Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Week 12 Fantasy Football Position Rankings

Lots of big matchups this week, and getting toward the end of the fantasy football regular season, there is a lot of buzz going on to make a final push toward the playoffs.
It is time to pull out all of the stops. If you are on top of your league and have a playoff spot locked, congrats and I wouldn’t try anything too fancy to jeopardize it. If you are on the bubble, then now is the time to maybe think about some creative gambles to get you into the post-season.
A few big injury updates here. We will be seeing how Matt Leinart and Andre Johnson fare this week. Leinart won’t get any big votes from me, but his starting role could be good news for both Houston running backs, and though I don't have them listed, the backup WRs on Houston might be some big time sleepers with their backup QB starting for them. Big time risk though.
Fred Jackson has been ruled out. CJ Spiller and relatively unknown Johnny White will be filling in. Tough to gauge where they will fall. It has been pretty easy running on the Jets this year, so things could get interesting with these two sleepers.
Michael Vick is not practicing. Neither did DeSean Jackson. Jeremy Maclin did see the field though. So there is a whole lot of mess going down in Philadelphia. Pay close attention to that team throughout the week as position rankings are sure to jump and fall based on how their injury list plays out.
With Thanksgiving coming up, I will be doing my best to provide the usual information. Just be patient with me. As always though, I guarantee to answer all of your questions up til the kickoffs. Start asking your questions now and you can expect an answer whenever I get a chance. Also, don’t forget to ask questions on Twitter @godhateslosers, as I will be answering questions on there frequently throughout the week.

