will be an exception. Lance is more proven and looks to be at full health again.

    I'd personally probably gamble a bit with Denarius

  15. 1) I'd avoid Smith this week. McNabb could have a good week against the Chiefs, then again, Peterson could just get a thousand rushing yards. I still think that he is a better bet than Alex vs the Eagles secondary.

    2) Scheffler is interesting, but probably not the best choice here. Too risky. The rest a stretches too. Crabtree would be my pick any other week, but not vs. Asomugha. Bills can be passed on, but Caldwell is still a reach there. Walter scored on a fluke last week, but his matchup isnt terrible either.

    Coin toss really between those two. I'd go with Caldwell and cross the hell out of my fingers.

  16. Tolbert has the highest scoring chance I think. So he would be one of my RBs. Dolphins vs Chargers is a hell of a gamble, but Thomas could be alright. He looked good last week and might be able to repeat it. That offensive line is a great one on paper. BJGE just gets inconsistent playing time, and they have been passing when they make the redzone.

    I agree that Henderson has the best scoring chance. I'd just go with the player on here whose QB has the highest ranking. I think the best scoring chances would be Holmes, Moss and Henderson. Holmes and Moss will be playing for pride after losses and poor performances in week 3. And Henderson is just on a high power offense. All 5 of them have scoring potential this week though.

    Always tough to predict scoring, but I think Week 4 should see some good numbers for all of your guys here. Let me know how it turns out in next weeks wrapup

  17. If Bush is your worst, then go ahead. He's hardly a part of that offense any more from the looks of last week. Addai actually showed some glimmers of talent last week against PIT.

  18. 1) I have them both top 7. So I think youre good either way. SD is just slumping early like always. Rivers can break out at any moment which is why I have him higher. Its just a matter of time before he breaks out. I wouldnt blame you for going Fitz though. Been great all year and the matchup looks nice.

    2) Cowboys are still very banged up on offense, so DET could do some terrible things to them. Ravens are never a bad play though, and Jets are prone to mistakes. Homefield advantage probably tilts me toward Baltimore on this.

    3) I cant argue with either of them. You are golden at TE. Finley is my go though. Against DEN he looks good.

    4) I can handle Nicks and Meachem. or even Nicks/Graham if you think that the TDs will be going to the TE this week in New Orleans.

  19. Its gambling.. but i'd go with Holmes and Washington.

    Holmes will be looking for redemption after last week. Washington is going to be filling the shoes of Britt against CLE.

  20. Decision Time:

    Stafford or Vick (I feel like taking the less risky Stafford since Vick has killed me for 2 weeks now)

    Jahvid Best or Ryan Mathews (not sure about Best against Dallas, but I also never know when SD is gonna give Tolbert all of the work)

    Also, when the hell is Mendenhall going to start kicking some ass again?

  21. Call me crazy, but Painter clicked a little bit and that offense moved better than they have all season. Bucs have not impressed me fantasy-wise this season at all. Houston has a tougher matchup, but their defense is much improved over last year, and PIT is struggling with turnovers this year.

  22. I agree. Who knows how Vick will be with the hand injury. Stafford is safer against a battered Dallas secondary. Better hope that his line can protect him like they have been against the pass rush.

    Dallas has been holding up well against the run. But Washington screened all over them with ease on Monday. Mathews has gotten a good amount of work recently. If you are PPR, maybe go Best. If not go Mathews.

    I'm waiting on Mendenhall with you man. Dont know that we can expect it against Houston though.

  23. Thanks buddy that's what I was thinking too. I need some guys in the lineup that could explode as my matchup this week is battle of the 3-0's. Might even put Olsen in vs. his old team instead of owen daniels

  24. who to start or two positions. 1. Flex pos.- Joseph Addai or Titus Young? 2. TE pos. Kellen Winslow or Chris Cooley? i know both aren't stellar so if you have any suggestions on some sleep/ low end TE's to pick up the advice would be greatly appreciated

  25. Quick question,
    Trade Steven Jackson for Santana Moss or will this hurt me in the long run if/when Jacksons back to health?

