Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2011 Week 8: Waiver Wire Pick-Ups

Just like every other week, we have all been hit hard by injuries. If you were fortunate enough to escape them before, you are most certainly reeling now.

I'm sure that you all have read about the injuries and replacements from other major fantasy football sites, but lets break it down a little bit more. GHL will do some research for you. Here's a list of your top pick-ups for Week 8.

Bernard Scott, Cincinnati Bengals

Not an injury to start with, but a suspension. Cedric Benson will serve his one-gamer. Scott could be the best of the backups here and is among the least owned, currently just 4% in ESPN leagues. Seattle is giving up 105 per game, which isn't too shabby considering that they are always playing from behind.

Scott has averaged roughly 4 yards per carry in his career. He only has 700 yards and two scores since starting his career in 2009, but he does have upside this week if you are in a pinch.

Alfonso Smith, Arizona Cardinals (0.1% owned)

Beanie Wells with a knee injury that will likely cost him a game or two. Really, it was just a matter of time. Arizona has been able to run the ball well this year, making his backup a pretty interesting grab. Alfonso Smith will be in front of Larod Stephens-Howling in the depth chart when the Cardinals go up against the Ravens.

Ravens are definitely a tough team to run on, and LSH had a great reception after Wells went down, so Smith, again is definitely on an "only if you desperately need him" status.

Roy Helu, Washington Redskins (15.3% owned)

We all know that Hightower is gone for the year, making the Mike Shanahan-induced running back roller coaster a bit more bearable. It is easy to imagine that most of the work will go to Ryan Torain, but if we can learn anything from the Redskins' past, we know that Helu has a chance for a couple big games this season.

So far this year, Helu is averaging nearly 5 yards per carry, the same as Torain. Making it even more interesting knowing that one of these guys is going to have a big statistical week every time the Skins touch the field. I like him as a pickup. Washington is a running team, and while he is still a risk, he has a great deal of upside.

Lance Ball, Denver Broncos (0.1% owned)

Willis McGahee suffered an injury as well this weekend. And Moreno will be getting the start. But, lets not forget that Moreno is pretty terrible. It is not too big a stretch to imagine that backup Lance Ball will get some work as well, and perhaps even take over most of the carries, much like McGahee did at the beginning of the year.

Ball has done very little in his career, but hasn't had much time to show what he can do. Definitely a reach here. I really just wanted to put him here to impress some people with my depth of knowledge of the Broncos rush offense. You like it, I know.

I'm going to avoid Leon Washington here. Marshawn Lynch has not been able to get the job done this year due to the lack of passing game and the terrible blocking on the Seahawks front. Chances of a breakout here are slim to none.

Also saying no to Kregg Lumpkin of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Earnest Graham was having a great run with Blount out of the picture, but don't expect the same from Lumpkin. Bucs have a bye this week, and Blount could very well be returning by the time they hit the field again.

Michael Bush is a great play with McFadden's injury. His backup Taiwan Jones is a hell of a stretch as well. He has had little to no work so far. He will likely see a handful of carries as long as McFadden is missing, but Bush should be the star for the time being.

If you have not put a claim in for Jabar Gaffney, then now is the time to do so. I expect Fred Davis to be the big winner in Santana Moss's injury, but Gaffney has been playing well this season and his targets should be going way up as the number one receiver.

Second wide receiver pickup would be Michael Jenkins of the Minnesota Vikings. Percy Harvin reinjured his ribs and has not been putting up the numbers we have been expecting. Jenkins is coming off a great week and Ponder is performing very well.


  1. Do you like Bernard Scott @ Seattle or Maurice Morris @ Denver more this week? I'm currently starting Morris, but could acquire Scott by dropping another player if it's a good thing to do. Thanks!