Week 12 Fantasy Quarterback Rankings
1.       Aaron Rodgers
2.       Drew Brees
3.       Matthew Stafford
4.       Cam Newton
5.       Tom Brady
6.       Tony Romo
7.       Michael Vick (if Vince Young starts, make him about #10)
8.       Eli Manning
9.       Tim Tebow
10.   Ben Roethlisberger
11.   Philip Rivers
12.   Carson Palmer
13.   Matt Ryan
14.   Joe Flacco
15.   Mark Sanchez
16.   Matt Moore
17.   Josh Freeman
18.   Andy Dalton
19.   Christian Ponder
20.   Matt Hasselbeck
21.   Sam Bradford
22.   Matt Leinart
23.   Rex Grossman
24.   Alex Smith
25.   Ryan Fitzpatrick
Week 12 Fantasy Running Back Rankings
1.       Arian Foster
2.       Matt Forte
3.       Steven Jackson
4.       LeSean McCoy
5.       Michael Turner
6.       Michael Bush
7.       Ray Rice
8.       DeMarco Murray
9.       Rashard Mendenhall
10.   Maurice Jones-Drew
11.   Frank Gore
12.   Reggie Bush
13.   Chris Johnson
14.   Cedric Benson
15.   Ryan Matthews
16.   LeGarrette Blount
17.   Marshawn Lynch
18.   Darren Sproles
19.   Beanie Wells
20.   Willis McGahee
21.   Shonn Greene
22.   Jonathan Stewart
23.   BenJarvus Green-Ellis
24.   Kevin Smith
25.   Ryan Grant
26.   Ben Tate
27.   Brandon Jacobs
28.   Donald Brown
29.   DeAngelo Williams
30.   Mike Tolbert
31.   Roy Helu
32.   Toby Gerhart
33.   C.J. Spiller
34.   Mark Ingram
35.   Chris Ogbonnaya
36.   Jackie Battle
37.   Delone Carter
38.   John Kuhn
39.   Joe McKnight
40.   Danny Woodhead
41.   Daniel Thomas
42.   Marion Barber
43.   Pierre Thomas
44.   Johnny White
45.   Felix Jones
46.   Kendall Hunter
47.   Montario Hardesty
48.   Maurice Morris
49.   Javon Ringer
50.   Alfonso Smith
Week 12 Fantasy Wide Receiver Rankings
(not ranking Jeremy Maclin or Julio Jones, fall at 20 and 28 respectively if they play)
1.       Mike Wallace
2.       Calvin Johnson
3.       Steve Smith
4.       Larry Fitzgerald
5.       Jordy Nelson
6.       Dez Bryant
7.       Roddy White
8.       Greg Jennings
9.       Hakeem Nicks
10.   Wes Welker
11.   Andre Johnson
12.   Vincent Jackson
13.   Brandon Marshall
14.   Brandon Lloyd
15.   Marques Colston
16.   DeSean Jackson
17.   Victor Cruz
18.   Laurent Robinson
19.   A.J. Green
20.   Percy Harvin
21.   Anquan Boldin
22.   Antonio Brown
23.   Dwayne Bowe
24.   Santonio Holmes
25.   Mario Manningham
26.   Michael Crabtree
27.   Plaxico Burress
28.   Torrey Smith
29.   Denarius Moore
30.   Nate Washington
31.   Sidney Rice
32.   Mike Williams
33.   Steve Johnson
34.   Deion Branch
35.   Pierre Garcon
36.   Vincent Brown
37.   Damian Williams
38.   Jabar Gaffney
39.   Nate Burleson
40.   Earl Bennett
41.   Greg Little
42.   Lance Moore
43.   Riley Cooper
44.   Reggie Wayne
45.   Jerome Simpson
46.   Eric Decker
47.   Titus Young
48.   Harry Douglas
49.   Roy Williams
50.   Robert Meachem
Week 12 Fantasy Tight End Rankings
1.       Rob Gronkowski
2.       Jason Witten
3.       Jimmy Graham
4.       Antonio Gates
5.       Tony Gonzales
6.       Aaron Hernandez
7.       Jermichael Finley
8.       Brandon Pettigrew
9.       Owen Daniels
10.   Brent Celek
11.   Vernon Davis
12.   Fred Davis
13.   Jake Ballard
14.   Greg Olsen
15.   Jermaine Gresham
16.   Kellen Winslow
17.   Jacob Tamme
18.   Heath Miller
19.   Dustin Keller
20.   Anthony Fasano
Week 12 Kicker Rankings
1.       Dan Bailey
2.       John Kasay
3.       Mason Crosby
4.       Jason Hanson
5.       Billy Cundiff
6.       David Akers
7.       Robbie Gould
8.       Neil Rackers
9.       Stephen Gostkowski
10.   Sebastian Janikowski
11.   Mike Nugent
12.   Nick Folk
13.   Nick Novak
14.   Matt Bryant
15.   Josh Scobee
16.   Alex Henery
17.   Shaun Suisham
18.   Connor Barth
19.   Rob Bironas
20.   Ryan Succop
Week 12 Fantasy Defense Rankings
1.       Houston Texans
2.       Pittsburgh Steelers
3.       Cincinnati Bengals
4.       New York Jets
5.       Baltimore Ravens
6.       San Francisco 49ers
7.       Chicago Bears
8.       Dallas Cowboys
9.       Seattle Seahawks
10.   Atlanta Falcons
11.   Oakland Raiders
12.   Carolina Panthers
13.   Arizona Cardinals
14.   Denver Broncos
15.   Washington Redskins
16.   San Diego Chargers
17.   St. Louis Rams
18.   Green Bay Packers
19.   Carolina Panthers
20.   Miami Dolphins


  1. Would Falcons D be a good start with AP out this week even if I have Ravens D?

  2. Ok I'm in some trouble this week. I've got Freddy Jax missing his first career game. Right now I'm starting:
    Falcons D
    Do you think its possible torrey smith has a better game than Boldin again vs a tough San Fran D? I'm considering switching him in. Also I have Daniels do you think he will have a game with Andre back drawing attention and with Lienart checking down?
    One more thing I'm starting to regret trading for big Ben with the way Romo will finish down the stretch. He's gonna tear Philly up week 16. Should I try to trade Ben for Vinny Jax?

