Wednesday, September 26, 2012

GHL Week 4 Position Rankings

Another fun week. And by that I mean, completely absurd. At least now we kind of have a handle on the defenses. Which ones are good against the run. Which ones are terrible against the pass. And so on and so forth.

I'm just happy to announce that I am a far better player ranker than I am a pick 'em predictor this year. Another rough week on that front.

Without further ado, here's my weekly rankings.

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  1. Yo GHL, once again I want to thank you for all the effort and advice! Question for you.. For the long haul, would you pick up Leshoure or Mendenhall? (I haeve Leshoure already but with Mendenhall probably coming back after the bye I'm not sure.. Thank you!

  2. One more question. I see you have Ryan Williams ranked at 30.. even with Beanie out until November he is still that low? I have a 2 RB, 12 teamer league with sproles, mcgahee, ridley and ryan williams.on the roster. I was going to start williams because beanie was out. Like to hear your thought on that. Thanks again!

  3. I've had a few tough weeks, always the top projected team, but I'm 1-2 in league 2, and 3-0 in league 1, though thats been a lot of luck.

    So, this weeks conundrums:
    League 1:
    I'm Starting flacco over Stafford, I think its the better call. My TE and flex spots are the question areas. I'm thinking Gates over Greg Olsen at TE, but Flex could go to either Ryan Mathews, LaShoure, or Jerome Simpson. Mathews seems to be the best choice, but LaShoure / Simpson probably have the bigger upside.

    League 2:
    I'm hoping I can finally run my way to victory here. Rivers over smith at QB, Rice, MJD, Ridley at RB1, 2, and flex. Jennings at Wr1. I have a WR spot open for contention though. Its Simpson, Colston, Jackson, Washington. I don't trust colston, I just don't think he'll be good. So either Jackson or Simpson would be my guess, and simpson has the match-up. Thoughts?

  4. Here is my question.

    League one

    I am starting RGIII over Newton this week. but cant decide for my W/T & W/R spot who would you play?


    Greg Olsen
    Kendall Wright
    Alshon Jeffrey
    Dexter McCluster
    Mike Williams (TB)

    And for my W/R spot

    Steven Jackson
    Ryan Williams
    Pierre Thomas
    Or any of the WRs from the list above

    Also which Def (normally i dont ask about def but cant decide this week)

    Giants Def or Texans Def

    League two

    We start two QBs I an starting Matt Ryan and Rivers right now.. but would you start Fitzpatrick over Rivers the way rivers has been playing.

    and next which for my W/R spot

    Benjarvus Green-Ellis
    Ryan Matthews
    Jeremy Maclin

  5. Hey man,

    I'm starting Brandon Marshall (although I'm not too happy about the matchup) and Brandon Lloyd at WR. I've got DMC and BJGE at RB. Who do you like at Flex out of:

    Jeremy Maclin
    Eric Decker (most likely choice given Steelers shredded Oakland last week)

    I've also got Andre Brown for the giants who came up huge for me last week but its looking like Bradshaw will be's hoping he's hurt again soon. I kid, I kid. But really.

  6. Hi there.. This week I am thinking to pick Falcons or Cowboys (most likely I would get only cowboys)

    Is it worth stashing Bills in my bench instead of dropping 'em & use that spot for a sleeper like Daryl Richardson?

    I am in 16 team head to head league

  7. Oh and for league one i could pick up bennett at tight end to and play him with finley

  8. I'm 0-3 and need to win! Thinking about playing Boldin v CLE over Dez this week. Thoughts?

    Ryan Williams


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  10. Would you play Romo vs Bears D or Dalton vs Jaguars D?

  11. Got proposed a trade in my one league (I'm 2-1): His Jared Cook for my Mikel LeShoure.

    My current roster:
    QB: Vick, Cutler
    RB: Rice, Murray, LeShoure, Jacquizz
    WR: White, Harvin, Garcon, Young, Jeffery
    TE: Witten, Gresham
    D/ST: Cardinals

    I automatically thought no. While I'm pretty set at RB, my TE could use a boost but I don't think Cook is it (Witten will hopefully start coming around).

