Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week 8 Fantasy Pick'em and Survival

As always: the best way to reach me with late questions is via Twitter. Just add @godhateslosers and I'll get you all the way up to gameday. 

So, the bad news this week is that there are a lot of people already listed as "Out," meaning that there are likely a lot of backups making starting lineups this week. The good news is that because they are already Out, there are really not that many players who are Questionable this week. Lots less stress as far as picking who to play. So that's good I suppose.

One more housekeeping note... There's this exciting hurricane, "perfect storm" scenario happening off the northeast coast. This will effect mostly those playing in the Atlanta vs. Philly game and the Miami vs NY Jets game. So, I'm dropping a handful of players in my rankings. I have pulled all of my kickers who are playing there this week: Bryant, Folk primarily. Also, Matt Ryan and Michael Vick fell in my rankings. They are still pretty startworthy though. But winds of 20-30 mph should make things interesting. If you had Tannehill or Sanchez starting for you in the first place, well, may God have mercy on your team.

Onto the rankings. 12-1 last week. Swept all the Sunday daytime games. Pretty proud of myself. But, learning from recent history, that likely means I'll get roughly four game correct this week. Such is life.

Upset favorites: Goal for this week was picking mostly home teams since a lot of these seem to be toss-ups. But that wasnt the case in the end. Upset picks are Lions over Seahawks, Cowboys over Giants, Saints over Broncos. I also thought really hard about the Dolphins beating the Jets.

Locks: Survival pick goes to the Packers. Bears should also take one pretty easy. Same with the Niners.

Record (Last Week):

62-41 (12-1)
Bucs @ Vikings


Panthers @ Bears


Chargers @ Browns


Seahawks @ Lions


Jaguars @ Packers


Colts @ Titans


Patriots @ Rams


Dolphins @ Jets


Falcons @ Eagles


Redskins @ Steelers


Raiders @ Chiefs


Giants @ Cowboys


Saints @ Broncos


49ers @ Cardinals


Survival Pick


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