Friday, December 16, 2011

Week 15 Fantasy Football Pick'em and Predictions

Alright. So. We're winding down in the season. We should really have a grip on all of the teams by now. But, of course, the NFL despises consistency and the thought of anyone being correct and throws a good amount of curveballs each and every week.

So here come some explanations on the games where Jordan and I don't see eye to eye.

Redskins vs. Giants: I'd be lying if I told you that I made this pick mostly out of hope that the Giants losing gets Dallas one step closer to a playoff birth. (Really, I shouldn't be hoping that, because I know that making the playoffs really just means that we are going to get absolutely embarrassed on national television again, likely by the Falcons who should be sitting in the 5 seed.) But I digress. The Redskins showed off their offense against New England last week, in a game that would have went to overtime if Santana Moss could catch. Giants looked sloppy in the win over Dallas, and Redskins can exploit it if their defense is up to the challenge. Giants are the favorites at home, but Redskins could be the spoiler here. Hopefully.

Lions vs. Raiders: I don't see where Jordan is coming from on this one really. Palmer is coming off a four interception day last week. The team is hurting. And, while the Lions are also losing momentum, they will be getting Suh back. Effectively putting more pressure on Palmer, which causes turnovers. Lions are still technically fighting for a playoff spot, meaning that this is a game they need the win on. And seeing the Packers handle Oakland with ease last week, Lions should roll.

Ravens vs. Chargers: I've got the Chargers here. They are hot as of late. Looks like all the team needed was the return of Malcom Floyd for Philip Rivers and company to get out of their funk. Ravens have the tough run defense, but could have trouble against the aerial attack that includes Gates and Vincent Jackson. Ray Rice is going to have to be a start yet again, as the Ravens passing game is far from spectacular this year. We've seen the Chargers go down a lot this year, but they don't want Tebow winning the division any more than I do.

Steelers vs. 49ers: Pretty simple here. I don't think Big Ben plays. They are borderline a sure thing for a playoff spot. I think they rest him this week as he is far from 100%. Mendenhall is facing the best run defense in the nation, and I have a funny feeling that AARP-member Charlie Batch won't be able to exploit their secondary weaknesses.

Here's the picks.

Record (LW) (Total):(13-3)
Jaguars vs. FalconsFalconsFalcons Falcons
Cowboys vs. BucsCowboysCowboys Cowboys
Dolphins vs. BillsDolphinsDolphins
Seahawks vs. BearsSeahawksSeahawks
Bengals vs. RamsBengalsBengals
Packers vs. ChiefsPackersPackers
Titans vs. ColtsTitansTitans
Saints vs. VikingsSaintsSaints
Redskins vs. GiantsGiantsRedskins
Panthers vs. TexansTexansTexans
Lions vs. RaidersRaidersLions
Browns vs. CardinalsCardinalsCardinals
Patriots vs. BroncosPatriotsPatriots
Jets vs. EaglesJetsJets
Ravens vs. ChargersRavensChargers
Steelers vs. 49ersSteelers49ers

Survival Pick EliminatedEliminatedEliminated

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