Sunday, October 9, 2011

2011 Week 5 Advice Time

Hey everybody, it is time to get you last minute questions in.

I will be answering questions on the site until about 11. So it might be wise from about 10am (ET) to start posting your questions on Twitter so I can get to them

Simply follow @godhateslosers and post your question to use and I'll get you an answer before kickoff.

To recap... Answering questions on the website for about an hour and a half. Answering questions on Twitter til kickoff.


  1. Have to pick 2 rbs - 2 wrs - te - flex out of:

    D. Williams

    Julio Jones

    Vernon Davis
    Greg Olsen

  2. Ridley or Mike Williams (TB) at flex in a standard league? I already plan on starting Foster and Best at RB, and Fitzgerald and Harvin at WR. Thanks!

  3. Gore and Best

    Fitz and Jones

    Vernon Davis

    Flex is where it gets a little iffy. I have been nothing but let down by Benson and Williams this year, so I avoid them. But if Benson has a breakout chance, this would be it.
    Cruz has looked nice, but I dont trust him yet. Harvin hasnt done much either, but the matchup is pretty great. I'd roll with Percy this week at Flex.

  4. I'd go with Williams. He's starting to show up a bit more. Matchup is pretty promising too.

  5. heres my roster:
    jordy nelson
    calvin j
    julio j
    packer d

    shonn greene
    knowshon moreno
    andre j (injury)
    hillis (bye)
    i. redman

    do you think i have it right? should i start greene instead of julio or jordy? thanks

  6. Thoughts on me trading Matthew Stafford and Santana Moss for Big Ben and Hakeem Nicks?? I have Cam Newton and am thinking about rolling with him for the remainder of the year due to his higher upside because of the rushing yards and rushing TDs. We start two WR's every week and also have a WR/RB slot. I have Wallace, AJ Green, and Moss and really wanted another Top WR to go with my RBs: Foster, Tate, Mcfadden, Michael Bush, Steven Jackson, Stevan Ridley

  7. Pick one eli manning or matt schaub. Also victor cruz was just dropped I want to pick him up but would need to drop a player. At the moment I am thinking Big Ben is expendable. What do you think?

  8. So far, despite being happy w/ my roster "on paper", I'm 1-4 and need to do something... I'm looking for any advice you can provide! It's a standard league, we start 1 QB, 2 RB, 1 WR, 1 TE, and 1 RB/WR/TE.

    QB – Romo Cutler
    RB – Foster, Best, Felix, Tate, Ridley
    WR – Fitzgerald, Mike Williams (TB), Harvin, Manningham
    TE – Vernon Davis, Fred Davis

    Free agents out there currently include (based on latest waiver wire recommendations): Tebow, Alex Smith, Jackie Battle, Heyward-Bey, Delone Carter, Doug Baldwin, Jared Cook, Ed Dickson.

    Do you have any advice to help me get back on track? Any specific moves you’d make? I’m definitely dropping Tate for someone, but not sure who, or what to do beyond that.

    Lastly, we start 1 DEF/ST, and I have been doing it based on matchup, but seemed to get killed anyway. Also, in my league, there really seems to be some trend of rosters hoarding 1-3 DEF/ST teams each, really taking away my options. The best defenses available at this point are the Redskins, Titans (who killed me yesterday), Browns, Vikings, and Saints. Should I just grab one and play it out from here? Based on my league’s scoring settings, the Redskins are the #3 scoring defense overall but aren’t taken by anyone.

    I would love to get your thoughts!! We have a free agency period 9PM Tues, so any advice you can provide to help me make some moves would be very helpful! Thanks!!

  9. Also, Titus Young and Steve Breaston are also available (if it matters) as well...

  10. Thinking about dropping Colston for Santana Moss. in a PPR. Any thoughts on that? Colston is the beast, the go to guy.. (well lately its been Grahm and Coston was injured) but saints offense likes to pass the ball around to lots of recievers. Moss has been producing with Grossman but their offense is not nearly as good as the Saints. In a dilemma, would like to be tilted one way or another. What do you guys think?


  11. Sorry I'm getting to you so late. Rough week and my reply system has been screwy.

    I agree that rolling with Newton is a good call, which means that you really dont even need to get a quarterback in the trade. Nicks is a step up from Moss, so I would take it, but I'd recommend trying to get someone else instead of Big Ben since you dont need him. Youre RBs are great, so I'd try to make it Stafford and Moss for Nicks and another WR or even a TE is yours is lacking.

  12. Hope you jumped on Cruz. He is worth having if for no reason other than to keep him off another players team. No need to have three QBs, so dumping Ben makes sense. I've got Eli over Schaub this week.

  13. You do have a good lineup. Your record really lies in some unfortunate injuries and underachieving WRs. It’ll pick up since Romo is getting healthier and Foster is back.
    This week I’d go Romo, Foster, Best, Fitz, Davis and Harvin. It’s time to bench Williams for a while I think.
    Tebow could be worth picking up just to keep him off someone else’s roster. I’d still play Romo most weeks though. Battle would be nice to have too, I think that this point you can afford to let go of Tate and maybe even fred Davis. Only other position you need is some WR support. Baldwin is a nice pickup, but not better than anyone you currently have. My favorite sleeper this week is Harry Douglas, but again its super risky.
    In leagues that hog DEF, then the strategy doesn’t really work. You need to have a lot of teams to choose from. The more defenses that are taken, the lower your chances. I think that you should keep going week by week though since you don’t have one of the solid guys. Saints could be good this week, and are probably the most consistent in the ones you listed if you were to hold onto any one DEF.
    Sorry this is coming so late. Hopefully you can make a few moves.

  14. Sounds like you are in a very shallow league. Moss and Colston are pretty close in my book, but PPR-wise, Moss makes sense. They go to him a lot. Expect weeks where Colston blows up, but a handful of weeks where he gets very little.