Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 11 Late Advice

Alright. I'm off to a sports bar to watch my Cowboys beat up on the Redskins.

If you've got questions between now and kickoff. Make sure you do it on my Twitter account. @godhateslosers.

I will not be able to answer any questions asked on this site.

For real...

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  1. For weeks 15 & 16, which defense would you rather pick up?

    CIN vs STL & ARI
    HOU vs CAR & IND

  2. In need of some trade/life advice...

    10 team - QB, RB, RB, RB/WR, RB/WR, WR, WR, TE, K, Def

    My team:
    QB - Stafford, Roeth
    RB - McFadden, Bradshaw, Greene, Tolbert, Helu,
    WR - Calvin, Steve Smith (CAR), Andre, Marshall, Laurent
    TE - Graham

    I'm 9-2, first place, and limping into the playoffs...I'd be screwed without the two flexes

    Do I propose a Calvin for Forte type trade since my RBs are broken? or sit and hope for McFadden/Bradshaw to be back?


  3. I appreciate the advice you’ve provided me and others this season! I’ve elevated myself barely into playoff contention after a brutal start, and I’d love to get your thoughts on how I could strengthen my roster at this point, if you see any obvious moves.

    I’m in a standard 12-team league; we start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE, 1 K, 1 DEF/ST, 1 DL, 1 LB, and 1 DB. On offense, my roster is currently:

    QBs – Romo, Palmer
    RBs – Foster, Murray, Felix, Jahvid Best, Jonathan Stewart
    WRs – Fitzgerald, Lloyd, Jacoby Ford, Earl Bennett
    TEs – Fred Davis, Celek
    Note, I’m also carrying 1 K, 3 starting and 1 backup IDP, and 2 DEF/STs (matchup based)
    I personally like the balance of my roster, but, have felt a void ever since losing Best to injury. Is Kevin Smith my next logical move? If so, who would you drop? Also, if I don’t land Smith, do you recommend standing pat, or getting Spiller, Gerhart, McKnight, or someone like that for depth? Also, in a prior post, you advised me that dropping Bennett for Miles Austin (who is available), is a wise move, so I’ll do that this evening. But what do you think of Ford? Is he worth stashing? There aren’t many other good WRs on the waiver wire, aside from maybe Santana Moss. I could trade for someone like Percy Harvin, but I don’t know if it’s a big need or what I’d give away. (sorry, something about Harvin still intrigues me, even though he let me down earlier in the year!).

    I apologize for the long post. But I am just hoping to paint the whole picture, so I can find out what someone who knows what they are doing would do in my shoes. : ) Thanks!

  4. OK football gods i'll try to keep it short this morning... RB questions only...

    As of now I have MJD, M. Bush, and R. Mathews starting week 12...
    My bench is basically just L. Blount right now.
    (Sidenote I want run-DMC healthy for playoffs but M. Bush has been freakishly consistent... I hope Oakland goes all or nothing with DMC and doesn't screw me by "weaning" Mcfadden back into it, which they probably will but i'll worry about that during the playoffs.

    BUT my question is who do I start?
    -. Bush is in
    RMathews played his first game as a fully healthy starter in a while last week and BURNED ME.
    I benched Blount he burned me.

    SO who do i go with this week? I'll need amnesia for either one (forgetting about Mathews cruddy outting and not be blinded by Blounts exceptional game.)

    I'm taking your opinion as gospel on this Blount/Mathews situation because every projection i've seen is a complete coin-toss.

    and for my ubsurd yet final question: Do i dare start both of these riskos over MJD who I think will struggle against Wade and that Houston defense.
    (Most projection sites have MJD very high and i just don't see it).

    and to the rest of you DONATE to GHL, it's the holidays

  5. Probably Cincy higher for the two weeks combined. Both are great matchups, and they have been strong all year. Carolina is a bit of a tough one for Houston, but IND is a gift. They are close, but I'd go with the Bengals.

  6. Tough to sit and wait. I'd prefer giving up Steve Smith over Calvin though. I wouldnt trade CJ for anyone.

  7. With the injury to Cutler it is hard to say anything about Earl Bennett. I stand in saying that you need to get Austin on your team immediately though.

    At this point, you need to solidify your flex and then your team will be golden. a couple ways to do this.

    If trading is still an option in your league, you can combine really any two of your bench players and try to upgrade at either WR or RB, either one you can get.

    Find a team that is hurting at two positions and is on the playoff bubble. If someone is hurting at QB and TE, trade them Palmer and Celek/Davis for someone that you will start at flex.

    If trading is done for, then you are just fishing on the Waiver Wire. Smith is the best you listed. I’m not very impressed with Gerhart. Spiller is still iffy, but could be alright here. McKnight looked strong. Lots of question marks surrounding these guys. Personally, I’d probably choose Spiller.

    Once you get Austin though, you should really be set in your starting lineup after this week when he comes back. Foster, Murray, Fitz, Lloyd, Davis, Austin is a very solid starting lineup.

    Don’t get too nervous or antsy. Your team is looking good, and Austin could be the missing piece here.

  8. First off, thanks for the donation shoutout. I don't expect too much to come of that. Happy to help out and see my site grow.

    I see that MJD is pretty high on a lot of rankings. Houston is a tough defense, but MJD has been killing it so far this year, especially in the weeks leading up to this game. That is why he is listed high. He’s not as big in my rankings, but still makes the Top 10. He is just an elite rusher. I think you have to start him. You’ll feel like a fool if you bench him and he goes off.

    Unfortunately for both of us. I have Mathews and Blount back to back in my rankings this week at 15 and 16. Both are facing pretty low opponents here. And I can understand being blinded by last week’s stats.

    I have liked Mathews all year, but injuries and other team setbacks are definitely hurting his rep. Blount had his first big time game, and honestly, I think he could very well ride that wave into this week.

    Despite having Mathews one notch higher in my rankings. I’m going to give my not to Blount this week. Just a gut thing, I suppose. Tennessee is a pretty matchup, Tampa should have some renewed confidence in him. And he doesn’t have a Tolbert to steal any of his work.

  9. wow... that's the smartest advice i've read all year. Thank you. I can dig the logic and will go with Blount.... guess that''s why you got a fantasy site and i don't lol.

  10. Hope this isnt sarcasm. I really just said your thoughts in a bit longer version. Hope that it helps you out.

    Good luck this week.