Thursday, September 20, 2012

Week Three Fantasy Football Rankings

Once again, I'm coming at you with my QB, RB, WR, TE, K, DST, and PPR rankings! Check them out below.

Two weeks in and its still hard to get a grip on some of these players. I do think that this will be the breakthrough week for a lot of players who started off slow. I like Dez Bryant to have a good game after seeing what the Giants managed against the Buccaneer secondary. I think that Chris Johnson, even with a pretty rough matchup could finally break some damn tackles.

But we'll see. This is how I'm calling it...

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  1. Would you start LaFell at WR/TE tonight considering how roughed up the Giants secondary is? My other WR are White and Harvin and TE is Witten. I have LaFell, Garcon, Jeffery, Young, and Gresham. Normally I'd play Garcon but apparently he's still questionable for Sunday so I don't wanna miss out on LaFell tonight if I can't play anyone better.

  2. Hey, man, love the site, I check in every week. I have some questions for ya. I have Antonio Gates in both of my leagues which has been working so well for me.... yeah. Bennett is my backup in one league and I don't know if I should start him tonight or try and hold out for Gates, what do you think? As for my other league (12 team), I have a bit of a RB issue. My roster looks like this:

    QB - BradyRB - Sproles, Dwyer, Andre Brown, Redman, Gerhart (good for AP being back and healthy but big let down for me), and JacquizzWR - White, Harvin, DeSean Jackson, Bess, and JefferyTE - Gates, RudolphDEF - NY JetsK - Hanson
    I'm much less comfortable in this league and am contemplating some trades if this week doesn't go according to plan. Who would you start at RB? We have a flex too and I've been sticking Jackson in there every week which is fine with me

  3. I like LaFell tonight. Amukamara is back, but coming off injury. And their third stringer is out.

    Do it. Worth the risk

  4. The TE issue is a bit rough. I like Bennett though, so the safe call might be playing him over Gates.

    RB I'd go with Sproles and Brown. Everything else you have there is pretty much useless actually. Gerhart is done being good. Your two Steelers are going to be obsolete after Mendy is back. Jacquizz is worth holding on to just in case.

  5. hey BIG TRADE offered to me, so my 2 starting RBs are Fred Jackson and Matt Forte. Right now I have Peyton HIllis and Pierre Thomas as my starting RBs going into this week with both my starters hurt it is a PPR league and we can start a QB in our Flex and I am 2-0 right now.

    So RIght now my team looks like:
    QB1- Aaron Rodgers
    WR1-Jordy Nelson
    WR2- Steve Smith
    WR3- Demaryius Thomas
    RB1-Peyton HIllis
    RB2-PT Cruiser
    FLEX- Phillip Rivers
    TE-Tony Gonzalez

    I am being offered Peyton Manning and Ray Rice for Aaron Rodgers and Fred Jackson. Would you take this trade??

  6. I just got a trade offer: Peyton, Spiller, and Antonio Brown for Brady, Harvin, and Rudolph. Any suggestions?

  7. I have Alex Smith on my bench now too

  8. hi , im stuck with injuries this years . Should i start Tate over Leshoure if i already own Foster . Please help me, thank god

  9. Two league, a few questions. both standard

    1st League:
    Just traded away Bradshaw and DeSean Jackson for Ryan Matthews. I think I got the better end of that trade. So I am starting McCoy, Lynch, and Mathews at RB1,2 and flex. For my WR2 spot, I've got Malcom Floyd (picked up from FA!) over Nate Washington and Garcon. My biggest concern is if I should play Gates or Witten at TE? Witten has the match-up, but I'm still skeptical.

    2nd League:
    Philip Rivers over Alex Smith, figured that was easy. 2 RB and a W/R slot filled with Rice, Ridley, MJD. I made the mistake of starting LaFell on Thursday, so whats done is done. I have a W/T slot open, with competition from Colston, DeSean Jackson, Jennings, and Nate Washington. I figured Colston was the way to go.

    Thanks again!

  10. Donald Brown or Mikel Leshoure at Flex this week?

    WR are Marshall and Colston, RB are CJ and McFadden (both killing me). With Maclin out I figure I'm best off starting one of those two for my Flex. I remember reading somewhere that Detroit is gonna look to throw Leshoure right in, while ESPN is suggesting he'll be eased in.
    Other bench players to consider are Owen Daniels, Titus Young, Michael Floyd, or Jacquizz.

  11. This is tough. Honestly... I think taking all of Houston's rushing points is your best bet.

  12. I agree. Gates in the first and Houston in the second. If maclin doesn't play though, Jackson could look nice.

  13. I'd tend to agree with ESPN here. I'd go brown and wait on mehoure