Friday, October 7, 2011

Week 5 Fantasy Football Showdown: Andrew vs. Jordan

Ali vs. Frazier. Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins. Batman vs. the Joker. Coke vs. Pepsi. Hamilton vs. Burr. And now… Andrew vs. Jordan.
For weeks, the world of sports has been counting down to this most epic rivalry. Who will emerge from the chaos as champion and who will pout for the remainder of the week?
The league: Iupati Like It’s Your Birthday. The opponents: Sweet Sweet Cundifflingus and Tootsie Sproles. The rules are simple: Standard, non-PPR league. 1 point per 25 passing yards, 10 receiving yards or 10 rushing yards. 6 points per touchdown, 4 per passing touchdown.

Jordan's Team

(Sweet Sweet Cundifflingus)
Andrew's Team

(Tootsie Sproles)
Record: 4-0 /// Total Points: 503Record: 3-1 /// Total Points: 389
Cam Newton (NO)QBPhilip Rivers (@DEN)
LeGarrette Blount (@SF)RBArian Foster (OAK)
Isaac Redman (TEN)RBBeanie Wells (@MIN)
Jonathan Stewart (NO)RB/WRSteve Smith (NO)
Roddy White (GB)WRHakeem Nicks (SEA)
Wes Welker (NYJ)WRA.J. Green (@JAX)
Rob Gronkowski (NYJ)WR/TENate Washington (@PIT)
Jimmy Graham (@CAR)TEJared Cook (@PIT)
Jason Hanson (CHI)KDavid Akers (TB)
Tennessee Titans (@PIT)DEFCincinnati Bengals (@JAX)

You tell us:
  • Who will win the battle?
  • Why will they prevail?
  • What shall be the fate of the loser?
UPDATE: Andrew molested me. Bad. I knew he would, in truth, but I didn't know it would hurt this much. ~ Jordan


  1. I think overall Jordan has the better team but his players have a bunch of tough matchups. So this week I think Andrew takes it, plus his name is Andrew!

  2. One point - Andrew. Suck it, Jordan. Plus, my name is Andrew.

  3. Rivers' got a trap game against Denver, and Beanie is questionable--advantage Jordan.

  4. Do you have a backup for Beanie? He might be the deciding factor in this match-up. I don't like Jordan's RBs at all, but the rest of his team is mucho caliente.
    Advantage Jordan.
    Loser has to shave his head and post it on the website for all to witness. Epic.

  5. Andrew's got this for sure. Better RB choices, WR's are matched, Rivers will play well (he better, I have VJax). If you had something better than Washington I'd say it would be a blowout.

  6. I gotta go with Andrew here.

  7. borat117, a blowout? Really? Yeah, I know his RBs are better. That's obvious, by a wide margin. But the rest? Not so much of a landslide. We'll see who's laughing last. Probably him, but still...

  8. freakinlaserbeams, yeah, I don't really like my RBs either. Shave my head, though? Or his? That's extreme. We both know I have WAY better hair, so the sacrifice would be much, much greater for me.

  9. That's what I'm talking about!

  10. My overall point total speaks for itself, Andrews, the former seems level headed, though a bit infatuated with his own name. We'll see.

  11. Very good. I agree wholeheartedly.

  12. I've got Mike Williams, but I don't really like anyone on the Bucs offense as far as fantasy goes. Washington has the hardest matchup though, so there could be a late breaking change.

  13. Beanie was questionable last week and had 130 yards and three scores. I think I'm good.

  14. Beanie will play. He was questionable last week and led all RBs in points. Jordan has a pretty nice WR and TE lineup, but they are all with hard matchups. Welker vs. Revis... I don't know about that.

  15. riddle me this
    *pick 3*
    jordy nelson
    maquis colston
    roddy white
    victor cruz
    lance moore

  16. That's So RavensOctober 8, 2011 at 8:08 PM

    Was offered Finley for McGahee and Ridley. I think I’m going to take it because I need a TE and my RBs are already pretty stacked: McCoy, Best, Beanie, and Blount.

    What you think? Right now I have Gresham in the TE slot.

    .5 PPR league.

  17. Prediction - Cam throws for 3 interceptions - or 2 and a fumble.

  18. I'd go with the first three you listed.

    Nelson is having a great year and gets a lot of targets
    Colston should emerge as the #1 again and have a far better week than last.
    White is pretty obvious.

  19. Gresham is not bad. Finley is a step up though. I'd honestly want a little bit more out of this trade as both McGahee and Ridley have great upside.

    But you do have a stacked group of RBs, so you can go for it.

  20. Sounds good to me!