  26. First off gotta say love this blog.

    Secondly, for week 4 I need some help.
    Right now im starting:
    Aaron Rodgers
    Fred Jackson
    Tim Hightower
    DeSean Jackson
    Mike Wallace
    Scott Chandler
    Nate Washington

    Frank Gore
    Shonn Greene
    Brandon Jacobs
    Miles Austin
    Lance Moore
    Antonio Gates

    Right now im really thinking I should bench DeSean for Lance Moore, i'm just not getting the production I expected. What do you think? Anything else you think I should change?

  27. Alright im in a 12 person league
    My starters are:
    QB - Philip Rivers
    RB - Ryan Matthews
    RB - Beanie Wells
    WR - Steve Smith (CAR)
    WR - Reggie Wayne
    RB/WR - David Nelson
    TE - Greg Olsen
    D/ST - Detroit Lions
    K - Jason Hanson

    My Bench is Arian Foster, Ladainian Tomlinson, Mike Sims Walker, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Dexter McCluster, Mohamed Massaquoi, and Evan Moore.

    I just got a trade offer Brandon Marshall for LDT, should i take it? Also, should i adjust my starters at all?

    My main problem is week 6 i have matthews, rivers, wells, and mccluster out, leaving me with only foster and ldt to start at rb, assuming foster is healthy by then. i could always pick someone up but i dont know if this is all worth the trouble for brandon marshall.

  28. should I drop mike sims-walker for Jabar Gaffney?

  29. Need some GHL Expertise.......I currently have Gates, and it's not looking like he'll be playing anytime soon! My WR are Andre Johnson, Hakeem Nicks, and Miles Austin (filled Austin with David Nelson for the time being). A guy in my league has both Gronkowski and Finley.....when I sent him a note to see what it would take to grab one of them, he said it would take Nicks or Austin! I'm worried that I may either make myself thin at WR or be stuck with 2 #1 TE (if/once Gates comes back). Also, is Finley more valuable since Hernandez is coming back??? PPR league btw....

    Your thoughts please!!!!

  30. How would you rate David Nelson, Reggie Wayne, and Marques Colston in the long run? If I pick up Colston I would have to drop Nelson or Wayne. Wayne seem expendable to me so far.

  31. Really? The Cowboys D is ranked that low? They've done pretty good for me

  32. Ok OK... What would be the safe way to go? Jackson and Washington??

  33. I have a question on a trade in my league, have been doing well this season but want an outside opinion on this one.

    10 Teams, .5 PPR, and I was offered this by the 3rd place team

    (me) Run DMC + Wes Welker for (him) AP + Megatron

    My team is pretty stacked atm. I'm 3-0 averaging 150 points/week, which is 100 more than the other 3-0, and I just got a deal done for Andre Johnson, so if this went through I would have AP and Mendy at RB, Andre and Calvin at WR, and Miles Austin at flex when he returns. WW and DMC are the top scoring position players this year so far, but I don't know if they can keep it up, welker cuz of other option in NE and DMC cuz of injury. Megatron and AP are 2 of the most consistently high performing players in the league. Thoughts?
    I could also possibly do DMC + Austin, but I think I like Austin better than Welker long term this season.

  34. Hey love the site! I have a few questions for my team

    QB: Flacco or Freeman (i think Flacco is better but he's playing a tough team)
    RB: Addai or Blount?
    WR: Devery Hendersen or Reggie Wayne (im skeptical about Painter after last week)

    Thanks so much

  35. Are you kidding me? Take BM and run. Go. NOW. You can afford to lose one week for a stud WR.

  36. Consider the fact that Maclin will be, at best, limited. Vick likes throwing to DJ. I would choose DJ, but if you are in a PPR leauge give Lance a little bit moore (get it? :D) weight.

    If you have a chance to upgrade your RB, do so. I don't really like your stable right there and your have WRs out the wazoo. Stevan Ridley is a good sleeper pick to pick up if you have the bench space.

