Best Fantasy Football Team Names 2012

Your favorite list is back!

I've updated and added some new awesome fantasy football team names to my list. There is only so much creativity that can go around, so some of these are my favorites from other lists, some where even submitted in comments last year by you guys!

Feel free to use any of them, and definitely add your favorite team names in the comment section. If I think it's hilarious, I'll throw it on the list. So send me your funny team name puns.

Enjoy! And share this page!



Dallas Cowboys
• Dezn’t Ring a Bell
• Dez Dispenser
• Crest Pro Wittening
• Wake Me Up, Before You Romo
• Claiborne Identity

New York Giants
• So Fly Like Hakeem Nicks
• Ahmadmiral Ackbar
• Motley Cruz
• Ring Around the Osi

• Down with JPP? Yeah, You Know Me.
• Whooping Coughlin

Philadelphia Eagles
• My Vick in a Box
• I am Asomugha
• Maclin Oat Bran
• More Cushing for the Pushin’

Washington Redskins
• Torainasaurus Rex
• Helu Kitty


Chicago Bears
• Forte Year Old Virgin
• Forgetting Brandon Marshall
• I Can’t Believe It’s Not Cutler
• Sour Carimi and Onion

Detroit Lions
• Stafford Infection
• Jersey Leshoure
• Suh Girls, One Cup

Green Bay Packers
• Teach Me How to Raji
• MegaStarks vs. Giant Hawktopus
• His Airness, JerMichael Jordy

Minnesota Vikings
• Percy Whipped
• Lord Have Percy
• Boats and Shiancoes
• There’s an AP for That


Atlanta Falcons
• Jacquizzed in my Pants
• Raging Falcoholics
• TD Gonzales

Carolina Panthers
• LaFell in Love with a Girl
• De’AnJ-E-L-L-O
• Big Money, No Cammies. Stop!

New Orleans Saints
• Breesy like Sunday Morning
• Ingram Toenails
• Tootsie Sproles

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
• Blount Force Trauma
• Talib it to Beaver
• Arreliousted Development


Arizona Cardinals
• Peach Kolbler
• My Morning Doucet
• Helter Skelton

San Francisco 49ers
• Iupati Like It’s Your Birthday
• I’m About to go ManningH.A.M.
• Big Gores Don’t Cry
• A Partridge in a Crabtree

Seattle Seahawks
• Marshawn Stewart Collection
• Stop Flynn the Name of Love
• Doug Bald#winning

St. Louis Rams
• Bad Case of Laurinaitis
• Amendola Dola Bill, Ya’ll
• So Scared, Isaiah Pead Myself


Buffalo Bills
• The Book of Moorman
• What Does Marcell Darius Look Like?
• Angry Byrds

Miami Dolphins
• Naanee Naanee Boo Boo
• 12 Items or Bess

New England Patriots
• Here's My Number, Call Me Brady
• Belicheck Yo’self Before you Wreck Yo’self
• Everybody Pat Chung Tonight

New York Jets
• Revis is my Homeboy
• Shonneshank Redemption
• The Big Tebowski


Baltimore Ravens
• Flacco Seagulls
• Rice Rice Baby
• Hakuna Ma-Ngata
• That's So Ravens

Cincinnati Bengals
• I am Serious, and Don’t Call Me Shipley
• Peko Boo!
• Sanu Kids on the Block

Cleveland Browns
• Texas Chainsaw Massaquoi
• Bring Back the McCribbs
• Weeden’t Start the Fire

Pittsburgh Steelers
• Roethlisberger in Paradise
• Let’s Get Rasharded
• It's Rainey Me, Hallelujah


Houston Texans
• Arian Nation
• Cotton Schuabs
• Dancing With Lestars

Indianapolis Colts
• It’s Wayneing Men
• Fleener Schnitzel
• Lucky Number 12

Jacksonville Jaguars
• What Would Jones-Drew
• Scobee Snacks
• The Token Blackmon
• Yo Gabba Gabbert

Tennessee Titans
• I’m Bringing Hasselbeck
• My My My Myyyyyy Bironas
• Too Legit to Britt
• She’s a Britt.. House


Denver Broncos
• Love Knowshon Number Nine
• Peyton Some Happy Trees
• Moreno 911

Kansas City Chiefs
• Dwayne Bowe Connection
• The Princess is in Another Cassel
• Breaston Peace
• Whatchu Talkin’ ‘Bout Hillis

Oakland Raiders
• Age of Denarius
• Who Lechler Dogs Out?
• Carry On My Heyward-Bey Son

San Diego Chargers
• Just Kaeding
• Royal with Cheese
• Bridge over that Rivers Guy


  1. NY Giants:

    Down with JPP, you know me.

  2. Cowboys. Dude, where's my Carr?

  3. Hide your Sid, Hide your Rice.

  4. Redskins: The Fake Tan Shanahans
    found on

  5. just cutler your ditka off