  3. .5 PPR, pick 2: Laurent Robinson, Kevin Smith, Torrey Smith, Nate Washington, Earl Bennet, Jeremy Maclin (if he plays).

  4. Where would Santana Moss fall in your rankings now that it appears he will play? Also, do you like him more than Jacoby Ford, ROS (standard league)? Thanks!

  5. you are crazy to rank andre johnson outside of top 10. i dont care who his qb is, dre is and has been for a while one of the most dominant wrs in the league. and jordy shouldnt be higher than greg

  6. If I win this game, I'm in the playoffs; If I lose, I'm out. my players:

    QB: Cam Cam
    RB: McGahee, BJGE, CJ Spiller, Ogbonnaya, Gerhart
    WR: Roddy White, Mike Wallace, S. Moss, M. Williams (TB), Damian Williams
    TE: Pettigrew
    D: Blitzburgh

    I need 2 RB, 2 WR, and 2 Flex. WHO DO YOU LOVE!!?

    Happy Thanksgiving Bro.

  7. Please throw Manningham into my question above too...

  8. Alright so I started beanie last week and he screwed me over, so I figured I would ask for some advice again. Thanks for all your help by the way, I check into this blog multiple times a week. The question is do I start beanie wells or Laurent Robinson this week? And I have the patriots defense but I don't know if it's a good start, Philly isn't lookin to good though. Thanks for the help man

  9. Chicken Milk StinkbombNovember 23, 2011 at 10:10 PM

    .5 PPR 12 man League - With a win I will lock up first place and a first round bye

    Projected Line-up
    QB: Romo
    RB: Matt Forte
    RB: Kevin Smith
    Flex: Victor Cruz (Spiller, Harvin and Beanie would be on the Bench)
    WR: Larry Fitzgerald
    WR: Dez Bryant
    TE: Ballard (Shiancoe and Cook on the Bench)
    K: Dan Bailey
    D: Bengals

    I have a feeling that Kevin Smith should be better than Beanie, unsure about Harvin.
    Go with my current line-up or make a change at the flex?

    I contribute my record to this site and reading the advice, so many thanks

  10. Ok. Do or die time. I have been sitting in a playoff spot all season long but I have a rough last few games with my main competition for playoff spots having "easy" games. I need to win against a 10-1 team. Any lineup suggestions would be helpful.

    My team as it is....
    QB- Stafford
    RB- McCoy
    RB- Gerhart
    Flex- C.J. Spiller
    WR- V Jax
    WR- Steve Smith (panthers)
    TE- Finley
    Def- Bengals
    K- Novak

    J. Jones
    N. Washington


  11. Bigboi here again on this amayzing site

    idk bout my flex, d/st, and kicker this week:
    Flex- r. mathews, m. manningham, b. jacobs, b. tate, s. moss?
    d/st- texans, steelers?
    k- rackers, gostkow?


  12. Forgot about AP when making the rankings. ATL could be a great start. Ponder has been pretty accident prone. With the streak that SF is on, I can see starting them.

  13. I have Boldin higher than Smith. Sure, Smith has a good upside, but I think that Boldin is more consistent. SF doesnt have a super strong secondary, so while Smith is the big threat, his low is a lot lower than Boldins.

    I do like Own Daniels for that reason. HOU is a big unknown, so he is more of a gamble than Olsen. I'd probably go Olsen personally.

    I like Romo more than Roeth all year long. I feel that would be a very smart trade.

  14. I'd go Robinson and T Smith. Unfortunately because both of them play today, you probably wont find out if Maclin plays or not.

    If you want to gamble on him I would start Robinson and hold out for Maclin. If Maclin doesnt play, then go Robinson and Washington.

  15. Doubt he'll play. The way that Redskins are right now, he wouldnt be too high. Especially coming off injury. Low 20s -High 30s probably.

  16. Backup QB and coming off injury. Other experts have him in the top 5. I dont have that much faith. We'll see. Thats just how I think it'll go down.

