Saturday, December 24, 2011

Week 16 PreGame

I know a lot of you are in the championships. So I want you all to stay alert. There is a lot of late breaking news right now.

Pay close attention to Vincent Jackson and Ben Roethlisberger.
With no Big Ben, I have to move both Wallace and Brown down the charts a bit. Heath Miller would get a boost, and I like all Steelers RBs a bit more.

Watch out for Felix Jones and Roy Helu. Both were limited this week, if they practiced at all. And both of them have backups that people are talking about.
I expect both Jones and Helu to play, but you have be mindful that they could miss time and make way for their backups, Morris and Royster, respectively.

In other RB news, Chris Johnson is expected to play, I think his numbers will look a bit more like early 2011 than late 2011.
Michael Bush has the questionable tag on him. Id expect him to go as well, but read up on him before kickoff.
Beanie Wells is expected to play. I'm not very worried about him.
Marion Barber is out. Kahlil Bell will be getting the start and most of the work. Keep in mind that they are playing against the Packers, and that the Bears have little to no offense to speak of. That in mind, I would start bell this week depending on your other players. Especially in PPR. I don't expect any fireworks from the Bears here though.

At WR, AJ Green is probable. Should be played in all formats.
Mario Manningham is doubtful, which will bump Cruz up in my book. Not helping Hakeem Nicks any though.
Deion Branch is again a game time decision. I don't think he'll go. Welker (also questionable) should be fine though. Branch's injury helps out Aaron Hernandez again, and, dare I say, Chad Ochocinco.

Anquan Boldin is out. Bumping up Torrey Smith and Ed Dickson. Honestly can't tell you offhand who their third receiver is, but if you are asking that question... you are probably not in the championship game. I expect Baltimore to stick to the run though against a miserable run defense.
Greg Jennings again out.
Jacoby Ford out, giving Heyward-Bey a bit more love. Denarius Moore should also play though.
And no Anthony Fasano or Jake Ballard.


  1. Well, thanks for a good season. I know im conceding my victory early, but Tony Romo basically just ruined my championship game. I'm up by 6 or so, C Johnson and Akers still have to play, but he has Nelson and Bree's up against only colston after tonight, so damn. I was so close too. Happy Holidays man, we'll see you next season.

  2. I keep responding and sending tweets to you but never seem to get a response. User name on twitter MTamash
    Help me please... I'm in the finals and we have a baby on the way...I need the dough! left Cruz on the bench and paid the price already.

  3. Romo killed a lot of fantasy hopes. Sorry for the tough luck.

    I'll be running advice for any postseason leagues from ESPN or if you do any of those. Also, I'm going to be posting a couple questions for readers about site improvement and how to expand and things like that. If you can check back in and give me feedback, it would be much appreciated! Thanks. Happy holidays.

  4. I never got anything on Twitter from you. I keep up on that all the time. Sorry, not sure why it isnt working. I tweeted to you the other day. Hope everything worked out.