Friday, December 9, 2011

Week 14 Fantasy Football Pick'em and Predictions

For the past few weeks I've been picking up the pace. Been basing my picks a lot on the Thursday night game actually. Seahawks beat the Eagles last week, I picked a handful of upsets and they paid off.

This Thursday, the Steelers barely escaped the Browns of all teams. This could point to another week of upsets if I'm going off the same strategy, but I'm not feeling very upsetty this week.

I'm normally scared when they look straightforward, but the only big gun I can see going down is the Patriots of all teams. Redskins passing game and emergence of Helu might be enough. And Brady and the Pats (mostly the secondary) only got past the un-undefeated Colts by seven.

Here's the picks.

Record (LW) (Total):(9-7)(115-77)(12-4)(120-72)(10-6)(103-89)
Browns vs. SteelersSteelersSteelersBrowns
Falcons vs. PanthersFalconsPanthersFalcons
Texans vs. BengalsBengalsBengalsTexans
Vikings vs. LionsLionsLionsVikings
Saints vs. TitansSaintsSaintsSaints
Colts vs. RavensRavensRavensRavens
Chiefs vs. JetsJetsJetsChiefs
Eagles vs. DolphinsEaglesDolphinsDolphins
Patriots vs. RedskinsPatriotsRedskinsPatriots
Bucs vs. JaguarsJaguarsBucsJaguars
Bears vs. BroncosBroncosBroncosBroncos
49ers vs. Cardinals49ers49ers49ers
Bills vs. ChargersChargersChargersChargers
Raiders vs. PackersPackersPackersPackers
Giants vs. CowboysCowboysCowboysCowboys
Rams vs. SeahawksSeahawksSeahawksSeahawks

Survival Pick EliminatedEliminatedEliminated

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  1. Interesting, well thought out predictions...