Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week 6 Advice Time

Hey all.

Once again I will be taking and answering all questions on this site until 10am (ET). After that, I will be away from the computer, but will have my phone so you can ask any questions you have on Twitter @godhateslosers.

Ask away!


  1. should i start shonn greene or darren sproles at flex? thanks, your site is awesome!

  2. Can you help me pick 2 WRs and 1 RB/WR/TE from the following for a standard league? Mike Williams (TB), Manningham, Harvin, Heyward-Bey, Javid Best, and Fred Davis... Thanks!!

  3. 2 questions:
    1 - Vernon Davis or Jason Witten at TE
    2 - Whoever would be left Davis/Witten or Ryan Torain at Flex


  4. williams & harvin
    best in the flex

  5. davis no questions. the pats will have witten tied up over the middle all day.
    ryan torain...against a sloppy dline against philly.

  6. Thanks! I'd go sproles. I just don't trust Greene yet. Sproles is getting a lot of work and killing it in PPR.

  7. Tough crowd. Looks like you'll have to go Williams again. The matchup isn't awful, hopefully he will get more than 0 this week. I'd probably go Manningham with the second WR. Going up against the Redskins, they should put most of the heat on Nicks and newcomer Cruz. Hopefully this will leave Manningham being covered by a safety or nickel and Manning can exploit it. He has potential to make a comeback this week.

    Jahvid Best would probably be my flex play. Coming off a great week, the matchup isnt great, but he showed that he can put up numbers. If you are uncomfortable with him against SF, then i'd take Harvin.

  8. Witten, no doubt. I expect a shootout and Witten has always been the go-to.

    I'm always hesitant to play Redskins RBs. Hightower is getting the start, Torain should get most of the carries and Helu is a wildcard as always. Playing Torain is gambling that he can make a big impact with 15-20 carries. Davis should once again be the best threat in SF this weekend against the Lions. Davis is coming off a good week and the Lions are mediocre at best against TEs.

    If you are confident in Torain, then go for it. Davis is always iffy, but I feel he's the safer bet here, because Shanahan obviously despises fantasy football.

  9. Couldnt disagree more.

  10. As always, thanks for the help! One question...I believe Manningham is up against the Bills defense...would this change your opinion at all? Also, it doesn't sound like you think Heyward-Bey is a good choice today....does this change if Haden is confirmed to be out? Or should I take a wait and see approach before trusting him?

  11. Haden should be out. Which does boost Bey a bit. But consider that Ford, Moore and Murphy will also be getting action in this game.

    Manningham is against the Bills. Sorry about that. Doesn't change much though. Nicks and Cruz will still be getting most of the attention.

    I would go Manningham still. But consider it a gut call. If you really like Heyward-Bey's odds, by all means, go for it. He does have huge upside today.

  12. Thanks for all the advice so far and the advice to come...Newest question is about the flex spot and potential late waiver claims.

    I have Hightower, R. Wayne, and Stevan Ridley for my flex spot. I can pick up DHB, D. Carter, G. Little, Woodhead, Massaquoi, Burleson, Avant...the list continues but the question is should I pick up one of these and drop Ridley to try and squeeze out a few more points this week (my game is gonna be close) or do I roll with Hightower or Wayne?

    Thanks again.

  13. Ok so I have Daniel Thomas and the Jets D/ST playing tonight but Tuesday can't come soon enough.... Allow me to explain.

    I came out the gate 5-0 with a roster i'll post in a sec. But have just been delt my first loss of the season by a 1-4 team that was due...Granted i sleep better knowing that A) I didn't beat myself (close loss, benching wrong player etc) & B) He started Mendenhall (20pts), Turner (25), and Bradshaw (30) not much ya can do when 3 RBs combine for 75fp. I understand that... My post is not about rehashing this loss but asking for the FANTASY GODS to evaluate a trade I accepted about 24 hours ago set to go through tomorrow morning... after looking at the numbers for the players i've traded i'm a little scared i've jeapordized my season and gotten hosed by my buddy...
    QB- M. Vick, M. Stafford
    RBs- D. Mcfadden, M. Bush, R. Mathews, L. Blount, E. Graham, D. Thomas
    WRs- Mike Wallace, S. Moss, S. Rice, N. Washington
    TEs- V. Davis, A. Gates
    Patriots Kicker and Jets Defense blah blah blah...

