Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week 9 Fantasy Football Advice Time

Wanted to throw the advice time post up. Ask anything you've got. All I ask in return is that you help spread the word about GHL. Like or Tweet one of our posts, tell someone outside of your league, whatever you can do to help us out!

Make sure that you check out the Weekly Rankings and all of the Midseason Reviews that I put up. Lots of information in all of those. Would love to hear what you all think.

So here we go. Trade questions, lineup questions, fantasy questions, whatever you've got, I want to hear it. Let's go


  1. Really need some help this week on who to start!

    WR (need 3)
    Dez Bryant
    AJ Green
    Brandon Lloyd

    RB (need 2)
    Fred Jackson (start!)
    Micheal Bush
    Demarco Murrary

    then out of those WR/RB i need 1 flex.


  2. I should also say that i as of right now i have Green and demarco sitting with Blount in the flex, simply for matchup reasons. Green will get cortland finnegan and Seattle has a decent run D compared the the D's my other backs are going up against. but then again if Dallas gets ahead, they are just going to run the ball (hopefully!). ugh....

  3. WRs. Hear me out. Any other week, I'd likely tell you to start the top three. My issue here is that John Skelton will be getting the start for ARI this week which will likely affect how the Cardinals play against STL. I'd imagine that they go pretty run heavy here.
    Brandon Lloyd will be playing with Sam Bradford (probably, he is still a game-time decision). I think that if Bradford plays, Lloyd will have to be bumped above Fitz here as far as upside goes.

    Its risky sitting Fitz, since he is such an outstanding player that can really perform well with any quarterback. If Bradford plays though, I'd go Dez, Green and Lloyd. Its purely a gut call.

    RB. Jackson of course. My second spot would go to Blount. I think they will be much improved after their bye and he could put together a great game against NO. He will also get most of the carries. Bush and Murray are both good options too, but have harder matchups. I think Blount will get the job done.

    And now for flex. Youve heard my WR arguments, so you could easily go with the remaining one here. Murray is higher than Bush for me as far as your RBs go. I'd probably go with four receivers and Jackson and Blount at RB.

  4. I can see it going as either of these:
    Dez, Green, Lloyd, Jackson, Blount, Fitz
    Dez, Green, Lloyd, Jackson, Blount, Murray

  5. Am I crazy for thinking about starting Celek over both Fred and Vernon Davis at TE? I'm concerned about Fred's injury (not only risk of starting, but risk of reaggravation), and Vernon hasn't done wonders for me lately given the conservative offense. Celek seems to have a great matchup. What do you think? Thanks!

  6. i have hillis and vernon davis and was offered those two for demarco murray and finley..should i do that? my other rbs are ap, cj2k, sproles, and moreno

  7. I've got a tough decision this week. I've got Battle, Tolbert, Jacobs and I gotta pick 1. It's down to Tolbert and Jacobs, both the guys in front of them are down this week. Jacobs has a better matchup but Tolbert will be involved no matter what. Going for 9-0 I gotta win!

  8. Would you put up Jets defense against the bills or Cardinals defense up against the Rams?

  9. I always say that gut moves are the way to go here, but you have to look at the reasons why Celek is ranked so low. Those reasons are McCoy, Jackson, Maclin and Avant.

    The only way that he has another game like the one against Dallas is if the defense focuses too much on Jackson and Maclin. Celek has been inconsistent all season long. His targets are up, but I think this game will go to the WRs. His matchup is good, but you have to see that half of his fantasy points this year came last week.

    I would go with Fred Davis here, a repeat from Celek seems far fetched to me. Just make sure you keep an eye on Davis's status, I would imagine that he will play though.

  10. Murray and Finley are having better seasons and both have higher upside. I say go for it.

  11. Gotta keep you undefeated! I'd go Tolbert here. Tough running matchup, but he has been huge in the passing game when he gets time. And you know that he will be the one scoring if they end up on the goal line.

    Giants should be passing more in this game I think. Battle could have a nice game here, but I agree that he is too risky when compared to the other two you have.

    I'd go Tolbert if it were my team.

  12. Jets are the way to go here. They are always a top defense, it seems. The Cardinals have a great matchup, but STL has been impressive recently and the Cards defense is generally awful no matter who they are playing against.

    I dont know what Moss being out has to do with Antonio Brown... but I would stick to Garcon. He has been performing well all year long. Brown does have tremendous upside and seems to be getting more and more involved, but Painter has been consistently getting the ball to Garcon and that wont change vs ATL.