    You can also do better that Scott Chandler. What TE are FAs?

    Besides that I think your pretty solid.

  37. I like Jackson and Moore. Jackson is a beast, the rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated, and I just have a good feeling about Moore.

    The Raiders are going to have to pass to keep up with the aerial assault of Tom Brady and Wes Welker, and the Patriots really don't have the Pass D to prevent that. Combine that with the fact that Moore is just a plain stud in the making and the Raiders OL has been performing well and I think you have a recipe for success. You may have to consider the return of Jacoby Ford, but it should be inconsequential: they play different WR positions, so they should not cannibalize each other.

    Don't go for Nate Washingotn this week. The Browns are perennial doorsteps but Joe Haden has emerged as a legitimate shutdown corner this year.

    I've never really liked Santonio Holmes since he became a Jet. Maybe it's Mark Sanchez, IDK, but the thought of owning him gives me a bad taste in my mouth.

    Good luck!

  38. Go with Julio Jones starting or Anquan? Boldin going against the Jets has me wondering and then Julio against Seattle has me not wanting to kick myself.

  39. Thanks man.
    I had setup my roster with McNabband Caldwell, so I'll leave that way and hope for the best.
    Anything they can get me is a bonus.
    UsuallyI rely on my defense guys to win the matchup.

  40. I just traded Cedric Benson for Tony Gonazalez. 1 point per recption league.

    MY tight end was Dallas clark so i needed an upgrade. MY RBs are still- Ray rice, ahmad bradshaw, Bench- WIllis Mcgahee, kendal hunder.

    was this a good trade ?

  41. Just wanted to say that this is a great blog and I will tell more people about it outside of my league of course.

    I am in a 12-team standard scoring league and my Team started off 1-2. What do you think of the line-up? I am trying to decide what to do in QB position this week. and if i should trade for a better QB at some point. I am thinking Grossman for this week.

    QB- J. Freeman or Rex Grossman
    WR - C. Johnson
    WR - H. Nicks
    RB - R. Rice
    RB - D. Sproles
    Flex - D. Bryant
    TE - Graham
    DEF - Houston

    Bench - B. Wells, M. Tolbert, B. Jacobs, M. Thomas, R. Williams

    Thanks for all the help in past and good luck in your leagues this week.

  42. well I have gates but he's injured.

    I just got an offer for RB upgrade:

    I get Mike Turner and Dallas Clark, but have to give up Mike Wallace and Gore. I think thats kinda shitty, your thoughts?

  43. I need to cut one of these players so I can pick up a Kicker for Sunday. My team is 0-3 so i am in desperation mode, 1 point PPR.

    I can drop -
    Johnny Knox
    Reggie wayne
    dallas clark
    mario manningham
    kendal hunter ( kinda wanna hold on to see whats going on with Gore)

  44. Hi, im in a 14 team ppr league and i think im pretty set everywhere with A. Johnson, B. Marshal, D. Moore, DMcFadden, Ryan Mathews, RBronkowski and the GB def, but im weak at QB with Kevin Kolb, should I try to trade him and B. Marshal for a WR and maybe Cam Newton who has more upside?? the other guy has Boldin, Collie, Meachem, and picked up Cruz

  45. Ben Tate, Denarius Moore, or Cadillac Williams for a flex position this week? I've been doing quite well with A. Foster being out..dangit. My bench isn't looking so good. McCluster is on FA as well.
    I appreciate you help.


  46. I could also try and trade Daniel Thomas and Kolb for Shuab and B. Green Ellis? would that be better?

  47. Its as stretch, but doable. Shockey has been getting more attention than I anticipated

  48. 1) Not a very attractive flex you have either way. Titus Young is a pretty hefty gamble. The Indy running game actually looked alright last week. I'd go Addai. He just seems more solid. You know you'll at least get some points with him.
    2) Of the two, I'd go with Keller. Just check out the TE rankings above and see if any of them are available for you. Maybe Jared Cook will make a splash with Britt gone.

