Friday, October 14, 2011

NFL Week 6 Pick'em Predictions

Giants lost to the Seahawks. Awful. So, like roughly 80% of all those who started, I am now out of Survival Football. Who'd have thought. Oh well. Once again, it goes to show you how insane this year has been so far.

Last week was not out best outing. My Girlfriend's Little Sister Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo'ed her way into a better weekend record than Jordan and I. I predict a Week 6 breakthrough though as we are starting to get a better handle on these teams.

I think the Panthers finally pull together a win against another underwhelming favorite, the Atlanta Falcons. Redskins win at home in their rivalry with the Dream Team. The Browns burst the Raiders' bubble. And the Cowboys rebound against the Patriots on the wings of Rob Ryan.

If I were still in it and had to make a Survival pick, I'd say that I'm most confident in the Steelers over the Jags, Jets over the Dolphins and Saints over the Bucs.

Excited to hear about your upset picks. I suggest that everyone who reads this scrolls down to the eminent Allan B comment, as the man is an upset savant.

Record (LW) (Total):(7-6)(45-32)(7-6)(45-32)(8-5)(40-37)
Panthers @ FalconsFalconsPanthersPanthers
Bills @ GiantsBillsBillsBills
Colts @ BengalsBengalsBengalsColts
49ers @ LionsLionsLionsLions
Rams @ PackersPackersPackersPackers
Eagles @ RedskinsEaglesRedskinsRedskins
Jaguars @ SteelersSteelersSteelersSteelers
Browns @ RaidersRaidersBrownsBrowns
Texans @ RavensRavensRavensTexans
Cowboys @ PatriotsPatriotsCowboysPatriots
Saints @ BucsSaintsSaintsBucs
Vikings @ BearsBearsBearsVikings
Dolphins @ JetsJetsJetsJets

Survival Pick EliminatedEliminatedEliminated

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