Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Week 13 Fantasy Football Position Rankings

And the rankings are in. I'm debating writing a breakdown of tomorrow's game. It seems pretty straightforward, but there could be a handful of sleepers. So, I might just write that piece up.
For now though, you can check out the list that I think is going to perform well. In Week 12, and really all throughout the year, we have seen the WR position all over the place. I struggled putting players in really from about spot 35 down. There are a few guys that didn't make the list that you can keep an eye on this week. Mainly guys in the two or three spot on their teams.
Also in the Wide Receivers rankings, I counted Miles Austin as out. If he does play, I think it would be safe to consider him in the teens. Dez Bryant would remain where he is. Laurent Robinson would fall, likely in the low 30s.
As per usual, if you've got questions, now is the time to start asking. If you have any special requests for me to write up in the next few weeks, let me know about them too. And if there are any players that you think should have made the list that I grossly left out, yell at me.

Week 13 Fantasy Quarterback Rankings
1.       Aaron Rodgers
2.       Tom Brady
3.       Drew Brees
4.       Eli Manning
5.       Tony Romo
6.       Cam Newton
7.       Matthew Stafford
8.       Vince Young
9.       Matt Ryan
10.   Ben Roethlisberger
11.   Tim Tebow
12.   Ryan Fitzpatrick
13.   Philip Rivers
14.   Mark Sanchez
15.   Matt Moore
16.   Josh Freeman
17.   Andy Dalton
18.   Carson Palmer
19.   Matt Hasselbeck
20.   Joe Flacco
21.   Christian Ponder
22.   Sam Bradford
23.   Caleb Hanie
24.   Alex Smith
25.   Kyle Orton
Week 13 Fantasy Running Back Rankings
1.       Frank Gore
2.       Ray Rice
3.       Arian Foster
4.       Maurice Jones-Drew
5.       Matt Forte
6.       LeSean McCoy
7.       DeMarco Murray
8.       LeGarrette Blount
9.       Michael Turner
10.   Marshawn Lynch
11.   Chris Johnson
12.   Willis McGahee
13.   Michael Bush
14.   Reggie Bush
15.   BenJarvus Green-Ellis
16.   Steven Jackson
17.   Beanie Wells
18.   Cedric Benson
19.   Rashard Mendenhall
20.   Jonathan Stewart
21.   Roy Helu
22.   Ryan Mathews
23.   Mark Ingram
24.   Shonn Greene
25.   DeAngelo Williams
26.   Toby Gerhart
27.   Darren Sproles
28.   C.J. Spiller
29.   Donald Brown
30.   Peyton Hillis
31.   Brandon Jacobs
32.   Maurice Morris
33.   Ben Tate
34.   Mike Tolbert
35.   James Starks
36.   Pierre Thomas
37.   Ryan Grant
38.   Joe McKnight
39.   Marion Barber
40.   Thomas Jones
41.   Kendall Hunter
42.   Daniel Thomas
43.   Danny Woodhead
44.   Felix Jones
45.   Jackie Battle
46.   Joseph Addai
47.   Delone Carter
48.   John Kuhn
49.   Ricky Williams
50.   D.J. Ware
Week 13 Fantasy Wide Receiver Rankings
1.       Wes Welker
2.       Calvin Johnson
3.       Larry Fitzgerald
4.       Greg Jennings
5.       Steve Smith
6.       Brandon Marshall
7.       Mike Wallace
8.       Victor Cruz
9.       Jordy Nelson
10.   Roddy White
11.   Laurent Robinson
12.   Hakeem Nicks
13.   Andre Johnson
14.   Dez Bryant
15.   Brandon Lloyd
16.   A.J. Green
17.   Marques Colston
18.   DeSean Jackson
19.   Mike Williams
20.   Vincent Jackson
21.   Antonio Brown
22.   Steve Johnson
23.   Dwayne Bowe
24.   Percy Harvin
25.   Deion Branch
26.   Anquan Boldin
27.   Plaxico Burress
28.   Juio Jones
29.   Santonio Holmes
30.   Santana Moss
31.   Mario Manningham
32.   Eric Decker
33.   Lance Moore
34.   Pierre Garcon
35.   Riley Cooper
36.   Nate Washington
37.   Michael Crabtree
38.   Reggie Wayne
39.   Damian Williams
40.   Nate Burleson
41.   Denarius Moore
42.   James Jones
43.   Doug Baldwin
44.   Torrey Smith
45.   Greg Little
46.   David Nelson
47.   Jabar Gaffney
48.   Johnny Knox
49.   Earl Bennett
50.   Brian Hartline
Week 13 Fantasy Tight End Rankings
1.       Jimmy Graham
2.       Rob Gronkowski
3.       Jason Witten
4.       Antonio Gates
5.       Tony Gonzalez
6.       Aaron Hernandez
7.       Fred Davis
8.       Brent Celek
9.       Jermichael Finley
10.   Kellen Winslow
11.   Vernon Davis
12.   Jermaine Gresham
13.   Greg Olsen
14.   Owen Daniels
15.   Jake Ballard
16.   Heath Miller
17.   Scott Chandler
18.   Dallas Clark
19.   Brandon Pettigrew
20.   Dustin Keller
Week 13 Fantasy Kicker Rankings
1.       Dan Bailey
2.       Sebastian Janikowski
3.       David Akers
4.       John Kasay
5.       Stephen Gostkowski
6.       Nick Novak
7.       Mason Crosby
8.       Neil Rackers
9.       Billy Cundiff
10.   Robbie Gould
11.   Nick Folk
12.   Rob Bironas
13.   Jason Hanson
14.   Shaun Suisham
15.   Matt Prater
16.   Mike Nugent
17.   Matt Bryant
18.   Connor Barth
19.   Alex Henery
20.   Olindo Mare
Week 13 Fantasy Defense Rankings
1.       San Francsico 49ers
2.       Baltimore Ravens
3.       Chicago Bears
4.       Dallas Cowboys
5.       New England Patriots
6.       New York Jets
7.       Pittsburgh Steelers
8.       Denver Broncos
9.       Houston Texans
10.   Atlanta Falcons
11.   Jacksonville Jaguars
12.   Green Bay Packers
13.   Philadelphia Eagles
14.   Kansas City Chiefs
15.   Tennessee Titans
16.   Miami Dolphins
17.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
18.   Oakland Raiders
19.   Cincinnati Bengals
20.   Seattle Seahawks


