Saturday, October 13, 2012

Week 6 GHL Fantasy Pick'em and Predictions

Alright! Now we're on a roll picking these games. Two week in a row with more than 10 wins. I like it, I like it. Let's see if I can make it three for three.

As far as answering questions this weekend: Its gonna have to be through Twitter. I'll be able to answer anything you have before kickoff, as long as you send it to @godhateslosers You know what to do.

Upset favorites: I've got a handful of them this week. Going with the gut a lot here. I like the Rams over the Phins, Lions over the Eagles, Cowboys over the Ravens (so sue me, I never pick against my Cowboys), Chargers over Broncos... And I'm going to say that the Bills can go into Arizona and steal a win. You heard it here first.

Locks: Falcons are the big lock for me. They are my survival pick this week. I think the Bengals should win, Colts look good. And I'd call the Pats a lock this week as well.

Record (Last Week):
45-31 (11-3)(0-0)
Steelers @ Titans
Raiders @ Falcons
Bengals @ Browns
Rams @ Dolphins
Colts @ Jets
Lions @ Eagles
Chiefs @ Buccaneers
Cowboys @ Ravens
Bills @ Cardinals
Patriots @ Seahawks
Giants @ 49ers
Vikings @ Redskins
Packers @ Texans
Broncos @ Chargers

Survival Pick


  1. Trade advice needed here:

    My Mikel LeShoure and Percy Harvin for his Cam Newton and DeSean Jackson.

    I currently have Vick and Cutler as QBs but this guy has RGIII and isn't interested in taking one of my QBs back. My other RBs/WRs are Rice, Murray, Jacquizz, White, Garcon, Meachem, Young, LaFell.

    Should I pull the trigger and then just drop Cutler? Or maybe seek out a trade with another team that needs a RB? I'm definitely open to trading LeShoure (although now Murray might be hurt, so I'll look to get Felix Jones off waivers).

    Is Newton that big an upgrade over Vick? Or am I still gonna be better off starting Vick while's he's at least healthy?

  2. So my starter Matt Ryan is on bye, wondering who I should start from FA - Cutler, Hasselback, Ponder, Palmer, Freeman, Fitzpatrick, Weeden, Bradford, Smith? Your expert advice as soon as possible would be much appreciated. Thank-you.

  3. Please Help -
    The trade offer to me is getting Peyton Manning for Ahmad Bradshaw?
    My Running backs are Ray Rice, MJD, Ahmad Bradshaw, Mendenhall...
    My QB,s who have been killing me are Cam Newton and Romo? Whats your thoughts? Do I ride with my qbs? Is cam gonna get back to last year? Also he said he would throw in Steven jackson for Romo?

    Lots of question marks above, let me know your thoughts!

    Thanks as always!

  4. Id do the two player trade. Peyton and SJax for Bradshaw and Romo.

    You are getting a QB upgrade I think and not getting too hurt at RB. If you weren't able to get the WR, having Mendy as your primary backup is not a good thing.