Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Advice

Alright kids. I'm off to eat a crap ton of food and watch the games.

I left a lot of Turkey Day game info in the last post. So read up on that if you've got any pressing Thursday questions.

If you've got a question, I can't guarantee that I will answer it on the site. So if you want some advice right away, hit me up on Twitter @godhateslosers.

Good luck to everyone's fantasy teams today. Enjoy your holiday.


  1. if hillis plays (and maybe starts) where would you rank him? Here is my lineup:
    RBS: AP, CJ2K, Hillis, Sproles
    the flex (wr/rb) spot is here, i currently have Harvin in it
    WRS: Calvin, Andre, Harvin, Julio J, and Antonio B
    TE: Vernon D
    D: Packers and Bengals (im starting bengals this week)
    K: Cundiff

    I can have two rbs, one rb/wr, and two wrs. Who would you put at each spot? right now i have CJ, Sproles, Calvin (already played), and Andre. Do i have it right?

  2. 1) Who do you like more ROS, Manningham or Santana Moss (standard league)?

    2) What are the chances Johnny White makes a fantasy impact this season?

    3) How will the emergence of Laurent Robinson affect the value of Miles Austin when he comes back?


  3. GHL- Would you start Vince Young or Tebow?

  4. I'd keep it how you have it. Hillis is coming off injury, and didnt even do anything before injury. No reason to have that much faith in him.

  5. 1) Moss is intriguing, but I think Manningham would be the safe play here. Hard to tell how Moss will do coming off a big injury. First game back, you have to imagine that some rhythm is off and that he won't be as conditioned as earlier in the year. Manningham does have competition at the position, but is still really Manning's favorite 3rd down option.

    2) I think he will split with Spiller, but you have to think that Spiller will get most of the work. I honestly havent really seen White in action at all. Ever. Very hard to tell. I'm going to say that he is far to risky to really rely on at all.

    3) Austin will come back and instantly regain his number one spot. Robinson will go back to three. His catches will likely drop, but probably not much. Robinson has edged out Witten as Romo's favorite redzone target and his routes are great, so he might be even more effective as a #3. Do I think that he will get 2 TDs a game once Austin is back... no. But I do think that he will be the best third option in the NFL.

  6. Vince Young. Its really a coin toss here, but I think Young has more upside. He isnt as great a running threat as Tebow, but he is still capable. He has the better arm and will get far more completions and passing yards. Better receivers. Better matchup.

    Tebow has proven that you can expect 15 points from him, every week. But he hasnt shown that he can go over that mark. I think Young can. Especially this week.

  7. I've reviewed your DEF/ST rankings, but can you confirm the best one to pick out of the Broncos, Raiders, Panthers, and Cardinals...especially in a league with scoring based on points/yards allowed, turnovers, return yardage, and DEF/ST touchdowns? Thanks!

  8. Cardinals had a good week the first time they faced the Rams. Broncos have been good recently, but you have to think that SD does always have a chance to go off. Raiders matchup is a good one, big TO potential, but they arent the hottest. Panthers have a great matchup, but not a great defense.

    All of them are very closely ranked. I think I'll go Cards though.

  9. Hope you guys had an awesome holiday. I've got a quick question I hope you get to today. My add/Drop deadline is tomorrow and I no longer have a back-up QB. My starter is Rodgers, and I traded out my back up for Michael Bush a couple of weeks back. My question is, come week 17, what do you think the likelyhood is of Rodgers at least playing long enough to get me some points? My other options right now are basically picking up Fitz or Sanchez.

  10. Short answer... I don't know.

    I plan on writing a post about this soon, but a little preview for you is this:

    If the Packers win the next two games and have the number 1 spot locked, I think that Rodgers will be rested. He will likely start the games, but I doubt that the Packers will have him play more than a half.

    Its really impossible to tell, but I think that makes the most sense.