Thursday, November 8, 2012

Week 10 Weekly Position Rankings

Kickoff coming up for what is sure to be a MUST-SEE! Just kidding, its Indy vs Jax. Enjoy a night at home with your family.

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  1. please evaluate this trade i just made, 1 PPR, 10 team league, im in 8th place at 4-5 with the worst point total, there is 6 guys at 4-5. the guy i traded with is 6-3 and in 2nd.

    He gives tony romo, ray rice and heath miller
    I give him aaron rodgers, fred jackson and tony G

    Thoughts? my other RB is Forte, and we can start a QB in the flex spot also where I have RIvers

  2. GHL!
    Need some advice at RB!

    Need 3 out of these: Green-Ellis, Jamaal Charles, Jonathan Stewart, Dwyer and Marcel Reece.


  3. Yikes. I dont know that I like it. Especially in a 2 QB league. Rivers isn't doing much and I trust Rodgers much more than Romo.

    You got a big upgrade at RB, but I dont know that it is enough to suppliment the points you lost with Rodgers for Romo. Unless you have a tricky scoring system.

  4. I like Reece this week. I'm rolling with him in a few leagues. And you have to go with Charles. I think I'd give the third spot to Green Ellis.