  1. Hi, I need to win this week to get the playoff bye!!! 14 team PPR, who do I start at WR, need 3, Fitz, Andre Johnson, Miles Austin, Greg Little and Denarious Moore. At RB I need 2, Mathews, Benson and Ced Benson.. thanks you got me to my 1st place in my league... and wanna keep it that way!

  2. Sorry I meant Ced Benson, Mathews and Mo Morris.

  3. Hey GHL,
    Tough game this week.

    Need 3 wide receivers:

    Wes Welker
    DeSean Jackson
    Julio Jones
    Anquan Boldin
    Eric Decker

    Thanks for all your help all season!

  4. Hey, it looks like im in the same situation as last week. i have to win this game in order to make the playoffs, but this time someone else has to lose, which im not a fan of. In any case, assuming miles austin is out, would you start ryan matthews or laurent robinson for flex? i started both last week and sat beanie and of course, inconsistent beanie had a monster game, ill probably start him this week because you ranked him higher than matthews. thanks for the input i appreciate it

  5. Hey, I'm starting Foster and Murray at RB... For 2 WRs and a flex (standard league) who would you play out of Fitzgerald, Marshall, Lloyd, and Jonathan Stewart? I'm guessing the 3 WRs, but just wanted to confirm. Thanks!

  6. Hey man,
    I think I have a big problem. I think my team is too good. Before you disregard this post, know that my team is largely the way it is because I took your advice and applied your principles throughout the draft/free agency/waivers and I HAVE to win this week. I have lost the last two weeks even though I outscored everyone else by FAR except the person I was playing. The problem is that most of my players are good, and I end up making difficult start decisions that could reasonably go either way. Nevertheless, I need your help (again). Assume an 8-team PPR league.
    QB: Tom Brady
    RB: LeSean McCoy, Michael Bush, Frank Gore, Marshawn Lynch
    I need two. I have locked in Gore because of the match-up, and any given Sunday I would/have used McCoy. However, I notice that he has a sprained toe and he’s going up against a decent Seattle defense. I weep at sitting Bush and I think Lynch will start declining because of Rice’s absence (out for the season) as well as the O-line injuries. As such, I give a slight edge to Gore and Bush.
    WR: Victor Cruz, Antonio Brown, A.J. Green, Laurent Robinson, Brandon Marshall, Vincent Jackson
    I need three. I have locked in Cruz and Marshall because of match-ups, but the rest I have no idea about. I would have won last week had I started Robinson, so I feel like I have to start him, right? Plus, I am a huge Cowboys fan and have watched him play all year- the kid can ball. V-Jax I ruled out because of the Jag D. Thus, I have Cruz, Marshall, and Robinson penciled in as of now.
    TE: Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham
    Shoot me now. I started Gronk last week and lost but would have won if I started Jimmy. Gronk will get 100 TDs against the Colts, right? Thus, Gronk.
    FLEX: any of the above. Wow, the toughest choice of all. Anyone who you didn’t choose would go here.
    As you can see, I have quite the conundrum. Thus, I REALLY need your help as your advice has been monumental all season and I need a fresh set of eyes. Thanks a lot!!!

