Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 5 Wrap-Up

Hey everybody.

Working on a pretty fun article right now. Hoping to have it posted tonight.

Wanted to spread the word that I handed Jordan his ass this week in our matchup, 118-79. Also maintaining a 5-0 record in another league and am now tied for 3rd in the Expert League with other Fantasy Football bloggers. Props to My Fantasy League and Roto Experts in the #1 and #2 spots.

Just wanted to get this post out there and hear from you guys about how your teams performed.

What worked? What didn't work? What players are you looking to pick up?


  1. Someone dropped Manningham in one of my leagues. This league starts 3 receivers and is 14 players deep, so receivers are pretty thin. As it is, my best one left in that league is Dwayne Bowe, and even though he's putting in work, I'm still struggling there.

    The question is, do you expect Super Mario to come back, or is it clear that he will be taking a back seat to Cruz?

  2. Congratulations on winning your leagues this week. I made a big trade before the games started Sunday. I received Vick and M. Williams (TB) while giving up Calvin Johnson and Tolbert. I think overall it made my team better as long as I can get through the coming bye weeks. What do you think?

    My team now looks like this...

    QB - Vick and Freeman
    WR - Nicks, Dez, M. Williams, M. Thomas
    RB - Rice, Sproles, Wells, B. Jacobs, Ridley
    TE - Graham

    Things that didn't work - Started Titans DEF, Mike Williams, and S. Ridley

    I ended up losing by 5 and now have a 2-3 record so hopefully things go a little better in the coming weeks.

    There is not much available in my league. I am looking at Breaston, Avant, Baldwin, and Heyward-Bey. Not sure which one to go with yet or if there is someone else available.

    Mike Williams and Freeman have not looked to good at all this season. Do you think Williams is still worthy of a start in a 12-team leave for WR2 or flex position?

  3. Congrats! on the blowout...Ahem...as predicted. My opponent had AP...I wasn't that far behind, but Julio Jones & VJax didn't really help me any.

    Did a trade just before gameday. I gave away Forte/Lloyd for Vick/Mendenhall. I wouldn't have won this week had I not made the trade anyhow...so, on to week 6 in 4th place at 3-2. We'll see.

  4. Got blown out in one game but dominated in the other. I am sitting at 4-1 in both leagues, 1st place in one and 2nd in the other.

    League 1
    I lost big, even though I had AP, Jimmy Graham, the Bengals DEF and run DMC. My QB situation is awfully inconsistent- Kolb and Flacco...however, I made a trade to acquire Tony Romo who will start for me going forward. Sidney Rice laid an egg along with Mike Williams (TB), but Colston did ok.

    League 2
    I won by 16 points with Brady, McCoy, and Jimmy Graham doing the heavy lifting. Gronk disappointed as my FLEX, as well as VJAX and the Giants D. Santonio Holmes did well, but my key to Victor (y) was Victor Cruz. I knew in my gut he would do well, thus, played him over Plax. My IDP players were also clutch (Angerer and Desmond Bishop). Hopefully I can continue my success in this league.

    Thanks for all the advice going forward.

  5. Knew you had it all the way. Trading D.Thomas for Deangelo after week 2 won me my matchup this week in my most important league to keep my record sparkling at 5-0.
    D.Moore let me down with a big donut and tolbert hurt me with his injury but ultimately pulled it out.I was fortunate because I had Romo, Bryant and R.Rice on byes.
    I'll likely have some questions for this week!

  6. Congrats..too bad Andrew isn't sporting the Mr.Clean right now!

  7. So far, I'm 1-4 on the season in a 12-team, standard league. I’ve been happy w/ my roster “on paper”, but inconsistent performance (particularly at WR) and facing the wrong team at the wrong time have really hurt me.

    I’d love to get your thoughts on my WR situation. On offense, we start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, and 1 RB/WR/TE. I have Romo/Alex Smith, Foster/Best/Felix/Ridley, Fitzgerald/TB Mike Williams/Harvin/Manningham/Heyward-Bey, Vernon Davis/Fred Davis. Via free agency, I just added Heyward-Bey by dropping Ben Tate. Do you like this move over other WRs I could have added? Other options include Greg Little, Doug Baldwin, Titus Young, Steve Breaston. Would you recommend any others from a rest-of-the-season perspective instead?