  49. Depends a lot on the rest of your team. If your 2nd and 3rd RB can handle starting for you, and you know that Moss will start for you every week, then do it.

    If you arent in desperate need of a WR or you will be starting a less than ideal RB, then I wouldnt.

  50. Thanks! We aim to please. Tell a friend.
    You have to keep DeSean in. He’s been quiet for a few weeks, but he is explosive and the Eagles are getting healthier. I rarely rarely rarely ever recommend benching an elite player.
    Rest of your lineup looks good to me. I have Gore ahead of Hightower, but it’s not a huge jump.
    One thing I will always say though… if your gut disagrees with me, then go with it. Can’t argue with that feeling.

  51. I’m cool with all your starters and would definitely say take the trade. Dolphins are morphing into a passing team and are often playing from behind. LT is performing well, but he isn’t starting for you and you know that the Jets want more than anything to make the conversion to Greene. I say hell yeah to the trade and plug him in at RB/WR.
    Rest of your starters look good. This is an impressive group for a 12-team league. Probably a little rough last week, but it’ll pick up.
    I had a post a while back about bye weeks. I really think that it could make a decent strategy to have everyone with the same bye week. It means that for one game, you are incredibly weak, but at full strength the rest of the time.
    Arian will be healthy. You’ll have to drop someone for a RB to fill in though. Probably just dump Moore. Week 6 will be rough, but every other week will be stellar.

  52. Its a toss up. Second rate receiver for second rate receiver. MSW has more name recognition right now, but I like Gaffney more to be honest.

  53. Both Gronk and Finley are elite, but I’d rather be receiver heavy with a middle tight end than have two good receivers and one weak one with a good tight end.
    All it will take from you is a bit of time to crunch some numbers. Just do a little math and compare the points and which combo would give you the most. I’m sure that there are some decent TEs to choose from in free agency. I think the cost is too high, giving up a WR you got in round 2 or 3 for a TE taken in 5 or 6.

  54. Jury is still out on Wayne. Collins has only been with the offense for three weeks, and it would be really odd to drop him since he is such an elite guy. Nelson is doing well. Probably wont be super consistent, but will put up numbers for you, some very big. Colston will go back to doing what he always does when he is healthy.

    I'd really have all of them pretty close to each other. There is no one worse on your team that you could drop to get Colston?

  55. They are up against their first test. Stafford and Megatron could do some terrible things to their injured secondary.

  56. Jackson is a little too common to just throw out there as a last name. Assuming DeSean or Vincent, you have to go with one of them over Washington.

  57. I would never make a decision based on predicting an injury. I think that all four are great. And all four are in the top three at their position right now. But you know that Welker is going to stay hot all year. And DMC is untouchable so far. AP and Calvin will get you consistency, but as far as points, just look at the board. You’re winning.

    I’m going with an “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it approach with this.” You’re golden either way, but McFadden and Welker look untouchable so far.

  58. Thanks! Glad to hear it.
    QB: Flacco
    RB: Blount
    WR: Henderson
    All are pretty straight up.

  59. Well put. Thanks!

  60. DJ over Moore.
    Ridley is one hell of a stretch. They don't run the ball and he will be fighting with, what, 6 other RBs?
    Chandler has done nothing to make me not believe in him this year.

    I think he's looking good.

  61. I like Moore for the reasons that Boom put.

    I'd go Holmes. Jets have been passing a bit more and he'll be upset after having a bad week last time.

  62. A friend recently introduced me to the site (maybe foolishly as we are in the same league...hehe) and I must say I'm impressed.

    On to business, I have started off the season 1-3 after two disappointing losses the last two weeks. No big deal, I have faith my team is solid and it is early. However, my hardest call each week is which QB to start. I have Freeman and Flacco. Each week so far, I have tried to play the matchups and each week I've picked the QB that scored less. What's you opinion about these two? It may be possible for me to acquire Kolb, Fitzpatrick, or Newton. Are any of those a more solid choice to go for?

