Saturday, November 12, 2011

Week 10 Advice Time

Hey everybody.

Gotta watch my Cowboys tomorrow, so I will only be able to hand out advice until about an hour before game time.

From now until noon Eastern time, gimme any questions you've got on the blog.

I will also be answering questions on Twitter and should be able to do so right up until game time.

Twitter is @godhateslosers


  1. Wow thanks very much for the poll that's awesome! Laurent is getting a lot of love! I admit I wanna get him in there this week but should I be worried about putting too many eggs in 1 basket starting Romo, Dez, Laurent? As a fellow Cowboys fan I'm very worried about yet another collapse.

  2. Would you stick with this lineup or switch out one of the players on bench for someone on the lineup?

    Current Lineup
    Ray Rice
    Shonn Greene
    Demarco Murray
    Antonio Brown
    Laurent Robinson
    Steve Johnson
    Greg Olsen

    On Bench
    Ben Tate
    Pierre Garcon
    Jermaine Gresham

  3. I need to start two QB's: Vick - Tebow - Manning

    I need to start three WR's: L. Fitzgerald - V. Cruz - P. Harvin - Julio Jones

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  4. Due to potentially bad matchups this week for some of my roster, I am extremely torn about how to fill 2 WR slots and a RB/WR slot, in a standard league. I must win the rest of the way to make the playoffs. Here are my options:
    On my team: Larry Fitzgerald, Brandon Lloyd, Steve Breaston, Marion Barber, Earl Bennett… Especially worried about Fitzgerald’s matchup/QB situation, and Lloyd’s matchup, but they would normally be my two starters.
    Free agents I could pick up: Chris Ogbonnaya, Michael Jenkins, Jabar Gaffney, Josh Cribbs.
    What would you do? I’m good with Foster and Murray at RB, but beyond that, it’s a struggle this week…

    Also, thinking of starting Tebow over Romo… Is there too much risk in doing so? I can picture Dallas controlling their game against the Bills w/ the run… And incidentally, do you like Carson Palmer or Tebow more rest of the season? (I picked up Tebow only for this week initially due to his favorable matchup, but can’t afford to carry 3 QBs).


  5. I feel you. I dont think the Cowboys will collapse in this one. They have a pretty damn promising history against the Bills. Starting all three of them could actually be an interesting play. Think about it...

    Romo should be good for at least 275 yards and two scores in this game. 18 points.
    Witten will likely take up, say, 75 of those yards. RBs and other WRs gets 50 more. And say that one of the TDs is Witten.
    That means that 150+ yards and a score will be split between your two WRs. Thats 21 points.

    I'd definitely possible, and as the poll showed, it seems to be your best option.

    I do think that the Cowboys will try to be running a lot to establish that, but if Bills get up, or it remains close, Cowboys will have to go to the air.

    And you know that I'll be cheering for all your guys.

  6. I would probably stay with the lineup you have. Let me tell you my one little hiccup though.

    What will Ben Tate do? Even with Foster healthy, as long as Andre Johnson has been out, Houston has been running wild. Two of Tate's last three games have been over 100 yard rushing games.
    But.. The game in between those two saw Tate getting 2 fantasy points. and four week ago he only got 4 fantasy points.

    He is probably not worth the gamble. I have all three of your RBs listed higher than him. I don't even know why I brought it up. Probably out of frustration that he is stealing work from my Rb Foster.

  7. I'd go Vick and Manning. I'd imagine that your scoring system is a little tweaked though, so if Tebow has been getting huge points every week in your league, go with him over Manning.

    WRs. I'd go Fitz, Harvin and Jones.

    Cruz is tough here for me. Both the WRs ahead of him are questionable right now, and since they are the later game, its hard to start Cruz. If both Nicks and Manningham play, Cruz will be a bad start. If one of them is out, Cruz will be a good start.

    That said, I think that Fitz, Jones and Harvin all have pretty good chances here. Fitz has a tough matchup, but he is a great player and they did fine last week. Harvin has a great matchup and is healthy again. Jones is turning it on recently too.