    I think my team needs a QB more than anything else, as I can't bear the unpredictable nature of Vick and Cutler (plus they're getting pounded badly every damn game).

    His roster:
    QB: Newton, RGIII
    RB: Sproles, Bradshaw, Andre Brown, Tate
    WR: DeSean Jackson, Amendola, Decker, S Moss, N Washington, Hartline
    TE: Gronkowski, Cook
    D/ST: 49ers

    Is this guy worth trying to work out a trade with, or should I look elsewhere? Who's a good QB1 for me to target with what I can afford to give up? If LeShoure pans out I'd be alright keeping him and moving Murray.

    Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

  12. Hey,

    Looking long term, is it worth it to drop any of these players for Ryan Williams or a backup QB? Apparently I've decided to hoard RB this year in the hopes that someone else will suffer injury and then be forced to trade.

    QB: Manning (NYG)
    RB: Forte/Bush (Chi) and McFadden
    WR: Jones (Atl) and Johnson (Buf) and Coleston
    TE: Graham
    K, D

    Bench: Moore, Spiller, Forte/Bush (Chi), Tate, Mendenhall, Benson

  13. G'Day,
    Who is the better among the following for this week's FLEX play?
    1. Daniel Thomas
    2. Andre Brown
    3. Jerome Simpson
    4. Shonne Greene


  14. GHL!

    I have to choose 2 of these: McGahee, Andre Brown & Antonio Gates.
    Which 2 should I go with?


  15. dude's off the grid - where you at bro? Just curious is all :)

  16. At this point, is Brandon Jacobs is on the wavier wire in my league. Is he something to pick up now? I'd like to drop Cobb for him, but not sure if that's the move to make. Here is my team:
    RGIII, Flacco
    Megatron, D. Thomas (Den), L. Moore (NO), A Brown (Pit) and R. Cobb (GB)
    D.McFadden, M. Ingram, C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson
    J. Tamme, A. Hernandez, H. Miller (Pit)



  17. LeShore is way better than Cook. At this point look for TE's like Bennett, Rudolph or Pitta

  18. All your flex is good.. My order is,
    -Maclin against banged up NYG secondary (look for his status)
    -Ammendola (this is not worth playing against Seahawks)

  19. Pick Bennett & play Finley :)

  20. RG3 way to go.. I like G.Olsen over others for W/T, Ryan Williams for W/R and Texans

  21. League 1 - hope you started flacco, Ryan Mathews

  22. Ron? Is that you GHL?

    Would you say I should try to upgrade at QB? The guy said Newton's on the table but he'd need a nice return (duh). Worth it? Or look elsewhere?

  23. Thanks for everything you do on the site. Good stuff, guys, good stuff. Anywho...I have a few players to consider for flex this week. I know I want to start Jamaal Charles and Julio Jones so that leaves me with one more RB and one more WR and a RB/WR spot to fill. My options are Doug Martin, Percy Harvin, Darren Sproles, and Greg Jennings. I would start Jennings no question if he was 100% healthy and right now I'm still starting him anyway but I hesitate because it is his groin. What would you roll with this week?

  24. I am not GHL.. Just throwing my 2 cents while GHL would respond anytime sooner.. You should definitely look at upgrading you QB but Vick has a upper side too.. & Cutler should come around anytime soon but worth taking a shot at replacing Cutler

  25. Fair enough, thanks man, appreciate the advice. This guy really wants a RB from me as he has now proposed my Murray & White or Harvin for his Newton & Moss.

    I don't like either of those but would counter if Newton is worth negotiating for.

    If not, would you perhaps do my Murray and Witten/Gresham for Gronkowski?

  26. I like your RBs.. If you're in a TD heavy league it is worth trading Murray for Newton because cowboys are going pass heavy offense.. Keep in mind Newton is not going to repeat his rookie numbers and more over Newton is selling low & worth for Murray alone.. Look for ppl like Flacco, Ponder, Palmer & Fitzpatrick they can be your cutler replacement for now..

    I wouldn't go for Gronkowski because TEs have become very deep so far this year & he is going to split with Hernandez.. Like I said look for TEs I mentioned before & Witten should come around its too early to trade him when he his bouncing back from injury..