  63. What about Donnie Avery wasnt he signed to replace Britt in that spot? I now he is not playing this week but would he eventually start?

  64. Boldin on Revis Island is a bit scary. Especially seeing that Flacco has learned he has more than one target.

    Jones is a little up and down, but the matchup works. It would be a good move to make.

  65. I feel that this is less of a question and more bragging. But yeah, good trade. Definitely helped your team.

  66. Thanks a lot! Glad you like it. Hardest part is getting the word out there about us.

    Grossman is a good call this week over Freeman. Indy can be thrown on, but Freeman hasn't done much to make him trustworthy.

    The only change I'd consider is Wells and Sproles. It all depends on how healthy Wells is by Sunday.

    Hope this works out. you have a decent bench, so it might be in your best interest to throw some feelers out for a QB upgrade.

  67. Definitely a no go. If you are giving up those two it better be for a TE a hell of a lot more reliable than Clark.

  68. Why don't you just drop your kicker for a new kicker? Have you been playing this whole time without one? I'm confused.

    I'm assuming you have another TE starting consistently for you since you have Clark on this list. So I would go ahead and ditch him.

  69. Kolb has been getting better and better as he is getting settled in with the offense. I think he can be a good QB against the right defense. It is possible though. Newton is hot, and looks like a keeper this year.

    You can try it out, but make sure you are getting a WR very close to Marshall's level. Boldin is the only one you listed from his team that I would really consider. Collie has been hurting without Peyton. Meachem is hot now, but Moore is back and Colston will be soon. Cruz only had a big day because Manningham wasn't there.

  70. I'd go with Moore. Anyone can throw against the Patriots, so Moore could see a brilliant stat line. It might be good to get McCluster and let Caddy go. S Jax is back and that will hurt Williams. McCluster should get more and more playing time, I would imagine.

  71. That is a big upgrade at QB, but BJGE is getting fewer and fewer carries. Thomas is rising, but still unproven. I would think that you have the RBs to cover for losing Thomas though, so it wouldnt hurt you too much.

    This is a better trade if you have two RBs on your roster that are comfortable starters.

  72. Thanks man! Spread the love and tell a few people outside of your league!

    I think that Flacco has found a rhythm. I'd start him solidly until Freeman can get up to the level of hype he had in the offseason.

    Fitz is an attractive prospect right now, but based on history, I have to assume that this will not last very long, plus he hasn't gone up against a very impressive defense yet. Newton is also hot, and would probably the best pickup of the three. I'd remain confident in Flacco though.

  73. Avery could be a sleeper, and likely will eventually start for the Titans. He could be a good guy to stow on your bench for now. I think for a while though, Washington will be getting most of the work while Avery tries to find his rhythm with a new offense.

  74. i dropped my kicker so i could pick up kendal hunter on waivers cause i didnt know who to drop before. I just traded for tony gonzalez, is he a good enough upgrade from dallas clark to drop clark? im 0-3 now and desperate

  75. Hey guys,

    Here is my lineup as it stands currently:

    QB Tom Brady
    WR Larry Fitzgerald
    WR Nate Washington
    RB Ray Rice
    RB Beanie Wells
    TE Greg Olsen
    Flex Denarius Moore
    BN Percy Harvin
    BN Shonn Greene
    BN Jordy Nelson
    BN Joe Flacco
    BN Willis McGahee
    BN Aaron Hernandez

    Basically I am really unsure about my WR2 and flex spots but I'd take advice on any other positions you dont agree on. I like Denarius Moore but I dont know if I should fit McGahee or Harvin in the starting lineup somewhere. Anyway thanks for help!

  76. Would you start Cutler over Romo this week?

    Is it safe to let go of Ben Tate?


  77. What are your thoughts on Julio Jones this week?
    He showed some glimmer of fantasy talent last week, and he is playing Seattle this weekend. For me, its either Him, Mario Manningham or Anquan Boldin. Bolding hasnt been producing, and neither has Manningham it seems. How does Jones look?