  8. Ignoring the Cowboy bias, would you start Murray over McGahee for Flex? Already have McCoy and Fred Jackson going. Also have Gaffney, Earl Bennet and, Little on the bench, but no shot they get a start over one of those RBs at flex, right? WR1 and WR2 are Megatron and Welker.

    As always, much thanks on the advice. My team is sitting pretty at 9-0 thanks to this site!

  9. Got you covered in your last question. DJax not playing does make Avant very interesting though. If you are super hesitant about Fitz, which we all know you are. Then go with your gut.

    If you like Fitz over Lloyd, then throw Avant in there.

    I'd still likely stick with Fitz Lloyd and Breaston if it were me. But I'm all about going with the gut. Whats the fun of fantasy if you don't take a gamble now and then. Especially with Avant's odds being pretty good.

  10. I do everything in my power to ignore any Cowboys bias. You didn't see me telling everyone to go for Felix in the early weeks, did you? I like to think I play it pretty even. You have to in fantasy.

    Anyways... Still yes. Murray is a good play. Both are against pretty soft run defenses, but Murray should still see more action. He doesnt have to worry about his QB stealing run plays. He should get his normal carries and could easily go over 100 again. Just hoping he can find the end zone one more time.

    I wouldnt put in any of the WRs over these guys.

    Basically, you have a monster team. McCoy, Jackson, C Johnson and Welker. Murray/McGahee at Flex. I think you are pretty solid no matter which way you go. You posting questions on an advice board is borderline bragging.

  11. Absolutely, I know you do. I just brought that up because I know sometimes your heart precedes your gut. Didn't mean to accuse you of anything. My Yahoo notes on those guys has McGahee ranked slightly higher than Murray which is why I wanted a second opinion. Especially since I'm going up against the number 2 team in my league.

    Also, no intention to brag at all. This is my first crack at fantasy football so maybe I am a little more excited about it than I should be. I'm a convert from years of Fantasy Hockey, so this site has helped me tremendously me (especially during my draft). So really my roster is more of a thanks to what you do.

    Apologies if anything in my post came off another way. Thanks again.

  12. Oh no. I'm sorry. I'm just teasing you.

    That was me being insanely jealous of your team. For this being your first year, you have an absolutely incredible team. I would argue that it is the best that I have seen on this website this year. Didn't really think that you were bragging. That was just my way of telling you that your team is very impressive.

    Good luck this week, and make sure you let me know how it turns out.

  13. Olsen or Hernandez - I know u rank Olsen lower but you don't think the Jets will be privy to the TE scheme? Olsen might be the go-to guy today...I dunno

  14. Currently leaning Fitz, Breaston, and Avant. On ESPN, they are recommending Riley Cooper over Avant... What do you think? Also, at QB, my league's scoring rules really reward passing stats (6 pts for TDs and bonuses for 300 yards, etc.) Do you think this solidifies the decision to start Romo over Tebow?

  15. I have Hernandez high because the NYJ corners are so good. Brady will have to throw the ball, and it will have to be to his TEs if they are going to win the game.

    Olsen has been a great play all year long. Tons of catches and he is Newton's favorite short yardage target. Both are good plays here. I just think that with his scoring, Herndandez has the slight edge.

  16. Cooper is probably getting love just because he is the bigger receiver.

    The fact that stands out for me is the Cooper has 0 receptions for 0 yards this year. Avant is 33 for 432.

    Cooper will have catches this game. And get some good yards. But I have to think that the chemistry between Vick and Avant is a lot better than play that Cooper.

    I think that when passing stats are heavy like in your league, youve go to go Romo. Tebow is a favorite in leagues when rushing TDs get more than passing TDs, and you know that Romo has a far better chance to reach 300 than Tebow does.

  17. thoughts on sitting Larry Fitz? i don't have very good choices though. doucet, decker, baldwin, david nelson. scared of nnamdi!

    also, who do you like better m. morris or ben tate?

  18. Chris Ogbonnaya, Ben Tate, J.Stewart, Pierre Thomas... Pick 2 please. thanks GHL

  19. i ended up benchin fitz in 2 leagues, fyi. stupid.