  27. Passing TDs are worth 5pts, rushing worth not sure if our league is "TD heavy" or not...

    Guy wants a back HARD. Made two more offers this morning, so four offers total. But NONE of them have me sending a QB away so and I can't see my team with three QBs (or dropping one either)

    Murray & Harvin for Newton & Moss
    Murray & White for Newton & Moss
    LeShoure & Harvin for Newton & Moss
    LeShoure & White for Newton & Moss

    Eh...for what it's worth, my other WR are LaFell, Titus Young, Jeffery, and Garcon. Other RBs are Jacquizz and Rice

  28. I'm in the same situation. I picked Dalton.

  29. I'd go Jennings and Sproles. I think Jennings will be healthy enough to go full speed. If you are hesitant though, Harvin is no slouch.

  30. Answered you on Twitter, but no. I dont see anything special about Jacbos. With your RB lineup, you'll never use him anyways, would be a pointless pickup. He'd just rot on your bench.

  31. McGahee and Gates. Bradshaw is back, and it hsould be a split between the two.

  32. This is tough, they are all backups really. Bradshaw is back, so Brown is going to go down a bit. But if Bradshaw is limited (which I expect) Brown could still be a good back to use. He was great in the two games he played. Greene is nothing special. Thomas is in Bush's shadow until he inevitably gets hurt. Simpson is doing well, and could be my play here, but theres a consistency issue.

    I'd go Brown for one more week.

  33. Dang. That is quite a bit of RBs. Of yours, I guess Benson would be the one to drop. Youre never going to use him. If you want a back up QB, find one with a good matchup on Eli's bye. Carson Palmer has a good matchup vs New Orleans in Week 11

  34. LeShoure was injured in his first game back, which is a big red flag for me. I think that you need a QB upgrade more than anything. But you are going to have to let go of an RB.

    I doubt that you can get a QB upgrade for just one of your guys.
    I'd try LeShoure and Vick for Newton.
    If you want a WR upgrade too, go LeShoure, Vick and Young for Newton and Decker or Amendola.

  35. Sorry man. I got a new job that is eating up basically all of my time!

    I'd have told you Dez. Even Wayne over Boldin.

  36. Hmm... In a 16 team, its hard to use the shuffling defense thing because the FA market is so limited. That said, the Cowboys have actually been a very good defense and have to get some kind of turnover eventually to help you with points.

    I'd get the Cowboys, keep the Bills. Since the Cowboys have a bye next week anyways.

  37. I'd use Maclin, i think. Amendola is good for points if you are PPr. Like you said, Decker looks pretty good here too. LeShoure would be the bottom of my list. He's been back one game and already go re-injured.

  38. Gotta agree with Ron here. Olsen, Williams and TExans.

    League two I like Maclin.

  39. I'm the exact same. Always projected to be the highest of all the teams every week, but I sit at 1-2. Such is life in some leagues.

    1) I appreciate the Flacco pick, I'd have done the same. Agree with Gates. Flex, I'd go Mathews. LeShoure scares me with his injury his first week back. Simpson has a huge upside, but he could also get you 0 pretty easy.

    2) I like colstons matchup. That could be a very high scoring game. If you are talking DeSean Jackson, I say Jackson. If you are talking Vincent Jackson, I say Jackson. Any other jackson, I'd go Simpson.

  40. He is moved up for 30. Not sure why it hasnt updated. I moved him up to around 20. I like his matchup. He's still kind of low because i havent really seen all he can do as a workhorse.

    I'd go Sproles and Ridley in your league still

  41. This is tough. Very tough. LeShoure looked great. But he got hurt. So he has that risk. Mendy is also coming back from injury, but we havent seen him at all yet. I think LeShoure has a higher upside.

  42. Thanks for the advice. That's more along the lines I was thinking of if I were to deal with this guy.

    I was also thinking of maybe going after Flacco from another GM. Or is there perhaps a better QB who may be "buy-low" to go after than Cam? Romo maybe? Or am I better off with a scrambling-type QB to try and maximize scoring potential?

