Monday, October 17, 2011

How's My Advising? - Week 6 Fantasy Wrapup

Hey GHL fans.

I've seen a lot of people on the site and answered a lot of questions. I am quite close to 300 followers on Twitter (I honestly don't know if that is good or bad). I've been writing a few articles for other sites to try to draw more traffic to this one, all so I can better serve you.

So, I would greatly appreciate it if you all could take a little time out of your day to help out GHL.

  1. How are we doing? You like the site, don't like the site? Anything you want to see more of or less of? What can we do to make this the go-to place on the web for fantasy football advice?
  2. There are a lot of little things on the blog and each article. Lots of you have been commenting on our posts and asking your questions and we appreciate the hell out of it. But if you like a particular update, or if our advice works for you.. we'd really appreciate a little love in return. Hit a Google +1 button, Share it on Twitter or Facebook. Maybe itll act as a little Karma.
  3. Tell a friend. I know it would be crazy for me to ask you to post this site's URL to your fantasy football competitor, but I'm sure you've got a friend or two in another league. Go ahead and tell them about us.
I thrive on positive feedback and boosts to my ego, so seeing more traffic would be an incredible advantage to everyone involved.

So please, the next time you see something on GHL that you like. Share the love a little. Its what all those crazy buttons are for.

If we all work together and do our part.. I can become famous. And that is really the end goal for all of us.


  1. Still love the site, love the advice. You guys have helped me get to 2 First place positions in my 10 player league, and 2nd place in my 14 player league. I appreciate how active you guys are with the helping us out, whether it's for fresh advice or just to back up a decision I've already made.

    It's going to be hard to get everyone to spread the word through social media, but will certainly do what I can to help you out. Facebook lets you single out certain people now, so I can "Like" your stuff and still keep it from people I'm in leagues with.

    I was going to suggest that if you'd like some more interactivity on the site, that you could add a little language in the advice posts that would encourage users to rate line ups and chime in with their own advice.

  2. ...and if it makes you feel any better, there is another well respected advice site that I will not mention told all of its subscribers to absolutely not draft Ray Rice this year. Thanks for not giving us all shitty advice like that!

  3. That does make me feel better. Hell. I even had a writeup on him before the fantasy drafts about how he was ABSOLUTELY supposed to be drafted on your team.

    Go me!

  4. You just got my +1 google, and i do want to say your advice all last year started me off on the right foot in the fantasy football world. Ill make sure to spread the word bout you!I really do appreciate your 1-1 answering. Along side the "bigger" sites to find advice i always fall back on GHL. Thanks

    And now for a FFQ:
    My team is now 2-3, and most likely going 3-3 after this week. I have accumulated the most points out of all the teams in the league but still have the crummy record. Do you suggest i look to make a trade for that one extra boost so i can start making wins or hold tight and expect the wins to come? Team as follows:
    QBs Brady, V Young; WRs Megatron, S Holmes, S. Moss, D. Branch, M. Floyd; RBs M. Ingram, E. Graham, B. Wells, W. McGahee, B. Scott; TEs Greg Olson

    Thanks again GHL!

  5. I do love the advice, love the weekly rankings. A few times I do go with my gut and it's worked out (Ahem...Mendenhall this week). I feel like there could be a little more organization to the site. I feel like I always end up scrolling down, down, down. to the rankings. Maybe some categories at the top of the page (Lineup advice, Trade advice, Weekly Rankings, Featured articles, Etc..). Good stuff though!

  6. This is my first year doing Fantasy Football, so I’ve been in need of any and all advice I can get. By far, this is the site I turn to most. I do compare your advice to input from a few others just to get a broader perspective, but more often than not, I treat your guidance as gospel!

    What I like:
    - Advice is personalized and on target, and your rationale is explained to help educate us as to why you are recommending a particular roster move
    - Site is straightforward, grassroots…I feel like you are a part of my team
    - Topics for articles/posts practically read my mind; exactly what I need, when I need it
    Thoughts for improvement:
    - Clone yourself so that we can get your advice even more quickly (or maybe start giving poor advice so we don’t get so anxious to hear back from you, haha)
    - Incorporate some sort of navigation or drop down menus to access archived content
    - Create periodic ‘rest of season’ rankings, which would help us gauge player value for trade or free agency purposes

    Overall, this site rocks. Even if you changed nothing, I’ll still be visiting every day… Thanks!!!



  8. Absolutely guys. Hope these features help. Site seems a lot more accessable now, so thank you!

  9. Good gut call with Mendy. About damn time, I say.

    Got the categories up! Should be a lot easier for readers going forwards. Thanks for the suggestions!

  10. This is just a case of bad matchups. With the most points in your league, you are doing everything right, just a little unlucky. Seems like you are pretty solid, but thin on the bench. It is possible to squeeze out maybe a minor trade, but I doubt it would do much. With Wells and McGahee both past their bye, you dont have much to worry about there. And your bench WRs are good bye fillers. I'd say stay put unless someone makes you a great offer.

  11. Threw in a poll in the new left side column. Itll be updated daily with some questions people post in the comments or on my twitter account. Last year, I did encourage people to add their advice to the "Advice Time" posts, but received a lot of complaints about it and organization became a nightmare.

    I will try to pepper in a few posts where readers can get more involved though. Thanks!

  12. Hey thanks so much for the site! Your weekly SDS is helping me rock my league (tied for 1st), and I think it's cool how you offer one-on-one advice. You liked my trade of CJ for Turner earlier this year, and that's paid off, too.

  13. Happy to help. And its good to see you coming back. Do us a favor and tell a friend!