  78. Would I be crazy for thinking about playing Jacoby Ford over Shonn Greene in my FLEX position? Baltimore has stopped the run early on and NE has struggled mightily against the pass, especially deep threats (i.e. VJAX and Stevie)

  79. Hey, I have been following since last year. I have a dilemma. Here is my team

    QB: Michael Vick, Matt Hasselback
    RB: Peyton Hillis, Ahmad Bradshaw, Darren Sproles, Alfonso Smith
    WR: Denarius Moore, Greg Jennings, Lance Moore, Eric Decker, Victor Cruz, Jeremy Maclin
    TE: Fred Davis, Scott Chandler
    PK: Jason Hanson
    DEF: Eagles, Bucs

    I was thinking to start Kyle Orton over Vick and Hasselback. But I might get burn not starting Vick. I am not sure if I should Denarius over Lance and Eric Decker. But they all have a good matchup. And last, I was thinking to drop the Bucs and start the Eagles Def. But I see the Texans are ranked higher over the Eagles.

  80. Hey guys,

    Am hurting in my main league at 1-2-0 (standard, non ppr). I have a solid team, but could use some validation on the lineup as I'm playing the only manager who is outscoring me (and is 3-0). Here's what I had in mind:

    Bowe (ugh... I know)
    Denarius Moore
    Jermichael Finley
    Lance Moore
    Nick Novak (Jason Hanson available in FA?)
    Detroit - D/ST (Houston D available in FA?)
    D'Qwell Jackson - IDP (Dropped Brian Urlacher for this dude)

    Beanie Wells (injured.. who knows?)
    Julio Jones
    David Nelson
    D McCluster
    Marques Colston (does he play? If so, is he a better start than Lance?)

    As you can see, I have a few conundrums here with injuries and whatnot. I don't think I'd want to start my two semi-studs--Wells and Colston--this week even if they're good to go. What do you think?

    Thanks again, you guys/gals are the shit.


  81. League 1: Nicks, Colston, or Meachem at WR3? (All juicy matchups, but I have concerns with Nicks and Colston re: injuries.) Best, F. Jones, or A. Brown at flex?

    League 2: F. Jones, SJax, or Jacobs at RB2? D. Bryant, Meachem, or A. Brown at WR3? Gonna ride the Sexy Rexy train one more time!

  82. For my 2nd RB, would you start McGahee, Moreno or Jacobs? (Damn you Jamaal Charles)
    And for my 3 WR and flex, who would you sit out of Dez Bryant, Johnny Knox and A.J. Green?

  83. Sorry to extend this but I really need your help, now they are offering me Vick for A. Johnson? I'd be weak at WR but is it worth it? I might get brandon lloyd into the mix but still is it worth it?

  84. Who would you start this weekend?

    James Starks vs. Denver
    Shonn Greene vs. Baltimore
    Felix Jones vs. Detroit

  85. Also... What two receivers would you start?

    Percy Harvin, Nate Burleson, and Devery Henderson

  86. Best site I've found. I have the all injured/average hb squad on my team. I have Hillis, SJax, Foster, Tate, Starks, Grant(out),and Daniel Thomas. I like a lot of these guys but bc of injuries or inconsistencies they all rank really close. I think I'm going 3 hbs this week and would love to know what you think.

  87. Do I dare sit a hopefully back-to-form Chris Johnson against the Browns in favor of Hightower against the shreddable Rams?

    I've also got a chance to make a minor trade that might give my QB spot a little more firepower. Drew Brees' owner is willing to give up Joe Flacco and wants only McGahee and one of Freeman, Grossman or Bradford in return. Is it worth it to make that swap?

  88. Hi,

    It looks like Daniel Thomas is going to be out on Sunday. Someone in my league just dropped Reggie Bush, and I have the (7th of 12) waiver claim on him. If I get him, I'll go with him and Roy Helu. Do you agree? If I don't get him, who should I start at RB? (standard scoring)

    D Thomas
    R Helu
    P Thomas
    J Harrison (will drop for Bush if waivers go through)
    M Hardesty

    Based on your rankings I'd guess
    Helu and P. Thomas?