    I accepted a trade with (JLEBL36...he fancies this site as much as I do...and we both continue to spread the word about GHL & plan to launch a "WIN THE PRIZE/DONATE TO THE GUYS"campaign in the near future): But the trade is this:

    Matthew Stafford & Daniel Thomas for Joe Flacco & Maurice Jones-Drew.
    I loved this trade at first. It upgrades him at QB which he needed (Freeman/Flacco have been giving him weekly prostate exams). And it gets Staffords fantasy value off my bench and onto my roster. Here is my concern:
    Did i just screw myself at QB for a marginal RB upgrade? I'm now seeing D. Thomas (in the 2 games he has played this season) posted 9 & 17 fp. Where MJD has posted 15, 9, 16, 8, 14, & 9....
    Their Fantasy output seems almost identical with Thomas having slightly more upside/mystery to his numbers, I love MJDS consistency but fear injury.
    I had to trade now before he went after an E. Manning or Fitzpatrick. (And i'm ok with starting Flacco against the jags next week on Vick's bye and plan on dropping flacco or Washington for Vince Young). So what do yall think? Is this a rare WIN/WIN? or did Ihurt myself? I'd also apreciate your thoughts on how the C. Henne injury affects D. Thomas ( I need 55 points out of him tonight! lol). And finally your thoughts on how the J. Campbell injury affects Run-DMC (who I fear defenses are already beginning to close in on...

    THANKS GHL and remember "WIN THE PRIZE/DONATE TO THE GUYS" who make it all happen... I know I will!

  14. First of all, thank you for supporting the site and for getting the word out about us. We greatly appreciate it. Also, I must say I’m intrigued by your “Win the Prize” concept. Wanna hear some more.

    I wouldn’t jump out yet and call it ‘win/win’ but I would classify it as a “Win/Draw”

    I agree with all of your points on his team. He got the QB upgrade and a potential playmaker with great upside at RB. So he benefited, definitely.
    Your team is a little more in the air. You’ll use Flacco once, then throw him out, so theres really no benefit here for you. And MJD is definitely a bigger name and more consistent performer, but the Jags are horrible so his stats will be pretty similar all year long, some good, but usually getting 6-10 points. I wouldn’t say that your team was really affected by this trade too much.
    I’d have probably tried to get MJD + a WR or another RB rather than go for a QB that you knew you wouldn’t keep.

    I think Henne’s injury doesn’t do too much to affect the running game. Henne was never very good to begin with, but there will likely be more men in the box more often to stop the run, now that the passing game has gotten worse. Since Thomas is just a rookie, its hard to tell how he will respond.

    As for Campbell’s injury, I wouldn’t expect it to hurt McFadden very much either. No one really expected anything out of the Oakland passing game, so McFadden was getting all of his stats against heavy defenses. Defenses played the run far more than they played the pass when they were up against OAK. It will probably stay that way with Boller or whoever steps in at QB. McFadden has been elite this year, so I think he can handle himself. As long as Bush doesn’t steal too many carries.

  15. I honestly dont know when you posted this question. If it is concerning Week 6, then sorry I'm getting to it late. I was too busy anticipating the Cowboys game, getting my heartbroken and wallowing in self-pity to answer any questions after kickoff yesterday.

    If it's about Week 7, you might want to just post it again on an upcoming article so I dont forget about it.

    Thanks! Sorry for being inconvenient.

  16. It's the beginning of Week 7 and I am 2-4 in both leagues...I just got beat by a guy in one league that knows absolutely nothing about football (he's from Romania) and only picks up players based on statistics (he's some kind of math nerd) I'm more of a "play with your gut" kinda guy, which is probably why I'm a bit of a Cowboy's homer.

    The thing is, my teams aren't bad...they just keep getting annihilated by much better teams. I usually follow the advice and suggestions you give on the site, and again, I'm not doing badly, but it's just not working out for me.

    I'm almost at the point where I'm going to re-vamp both of my teams and try and do something to get me in that W column. Is this a good idea or bad? And am I over-reacting?

  17. I was offered Fitzgerald and Steve Johnson for Julio Jones and Andre Johnson. Should I accept? Thank-you

  18. Replied on the question you left in "Trades, Injuries"

    Like this question... will probably post it as my poll question tomorrow if you want to wait and see what the masses think.

  19. 2-4 means that you can still make the playoffs, so if you are among the top scorers in your league and have just been unlucky, I wouldn’t both changing too much.

    If you are at 2-4 and you are in the bottom of points scored, then maybe it is time for a restructure. There have been trades and injuries that you can capitalize on if you need to. Trades might be a good way to go to boost some points. All depends on who is on your team really. 2-5 might be a record where you start to worry a little and need to make some bigger moves.

  20. Rivers or Sanchez? Considering making these drop/adds: W. Mcgahee for M. Lynch? M.Williams for either S. Breaston, M. Floyd, or maybe even K. Walter with Johnson out of the line up? Sorry for such a late question. It is a PPR leauge

  21. Late questions always welcome. I'm here til kickoff.

    I've got Rivers higher. I know that NYJ is a tougher pass defense than SD, but I trust him a lot more than I trust Sanchez.

    McGahee for Lynch sounds great. Seems to be getting better each week. I cant see him losing carries back to Moreno any time soon.

    M Williams is hard to let go of, even with him playing so poorly. I like Floyd this week, but probably not much any other week. Breaston is hardly reliable, but seems to be getting a bigger role. Walter is on and off, even with the Johnson injury.

    If you are playing for just this week, I'd go with Floyd. Then next week you can drop him for one of the other guys. I'd expect Andre Johnson to be back soon, so probably Breaston at that point. Or even Williams again if he can do anything this week.