  2. Right now I'm 6-1 in my 10 team league and set everywhere but RB2:

    QB: Stafford
    WR: Wallace, Nicks, Bryant
    RB: Rice, JStew
    TE: Graham

    Bench: Maclin, Tebow, Battle, Tate, Little, Tolbert

    With a surplus at WR I want to get someone I can plug in at RB2 week in and out. I've let it known they're all on the block (but I really have no intent of parting with Wallace for his consistent awesomeness). Needless to say, I was offered Ryan Mathews for Wallace straight up. That owner also has Sproles, FJax and MJD. I know the talent is there with Mathews but the constant nicks and injuries concern me - even though I have Tolbert. I think if he would accept any of my other WRs I may do it. What would be your preference in my position in terms of who to ask for/give up?

  3. Need a WR/3 - standard league. David Nelson, Greg Little or pick up Antonio Brown or Gaffney? Thanks!

  4. Who to pickup and who to drop? I'm 4-3 (but in 4th place due to tiebreakers- 3rd highest scoring team) after some bad luck and on my way up (thanks to you all here).

    Interesting guys on waiver wire: F Davis (waivers), Gaffney, Torain (waivers)

    My team:
    QB (1): Romo, Ryan
    WR (3): Nicks, S Johnson, Boldin, Nelson
    RB (2): McCoy, MJD, F Jones, D Thomas, Helu, P Thomas
    TE (1): Gates
    K, D

    I almost feel like F Davis is more important than Torain or Gaffney given Gates' injuries, and the bump it would give to my starting 9. I only have P Train on the team because my opponent needs a 2nd RB for this week.

    Drop P Thomas for Davis, and Felix Jones for Torain, in that waiver priority order?

    Drop Ryan for one of them? What do you think?

  5. I've got Scott higher. Problem with him is that he's likely only a one week play. If you need a RB though for just one week, he is the best pickup on my list. I like him over Morris this week.

  6. This is a tough spot, because I really love your WR lineup. You do need the boost at RB2, but losing any of your starters, even for Maclin or Little, would be a big drop in consistency and points per week.

    What you need to do is figure out what combination will give you the most points. I wrote about it last week, and you have the perfect scenario for it. Since I don’t know your scoring system (it will be a lot different in PPR and Standard here) I would try it if I were you. http://godhateslosers.blogspot.com/2011/10/fantasy-football-strategy-how-to-pick.html

    Do the math and see how many points you average per week with your current lineup. Then do the math again but make your roster Wallace, Nicks, (Maclin or Little), Rice and Mathews.

    If they new lineup has a higher weekly average. Then I say go for it.

    In terms of who to trade, I agree that it shouldn’t be Wallace. I think Dez will get stronger as the year goes on, it does concern me just a little that he is returning punts because in his short year and a half career, he has already sustained two injuries returning. I had Nicks incredibly high at the beginning of the year. I thought he would finish top three for sure. He will still put up great numbers and have huge weeks, but wont be what I expected just yet. If you get Mathews, give up one of those two.

  7. I'm all about Gaffney right now. He's moving up to the primary receiver. He has gotten along with both of his quarterbacks. Nelson looked good for a while, but is inconsistent. Little is great in PPR, but you just cant trust that offense at all. Brown is gaining ground as well, but I have to go with Gaffney.

  8. I love all of those Waivers. I think you need to get Davis now, even if it is just to keep him off other people's teams.

    I think with Romo past his bye, you can afford to get rid of Ryan. Might be worth putting out there as a trade first just to see if you can get more value for him. But if no one takes him, then give him the boot. I think Torain would be a great add here. You know that Wash. likes to run the ball, and he should be getting most of the work. I'm sure Helu will steal some thunder every now and then, but for the most part, Torain should lead the Skins.

  9. And, with Nicks Johnson and Boldin, you have a solid starting three. If I remember correct, they are all past their byes as well. Gaffney might be good to have on the bench just in case. Since you likely wont use Jones again, he can dump him, or even get rid of Nelson, as he hasnt been producing as of late.