    I realise I'm in terrible shape at RB, especially with D. Thomas down but it is too late to trade this week in my league and these are probably the top the free agent RBs

    S Ridley
    R Williams
    E Graham
    L Ball
    I Redman
    D Karim
    B Scott

    I am fairly strong at WR with

    Andre Johnson (starting)
    Greg Jennings (starting)
    Stevie Johnson (starting)
    Dez Bryant
    Denarius Moore

    Hoping Denarius has a big week against the Pats to strengthen my hand for a trade. The only owners receptive to trades are offering Ingram for Dez or Stevie, but I'm not sure I want another guy from NO, especially the backfield. (already have P. Thomas, Kasay, Graham and NO D) What do you think?

  89. Pick 1 WR3 - Lloyd has me worried and so does Matt Ryan (how did I end up with him again? oh yeah, I picked my qb in the 7th round...f.f.sake).

    WR1 V Jax,
    WR2 Nicks,
    WR3 B.Lloyd, Julio Jones, David Nelson, D.Henderson

  90. Hey, need two starters of these WRs:

    AJ Green, S Rice, N Washington, T Smith, M Thomas (Jax), J Knox

  91. I like your lineup as it is. Hopefully washington can take over for britt seemlessly. Moore is a great play today. Only change I'd consider is Olsen and Hernandez. I havent checked on his status though.

  92. I'd hold on to Tate for a while longer. Hamstrings are the most lingering injury, so Arian Foster could very well tweak it again. And even is Foster is healthy and can stay that way, he'll be splitting time for a while.

    Cutler is a nice matchup, but I still have Romo higher. Romo is a very risky play this week with that pass rush of the Lions.

  93. He is on the brink of breaking into the starting lineup. But ATL hasn't hit any stride yet, and love still seems to be going to White and Gonzo. When Matt Ryan gets comfortable in throwing the ball deep, then Jones can be a consistent starter.

    Manningham has been hurt. But he practiced fully this week and should be good to go. I know what you mean about Boldin. He is inconsistent, but since he left ARI that is how he has always been. I like Manningham, but feel free and confident to gamble if you like Jones.

  94. I have never liked Greene he is the human disappointment. Start Ford. NE is giving up like 350+ per game through the air.

  95. Stay with Vick. He can go off any week. And his team is starting to heal after some hard times in the first two week. He's one of those guys that you really need to start every week unless he is out.

    Your WR is the position of interest here. You have a lot of guys that could have great weeks. I'd consider starting everyone but Cruz. Maclin is probably a bad call this week though. Moore is a great call against NE. Jennings is a must start. Lance and Decker are both great sleeper plays this week. I'd definitely consider putting Decker in. But Moore could go off any given week. Its a tough call. Definitely Moore and Jennings, and then add whoever you like.

    I would get rid of the Bucs. No use having two defenses on your roster. Eagles are an alright play, but havent lived up to the hype. Might be good to adopt SDS after this week if the Eagles don't perform well.

  96. It seems that you have just fallen into an unlucky streak. All of your guys were great last year, just having a slow start. I think Rivers will pick it up any day now. At least I hope so. Bowe is just on a garbage team. MJD is picking it up. Both Moores are good plays this week.

    I'd pull the trigger on Hanson. Plays in a dome, better offense. I'd do it. Detroit is a good DEF most weeks, I have them as the consistent starter in one of my leagues. But today, I think the Cowboys could maybe slip by them.

    I would keep Wells and Colston out. Wells will likely play, but not a starter compared to your other guys. I dont know if Colston will. Either way, the Saints spread it around. Moore should still be good even if Colston is in.

    I like you IDP too. But I'd jump all over Angerer if he is still available. Brackett was just put on IR and will not play all year. Meaning Angerer is the starting middle linebacker from here on out. He had 21 tackles last week.

  97. Nicks had a full practice. I like him. Colston is questionable, but an early game, so you'll know if he will play or not.

    I like Nicks.