  20. alright so after reading that post and noticing beanie was the worst possible running back to have for the playoffs, i tried setting up a nice trade for myself. heres my situation:
    My starters are Rivers, Foster, Matthews, Wells, Steve Smith (Car), Marshall, Olsen, Lions, Hanson. My bench is Fitzpatrick, Wayne, Nelson, Ballard, L Robsinon, K Hunter, and Matt Bryant.
    Should i trade Beanie and Laurent Robinson for Wes Welker?

  21. Sorry I couldnt get to you. Hopefully you stuck with him.

  22. Apologies. Didnt have a computer past noon. If you have Twitter, try @godhateslosers if you have last minute questions.

  23. Damn. Sorry man.

  24. You'd essentially be replacing Wells in your lineup with Welker, which is an upgrade. It would definitely increase your points per game. Its not the fanciest of trades, not groundbreaking. but it definitely gets the job done.

  25. Well, I needed to go undefeated the next three weeks to survive, and so far, so good...thanks for your advice yesterday! (though I didn't get to a computer soon enough to start Romo, my bad!)...

    I'm trying to think ahead to week 11; people in my league will frantically looking for free agents and I was hoping to get a sneak peak at your suggestions. I will desperately need a RB to START next week…would you recommend Lance Ball or Chris Ogbonnaya? Also, how would you rank the following TEs if I wanted to add a backup? Ed Dickson, Vernon Davis, and Brent Celek. Lastly, how would you rank these potential WR free agents? Earl Bennett, Hankerson, Damian Williams, and Harry Douglas?


  26. For the rest of the season, who would you rather play - Sproles or Mendenhall? The matchups haven't really worked out so great. Mendy was good vs BAL/CIN & crap vs ARI...Likewise Sproles was crap vs STL. Who can predict this $h!%? Not me...why do I play this?

  27. I know were not on Week 10 but would Andre Johnson and Brandon Jacobs for Tony Romo be a good trade after my QB (Schaub) is out possibly for the season.

    12 team League,
    My Team:
    QB:Tim Tebow
    RB:LeSean McCoy
    RB:Ryan Mathews
    Bench:Andre Johnson
    Bench:Julio Jones
    Bench:Brand Jacobs
    Bench:Alex Smith

  28. Mcgahee or kendall hunter?

  29. Ball has the better matchup than Ogbonnaya. Also, Ogbonnaya made me look like a fool in Week 9, so I resent him for that. Ball should get a good amount of work and had a nice day on Sunday.

    Vernon Davis would still be my top tight end. He has the highest ceiling of all those listed. Then Celek, then Dickson.

    Ranking would be Bennett, Williams, Douglas, Hankerson.

  30. Haha. The frustration is half of the fun. Sproles gets my nod definitely if you are PPR. He has a higher standard score than Mendy does, but there has been a bit of improvement and he has far less competition running the ball. I say Sproles if PPR, Mendy if not.

  31. I hear what you are saying with Johnson being a question mark, but he is still Andre Johnson, and could do well no matter who is throwing to him. I dont think lingering injury will be a concern for him since he has the bye week this week.

    I would find it really hard to let him go for that cheap.

    I would say that Julio Jones and Brandon Jacobs for Romo would be fair. If that doesnt fly, then I would probably pass. Tebow is a terrible NFL quarterback, but does put up some decent fantasy numbers thanks to his legs.

    This trade is tricky because there are a lot of variables to it. But I dont think it is smart to give up Andre Johnson right before the fantasy playoffs. His chances of being good are higher than his chances of being bad, in my opinion.

  32. Ouch. You are really making me choose between too injuries?

    McGahee was limited in practice and has a Thursday game. I think he will play, but not a lot. Lance Ball will lead the Broncos in rushing.

    Kendall Hunter is a risk too, because his performance is based solely on whether or not Gore will play, which has not been announced yet. I would think that Gore be questionable/game-time decision and will play. He played last week and only had 6 carries for 0, so we could see that again.

    I would bench McGahee. Put Hunter in as a placeholder. And start him if Gore plays, try to find a replacement if Gore looks good.