  13. I just read that Davis will be starting.

  14. To me, if you are getting Murray and Finley, yoThis will sound crazy, but if I don’t play Celek today, I could easily drop him (he was only meant to be a 1-week play at most) and pick up someone else to stash on my roster today before the games start. Out of the following unowned free agents, who do you recommend for a standard league? Tebow, Brinkley, DJ Ware, Da’Rell Scott, or Kevin Faulk? Thanks!

    u are upgrading both positions

  15. Dont know who to play at OP this week. I have Tebow and Jacobs as options and also bradford and mathews who are questionable. What are your thoughts?

  16. Depends on what position you need help at. Tebow could be good, even if it's just to keep him off your competition's teams

  17. QB is usually the best to play in this position. They generally get the most points. Tebow has a lot of upside here, so he would likely be my play. Should get 60 yards rushing.. 150 or so passing. Probably a TD against OAK. as well. Depending on your scoring system, he could push 20-25 points.

  18. With Stafford on a bye this week, I'm stuck with Freeman as my QB. The question is do I trust this rollercoaster QB to get me some points or do I take a chance on a QB on the waivers. The only other options are Palmer, Bradford, Hasselbeck, Jackson, and Smith. I'm leaning towards just rolling with Freeman but I have been burned by him more than once this season.

    Also, here is the rest of my lineup....any suggestions?

    RB- McCoy
    RB- Tolbert
    Flex- J. Jones
    WR- VJax
    WR- Manningham
    TE- Finley
    D/ST- Raiders
    K- Nugent

    D. Thomas
    N. Washington
    F. Davis

    Thanks for the help. Once again I'm working on Sunday but at least I get to check this first.

  19. Cant believe i am asking this but J. Nelson or V. Jackson. Jackson is clearly the number one option at wr in SD but has been a disappointment this year. J. nelson is about the third or fourth option at gb but has been pretty decent all year.

  20. I like your lineup. Wouldnt change anything.

    Freeman is coming off bye, so there is a chance that they can throw something together.

    I have him higher than any other QB you listed. NO can be thrown on.

  21. He has been disappointing, but GB is the second worst team in the NFL defending the pass. Mathews is out, SD should come out throwing the ball and they will have to keep up with Rodgers and the GB offense.

    I still like him over Nelson. Like you said, GB has a lot of weapons, so he is risky.

  22. pick 2 of 3 dez bryant, desean jackson, or jordy nelson

  23. Bryant and Jackson.

    Nelson always has a chance with that big offense, but you have to go with the two that could really have a blowout game. Bryant and Jackson are playmakers that are due for huge days.

  24. Pick 2 of 3 manningham, mike williams (TB), heyward bey

  25. pick 3 Doug Baldwin, Plaxico Burress, Chris Obonnaya, Ben Tate, Pierre Thomas...DMC is out for me this week and I really need this win. thanks GHL

  26. I'll take the first two. Manningham should own this week. Williams is looking for his first good game against a beatable team after a bye week. Heyward Bey gets a lot of looks, but I cant trust Palmer yet.

  27. I'll take Plax, PT and.... Damn.

    Obonnaya will get almost all the carries, but he is a tough start against HOU. Baldwin has been good recently, but I dont know how I feel about him vs the Cowboys, they will need to pass a ton though. Tate gets carries only if the team is really up by a bit, so that is a gamble.

    I'll probably give the third spot to Baldwin, Tate is being phased out.

  28. Crazy-deep league question:

    Flex position - David Nelson or Taiwan Jones?

  29. No idea how Raiders will use Jones. If you play him and he does well, you will be a hero among men.

    Safe play here is Nelson. He has decent upside as Steve Johnson will be on Revis Island. Nelson could very well have the best WR performance for the Bills and even surprise people as a top NFL performer.

  30. Tks.
    Thought that too.
    I'm really tempted to plat Jones though. Hope I don't regret leaving him on the bench.

  31. Tolbert or Pierre Thomas?

    20yards per point and 6 for TDs.
    I'm considering Tolbert because TDs have more importance here.

  32. So I just got offered Boldin for Blount. I have Miles Austin who will be out 2-4 weeks and my other receivers right now are Branch, VJax, and Jenkins who I am trying to drop for Harvin. M

  33. My backs are AP, Blount, Mcgahee and Deangelo Williams. Think i should go through with it?

  34. Hey there,

    Need some TRADE ADVICE

    10 team standard

    My team:
    QB - Stafford, Schaub
    RB - Rice, Beanie, McGahee, Reggie, Jahvid, Moreno
    WR - Nicks, Marshall, Andre, Roddy
    TE - Gronk

    I'm 7-2, tied for 1st, and looking to acquire McFadden from a last place owner

    Would either Beanie/Marshall or McGahee/Marshall for McFadden be giving too much?
    Any other suggestions?


  35. I think it is giving too much. Simple fix would be to get one of their WRs as well. Beanie/Marshall for McFadden and their WR3 should probably do the trick.