  7. Flex spot:


  8. Chicken Milk StinkbombDecember 1, 2011 at 8:59 AM

    So much for my gut feelings, I should have listen to you last week -- facepalm.

    So I need to determine my flex position this week in a .5 ppr 12 man league:

    QB: Romo
    RB: Forte
    WR: Fitzgerald
    WR: Cruz
    WR: Harvin
    K: Bailey
    D: Broncos

    Flex: Dez Bryant, Beanie Wells, CJ Spiller
    Should I start Dez over Harvin, if so do I start Harvin over Wells and Spiller, so I guess I am asking which of the two should be starting?

    TE problems - Ballard versus Chandler, Chandler had the targets over the last two weeks and Ballard didn't do as well as expected with Eli throwing as much as he did, any suggestion

    Thanks again for the help all season, hopefully I improve to 9-4 and first round bye

  9. Darrius Heyward-Bey?

  10. I need 3 out of these 5 WR's active. I have my main 3 which have been Bowe, Manningham, and Robinson, but I picked up David Nelson and Riley Cooper last week. I like Cooper this week, but who do I bench for him? If Austin comes back I might go ahead and bench Robinson, but I not even decided on that

  11. It looks like Kevin Smith might start. If so, would you factor him into the above discussion? Thanks again!

  12. Fitz and Johnson. If Austin plays, go with him. If not, go Moore (if he plays). If not. Then you've got to go Little.

    At RB I'd roll with Benson and Mathews. If you are in a PPR league, I can make the argument for going with Benson and Morris though. Both Mathews and Morris have tough matchups, I think Mathews will have the better rushing performance, but Morris will have more of a passing game with him if last week was any sign.

  13. Panthers are playing awesome against receivers, but I do think that you still need to go with Mike Williams. He has been hot lately.

    If you are a PPR league, I'd probably make it the two WRs for your flex.

    I am not big on Gerhart. Denver has a good defense, and if he didnt score last week, it would have been a mediocre at best performance for him. CJ Spiller is the best Rb option you have. He should get most of the carries and hopefully play a larger receiving roll.

  14. Hated seeing Julio Jones get shut out last week. Sure he'll fare better a week after coming back against HOU. I would start the first three on the list.

    boldin would sit for me here as he has the hardest matchup.

  15. Austin out. Gotta go Robinson. With Austin on the bench again, Robinson becomes a top 10 receiver.

    Cowboys have been run on pretty easy recently, so I would go Wells over Mathews here.

  16. I would indeed to with the three WRs. All three are highly ranked. And the Stewart/Williams situation bugs me. Its messy and I don't like it.

  17. Agree with you at RB. I'd go Gore and Bush.

    WR. Also agree that Cruz, Marshall and Robinson is the way to go. If Austin plays, I would be a little hesitant on Robinson though. I'd imagine they still use him a lot once Austin is back, but you know that he will be sent back to the #3 spot. If Austin plays, I would toy with the idea of playing Antonio Brown or AJ Green there.

    TE. I feel this is a can't lose kind of thing here. Gronk should murder the Colts. And I think that Graham will have a similar performance against the Lions that he did last week against the Giants. All experts I’ve looked at have Gronk at number one. I went with Graham at number one. Both are killer red zone plays, both can easily break 100 yards. I lean Graham though. For reasons really unexplainable. Go with the gut though, both will play big.

    Flex… Depends a lot on the WR scenario for you. I can see starting Brown, Green or even the TE that you bench here. Hell, even Lynch would make a good play. As far as solid consistent play and fantasy stats go, I would really put a second receiver here if you can.

    With this lineup, I cannot stress enough the need for you to not overthink. I have a team that is a lot like this with a very impressive bench, and I can’t tell you how many times I left points on my bench after making a last minute change. Don’t overthink. Run a few numbers, visualize the games and stats a bit, pick a lineup, and stick with it

  18. I'd go DeSean. Things picked up a bit for him last week. Hopefully his being an asshole weeks are behind him. Could have a decent showing tonight. At this point in the season after all I've seen from SD, I honestly am hesitant to start any of them not named Gates.

