Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Price of Losing

Everyone, if they read GHL closely, knows that Andrew whupped my ass this weekend. I could say a lot about injured players and under-performances, but, you know what, that's fantasy football. No whiners. To adapt a famous line from a deservedly famous movie scene: There's no crying in fantasy football. No matter how well one game plans for a matchup, there is still the Quasimodo-faced specter of pure, unadulterated LUCK with which one has to deal.

The stakes: drinks, Diet Coke (our favorite soda), and a humiliation photo. The embarrassment: eternal.

~ Jordan

UPDATE: I actually posted the photo, but one reader accurately described my appearance as being that of a "little wiener", so it's been taken down. Thanks, fans. You're the best. My humiliation photo was actually humiliating. You rule.


  1. wow I am taking fantasy advice from this little weiner ?

  2. Dude, I'm in first place in all my leagues, and just won a grueling fantasy baseball season. At least I will age well. Andrew, on the other hand... well, let's just say papa time hasn't been generous.

  3. Awesome pic. Don't be so self-conscious man. No worries.

    Besides, Ryan's probably just jelly.

  4. im just kidding man, you even said yourself in the picture that you looked young

  5. Haha. All in fun? Well, then it's all good. I would say more, but I have to get my chores done before my mome will let me play WOW.

    (again, just kidding........... my mom is dead, so obviously she can't stop me from playing WOW.)

    ((again, just kidding.))

  6. Love the support. So what, I'm not the Brawny Man or the Marlboro Man or Tom Selleck. Who gives a shit. With that said, my man Ryan, who is now probably my best friend in the whole world, reminded me of this YouTube video with the 100 "greatest" movie insults. It's certainly worth watching.

  7. Desperately need your help!!! I was rocking my fantasy league, 3-0, until.....dum dum dum - Andre Johnson got I'm 3-2...and I can't make good pick ups to save my life...I have rearranged so much I don't even know who is on my team anymore...and the one that I have kept so far have consistently disappointed me! So, this is what I have now - tell me who you would start...I can do 2 RB, 2WR and one flex (another of either). RB - McCoy (no branier), Earnest Graham (I did have Blount, but we all know where he is now, disappointment anyway), and Daniel Thomas. I'm thinking McCoy and Thomas for sure. WR - Heyward-Bey, Antonio Brown (I don't know why I have him...), Donald Driver, and the hurt guy. I'm lost as to who to start here and who to use as a flex. And my kicker situatio is wrong every week! I've had Janikowski from the beginning, but he hasn't been projected to get the most points every week, so I haven't started him all the time..when I start him he does marginal, when I don't he gets like 20, I picked up Scobee from Jacksonville. Tell me how bad I have screwed this pooch! Thanks!

  8. After what I've seen so far vs the Jets defense, I would have to agree that McCoy and Thomas is the way to go here. If you are PPR though, then I might work Graham into the picture over Thomas.

    This is a very sad WR lineup. Heyward-Bey could do well this week, but with the Raiders receivers that is always up in the air. I would recommend going back to free agency and trying to get Torrey Smith who is starting this week in Baltimore and has big upside (but he could also go for 1 catch and 1 yards like he did in Week4) or my HUGE sleeper this week, Harry Douglas who is getting the start for Atlanta with Jones out. Definitely risky, but you need it. So, Bey and Douglas would be super sleeper lineup, but could just work.

    I'd throw your other RB into the flex spot.

    Kicker stick with Jankowski. No need to juggle him with anyone unless he gets hurt. Keep him all year.