    Also, the time will probably come soon where I need to drop one of these WRs. Manningham, Harvin, and Williams have all let me down thus far. Who is the leading candidate to cut ties with, if any? And do you see an opportunity to do so now by replacing w/ any of the other names above? (Greg Little, for instance, really intrigues me because of him being promoted to the starting line-up, as does Titus Young).

    I appreciate any input you may have…I treat much of your advice like gospel (including passing on the Tebow sweepstakes tonight), so I’d love to get your thoughts! Thanks!

  8. Looking to sell one of the NYG wrs for an upgrade. Rough year so far with Britt gone and Gates gimpy.

    My team:

    QB (1): Ryan
    WR (3): Nicks, Cruz, S Johnson, Boldin, Nelson
    RB (2): McCoy, MJD, Hightower, D Thomas, J Battle
    TE (1): Gates, Cook
    K, D

    I'm thinking I could try to upgrade QB. Here are teams with multiple decent QBs.

    1) Newton, Romo (his 3rd WR is ochocinco)
    2) Stafford, Schaub (She has Megatron, D Jackson, S Smith, doesn't really need a WR)
    3) Brady, Fitzpatrick (his WR are TB Williams, Doucet, Rice, offer Cruz for Fitz?)

    Guys you would make an offer on? I was thinking Cruz for Romo or Cruz/Boldin for Fitz.

  9. Its hard to say. Eli has always gotten along great with Manningham, and as defenses shift to cover Cruz more, it should upen stuff up for Mario. I would pick him up, just because we know he has the potential to have a big game every week.

  10. You had a dream core of receivers before, but I can see what made you make the trade. You needed a better QB. You gave up a ton of points though getting rid of Johnson, and I think you could have gotten more than you did.

    I am more than disappointed with Mike Williams, but its very iffy about who to start when you compare him to Thomas. Both could have a good week or get you absolutely nothing. I think that Heyward Bey is a little flukey, as is Baldwin.

    I'd go with Mike Thomas this week.

  11. Thank you! Very excited about showing him who's boss.

    Good luck in Week 6. Sounds like an interesting trade. Again, Hoping that Mendy can pick things up a bit. Vick will help you for sure though. Tough to lose Forte, but it was necessary.

  12. Thats what I like to hear! Playoffs here you come.

    Romo is a good trade, his bye week is gone so now you have a solid starter for the rest of the year. The WRs are a problem here though definitely.

    Great gut call there. I called him a fluke after his Week 3 showing, but Cruz is proving me wrong. I have Angerer and Bishop as my two IDP LBs as well. They are unstoppable. I can't be touched in that league because of them.

    Good luck the rest of the year. And great work so far.

  13. You called it! Got a sore throat I was cheering so hard against Welker and Gronkowski. Congrats on the Record, you are definitely doing some great things. Moore sucked it up last week and it looks like Raiders receivers might be all over the place this year. You are definitely over the biggest bye week hump you have, so should be smooth sailing.

  14. I (Andrew) won. Not Jordan. And its a good thing we didnt do the shaved head thing. Jordan can pull that off.

  15. Got to you on your other post. Sorry it took so long. I too chose not to take part in the great Tebow race. Unless you have a spot on your bench for him to keep him away from other owners, then I wouldnt make the move.

  16. Number one seems nice to me. They need a WR3, and they likely wont be using Romo, which means that you can swipe him and his bye week has already passed. You'd probably have to ship out Nicks for him, which is risky.

    Number 2 is out. They don't need it.

    Number 3 could work, Fitz has been hot, but can crumble as we saw last week. They are in the most need of a WR, so you could definitely make this move.

    Trying Cruz for Romo likely will not go, but I can see the Cruz/Boldin for Fitz happening. If you are willing to part with Nicks, your best WR to get Romo, he is the better QB to have.