Thursday, December 22, 2011

Week 16: Houston vs. Indianapolis Matchup Predictions

I don’t think I’m really going out on a limb when I pick Houston to win here. And I don’t think I’m that crazy when I say that you are probably not in the finals if you have any of Indianapolis’s players are in your starting lineup.
So, really, besides being bored at work, there is little reason for me to be writing this post. But I do what I want.
Indy surprised us all last week, due largely in part to an 80 yard run set off by Curtis Painter accidentally blocking somebody. Literally. What the tape, he did not do that on purpose, he just got in the way. I don’t see it happening again, and, frankly, if I were a Colts fan, I wouldn’t want another win. They have the number one pick, and they should probably try holding on to it.
That doesn’t mean that players won’t be trying, I just really don’t think that anyone on this team is really good enough to start for fantasy unless you are crazy deep. Then only Pierre Garcon is really worth considering.
Houston has locked the playoffs. I’m sure that they would bench their starters, if they could… but T.J. Yates is the third stringer, so really, he needs the practice. Andre Johnson will not be the Andre Johnson that we all know and love until Schaub is back. Arian Foster deliver a hell of a pounding though. I’m also going to say that I do expect them to sit Johnson and Foster at some point to avoid injury before the playoffs. And, in the event that Arian Foster does sit, Ben Tate could actually have a productive night. That is a big if though.

Start them: Arian Foster, Pierre Garcon, Andre Johnson, Owen Daniels, Neil Rackers, HOU Defense
If you must: Ben Tate, Reggie WayneSit them: Curtis Painter, Joseph Addai, Backup HOU receivers, IND DefenseSleepers: T.J. Yates, Donald Brown, Jacob Tamme

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