  98. Sorry about that...

    Best could be good, not really running, but in the screen game. I like him there. Jones is the same way though. Best seems like a better play as he isnt nursing a seperated shoulder.

    League 2) Jackson and Bryant.

  99. Sorry about Charles. Tough loss. Jacobs would be my favorite of who you have. Keep a close eye on any injuries around the league this week to jump on the backup.

    I'd sit Green. He is a good play this week, your others are just probably better.

  100. I'd rather stay strong at WR. There is a bigger dropoff between Johnson and a backup than Vick and a backup.

  101. Love Starks this week. Love him.

  102. Tough one. Harvin has a dream matchup. Henderson is a good play if Colston sits again.

    NO is an early game, so you will know if Colston is in or out.

    Burleson is a stretch, always is.

  103. Thanks! We try. Tell a friend!

    I actually like this squad. A lot. Its rough right now, but you will get healthier as the year goes on. It could be much much worse for you.

    Starks is an awesome sleeper this week with Grant out. I'd do it. Hillis was a wuss last week, but should be ok vs TEN. I would imagine that Foster goes at full strength today, but will still likely split with Tate. Its hard to tell you to sit him though.

    I'd go Hillis Foster, Starks, but Jax and Thomas are both decent plays too.

  104. With Dez's injury, do you still think he's a good play? For my 3rd WR and Flex, I have Dez, Knox, Denarius and Green. Which 2 do you play? Apparently Knox is starting over Roy Williams, and Carolinas top CB is out, and Denarius is playing NE who gives up so many passing yards.

  105. Without Britt, defenses are going to stack the box even more. Chris Johnson is Chris Johnson though, so I say keep him in.

    I'd definitely make that trade too. You arent losing any starters.

  106. So long....

    OK. R Williams is a good play if DThomas is out. If you get him, start him. I wouldnt start Helu though. You really have an awful RB lineup. Sorry to say, I'd probably go with Pierre Thomas though.

    Ridley and Karim as good guys to have on your bench, but neither are starters.

    Your WRs are great, so I would think about making a trade. Your WRs are actually awesome.

    Do not take that trade you mentioned. You should be getting much more than Ingram for any of your WRs. You have top tier WRs, so get a top tier RB.

  107. Cool. Thanks, do you have any thoughts on Chandler and F. Davis?

  108. Colston will play.. but Henderson could still perform well. Jones is coming on strong, but inconsistent.

    Everyone seems to be able to throw against GB. So there is a plus side to Lloyd. I can argue for any three of them though. Probably Jones or Lloyd though.

  109. In one league, non ppr, I have to start a flex either Best, Bradshaw, Starks or Nate Washington. Who do I start?

    In the other league, I have to start 3 wrs and a flex as well as rbs and qbs. My 3 wrs are Nicks, Denarius Moore, Fred Nelson, and for my flex is Decker but I have Julio Jones on my bench. Should I keep Jones on my bench or start him over someone?

  110. I have Knox and Washington highest.

    Green and Rice have rough matchups. Smith is hurt and probably cant repeat. Thomas is a number one. And he is a decent player, but rookie QB and matchup arent too good.

    Knox and Washington get my play.

  111. 1) Either Best or Starks. I like Best if you are PPR. Starks is an awesome sleeper though. Good matchup, no Grant. I would go with him.

    2) I have to assume that by "Fred Nelson" you mean Bill's David Nelson? If so. I think Julio Jones could replace him. Decker is risky, but I like the matchup and he is a good sleeper play.

  112. Davis is having a great season so far. STL is usually pretty solid against TEs, so I'd roll with Chandler. His matchups isnt ideal either though.

  113. I still like him. He is getting better, and the Cowboys only real receiver threat. Its going to be Dez and Witten getting almost all of the looks, since the Cowboys WR2 this week is going to be Laurent Robinson, their 4th receiver on the roster who has only been a cowboy for 2 weeks.

    I would go Dez and Moore. I have Moore as a huge sleeper. I see your argument for Knox though, i do have him higher than usual.