Thursday, September 13, 2012

2012 Week 2 Fantasy Football Rankings

Sorry that took so long. Once again, figuring out the kinks of a new system for getting these up. But now you lucky kids get PPR rankings too!

Feel free to ask any questions that you have right here in the post. This will act as my Advice Time of the week.

Excited for the game tonight. As you can tell by the rankings, I pretty much have any offensive player in the night's games pretty dang high. Think it should be a high-scoring affair.

Here we go!

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  1. In one of my ESPN leagues, someone dropped Flacco to waivers. My QB is Matt Ryan and Locker is my backup. Should I swap Locker for Flacco? Ravens offense looked good, and even Rice was quoted saying that it's Flacco's team now.

  2. Hey man, need help at flex and I need points after that awful showing from Brandon Marshall. Who do you think out of these guys:

    Jeremy Maclin (questions about injury and vick)
    Donald Brown
    Eric Decker
    Darrius Heyward-Bey
    Stephen Hill
    Jonathan Dwyer

  3. GHL!

    Some help at FLEX... Have 2 Flex spots, and these players available:
    Torrey Smith, Lance Moore, Peyton Hillis, Tony Gonzalez... Which 2 of these should I roll with?


  4. Lost terribly last week. Right now I've got Welker on my bench. Put S.Johnson in his place due to the matchup. Stoopid? So many weapons in NE, how can that be consistent? Johnson & Wayne seem to be the clear #1's.

    QB - Vick
    WR - R.Wayne
    WR - Dez
    WR - S.Johnson
    RB - CJ
    RB - DMC
    TE - Gates
    K - Bailey
    DEF - NE

    Kevin Smith

  5. So I got offered P. Rivers & MJD And his 3 Or 4 rd pick next year for Nicks, breaston, and my 1st rd pick next year. Dynasty league.

    Think i should go for it?

    If i do this My RBs will be foster, MJD, steven jackson, ryan williams and shonn greene and WRs will be desean jackson, mike williams (tb), kendall wright, alshon jeffrey, michael floyd. And i will have 4 QBs Cam newton, RGIII, schaub and rivers but plan to trade one of QBs for a WR.


  6. should antonio brown go up on the rankings due to revis being out?

  7. I also have this problem, Marshall crapped the bed for me and I'm trying to figure whether to go with Maclin or Donald Brown at flex. Colston is my number 2WR. Also have Owen Daniels on the bench (not sure I'd start any of my other bench players who as have now just have "potential")

  8. I know you usually have a post Tomorrow, but I'm out of town till Sunday Morning, so i figured I'd try you here. Two leagues, here we go.

    League 1:
    I'm going back and forth a lot this week. WR first. I figure to give Green and Nicks another go this week, as DeSean Jackson, Meachem, and Heyward-Bey seem unlikely to do better, but I do have Pierre Garcon that could complicate things. Then, for Two RB and a flex spot, I'm going with McCoy, Lynch, and Bradshaw, but i do have the receivers above and Kevin Smith On the Bench. I think I made the right choices, but thoughts?

    League 2:
    Got little points for Rodgers on the other team giving me a HUGE boost for this game. 2 RB, 1 WR, 1 W/R, 1 W/T are my questions. Ray Rice and Ridley have my two RB spots, Colston at WR, MJD at W/R and Hernandez at the receiver flex. I have Nate Washington, DeSean Jackson, Kenny Britt, Ben Tate on the bench. The only swap I can see as a maybe would be putting washington in over Colston, but the matchups aren't that different. Thoughts here?

  9. Who should I play in my flex spot? Jamaal Charles, Demaryius Thomas or Steve Smith (CAR)

  10. Who should I start in my flex position? Jamaal Charles, Steve Smith (CAR) or Demaryius Thomas

  11. Id definitely pull the trigger on that one.

  12. I'd take the two receivers. Tony looks good, but WRs are safer for flex.

  13. Its hard to bench Welker, but its obvious that his role has gotten a lot more inconsistent.

    I like waht you have going right now. It makes sense to me.

    Youve got a good team, just look at last week as a bit of a fluke.

  14. You would absolutely need to upgrade at WR if you make this move. Since you can only start two RBs though, I dont know if this would be worth it in the long run. I'd stay where you are.

  15. Absolutely. So should Wallace.

  16. Maclin makes the most sense to me. Eagles have to bounce back. He has a higher ceiling than Brown does. And you need to go for most points possible after the Marshall flop.

  17. I like the choices. Garcon will mess things up eventually, but he's not 100% for this game.

    Meachem leaving NO was a great thing for Colston. That is one less target he needs to compete with. I'd stick with him.

  18. Thomas would be out for me. I'm arguing with myself about the other two. I think I'll take Steve Smith with that matchup though. Just barely.

  19. You like him more than Decker as well? Manning is looking good and they are going against an easier defense it would seem to me.

  20. Sorry Matt,

    didnt see your post with the other one. Decker is probably more of a sure thing for points. Manning is a lot more trustworthy than Vick at this point.

    I like Atlanta to win in Denver. But I do think that it could turn into a shootout. Lots of throwing. I'd go Decker in you case.