  19. I would put Dez at your WR and Wells in your Flex. Harvin has been alright so far, I expected more after the QB change though. And Denver has really stepped up their DEF. Bryant always has the chance at a big game and a score. Also, he will be returning punts, so he is a threat there as well.

    Cowboys defense has been soft against the run recently, which is why I give it to Wells. Hopefully he is over his underperforming hump and can get back to work.

    Ballard has fallen off in recent weeks, but I really don’t like the streakiness of Chandler. Green Bay is suffering from injuries in the LBs, which could make Ballard the better play here.

    Best of luck this week. Hoping you secure that bye!

  20. He was one of those guys dancing on the edge for me. In the end, I went with the other OAK receiver. His neck injury still concerns me a little, but he did a decent job last week.

  21. Definitely hard to say since Cooper is playing tonight and you wont find out about Austin's injury or even Manningham's until later this week.

    I think that Austin will miss one more game. And I would assume that Manningham is back this week.

    If you really want to roll with Cooper, I would probably take out Manningham. I think you should stay with the top three though.

  22. Just read a bit more on Manningham. I am way to iffy on him. Even if he does play, I dont know how I feel about that injury.

    Might be smart to make that switch and put Cooper in there. To be safe.

  23. Last I read, he was still out. With both Smith and Morris playing, throw some K Williams in there. I don't really have any of them standing out. Off injury, I think Smith would be lower than Morris still.

    All three suffer in fantasy though.

  24. Who would you start in a WR/TE Flex spot, Eric Decker or Fred Davis? I'm leaning toward Decker vs. the Vikings, but it's always frightening with Tebow throwing. Thanks!

  25. 94 yards from a WR4 on one of Vince Young's worst performances...I'll take it. Glad I put him in now that it's looking like Manningham isn't playing.

  26. looking ahead, do I have to worry about Arod being benched during playoffs? I have Eli Manning as well but I was looking to trade him for a WR like Victor Cruz.

  27. Chicken Milk StinkbombDecember 2, 2011 at 6:34 PM

    If Kevin Smith plays, where would you rank him? Would you say he is a better option than Beanie Wells?

  28. Davis has been the more consistent, but Decker is hands down the best fantasy option for Denver.

    Deckers got one TD reception in 4 of the past five games. But only 13 receptions in those games. The game that he didn't score, he didnt have a single reception. I do like his chances this week, but I feel that Davis is still the more consistent player.

    Davis is a team leader in yards and catches. Matchup isn't awful.

    Decker has the upside, but also has the potential to get you 0 points.
    Davis is more consistent.

    PPR, I'd go Davis. Standard, Decker.

  29. Well done. And a great call to start him.

    Vince freaking Young. That is the last time I ever tell anyone to start that bastard. What an embarrassment.

  30. Tough to tell.

    I answered a question like this earlier.

    I think that Rodgers will start every game. But if and when they lock the 1 spot in the playoffs, I wouldnt be surprised to see him on the bench in the second half of games.

    Good news though... He's better in one half of football than half of the other NFL QBs are in the entire game.

  31. He scares me a bit. Really only played one game this year, against the softest defense in the NFL I might add. Coming off injury.

    I have Wells higher. I'd bump Maurice Morris down a few spots and throw Smith somewhere in the mid 20s.

  32. I need one RB out of these 3. Steven Jackson, Maurice Morris, or Toby Gerhart. Also what D/ST do you like? HOU, ATL, or DEN? If I win this week I'm in the playoffs. Lose and I'm out. Thanks.

  33. Jackson has the tough matchup. If not for that, it would be a no-brainer.
    Morris will likely have Kevin Smith back. So that is hard to call. Its the late game too, which is worse becuase we dont know for sure if Smith will play. NO is a decent matchup, but not as easy as the Lions have faced in the past two weeks.
    Gerhart would have flopped if not for the gimme touchdown last week. DEN is a good matchup on paper, but they have been improving like crazy over the past few weeks. So... yikes.

    Jackson has had a slow two weeks, but he is the only elite non-backup on this roster. I think you have to go with him on the chance that he will break out. He's done it before.

    If you are really against the matchup, then Gerhart is alright. I'm starting him in a few places with crossed fingers.

    ATL defense looks good against a backup backup QB. Gotta play those odds.

  34. Thanks GHL, guess I'll stick with Jackson and hope ray rice has a big day for me. And I decided to go with my gut and Denver. Oh well, if it doesn't work out I'm in the toilet bowel where I can play for first pick next year. Thanks