Thursday, October 25, 2012

Week 8 Fantasy Football Rankings.

Almost halfway through the season, I'm preparing to be a bit more post heavy next week as I lay out some rest-of-season stuff and some mid-year awards. Hope you all enjoy.

Here are the rankings for this week. I like a lot of wide receiver sleepers this week, who knows. I'm also kinda killing it in the quarterback rankings, for the record.

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  1. Would you drop Brandon Lloyd for Desean Jackson? Have no more bench room but he is in my waivers...What do you think going forward?

  2. They're about even in my book. Lloyd definitely hasn't lived up to his billing. Sounds like you are in a pretty shallow league, so I guess thats a doable move.

  3. my trade deadline is coming up oct 31st. im sitting tied in 3rd place, with a 4-3 record in a 12 man ppr league. i think im gonna make the playoffs, but would you carry ray rice and arian foster all the way through weeks 14 through 16? or should i target different rbs for those weeks before my trade deadline closes, if so which ones?

  4. Should I try and flip Chris Johnson for LeSean McCoy? I realize he probably wouldn't go for it straight up, but CJ hasn't had a higher value all season. My team is 2-5 and needs to keep winning NOW

    I have:
    QB: Ryan
    RB: CJ, McFadden, LeShoure, Stephens-Howling, Donald Brown
    WR: Marshall, Colston, Maclin, Titus Young, Donnie Avery, Amendola
    TE: Daniels, Gates
    D/ST: Cardinals

    His Team (3-4):
    QB: Newton
    RB: McCoy, Turner, BJGE, Woodhead
    WR: V Jackson, S Moss, Josh Gordon, Andre Roberts, Meachem, Hankerson
    TE: Celek, F Davis (IR now)

    D/ST: Bears

    I'd say he doesn't really need a RB but could use a WR or TE.

    What could I give to try and pry away McCoy? Will it be worth it, or is CJ for real now?

    I figure if I'm gonna trade him I gotta do it before he faces Bears/Seahawks in weeks 9&10 (plus his bye is week 11).

    Or maybe offer one of my top WR (Marshall/Colston?) for McCoy, then ship CJ somewhere else to try and get a top WR?

    Any help appreciated, this team looked great to me but has underperformed beyond words and dug me in a deep, deep hole...Thanks!

  5. Yo GHL, need a WR bye week fill in on a PPR league.. Josh Gordon CLE, Jeremy Kerley NYJ, Kenny Britt TEN or Steve Smith CAR.. none of these options are looking great but I'd appreciate your insight. Thanks!

  6. Hi God, Wich player i must play for my flex position:
    James Jones or Trent Richardson?

  7. When it comes to the best RBs in the league, matchup is not at all enough for me to justify trading or benching them.

  8. At 2-5 I'd try to make that move. Whatever it takes to win, time to make some moves. Maybe you can throw one of your TEs in there if he is weak at that position and get a better b/u receiver than you have now also.

  9. They arent terrible options. I would have immediately said Kerley, but I dont like Sanchez throwing in gusty conditions.

    I think I'll give this one to Britt. Indy struggles against the pass

  10. Not very comfy with TRich being banged up. I'd go James Jones here I think.

  11. Thanks, I'll give it a shot.

    Also would you consider trading McFadden if he has a big game today? He really hasn't done much at all this season, and I know he has an easy remaining schedule but it hasnt been very hard yet and he has underwhelmed.

    Lastly, Maclin or LeShoure at Flex today? WR: Marshall, Colston..RB: CJ, DMC

    Thanks as always for your advice!