    Based on the last two weeks, Nelson is outscoring Jennings like crazy. I dont think it is out of hand to have Nelson higher. He is a beast and he is who Rodgers looks to on nearly every 3rd down play.

  17. McGahee, BJGE, White, Wallace, M Williams

    Its going to be tough. Cam will have a big day. Unfortunately, the RBs on your list are really all gambles at this point. I feel in this scenario you need to start all your most consistent guys at that position.

    White and Wallace should be great this weekend. Flex spot goes to Williams for me. He had a good week finally, and the matchup is beatable. You'll need a bit of luck, but it's doable.

  18. Got Manningham higher than both.

  19. I say roll with who's hot. Robinson is getting good looks every week. Matchup is pretty good. if Wells has been getting you down so long, then you can really expect the same to happen. He is by far the biggest dropoff from the start of the season. He really just disappeared back into the Beanie that we all know and despise.

    I'd sit on the Patriots. Not a good call this week. After this week though, their schedule is pretty great. I wouldnt play them against Philly though. Too many injuries agaisnt a highpowered offense.

  20. I'm not big on Smith. He did well last week mostly because it was against the Panthers. Beanie has been a huge disappointment all year long though, so I can see you taking the gamble. Go with your gut here. Thats the best way to treat it.

    I like Harvin, but I still have him lower than any of your other WRs. Both play later this week, so you have some time to think about it. For now though, I'm staying with Cruz over Harvin.

  21. I dont like Gerhart. When he came in to clean up he only got like 17 yards or something. Not a good play in my opinion, ATL can stop the run.

    I'd move Spiller into your other RB slot if you like his chances. I can see it.

    flex I would make Manningham. He has a lot of competition at the position, but Manning tends to look his way when the heat is on.

    With playoffs on the line, you have to go with the strongest lineup you can. I dont think that Gerhart is a part of that lineup.

  22. Flex, I'd give it to Mathews. Gotta like his chances a bit against Denver. Hopefully no injuries rear up. Seems like more of a lock than any of your other players though.

    Texans get my vote on defense. Good matchup. great defense. Should be big for them.

    Kicker is really up to you. I have Rackers high. You are basically gambling on HOU making it down the field and not scoring, which could definitely happen with the backup QB.
    Gostkowski is a good play every week just because NE scores so much. I'm going for FGs here though, and I think Rackers will have more FG opportunities.

  23. I need your advice!
    tony romo or cam newton
    kevin smith or mike tolbert
    torey smith our mike williams (tb)

  24. flex position: I got manningham and Gerhart. Sounds crazy a starting WR and a backup HB, but carries is why I am questioning this.

  25. my bad. Thanksgiving Bloody Mary tripped me up. I mean Benjarvis Ellis or Manningham in slot. Ignore below.

  26. This is tough.

    I have Newton over Romo here. Both matchups are good. So really its a toss up. I give it to Newton for his legs.
    Smith is a starter, but the matchup is a lot harder than Carolina, so its hard to predict how he will respond to that. Could again play a part in the passing game. Tolber should again be the backup and goalline back with Mathews healthy and starting. Smith has a chance here, I'm just not insanely confident.
    I'd got Torrey Smith over Williams. Both have the same bottom, but T Smiths upside is much higher than Williams.

  27. Depends on a few things. BJGE has been solid recently, but if Faulk comes back for some reason Belichick has a big crush on him. I question the amount of carries he will get. Another big thing is that the Pats like to throw all the time. Even redzone.

    Manningham has a lot of competition at the position. But he still seems to be Mannings favorite target when the going gets tough.

    Hard to guarantee that any will be that great. but both have the potential to put up big numbers. I'd personally go Manningham here.

  28. But aren't steelers goin up against a back-up QB? Shouldn't they be getting a thanksgiving feast of picks?

  29. Steelers or texans? Steelers are goin up against a back up Q so....

  30. You really can't go wrong with either here. Both offenses are big turnover risks. Both defenses should hold the other team to under 10. Your gut is obviously leaning Steelers, so go for it. You definitely have good reason to.