Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2012 Week 1 Fantasy Football Rankings

Brand new season. Brand new ranking. And a brand new format!

Teamed up with FantasyPros this year and will be doing my rankings with their help. Also, using FantasyPros, I am now going to be ranked weekly and overall against other fantasy experts from across the internet.

Just explaining the new look. Hope you all like it. Feel free to ask any lineup questions that you have.
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  1. 10 team league and looking to pick up a back up QB before things get going. I've got Romo, so your advice on Locker looks good.

    My bench is currently Spiller, Mecham, Benson, Gresham, Manningham, Pierre Thomas. Thinking Manningham is weakest to drop to secure decent backup QB, but unsure.

    Active roster is: Romo, Fitzgerald, Stevie Johnson, Nate Washington, Chris Johnson, Demarco Murray, Finley, Mason Crosby and Buffalo.

    Thoughts and advice appreciated!

  2. In a dynasty league would you trade Hakeem Nicks (i have nicks for this season and i have to trade or lose him next year) for LeSean McCoy? i would get mccoy..

    RBs - Arian Foster, Steven Jackson, Ryan Williams, Shonn Greene

    WRs - Desean Jackson, Hakeem Nicks, Mike Williams (TB), Alshon Jeffrey, Michael Floyd, Kendall Wright

    We start 2 RBs and 3WRs.

    You think i should ride out nicks (favorite player on my favorite team) for this year and hopefully get a decent trade value next year or should i trade nicks this year and hope my young rookie WRs do something?

  3. ummm... where are the rankings?

  4. GHL back at it! Thanks in advance! I'm trying to decide my best move for week one...given MJD holdout will set me back a little this week but nonetheless he will be solid down the stretch. What is yoour thoughts on my QB/RB/WR/Flex
    10 team league - Standard scoring
    QB's - Planning on starting Vick with P Manning on bench
    RB's - Planning on starting Chris Johnson, Willis McGahee with Hillis, Pierre Thomas and MJD on the bench/Flex
    WR's - Planning on starting B Marshall and Percy Harvin with Michael Floyd and Anquan Boldin on the bench.
    Flex - MJD, Hillis, or Pierre Thomas??


  5. Who to start this week: Adrian Peterson or Cedric Benson? Greg Little, Titus Young, or Laurent Robinson?

    Right now, I'm going with Young and Benson. Any thoughts?

  6. Should I got with Rashad Jennings for week 1 or BJGE?

  7. GHL, Your analysis is always appreciated. Rashad Jennings or S.Ridley? Ridley well be in the backfield without Vareen and R.Jennings has Mojo to steal some carries.

  8. Just made my Ogletree post. If you want it pull the trigger. Going to be hard figuring out who to drop though.

    If you drop Manningham, you only have one WR on your bench. Usually not a good sign. To get a backup QB, I'd probably get rid of Pierre Thomas. Third RB behind two great ones. Chances of him doing much is pretty slim. Chances of you ever actually starting him are even slimmer.

  9. I was going to say "HELL YES, MAKE THE TRADE!" But your WRs behind him aren't exactly desirable as starters. They are all great sleeper candidates, but I wouldn't be comfortable starting them.

    You have Foster and Jackson. Both great players every week. So based on a points standpoint... I would probably not make the trade.

    Posted this last year about how to judge a trade. Check it out to see my reasoning...

  10. Sorry friend. Apparently I'm a shitty copy/paster. I promise they worked earlier.

  11. Hmm... I honestly dont know. Which makes me sad. Pay close attention to the news coming out of Jacksonville. If it seems that they are going to give MJD a significant shot at playing time, then go for it.

    If not... Hillis has a slight chance of stealing a goalline TD carry. As much as I hate to say it. Or Boldin. Honestly, I think I'd do boldin.

  12. Buh. Injured player or complete unknown with a bad matchup. Hmm.. Pay attention to Minnesota. I have to imagine that AP will be extremely limited. I'd probably go with Benson.

    Agree that Titus Young would be my WR.

  13. Every minute that goes by, I think that Jennings will be touching the ball less and less. Wait for Jax to post word on how many carries they think he'll get vs MJD.
    Ellis has a rough matchup.. but will get any goal line look, I'm sure. And will actually be getting starting number carries. He's not a bad bet

  14. Probably Ridley on this one for me.

    If JAX says anything about how much work Jennings and MJD will be getting, you could change it. But my gut is saying Ridley either way.

  15. I know you have Detroit D ranked higher this week but I figure I'd ask anyway. I've got the option of using Buffalo or Detroit in week one and the ranking is telling me Detroit but my gut is saying Buffalo. I'm more worried about SJax and Amendola making something happen than anyone in NY accomplishing anything. Thoughts?

  16. I can agree with that. In the back of my head, the return of Amendola scares me a bit. Might be enough to rejuvenate them a bit. I doubt it will be a point-fest.
    Neither will that Jets game, I'm sure.

    So both DET and BUF will hold teams to low points. I have DET high because I think they have a better chance at creating the turnover, and the STL offensive line is still garbage. Sacks=points.

  17. Thanks for your validation--yeah I've been watching Benson for years and am not super pumped by the prospect of him vs. Patrick Willis... I'm hoping the Pack can spread it around enough to give Benson holes right up the gut.

  18. Steven Ridley (knowing Vereen is out), Toby Gerhart, or Demaryius Thomas. Pick 2

  19. Ridley and Thomas. Done and done.

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