Saturday, November 26, 2011

Week 12 Fantasy Football Pick'em and Predictions

Last week worked out pretty swimmingly. If only I had gone with my gut before that week. After 11-3, though, I'm rolling high and pretty confident after a 2-1 Thursday after stupidly gambling on the falling Lions over the unstoppable Packers.

Jordan and I are not eye-to-eye on a bunch of games this week. Turns out that a lot of these seem to be toss-ups. So good luck to everyone with their pick'em calls this week.

Record (LW) (Total):(10-4)(96-64)(11-3)(97-63)(9-5)(85-75)
Packers vs. LionsLionsLionsLions
Dolphins vs. CowboysCowboysCowboysCowboys
49ers vs. Ravens49ersRavens49ers
Vikings vs. FalconsFalconsFalcons
Bills vs. JetsBillsJets
Browns vs. BengalsBengalsBengals
Bucs vs. TitansBucsTitans
Panthers vs. ColtsPanthersPanthers
Cardinals vs. RamsRamsRams
Texans vs. JaguarsTexansTexans
Bears vs. RaidersRaidersRaiders
Redskins vs. SeahawksSeahawksSeahawks
Broncos vs. ChargersBroncosChargers
Patriots vs. EaglesPatriotsPatriots
Steelers vs. ChiefsSteelersSteelers
Giants vs. SaintsGiantsSaints

Survival Pick EliminatedEliminatedEliminated


  1. if hillis plays (and maybe starts) where would you rank him? Here is my lineup:
    RBS: AP, CJ2K, Hillis, Sproles
    the flex (wr/rb) spot is here, i currently have Harvin in it
    WRS: Calvin, Andre, Harvin, Julio J, and Antonio B
    TE: Vernon D
    D: Packers and Bengals (im starting bengals this week)
    K: Cundiff

    I can have two rbs, one rb/wr, and two wrs. Who would you put at each spot? right now i have CJ, Sproles, Calvin (already played), and Andre. Do i have it right?

  2. I like the picks guys!
    So in a last minute act of desperation, I got killed in a trade by trading ben back to the same guy to get Tolbert back cause I lost Freddy J :@. Do I gotta start Tolbert over Jacobs this week?

  3. Need to select 1 running back out of the herd. Choices Michael Bush, Marshawn Lynch, Ryan Mathews, Mike Tolbert, or Willis Mcgahee.

  4. GHL- I am struggling to name a starter between Tebow and Vince Young. What do you think?

  5. Sorry so late answering. Holiday stuff. Answered it on your other post. I think you have it right.

  6. Tolbert's performance all relies on Mathews injury. mathews has been getting better and will play. Tolbert should see a fair amount of work though. He'll only get the big yards though if he is a vulture.

    Jacobs has been awful recently. But, as a starter, I think you have to go with him over Tolbert here.

  7. Michael Bush. He's been killer since taking over. Youve got a handful of guys that could have good weeks, Lynch being my highest of your other options, but I still think Bush has to be the starter here.

  8. Sorry for being late on this. Holiday nonsense. Answered you on the other post. I like Young.

  9. In the past, I believe you mentioned that you tend to favor using a WR at flex even in standard leagues vs. a RB. What is your rationale behind this? I've seen advice both ways and just want to make an informed decision this coming week, which is a must win! Thanks!

  10. There are a lot of factors to it. If you are PPR, then I think that going with a WR is a no-brainer unless you have a true receiving RB to go there.

    It really does depend a lot on who is on your bench and a bit on who they are facing. But I generally think that WRs have more upside when it comes to a flex spot.

    At RB1 and RB2, you know you have guys that you can count on to put up big numbers, but since you already have two running backs on your team, chances are that the third RB you have is not a guarantee and only has upside if he scores. That is not necessarily true with your WRs.

    When you get down to the 30-50th ranked people (the players you are likely putting in at flex spots) lower ranked WRs tend to have higher numbers than lower ranked RBs just because they are on the field more.

    Flex for me is about the upside, and when you get down to a flex spot, usually that is what you have to rely on.

    Hope this made a little sense.

  11. Cool, this does make sense. In my case, I'll be starting Foster, Murray, Fitzgerald, and Lloyd at RB and WR. At flex, I'd be down to Kevin Smith (if he plays), Jonathan Stewart, Miles Austin (if he plays), or a TBD WR. Who would you pick?

    Regarding the TBD, who would you recommend picking up possibly for this week and ROS (if I am lucky enough to win this weekend)? Johnny Knox, Santana Moss, Manningham, Jacoby Ford, or Damien Williams? And if I picked one of them up, would you start him at flex over the other options?

    Thanks again!

  12. I think you should be good to go from here on out with Austin. In the case that he doesnt start, there are some good options in your free agency. I have personally picked up Moss. He is a true number one and should show improvement with Week 13 being his second game back from injury. And because it was a hand issue, he shouldnt miss a step due to any conditioning problems. Damien Williams would be my second pick, just because he is targeted so often in that offense.