  43. By the way I have Daryl Richarson & Meacham in the FA.. Do you think these names are better for this week's flex or worth grabbing in my bench than others?

    I forgot to mention that my opponent has Bradshaw & do you still recommend A.Brown?

  44. HELP! please try and respond before kickoff today.
    Not sure who to play in flex: CJ, Bradshaw, Lafell, nate washington, or ramses barden (since nicks out)

  45. Also, i'm starting maclin at #2 reciever, should i switch one of the above guys for him? THANKS
    Also please respond by 1 please pleaase please

  46. Scramblers generally get the most points. RGIII is the highest in pretty much all formats. Ponder is a bit risky for me. High games and definitely some low games, i'm sure.

    I think Romo would be a good bye-low type guy. You know that it is a high powered offense, they just haven't hit their stride.

  47. I'd still go brown i think. Richardson is a good play, but again, he's a backup role. Meachem should be doing better than he actually is, so he is a risky play. If you don't want brown... then you could roll with simpson. Everyone you are toying with for flex has potential for a big day, but also have a potential for a disappointing one.

  48. I'd use barden

  49. Maclin would get my play here too. Don't over think. NYG has a questionable secondary and Maclin seems like a solid start.

  50. Alright so I'm about to go 0-4 in one of my leagues (12-team standard, but whole number pts only). I'm basically cursed with having an entire roster of underachievers. I actually asked you what you thought of this team when I drafted them, and you claimed it was one of the most impressive you had seen! Well, here I am a few weeks later on a sinking ship.
    QB: Ryan, Flacco
    RB: CJ, McFadden, D Brown, LeShoure, Jacquizz
    WR: Marshall, Colston, Maclin, Titus Young, Michael Floyd
    TE: Gates, Daniels
    D/ST: Cardinals
    Kicker: Cundiff

    At this point, what do I do (besides changing my team name to "Ryan Leafs")? Keep waiting and hoping for my stars to light it up? Look for a trade to improve some weaknesses? Who do I target/offer? Keep combing the waivers hoping to find a breakout stud? Who do I look for/swap? Gonna drop Floyd, doesn't seem like he's ready to contribute yet this season.

    Top 6 make the playoffs, and I have to start winning weeks FAST or I can kiss this season goodbye.

    Any advice is MUCH appreciated, thanks man! Waiver claims clear Thurs. at 4am, so I hope to hear from you by then!

  51. Preseason... yeah this was one of the best teams. I guess thats just how things go sometimes though. You have some bad luck. Injuries and poor play. But CJ is looking up. Gates and Maclin should be healthy. I think it will turn a corner given a bit more time.

    Trading would be the best way to boost value quickly. Maybe coupling LeShoure and Maclin could get you a nice WR upgrade. Coupling CJ or McFadden with Titus Young could get you a high RB or WR. Gates has been inconsistent, so you could even throw him in the mix.

    I'd suggest finding a team that is weak at RB, and offering them one of those. Get one of their best WRs and give them a WR/RB combo. Or find someone really struggling at TE

  52. GHL,

    My flex(A.Brown/S.Greene), kicker(Crosby) and defense(Bills) are killing me.. Besides I my WR1 is going on bye (Dez)

    So please recommend your pick on a WR and Flex from the below list for week 5,

    Shonn GreeneDonnie AveryBrandon BoldenDomenik HixonAndre BrownJerome Simpson

    Planning to pick Cleveland(Def) for this weeks because they are given standard points for return yardage compared to available defenses like Bills,Ten,Jac,NO.. Someone dropped Detroit are they worth grabbing for long term? (so far they'e awful)

  53. Yeah, those flex spots arent that hot. I have the same problem in a league where I was high on Shonn Greene before the season and its been a let down. I'd use Hixon as my flex (Nicks is out again) and probably Jerome Simpson in the WR spot. Likely best to keep shuffling defenses. Detroits not worth the pickup. I dont really have my rankings for counting return yards... but I'd say whoever is playing against the lions is a good bet.

  54. Thank you! Do you think Brandon Gibson / Chris Givens is worth a grab in place of Donnie Avery?